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Kieran Govender

Kieran Govender

I joined the Supertwins as my brother has been with them for 2 years and I wanted to learn more and have an exciting new hobby. My brother Cary Wadey had built several bikes and so he lent me one to complete my club license on.

Since then I have been racing for 2 years and the support from my brother and the other twin members has been phenomenal. A special thanks to Pete Harrison for all the emergency repairs and to Cary who has taught me a lot on the mechanical side.

The National Association of Supertwins are a supportive team and have given me advice along the way. They also make it very easy to join, so I would encourage anyone thinking of giving it a go to “Go for it!”

I have improved massively on my launch control and my PB (Personal Best) improves at every race meeting. I am still trying to master the perfect burn out! As my confidence grows, so does my engine lol! I have a surprise for the next season so watch this space – “Like Kieran it will be hard to ignore” (says Emma, Kieran’s Wife)

Bike Spec:

P.B 12.78/100.56MPH

GPZ 500s – 1996

  • 300mm Swing arm Extension
  • Pod Filter & re-jetted carbs
  • Lowered front and rear suspension
  • Lighter rear end and Seat unit
  • Clip-ons, Lighter front fairings
  • 47 tooth rear sprocket
  • Reduction of weight removal of any metal that was not required
  • Aluminium chain guard
  • Standard Engine

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