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SuperTwins Challenge Cup

SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series 10th June, 8th and 22nd JulySeriesBanner

 But what’s the ‘SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series’ all about?

This special one of a kind ET Bracket is open to all street legal or race ‘bikes. It is intended to run a minimum of 8 vehicles at Shakespeare County Raceway on Saturdays of RWYB weekends.

If you are riding a Twin-cylinder machine you will have, free  membership of the National Association of SuperTwins (NAST) at the first round in June and automatic entry to the series with trophies and prize money of £250 for the series winner and £100 for the runner-up.

How does it all work?

ET Bracket Racing is a handicap race which gives the slower vehicle a head start. The difference between ‘vehicle A’ starting first before ‘vehicle B’ is determined by the difference of dial-in times by which each rider writes his ET on the rear of the vehicle (you will get an idea of your dial-in time during the 3 qualifying sessions). For example rider A may dial-in a time of 12.50 seconds and rider B a time of 13.30 seconds. A quick calculation reveals that rider B gains .8 of a second advantage at the start from the activation of the green light in his lane only. Rider A after the amber count-down and the activation of the green light in his lane has to catch rider B to win the race thus making for close competitive racing at the finish line. This is why it is important to get a good start. However, neither rider may run quicker than the time with which they dialled in because to do so would mean instant disqualification during eliminations (known as a ‘Breakout’) giving the other rider the automatic win to the next round. If both riders run quicker than their dialled in times then the winner is determined by the rider who broke out in the least amount of their dialled in time. Another form of disqualification is a foul start (or Red-Light). This happens when the rider reacts to the ‘Christmas Tree’ too quickly and rides away from the starting line before the green light.

Should dual infractions occur, say a red-light and then a break-out, the red light would be classified as the worst infraction. Crossing the centre line is also instant disqualification. It’s as simple as that. If you need more information see any of the NAST riders (SET or STG prefix on race number) who will be glad to help.

Event Format: There will be three rounds of qualifying (dependant on time) for those riders taking part in the Gamblers race followed by either 4 or 5 rounds of eliminations dependant on the field size. Those riders who don’t make the field, sorry but that’s part of the Gamble but you will be able to use the track during the day and also after you have been eliminated.

Time Table: By 10.00 am all riders will be required to have been scrutineered and signed on. 10.00 am to 1.00pm – three qualifying rounds. In the event of a 16 ‘bike ladder being run then the first round will begin at 1.00pm and so on. Please listen to PA announcements and NAST members who will ensure you are in the pairing lanes. All timings are subject to change due to track and weather conditions permitting.

How Much To Race: In addition to the General Admission to the Raceway and the RWYB Track Fee of £25 (or £40 for the weekend) £10 buys you a place and a race number in the Bracket (if you can, print the form on this link, fill in and hand over to a NAST committee member, we will make ourselves known – look for the club banner. There will be blank forms available on the day). Your £10 will go into the prize purse for the winner and runner-up. Prize purse will be calculated on the number of riders but will be at least £100 (guaranteed by NAST at each round). Good luck and enjoy your day.

NOTE – If you have entered the NSA sprint on Saturday/weekend 8/9 July you only have to pay the Gamblers £10 fee to compete (but you will have to make sure you do at least one qualifying run).

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