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UK National Finals (not quite for twins)


With a cloudy but dry forecast the ‘UK National Finals’ at Santa Pod was round 7 of the NAST championship and round 3 of the new SP ETB series. A full day of qualifying with 3 sessions completed by all, despite a couple of oil-downs , with session 2 dominated in ETB/NAST by 4 out of the top 5 competitors being in SuperTwins. The blustery conditions were affecting this group with several breakouts due to the changing conditions. Gas saw a series of 9.3s runs by Alfie Udall on the Harley Sporster who was closely followed by Scott Collier, Suzuki TL (consistent and reliable ‘bike now for sale to make room for new project) , but  Markus Mueller on the SS Harley was having problems on every run and Les Harris and Ivana v d  Berg were no-shows.

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After an overnight shower the strip was ready for action by 10.30. Gas had a further qualifying session where Alfie produced another 9.3 to remain number 1 qualifier and by the end of the day winner of the Gas class with Scott Collier a close second.

With 18 bikes in ETB/NAST first round came quickly at 11.00 where Fiona Moor, Dave Smart and Peter Harrison successfully moved to round2. Peter Harrison was the only winner in this round with a stunning 0.0072 reaction time to beat ex-twin racer Joe Elliott and he was rewarded with a bye in the next round. Unfortunately he red-lit in the semi-final but went home with some well-earned points after the electrical problems at the start of the season.

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A day at the seaside

With the summer slowly fading into long dark nights and cooler days the opportunity to spend a weekend at the coast presented itself in the form of the Brighton Speed Trials, and what a trial it was. Tim Boutle on the CX Turbo and Robbie Dobbie with the Honda SP1 had entered this classic event. Tim being a veteran of 2 previous trips to ride down Madiera Drive suggested that it is best to arrive at 6 in the morning on Saturday. So after travelling down on Friday in torrential rain it was with trepidation Robbie arrived while still dark, before the nightclub on the Drive had closed. With the Honda wearing slicks (no damp tracks please) and a silencer that hopefully would pass the noise limit of 110dB the ‘music’ issuing  from the disco’ surely wouldn’t! As the sun began to rise and dry the tarmac a few revellers were in for a shock as illegally parked cars were being towed away to make room for the temporary pits. While the organisers were setting up the event a short walk down the ‘track’ was suggested so that there would not be any surprises when the first practice session arrived. Also joining the NAST racers were Cary Wadey and his daughter and in attendance, and seemingly as at all straight line events, was Dave Massam on his trusty bicycle.

After signing on and being scrutineered it was off to the noise test area. The CX would have no problems as the turbo would silence the exhaust gases. The SP1 narrowly scraped through at 108dB. The cars were already practising while all this was going on and we eventually got called for the practice session. After arranging the different classes in sequence as per the programme and then in numerical order we had the opportunity for a tyre-warming before being aligned with the timing beam. Start was a simple red and green light sequence with no reaction but the 64 ft. time, then e.t. and speed were recorded. Tim warmed his tyre and proceeded up Madiera Drive with Robbie the next in line. After smoking the tyre and no real grip on the start-line he elected to start in second gear. No problem there but at about 3/4 track the bumps and camber created some alarming handling problems due to the slick and rigid rear end. In the interests of self-preservation a cruise through the finishing line did not see the end to problems as the braking area was even bumpier! (one competitor even warned him that it would be difficult to ride quickly from his own experience  – how to undermine your confidence!)

Note for next time, ride a bike with rear suspension and probably a street tyre. The 2 competition runs were no better after removing the wheelie bars and adjusting the steering damper. However our Supertwinners had a fantastic day and despite the problems Robbie came second in his class. Shortly after the final runs were completed the rain which had been hiding further up the coast arrived in Brighton to give us a good soaking – summer eh?

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APIRA Open Sport Nationals 27-29 August


With a promising weather forecast it was a surprise to be at a cool and cloudy track at 8 o’clock and even more surprising (not really this year) for a shower of rain before the strip was open for business at 10.00. However this only held up proceedings for half an hour before the tarmac was being hammered by a variety of race machines. ETB/NAST was slightly down on numbers as were many of the car and ‘bike classes? Chris Mott was missing due to a house move so no 8sec. runs from him and in Gas Cary Wadey had family commitments and Robbie Dobbie was on holiday? leaving Alfie Udall to fly the flag which was quickly transferred to ETB/NAST as he was the only entry. ETB/NAST were not expecting a qualifying run until after midday so it gave time to iron out some gremlins. Gary Hester was having air-shifter problems and Wayne Bradley had a computer malfunction on the BMW which saw him swapping parts from his spare ‘bike and missing the only qualifying session for the day.

