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Halloween Gamblers – Chairman’s Report



Pumpkin We arrived about 1pm Friday to an already busy pits. Robbie arrived mid-afternoon and by the time we had set up the signing on for the Halloween Gamblers, lit the Pumpkins we already had enough entries to run the event on Saturday. Saturday morning was busy in the pits with many late arrivals having to pit on the remaining grass areas. With scrutineering passed and a few late entries signing on for the Gamblers 11am arrived in a blur. I would just like to apologise to the 3 racers who wanted to enter but didn’t realise the cut off time was 11am. We will endeavour to make the details clearer for future events. There was a great spread of bikes considering the relatively short turnaround time. With entries from Comp Bike, 8.50, 9.50, ET bike (as you would expect) along with Road and RWYB’ers and even a Twist n go. With terminal speeds ranging from 75mph to 175mph, it was going to be an exciting days racing.

Riders and Machines

ETB130 20171028_094717 Pete Harrison  Ducati ST2  





ETB33 Dave Smart Suzuki SV1000S    




ETB125 Robbie Dobbie Honda VTR1000 SP1  




398  Pete Austin  Kawasaki ZZR1400  




SB1 Richard Sawatski  Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR1300  




ETB421 Paul Adams Suzuki GSXR1000  




ETB59 Leo Lester  Yamaha YZF1000R1  





71 Joe Elliott Italjet Dragster 180  




ETB521 Chris Mott  Harley Davidson FXDX 88ci  




ETB17 Fiona Moor Yamaha TRX850  




SC491  Louis Davies  Yamaha FJ1200  






CB2 Mick Winyard  Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R Turbo  





ETB117 Duncan Barron Kawasaki ZX9R  





SB2  Brett Cordelle  Suzuki Hayabusa GXR1300  





ETB11 Phil ‘King’ Cordelle  Suzuki TL1000R  




B17 Dave Baugham Suzuki Katana 1400 Turbo  





B14 Vern Rottum  Kawasaki ZRX1100

Round One Qualification

Paul Adams, Smelliott and Pete Harrison (all ETB riders) are right on their dial in’s straight out of the van. Dave “The Hat” has a real nightmare, snapping the chain and causing damage to the engine casings and clutch push rod, looking like he is the first to withdraw.

Order for Qualifying 1st Round

Psn         Entry                   Rider                       Dial-in                  ET                  Speed              Ov/Un

1             421               P. Adams                   9.80                    9.84              147.66                    0.04581

2             71               J. Elliott                    14.63                 14.68              83.83              0.05578

3             130               P. Harrison                10.99                 11.04              122.58            0.05926

4              17                F. Moor                     11.60                  11.74            117.99            0.14572

5          521                 C. Mott                    13.31                13.48             103.13           0.17844

6        SC491                L. Davies                        9.40                    9.63            136.78             0.23133

7        SB2                  B. Cordelle                  9.38                    9.65              145.50            0.27302

8       398                  P. Austin                      9.60                    9.98            144.36            0.38074

9          SB1                 R, Sawatski                9.45                10.08              143.38           0.63061

10          59                  L. Lester                       9.20                    9.86              146.91          0.66582

11        CB2                   M. Winyard                  8.51                    9.46              172.01              0.95946

12          11                    P. Cordelle                 10.88                   12.62             107.60             1.74110

13         117                   D. Barron                   11.00                  14.26              126.68              3.26543

14           33                   D. Smart                      9.28                   49.97                  0.00            40.69578

15         125                   R. Dobbie                   10.10                  10.08              135.60           – 0.01372

16         B17                  D. Baugham                9.90                     9.75              145.15           – 0.14107

Just after the first round they had a major incident on the track, a car had crashed into one guard rail and bounced into the opposite rail causing substantial damage and it looks like that’s end of play for the day. Sometime later Jerry announces that the rails have been repaired and racing will resume at 3.30pm. Big Thank you to all Track Crew, Staff and racers that were involved with getting the track up and running again you are all Stars.

Round 2 Qualifications

Chris Mott has retired as he was only trackside for the day and the competition is going to run into Sunday. Vern Rottum on the Kawasaki ZRX1100 is in as a replacement allowing us to retain a 16 bike field, Leo Lester (The Sunday Specialist) has decided to sit it out until morning. Dave “The Hat” has managed to purchase a new chain (thanks to Pete, Black Dragon Motorcycles) and repair the other damage (thanks to Whizz and Nigel). So it’s 15 bikes out for the second run with a stunning run from Vern Rottum going straight into number 1 slot with 11.408 on an 11.40 dial-in, Dave Baugham on the Katana 1400 Turbo smokes up the top end of the track not to be seen again.

