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TurboTim  NAST Profile 2015

I have been riding motorcycles since I was 16 in 1967, and at that time living in west London was well into the new bike scene at the time “Café racers”. My passion for motorbikes has continued since then to date. I have never bought a new bike; I always bought bikes that I wanted to modify myself to make my own unique bike. In the early days mainly British bikes BSA, Royal Enfield and Triumph.

My nickname is TurboTim because ever since the 1990’s I have had an obsession with Honda CX Turbo motorcycles. At that time I was riding a BSA B31 350cc single that I had modified into a pre-war Gold Start look alike.  A local friend of mine had a Honda CX 650 Turbo, and he offered me a ride on it, well I was amazed at the power of this bike, and bought it off him. Over the years I added to my CX 50 T collection until I had six of them in various guises, mainly Café Racers and my more highly modified NAST race bikes.

I first became interested in Drag racing in 1997, when I went to a weekend bike rally on my standard CX 650 Turbo. This event was at the Pembury Race Circuit in Wales, and the National Association of Supertwins were giving demonstration Drag Racing runs over 1/8 mile distance.  I soon got involved with this and was invited to run with the NSAT riders on the Sunday demo session. Many of the NAST bikes were Harleys with a lot of grunt to give them a good 60 foot, but to not high a terminal speed. Well I had several runs and found just before the 1/8 mile I would catch and speed past them. It takes time to wind up the CX Turbo bikes but once you are on boost they fly. I was smitten and joined up to run with NAST for the 1998 season. Since then I have ridden many variations of striped down and also standard Honda CX 506 Turbo Bikes.

The best time I have done so far on my Honda CX 650 Turbo,s is with the addition of NOS, and running on C16 race fuel. I did a backed up 11.10 Sec with a terminal speed of 135 MPH. This was when the SuperTwins  had a Modified Street class STM which was head to head racing of modified road bikes.

This STM class was replaced by a bracket racing ET class (Estimated Time) which is run on a sportsman tree. Because Supertwins ET Class (SET) is not head to head racing, I have not had to use the NOS, which did cause me quite a lot of engine failures, and was generally not consistent. My average times now are about 12.50 sec with a terminal speed of 110 MPH.  I have been runner up in the SET Class in 2013, and runner up in round 6 in 2014.

My race bike for 2015 is my re-built NOS race bike, I have a new Streamliner fairing, (Dustbin) which I hope will help the top speed. My goal for 2015 is to better my 11.10 Sec ET time, and get my 32 year old CX into the 10 second bracket, even if its 10.999 !!

See you trackside later this year.


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