The only hold-up on track was due to a junior dragster rolling? at the top end of the strip but thankfully the young lady driver was only bruised with little damage to the car. For the first ETB/NAST qualifying session most completed with few problems except for Dave ‘the hat’ Smart who left the line on the back wheel but the engine cut out which on landing fired up and left Dave hanging on side saddle to complete the run. Back in the pits our old friend Clampy had arrived for a visit from his new residence in the South of France where rain is just a distant memory but unfortunately he was reminded of what to expect on an English bank holiday when, after a few rumbles and an odd flash at 2.15 we were subjected to an hour and a half of torrential rain and thunder to outdo the jet Funny car ‘Firestorm’.

DSC_3518 DSC_3541 DSC_3544 DSC_3546 DSC_3548 DSC_3549 DSC_3553 DSC_3556 DSC_3561 DSC_3564


4 Qualifying sessions were completed safely with Fiona Moor in number 1 spot with a perfect run at 12.000! dial-in of 12.00.


First round eliminations saw Peter Harrison into the next round when Siobhan Moor was a no-show, likewise Wayne Bradley when Giselle Moor was also missing? Alfie Udall took out Dave Smart and Joe Elliot did the same to Leo Lester as did Peter Austin to Gary Hester. Fiona Moor broke out but Mike Nelthorpe broke out more so she moved to the next round with £50 in her pocket from the perfect dial-in in qualifying.

Wayne Bradley, Peter Austin and Fiona Moor carried on their winning ways in round 2. Wayne and Fiona survived round 3 to meet in the final where Wayne defeated Fiona and also became runner-up in the 2016 APIRA Ultimate Drag Racing Championship which was narrowly won by Joe Elliott – well done in this the inaugural year of ETB/NAST.

Now on to Santa Pod for the National Finals 24th, 25th September.

ACU meeting

The 2016 Drag Sprint and Hill climb Sub-committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 28th  September 2016, commencing at 14.00 hrs. If you have any items that you would like to include on the meeting agenda details need should to be emailed to me as quickly as possible.

What’s on when there isn’t a race meeting.


After May Bank Holiday the usual round at the end of the month was cancelled due to a clash with Santa Pod and their ‘Main Event’ which featured celebrations of their fiftieth anniversary year of racing at the venue. However off track racers find plenty of other things to occupy the warmer and drier? days of summer.

Our chairman, Cary Wadey, was busy modifying his Suzuki V-twin in an effort to keep  the front wheel somewhere near the tarmac.

With the help of Mike Nelthorpe a set of wheelie bars have been constructed and the rusty rear damper has been replaced with a strut to lock the suspension and save more weight.



Cary also found time to support Sandy Porter in a street display in Leamington Spa. Sandy is raising awareness of a rare bone marrow cancer which sadly she suffers from and has been a keen supporter of NAST for many years so it was an opportunity to show our appreciation. The event was a success on one of the hottest days of the year.







Meanwhile Robbie Dobbie was flying the flag with an invite from Dave Massan (usually found hiding in the tower at SCR) to support the  NSA at the MCN Festival of Motorcycling at Peterborough Showground. We were stationed in a very large barn which due to the weather so far this year was a bonus but the sun shone all weekend. Also in the barn was a very nice collection of classic racers from 7Rs to Honda 4s, most of which were immaculate. We were all there to do several demonstration sessions on a small rectangular (and not an oval with corners) track that made turning quite interesting. The object was to make lots of smoke, noise and quick runs to the first corner where frantic braking and judicial cornering allowed us to repeat the procedure on the return straight! Great fun but the track surface destroyed tyres (luckily there was an autojumble where some riders replaced the worn rubber for the Sunday session) – click here for the video https://youtu.be/kp0HpCfwBpU

IMG_4171 IMG_4190 IMG_4192 IMG_4206 IMG_4210IMG_4175IMG_4191IMG_4188





Mid Summer Madness – Motty back in the 8s but not on a twin!