Order for Qualifying Round 2                

Psn          Entry                Rider                   Dial-in                  ET                     Speed                           Ov/Un

1               B14                V. Rottum             11.40                11.408               125.19                          0.008

2               421                P. Adams                 9.80                  9.845                    147.66                            0.045

3                  71                 J. Elliott                 14.64               14.685                     83.83                            0.055

4              130                P. Harrison            10.99               11.049                   122.58                           0.059

5              CB2                 M. Winyard            8.51                  8.590                156.22                           0.080

6                17                  F. Moor                 11.60                11.745                  117.99                           0.145

7           SC491              L. Davies                9.40                  9.631               136.78                          0.231

8              SB2                 B. Cordelle              9.30                  9.569               146.16                           0.269

9              125                 R. Dobbie              10.05                10.349               137.64                          0.299

10           398                  P. Austin                  9.60                  9.980               144.36                          0.380

11             33                  D. Smart                  9.28                  9.709               145.40                          0.429

12           SB1                  R. Sawatski             9.45                 10.080              143.38                          0.630

13            59                    L. Lester                9.20                   9.865              146.91                         0.66514

14            11                    P. Cordelle            10.88                12.621              107.60                           1.741

15           B17                D. Baugham            9.70                11.507                 89.56                          1.807

16           117                  D. Barron               11.00                14.265                 126.68                          3.265

  Round 3 Qualifications

It was decided to get a 3rd round in before the end of the day, unfortunately not everyone made it back out on track due to prep. for the nights festivities. 12 bikes made it and Vern’s top spot was short lived as Joe Elliott on the Italjet went up against Pete Harrison on the ST2, amazingly close race with Joe going 14.644 on a 14.64 dial-in and Pete going 10.997 on a 10.99.

Order for Qualifying Round 3

Psn            Entry                 Rider                   Dial-in                ET                        Speed                        Ov/Un

1                    71                J. Elliott                 14.64                  14.664                  83.71                          0.004

2                 130                 P. Harrison           10.99                  10.997                 121.71                         0.007

3                 B14                 V. Rottum            11.40                  11.408                 125.19                         0.008

4                421                  P. Adams              9.80                    9.845                  147.66                         0.045

5                 CB2                 M. Winyard           8.51                    8.576                  168.44                        0.066

6                 SB1                 R. Sawatski            9.35                    9.456                  146.43                         0.106

7                   17                  F. Moor                11.60                   11.74                   117.99                         0.145

8                   33                  D. Smart                 9.40                   9.627                   145.13                        0.227

9           SC491                   L. Davies                9.40                   9.631                   136.78                        0.231

10              398                   P. Austin                9.50                   9.763                  146.15                         0.263

11            SB1                  B. Cordelle             9.30                   9.569                  146.16                        0.269

12           125                    R. Dobbie             10.05                10.34                  137.64                      0.299

13              59                    L. Lester                   9.20                  9.865                  146.91                        0.665

14            11                    P .Cordelle            10.88                11.556                  116.53                        0.676

15            B17                     D Baugham            9.70                 11.507                   89.56                         1.807

16            117                     D .Barron               11.00                14.265                 126.68                        3.265

The track closes at 5.30pm in order to get ready for the Halloween celebrations which included flaming burnouts followed by a massive bonfire and fireworks display, kid’s fancy dress, pumpkin competition and adult!!!! Fancy dress, another cracking night in Kenny’s Bar.

Sunday Round 4 Qualifications

Up and out early for a 4th and final qualifier, both Cordelle boys sit this one out as they have another toy to play with. Louis Davies goes up to 4th and Leo Lester goes up to 7th position.

Order for Qualifying Round 4                        

Psn            Entry                 Rider                   Dial-in                 ET                        Speed                        Ov/Un

1                  71                J. Elliott                 14.64                  14.664                  83.71                          0.004

2                 130                 P. Harrison           10.99                  10.997                 121.71                        0.007

3                 B14                 V. Rottum            11.40                  11.408                 125.19                         0.008

4             SC491                  L. Davies                9.28                    9.323                   136.86                        0.043

5                 421                 P.Adams                9.80                    9.845                  147.66                         0.045

6                CB2                 M. Winyard           8.51                     8.576                168.44                        0.066

7                  59                  L. Lester                 9.50                     9.590                  142.01                        0.090            

8                 SB1                 R. Sawatski          9.35                     9.456                  146.43                        0.106

9                 398                 P. Austin               9.60                     9.712                  143.49                        0.112

10                 17                  F. Moor               11.60                   11.74                   117.99                        0.145

11                 33                  D. Smart                9.40                    9.627                  145.13                        0.227

12            SB1                   B. Cordelle            9.30                   9.569                  146.16                         0.269

13             125                    R. Dobbie             10.05                  10.34                 137.64                        0.299

14               11                    P .Cordelle           10.88                11.556                 116.53                         0.676

15            B17                     D Baugham           9.70                 11.507                  89.56                         1.807

16            117                     D .Barron              11.00                14.265                 126.68                        3.265

It had been one of those weekends where the track has been really busy and due to the rumours that this was to be the last meeting at Shakey, everyone wants one last go. With all the oil downs the track crew and staff have been excellent and kept it running time after time (Well done guys & gals thanks so much).

1st round Elims.

First up is “The Hat” on his SV1000s against Vern on his ZRX1100, “The Hats” 0.441 light against Vern’s 0.162 should have given the Kawasaki an easy win but it breaks the transmission so the win goes to the Suzuki. Next up 5 time 9.50 bike national champion Rik Sawatski on the Busa against Duncan on the ZXR900, Duncan has form for pulling a cherry but to everyone’s surprise he goes green but the experience of the 5 time champ comes through and Rik takes the win. Fiona on the TRX850 verses Pete on the Ducati. A really good race this one with Fiona’s 0.174 reaction to Pete’s 0.103, Fiona goes 11.760 on 11.70 dial-in to take Pete out. Then it’s the only man in the pits that can make a scooter look BIG!! Joe Elliott on the 180cc Italjet takes on Pete Austin on the 1400cc Kwack (Thanks again for the donation to the prize pot Pete). Pete is old, cold, and tired by this time as he was up Dad dancing late into the night and his reaction really showed it, 0.519 to the little man’s 0.167. An easy win for Joe even managing to shut off the mighty 180cc scooter at the end. Anyone who knows Joe knows he has quick scooters but out of the 5 that raced there was only 1 slower than his. Pull your finger out Joe Elliott!! The slick and bar Honda SP1 of Robbie up against Paul Adams on his GSXR1000 Suzuki, Robbie pulls a zero light 0.081 against Paul’s 0.156 but Robbie shuts off too early allowing Paul back in running 9.615 on 9.60 dial-in to Robbie’s 10.434 on 10.25. Paul goes through to the next round. Leo Lester on the R1 gets a bye due to Dave Baugham’s no show. Brett Cordelle on his Busa to take on the FJ1200 slick & bar of Louis Davies, not much in the reactions Brett 0.183 to Louis 0.219 but Brett is off the dial-in and runs 9.706 on 9.45. Louis shuts off early to go through 9.487 on 9.32 dial-in. The turbo Busa of multiple ACU 8.50 bike champion (amongst a lot of other things usually on his GSXR1100 turbo) Mick is up against Phil “King “ Cordelle. Mick who is a great racer takes the win on a big shut off going 8.941 at 125.93mph on 8.51 dial-in, the “king” will not be taking the trophy this time.

Psn                 Rider                       Dial-in              R/T                     ET                            Speed

1                  J. Smelliott                 14.95              0.167               15.199                         78.61            W

9                  P. Austin                       9.70              0.519                 9.931                        142.86


5                  P. Adams                      9.60              0.156               9.615                        142.42            W

13                R. Dobbie                  10.25               0.081             10.434                        120.52


3                  V. Rottum                11.30              0.162                 16.144                        47.75

11                D. Smart                     9.90               0.441                11.945                         66.43            W


7                 L. Lester                       9.40               0.129              10.141                       110.21              W

15              D. Baugham               No Show


10               F. Moor                        11.70             0.174                 11.760                      114.27              W

  2                P. Harrison                   10.99             0.103                 11.151                      117.43


6               M. Winyard                     8.51             0.336                    8.941                        125.93            W

14             P.Cordelle                     10.88            0.254                  11.855                        110.42


4              L. Davies                          9.32            0.219                   9.487                          117.69               W

12            B. Cordelle                       9.45            0.183                   9.706                          133.52


8              R. Sawatski                       9.50            0.203                  10.035                        122.56                W

16            D. Barron                        10.50            0.395                  10.863                        131.91

Round 2 Elims.

Joe on the Little but Quick dragster has 0.072 light against Paul’s 0.818 reaction but the Italjet twist & go is little but “too” quick breaking out to see Paul through to the semi’s on the GSXR. Good mates Leo and Dave are next up, 0.067 for “The Hat” against Leo’s 0.37 should have made it an easy win but was real close. “The hat” shut off to 109.68mph and Leo shot past at 140.57mph, Dave goes through by 0.05 into the semis. Fiona on the Yam is up against Mick on the Busa, unlucky for Fiona she goes -0.01 cherry (maybe the TRX thought Duncan was on-board)? The Busa breaks out but is through. Louis on the FJ1200 against the 9.50 champ Rik, a really close race with Louis’ slightly better reaction of 0.196 to Rik’s 0.223. Looks like Rik shut off a bit but Louis was bang on, great ride Louis.