After a week of wall to wall sunshine and a heatwave the morning in Stratford began cloudy but this was soon replaced with blue skies and more very high temperatures to be endured by our leather wearing racers, a very welcome change to the two previous rounds at SCR. The pits were very busy with the NSA and Kawasaki triple club but numbers were down in 9.50 and 8.50 ‘bike but ETB/NAST was well supported and Gas had 3 competitors.

Four qualifying runs were allotted and by the end of the day, 5pm close, most had completed this number despite the high volume of traffic on the strip thanks to slick running by the Shakey crew and fortunately no oil-downs or incidents. Chris Mott however was only seen on the track twice on the Suzuki after his first meeting on the new ‘bike which was running low 10s at Santa Pod (still a NAST member but now running a 4 cylinder machine in ETB). Having taken the long way round, first moving to the left – re-aligning the rear wheel which made the run go to the right, a lot of head-scratching followed. Alfie Udell, however was going from strength to strength after his recent Santa Pod 2nd place in their championship and now leading the NAST championship could he make a similar impact on the SCR championship? Cary Wadey was also having PBs after fitting a slick to complement the wheelie bars fitted for the previous meeting.


Sunday dawned and gone were the blue skies and warm temperatures to be replaced by talk of showers by early afternoon. Was this to be yet another incomplete finals day? Luckily, despite a few very light showers spoiling the continuity, SCR provided us with a good day’s racing and all finals run to provide a good position to move onto the next round at the end of August. Chris had been busy repositioning a battery and removing another? to improve weight distribution and in the first round of ETB ran arrow straight up the strip to record 8.97s on the Hyabusa which, with a one second breakout, meant he lost but resulted in a grin from ear to ear. Also losing in the first round were Mike Nelthorpe on the Aprilia, Tim Boutle on the CX Streamliner and Duncan Barron on Fiona’s Yamaha TRX850 redlit! Round 2 saw Peter Harrison’s chances disappear as his electrical problems continued with a dead starter motor and Fiona Moor, riding the Buell, redlit but Dave ‘the hat’ Smart kept the NAST flag flying only to lose to ex Twin racer Joe Elliott in the semi-final (despite having a broken gear selector pin swimming around the sump). Congratulations to Joe who went on to win against a similar BMW ridden by Wayne Bradley who redlit.

In Gas first round saw Alfie on a bye coast through the lights with an electrical problem and Robbie Dobbie come from behind to beat Cary by 0.1s. After pulling the wiring apart and replacing the battery Alfie left nothing to chance and with another PB of 9.3s was a deserving winner against Robbie who ran a 10.1s in the other lane.

Next round APIRA Open Sport Nationals 27-29th August (click on link for entry form).

Things to do between race events.



Cary plans to have a NAST stall at the Storrington Classic vehicle show on Sunday 31st July if anyone wants to join him or pop along themselves!
Bikerlott was a great event for raising the Twins profile so if you hear of anything up your own way, do consider taking the merchandise along and your own bike and spreading the clubs word!














Another event well worth a visit if only to see Mike Nelthorpe and his collection of 2-stroke drag bikes is Strumpshaw Wheels.






Entry forms here http://www.shakespearecountyraceway.com/docs/2016_11th_12th_ET_Bike_June_Entry_Form.pdf

Race Report;

Saturday began with 2 entries in Gas and 15 entries in ETB/NAST but Cary Wadey elected to drop out of competition and entered in RWYB for the day thus moving Robbie Dobbie into ETB/NAST.

Qualifying was relatively uneventful with the possibility of 4 sessions which in the event was reduced to 3 as we ran out of track time before the curfew. Duncan Barron was riding Fiona Moor’s Yamaha as the Moor family were not in attendance and Peter Harrison had repaired the usually reliable Ducati after it’s electrical gremlins at the previous meeting. First qualifier saw Robbie run a 10.09 on a 10.1 dial-in which for an inexperienced ET rider may have worried the opposition but it was all downhill after that. Mike Nelthorpe got it together to be number one qualifier where he remained for the rest of the weekend due to the rain on Sunday which forced the meeting to be abandoned at midday.