Psn              Rider                       Dial-in              R/T                     ET                            Speed

1                Smelliott                   15.13             0.072                15.060                       78.73

5                P. Adams                    9.60              0.818                  9.959                       146.82           W

11              Hat                               9.60              0.067                9.997                       109.68           W

7                 L. Lester                      9.60             0.372                   9.741                       140.57


10              F. Moor                     11.70          – 0.010                    11.73                       112.93

6                M. Winyard                8.51             0.192                    8.42                         174.63           W


4                 L. Davies                    9.32             0.196                    9.324                       138.70           W

8                 R. Sawatski               9.50             0.223                      9.53                         131.78

  Semi Finals Dave Smart’s SV1000 verses GSXR1000 of Paul Adams, Dave has 0.02 reaction and runs 9.59 on 9.60 dial-in but he goes through as Paul runs – 0.22 cherry somehow “The Hat” makes it to the final after all the hassle of the chain breaking on the Saturday. Mick on the Turbo Busa verses Louis’ FJ1200 slick & bar, Mick’s bike wheel spins most of the track going 9.42 @ 176.43mph on 8.47 dial-in to give Louis an easy win to the final.

Psn              Rider                       Dial-in              R/T                     ET                          Speed

11          Not so Smart                 9.60              0.020                 9.594                       142.68          W

5            P. Adams                        9.60            – 0.226                 9.708                      146.10


6            M. Winyard                   8.47               0.115                 9.426                       176.43

4             L. Davies                       9.30               0.195                  9.413                      117.88         W


Considering the National Association Supertwins Halloween Gamblers was scheduled to run on the Saturday and it was now getting dark on Sunday we were very pleased to run the final. There was not much between their dial-ins with Dave on 9.60 to Louis 9.30 and Dave’s 0.92 to louis 0.11 reaction but “The Hats” luck had run out, the bike would not change out of first ( wire came off the shift button). So Louis cruised home for the victory. Congratulations to the winner Louis Davies on his Yamaha FJ1200 and to runner up Dave Smart on his Suzuki SV1000s. IMG-20171030-WA0005IMG-20171030-WA0004    






Thanks again to all at Shakespeare County Raceway without you great people this would never have happened, we would also like to thank Robbie and Jo for your hard work.

Well not only is it the end of the meeting, the end of the season but possibly the end of the track. Thanks to Jerry Cookson for doing our presentations, donating extra trophies and goody bags and letting us run the events. If that is it for the track then I for one will really miss it as I’m sure will a lot of other racers. If it is to open next year then roll on next season as we National Association Supertwins will be there to support any meetings that are run. If not then it will be one of the saddest days in sportsman racing, it’s been a privilege to race at Shakespeare County Raceway.  

Chairman Capture2

Not to be missed – Halloween at SCR


The National Association of SuperTwins will be holding a Gamblers meeting at Shakespeare County Raceway on Saturday 28th October 2017.boo-halloween

Open to anything on two wheels, £10 to enter but must be able to turn the bike around in half an hour. It’s to be run over a day (Saturday) unless the weather decides otherwise then we will endeavour to finish on Sunday.

The prize money will be split 60/40 to the winner/runner-up.

The Supertwins will be supplying the trophies.

Mr Pete Austin will kindly be donating £100 to the prize fund to which we, the SuperTwins will double, so the starting prize fund will be £300.

Not forgetting flame burnouts at 6.00 and Shakey’s Bonfire lit at 7.00 and fireworks before the fancy dress competitions in Kenny’s Bar for both adults and children.

Let’s hope for a 16 bike field or more! Don’t forget your pumpkins!

Also SCR Bracket Gamblers on Sunday if NAST concluded on Saturday.


Gambler entry forms available at NAST caravan or download here https://www.shakespearecountyraceway.co.uk/docs/2017_SCR_Bracket_Race_Sign_Up_Form.pdf.

Return forms with £10 to Jo or Robbie on Saturday (NOT race control).



The National Association of SuperTwins will be holding a Gamblers meeting at Shakespeare County Raceway on Saturday 28th October 2017.boo-halloween

Open to anything on two wheels, £10 to enter but must be able to turn the bike around in half an hour. It’s to be run over a day (Saturday) unless the weather decides otherwise then we will endeavour to finish on Sunday.

The prize money will be split 60/40 to the winner/runner-up.

The Supertwins will be supplying the trophies.

Mr Pete Austin will kindly be donating £100 to the prize fund to which we, the SuperTwins will double, so the starting prize fund will be £300.

Not forgetting Shakey’s Bonfire and fireworks before the fancy dress competitions in Kenny’s Bar for both adults and children.

Possibly the last ever competition at Shakey. poster

Let’s hope for a 16 bike field or more!

Look forward to seeing you all in October.


Gambler entry forms available at NAST caravan or download here https://www.shakespearecountyraceway.co.uk/docs/2017_SCR_Bracket_Race_Sign_Up_Form.pdf.

Return forms with £10 to Jo or Robbie on Saturday (NOT race control).

SCR Open Sport Nationals 26/28th Aug 2017







The trophies and prize money were presented by Jerry Cookson at the end of the days racing on Sunday 27th August at the 11th Annual APIRA Open Sports Nationals 2017.

On behalf of the club and members we would like to congratulate Phil “KING” Cordelle WINNER and Robbie Dobbie runner-up

THE WINNER20170827_171733





ROBBIE DOBBIE                                                                                                         20170827_171630




The “KING” wore his crown proudly at the presentation and deservedly so as he stole the show at the first round, then just kept going pretty much running away with the series.

Second place was a battle between Robbie Dobbie and new member Andy Ball on his TZR 250 with Robbie taking it in the last round, unlucky Andy maybe next time.

So that concludes the first NAST Challenge Cup Series, A massive THANK YOU goes out to Jerry Cookson, all track crew and staff at Shakespeare County Raceway to Jo, Robbie and everyone including the non- twins who supported the club.

Hopefully we will see you all next year for the 2nd NAST Challenge Cup Series.


FINAL ROUND – NAST SuperTwins Challenge Cup – Chairman’s Report

Before we get going I would just like to congratulate Dave Batcheler of Plumb Crazy 20280330_1467568609989219_5763850782129409792_oRacing on the 1340cc Suzuki Bandit for running his first 7. Something that is difficult on any bike but Dave is one of only a handful of people to do it on a Suzuki Bandit. Well done Dave.


Also, a big SuperTwin welcome to new member Iain Baker of Adrenalin Motorcycles of Bognor Regis on his 883 Harley Davidson (I apologise if I have this wrong as like everyone knows I am a Suzuki man through and through). Iain came to the track for the first time with a new engine (built by himself) in the 883 Harley running it in on Saturday and hoping to run a 12.7 on Sunday. He finished the weekend a very happy bunny running a 12.6. Well done Iain and may the Gods of Speed make you go a bit faster next time out.

Anyway we arrived at the track expecting rain and boy did we get it. Torrential rain from about 6pm through to about 5am but the sun did make an appearance and the track was soon ready to go.

Not as many entered as we had hoped for. I think mainly due to the weather forecast. For team B&H Racing it was the NSA Championship so the ‘bikes could not be turned around fast enough for both competitions. Shame as Andy was sat in 3rd and Terry in 4th after the first two rounds so both were in with a chance of a trophy and some prize money.


Andrew Bosswell      20258287_1467568529989227_157296151165513975_n

Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster   B&H Racing

Slick and Bar




The Boss “H”20170708_082801

B&H Racing





Terry Bosswell

Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster

B&H Racing



I was looking forward to seeing if Duncan on the Team Elysion Yamaha TRX850 would go triple cherry but he was a no-show. Never mind, hope it was the weather and not the bike mate!

Pete Austin, long-term car and ‘bike racer, was back for a second time on the 1400cc ZZR. On his first outing this year, Turbo Tim had returned from the States and running the Dustbin Fairing Honda CX 650 Turbo.

Andy Haley, last year’s runner up in ACU 850 bike on the DSD Racing Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa was giving it a go for the first time. As was Rik Sawatzki, five time ACU 9.50 Champion.



Dave Smart

Supercharged Suzuki





Leo Lester

Section 59 Racing

Nitrous Yamaha YZF1000 R1



Andy Ball

Yamaha TZR250

Road Bike



Robbie Dobbie

Super Penguin

Honda VTR1000 SP1

Slick and Bar


King Cordelle

Hysteria Racing

Susuki TR1000R



Pete Austin

Kawasaki ZZR1400

Road Bike



Andy Haley

DSD Racing

Turbo Suzuki Hayabusa



Chris Mott

Dobbie & Mott

Repsol Honda VTR1000 Firestorm




Tim Boutle

Honda CX 650 Turbo






Rik Sawatzki

Sawatzki Racing

Suzuki Hayabusa


Qualifying Round 1

The track crew had done really well to get the track ready for the first round of qualifying. The 9.50 Champ, Rik had a nightmare with the fuse to the fuel pump going seconds before his run so was not able to qualify in the first round. What a shame as Deb had professionally decorated the, new to her, timing board and didn’t get to show it off.

Turbo Tim was the only one who managed to break out. No surprises to see Mr Consistent Andy Ball on the T2R250 goes straight into No 1 slot and the “King” trying to consolidate his position up top by getting a 0.000 reaction and claiming the 25 extra points.