Next round 4 at Santa Pod- Summer Nationals 25/26th June

Unusually for this season on race day the weather allowed the eliminations to be completed! In ETB/NAST Pete Harrison got through the first round only to lose in round 2 by 0.07secs. Mike Nelthorpe lost to Dave Smart in round 1 but pleased with his 12sec runs. Dave found himself in the final against an improving Gary Hester who unfortunately red-lit and handed the win to Dave who now leads ETB at SP and NAST ET championships.

In Gas Les Harris beat Ivana van den Berg with an unusual 10 sec run. Scott Collier had a bye resulting in a broken chain causing other damage creating some work for round 2. Alfie Udall went through when Markus Mueller didn’t show. Round 2 saw Scott beat Les and Alfie had the bye. In a very close final with Scott and Alfie both running 9.6sec at 130+ the win went to Scott Collier.

9th annual MSA/ACU APIRA Springspeed Nationals 30th April/2nd May


Last day of April and an early start is met with ice on the van windscreen at 6 am. Despite it being a Bank holiday the motorways were very quiet (sensible people stayed in their warm beds probably). A leisurely drive to the friendly strip, arriving about 7.30 to a quiet but sunny Shakespeare County Raceway, for the second round of the NAST championship. Imagine my surprise when I parked next to Cary’s van to be greeted by the man himself in all his sartorial elegance – dressing gown and slippers – with the offer of a warm drink and the news that he would be racing in Gas!

After the serious stuff of scrutineering, signing-on and breakfast it was almost time to IMG_4150change into cold leathers and make our way to the pairing lanes for the first qualifying session. Good to see Mike & Sylvia Nelthorpe with the Aprilia and news of the Polaris project with Terry Green and Diana Broe having arrived to give us moral support and more information on the progress of his new Harley which is nearing completion.

Following ETB, which now had 12 competitors in this the first round of ETB at SCR (too many acronyms), the Gas class waited next to the track for the first of 3 scheduled sessions. Unfortunately in Comp bike a huge wheelie by Tanya Hardy, which she almost controlled riding like a jockey standing on the ‘pegs, came down so violently that she was thrown onto the Armco with the ‘bike rolling for some distance. This was not a pleasant site and resulted in a badly broken wrist and bruising, we wish her a speedy recovery. The result of this accident was quite a lot of oil on the track which, to make matters worse, was synthetic and was going to take some time to clear-up. We waited patiently but a few spots of rain persuaded us to return to the pits and wait for a call. After a long push back by Pete Harrison with the usually reliable Ducati, now wearing a very nice exhaust system to improve ground clearance, we had something to occupy us in the down time. His initial diagnosis was the regulator had cooked itself but with all the experts in the camp offering their services we pulled all the wiring apart and discovered that – the regulator had cooked itself.

By now the track was ready for action but before we could don our helmets it began to sleet which turned to snow and then appropriately driving rain. This was the end of qualifying for the day but as always it was followed by warm sunshine (and more showers).


After another very cold night we awoke to find the previous night’s rain had frozen in little balls on the ‘bike cover – brrrr. However it was sunny and the prospect of 3 qualifying runs with an early start prompted a quick breakfast and the donning of very cold leathers. Yvonne and Chris Mott had arrived to spectate with the promise of the new ‘bike at the June meeting. Ex Supertwinner Joe Elliott was showing ETB/NAST how to do it by qualifying number 1, + 0.007 off his dial-in. Robbie in Gas had the first spot as well with a 10.1 at 137mph with Cary in 2nd place and Alfie beginning to show the potential of his new Harley ride.

Some light rain and an oil-down in the left lane, forcing single runs, slowed things down after midday. This allowed only 2 qualifying sessions so we had to be content with Mike Nelthorpe second to Joe in ETB/NAST and Alfie almost upsetting things in Gas but with the Harley refusing to change gear he remained in 3rd place.


A warmer night and another sunny start promised a full and exciting day of racing. After breakfasting on birthday cake, thanks to Sylvia, in celebration of Mike’s 67th birthday it was time to get serious. In the first elimination round of ETB/NAST Siobhan and Fiona Moor were winners but unfortunately Mike Nelthorpe broke-out but he was not disappointed as he was back in the 12s. Second round of ETB/NAST saw Fiona victorious with Alfie having more gearbox trouble, but a 1.5 sec 60ft on his 3rd ride, allowed Cary through to face Robbie in the final. However by about 1 o’clock it began to rain and with an ever emptying pit the event was cancelled at 3.00. The weather being the only winner yet again.