List of Qualifying – Round 1

Pstn                      Entry                    Driver                                  Dial-In                                 ET

1                            B1                         A. Ball                                  13.48                                   13.53

2                            125                       R. Dobbie                           10.30                                   10.43

3                            11                          P. Cordelle                         10.80                                   10.95

4                            59                          L. Lester                              9.20                                     9.40

5                            398                       P. Austin                             9.50                                     9.84

6                            33                          D. Smart                             9.20                                     9.58

7                            SC2                       A. Haley                              8.72                                     9.23

8                            12                          C. Mott                               11.40                                   12.27

9                            21                          T. Boutle                             13.55                                   13.42

After Round 1 qualifying, we had rain, then we had more rain and even more rain. The day was called at 4pm because of – rain. What a shame. Then Jerry to the rescue – Plan B – qualifying to resume on Sunday. Hooray and thank you to Jerry and all the track personnel. Fantastic to get to finish the last round – weather permitting.

FB_IMG_1501055618272Party on. Deb Sawatzki was awarded SuperTwins pants for best appearing timing board, which were worn with pride all evening at Kenny’s Bar. Yet more rain.




We were woken early by the very industrious Shakespeare County Raceway Track Crew drying and sledding the track. As it was to be a very busy day for them with a 32 bike field of Kawasaki triples, our 10 bike field of the SuperTwins Challenge and a lot of NSA riders. If you like ‘bikes this is an amazing event as the ‘bikes easily outnumber the cars. Talking cars, the jet car ran at 6.2 at over 250mph, fastest thing for a while I think.

So it was planned for us to have the two remaining qualifier’s and then go into elims. but due to the amount of rain overnight the water was oozing back up through the track near the finish so one more qualifier and then elims.

 Qualifying – Round 2

The Hat pulls one out of the bag to go Number 1 with Leo not far behind to push Andy into 3rd. The King is sitting pretty in 5th and even with the best decorated ET board, Rik breaks out to go rock bottom.

PSN                 Entry             Rider                                                 Dial-In                              ET

1                            33                          D. Smart                                       9.28                                     9.30

2                            59                          L. Lester                                            9.52                                     9.56

3                            B1                         A. Ball                                                 13.48                                   13.53

4                            125                       R. Dobbie                                          10.30                                   10.43

5                            11                          P.Cordelle                                         10.80                                   10.95

6                            398                       P. Austin                                            9.50                                     9.84

7                            SC2                       A. Haley                                             8.72                                     9.23

8                            12                          C. Mott                                              11.40                                   12.27

9                            21                          T. Boutle                                            13.40                                   13.34

10                          SB1                       R Sawatzki                                         9.52                                     9.37

Elims – Round 1

The RI of Leo gets a no-show from Andy on the Turbo Hayabusa so goes through with a solo run.

The Hat on the supercharged 996cc Suzuki goes up against Pete on the 1400cc Krapazaki. What a race! The Hat’s 0.03 light against Pete’s 0.08 – great start from both a wheelie about 60ft out from The Hat and its neck and neck but the ZZR got a wheel in front and manages to take out the Suzuki by 0.02. Great race. The Hat is first round fodder.

Next Mr Consistent, Andy Ball up against Motty. Another no show so Andy gets a solo run and breaks out by a tenth, very unlike Mr Consistent.

Here’s the one everybody is watching. “The King” verses five times ACU 9.50 Champ, Rik. If Rik can knock out The King then the series is wide open. The King needs to go through this round to win the cup. Amazing reaction from Rik, but just a little bit the wrong side 0.004 red. It’s so close that Rik does not notice and blasts by The King to sit up at the end and not surprisingly runs a 9.50 (I am beginning to wonder whether it is the bike or Rik that runs the number). So King Cordelle goes through to the second round.

Robbie and Turbo Tim are up next and Robbie who has found a real good patch of form lately, since his move from Top Gas to ET Bike, makes short work of the Turbo CX650 by sitting up and shutting off at the end.

Round 2 – Eliminations

Leo’s R1 against Robbie’s SP1. Leo trees Robbie massively to drive by and sit up at the 1/8 mile. Looking like a comfortable win for Leo when the R1 decides to turn itself off at about the 1000ft mark. Robbie just squeezes by, by a gnat’s whisker, to take Leo out. Unlucky Leo. That’s racing.

Next The King against Mr Consistent. Looks like The King is going to take it but breaks out with a 10.897 on a 10.90 so Andy and the Little TZR250 take out The King and go through another round.

Pete Austin on the Krapasaki ZZR1400 gets the No 1 qualifiers bye into the semi’s.

At this point, I would like to point out (under pressure from a certain Krapazaki rider) that there are no Suzuki’s that made it to the semi-finals. A real rarity in drag racing.


Krapasaki v Yamaha. One of the great things about ET Bike, 1400cc ZZR against 249cc TZR.

Mr Consistent, Andy on the Yam against long term car and bike racer, Pete on the Kwack.

A cracking race, Pete is asleep on the line with a 0.336 light but Andy is three tenths off the dial-in. Pete nicks it right at the line. Andy cannot believe his ticket. For him it is massively off his dial-in.  Unlucky for Andy but that is racing.

Robbie is on the lucky side of the ladder and gets a bye into the final.


So into the final and not a Suzuki in sight. 1400cc Kwack V 1000cc Honda. Pete pulls another 0.06 light to tree Robbie. A comfortable win for Mr Pete Austin on the ZZR1400 Kawasaki.


ET – 25 points – Dave Smart

Reaction – 25 points – P Cordelle


Name                 Previous Points                Round 3 Points                     Final Points

Phil “King” Cordelle    1055                                285                                                  1340

Robbie Dobbie             755                                  470                                                 1225

Andy Ball                       735                                  380                                                 1115

Leo Lester                      510                                 290                                                  800

Dave Smart                    550                                 225                                                   775

Pete Austin                    200                                 550                                                 750

Terry Boswell              665                                    –                                                      665

Andrew Boswell         570                                    –                                                       570

Carey Wadey                530                                   –                                                      530

Fiona Moore                 420                                   –                                                     420

Duncan Barron             370                                    –                                                   370

Chris Mott                      230                                   130                                              360

Charlie Batsford           240                                     –                                                 240

Gisselle Moore              190                                      –                                                190

Tim Boutle                       –                                      120                                               120

Mandy                            110                                       –                                                 110

Richard Sawatzki          –                                        110                                               110

Andy Haley                      –                                        1 40                                            1 40


So after completion on the First National Association of SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series, I would like to congratulate Phil “King” Cordelle for winning and Robbie Dobbie runner-up. Well done chaps.

The trophy and the prize money will be awarded at the APIRA Ultimate Power Drag Racing Championship on Saturday 26th August.

A big thank you to Robbie and Jo for helping to organise the three events and to everybody who took part.

Finally, a special thank you to Jerry and all the staff and track crew at Shakespeare County Raceway for such a friendly and professional attitude. It has been a fantastic three weekends of racing as we get up Sunday morning and start again with the Shakespeare County Raceway Gamblers for Bikes. Just brilliant and thanks a lot.


National Association of SuperTwins

26th July 2017

SuperTwins Challenge Round 2

8th JULY 2017

We arrived Friday afternoon excited with the knowledge that we had another 25hp from the recent trip to the dyno taking the supercharged Suzuki sv1000s to 9lb of boost and 176.95hp and with the prospect of a beautiful weekend of weather, we weren’t to be disappointed.


Dave Smart       Supercharged Suzuki SV1000s                                      Street

Giselle Moor      Buell 1125R                                       Team Elysion         Street

Charlie Batsford      Kawasaki ZX10R                                                        Street

Andy Boswell     Harley 1200 Sportster                     B & H Racing        Slick & Bar

Duncan Barron    Yamaha TRX 850                           Team Elysion       Street

Chris Mott   Repsol Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm   Dobbie & Mott      Street

Terry Boswell    Harley 1200 Sportster                      B & H Racing       Street

Cary Wadey       Suzuki SV1000s                                                                 Slick & Bar

Andy Ball    Yamaha TZR 250                                                                       Road Bike

Robbie Dobbie   Honda VTR 1000 SP1                 Super penguin         Slick & Bar

Pete Austin     Kawasaki ZZR 1400                                                             Road Bike

Phil (KING) Cordelle    Suzuki TLR1000             Hysteria Racing        Street

Leo Lester   Yamaha YZF 1000 R1              Section 59 Racing              Street


And it’s the man Andy Ball straight into number one slot, with KING Cordelle right at the bottom.

1. A. Ball  13.45  13.529

2. A .Boswell  10.10  10.231

3. P. Austin  9.50  9.636

4. G. Moor  10.20  10.391

5. T. Boswell  11.38  11.58

6. L. Lester  9.10  9.328

7. F. Moor  10.20  10.478

8. D. Barron  11.80  12.124

9. R. Dobbie  9.93  10.309

10. D. Smart  9.10  9.587

11. C. Wadey  10.35  3.926

12. C. Batsford  10.10  9.979

13. C. Mott  13.30  12.997

14. P.Cordelle  11.20  10.800


KING Cordelle is back going straight to No 1 position and putting the Repsol Honda VTR1000 Smouldering Breeze of Dobbie & Mott rock bottom.

1. P. Cordelle  10.75  10.760

2. A. Ball  13.47  13.502

3. A. Boswell  10.10  10.18

4. P. Austin  9.50  9.628

5. F. Moor  10.20  10.380

6. G. Moor  10.20  10.391

7. T. Boswell  11.38  11.585

8. L. Lester  9.10  9.328

9. D. Barron  11.85  12.100

10. C. Batsford  9.90  10.159

11. R. Dobbie  9.93  10.309

12. D. Smart  9.30  9.737

13. C. Wadey  10.35  13.926

14. C. Mott  13.30  12.997


Top 3 stay the same so KING Cordelle goes into elims as No 1 qualifier. Giselle unfortunately breaks the Buell’s gearbox so has to retire from the competition.

1. P. Cordelle  10.75  10.760  Phil

2. A. Ball  13.47  13.502

3. A. Boswell  10.10  10.181

4. F. Moor  10.30  10.401

5. P. Austen  9.50  9.628

6. G. Moor  10.20  10.391

7. T. Boswell  11.38  11.585

8. L. Lester  9.10  9.328

9. C. Wadey  10.30  10.547

10. D. Barron  11.85  12.100

11. C. Batsford  9.90  10.159

12. R. Dobbie  9.93  10.309

13. D. Smart 9.30  9.708

14. C. Mott  11.40  12.512


Dave “The Hat” Suzuki SV1000s V Giselle Buell 1125R. Giselle is a no show with a broken gearbox, Dave runs a 9.44 on a 9.44 dial in.

Fiona Team Elysion ZX9R V the newcomer first time racer Charlie Batsford on ZX10R. A double red light and Charlie goes through with a -0.122 against Fiona’s -0.500.

Next up is Team B & H Racings slick and bar Harley V Duncan on the Elysion TRX850. A red light for Duncan puts Andy through. That’s two out of two for Duncan the question is will he manage a green light in the next round??? Last chance mate.

Then onto the Dobbie & Mott smouldering breeze V Terry on the B & H Racing Harley. A very close race this one – will the experience of the long-time Supertwin racer Chris Mott show through?? In short NO, Chris is first round fodder but at least the Honda is behaving itself this time round after a change of plugs.

Onto Cary on the slick & Bar Suzuki SV1000s against “That Man” Andy Ball TZR250. Cary tried a new tactic against the man, who is so hard to beat, by increasing his dial in by 3 tenths and attempting to shut off early, it worked, Mr Consistent goes out first round Cary is through.

Next up it’s the Vice Chairman Robbie on the Super Penguin SP1 Slick & Bar against long-term racer and all round good bloke Pete Austin on the road going Krapasaki. Robbie goes 10.34 on a 10.30 dial in to take Pete out.

Last up is Leo on the R1 V KING Cordelle on the TLR1000. Leo was having some clutch problems but the KING was right on it with a 10.79 on a 10.75 dial in to go through.


Charlie on the ZX10R was against Terry on the Harley, Charlie had gear box issues which led to a fairly easy victory for the B & H Harley.

Fellow B & H racer Andy got the Supercharged SV1000s of Dave “The Hat” and was scared into retiring by the awesome noise of the SV1000S. So Dave went through with a solo run (Andy actually thought he heard a noise coming from his engine but it turned out to be the noise of the SV100s… LOL).

Next up two racing buddies that know each other very well Cary V Robbie. Usually a close race but Cary had some issues giving Robbie an easy victory.

Last but not least the KING had a bye courtesy of being No 1 qualifier.


Robbie on the Super Penguin against Terry on the Harley, cracking reaction from Robbie allowing a shut off at the top end for a comprehensive victory.

So here we go Dave “The Hat” V “The KING”

A really wild ride for “The Hat”, a couple of wheelies losing both feet off the pegs and ending up sat on the petrol tank. Phil “The KING” Cordelle ran a 10.63 on a 10.63 dial in but “The Hat” goes through as “The KING’s” reaction was a 0.39 against 0.07.


So to the final and a first as it’s to be Vice Chairman Robbie V Chairman “The Hat”.

Unfortunately Dave is a no show due to the process of knocking out “The KING”, the fuel tank was cracked by “The Hat’s” fat backside and was leaking badly. So congratulations to Robbie Dobbie on the Super Penguin SP1 and well done “The Hat” for nearly making the final.

So comes to an end the second round of the Supertwins Challenge and I think I speak for everyone who took part it was a brilliant day.

I would again like to thank Robbie & Jo for all their help organising everything and to everyone who took part.

A special thanks goes out to Leo Lester who gave up his Saturday evening and took me to have my fuel tank repaired so I could race in the Shakey Gamblers on Sunday, TOP MAN great to see such sportsmanship to help out your competitors in their hour of need.

Finally a massive Thank You to Jerry and all the Staff and Crew at Shakespeare County Raceway for doing such a professional & friendly job, as you are the folks that allow us to do what we love so much.


Congratulations to Leo Lester Yamaha R1 for winning & Andy Ball Yamaha TZR250 runner-up in the Shakespeare County Raceway Gamblers on Sunday 9th 2017.

Now onto Round 3 – THE FINALS in less than 2 weeks with Phil “The KING” Cordelle in a commanding lead but Robbie and Andy at least are not letting him have an easy ride!