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Suzuki tuning 1

After the initial success of the “SuperTwins Challenge” and the Shakey Gamblers meetingon the 10/11th June (congratulations again to Phil and Andy for SuperTwin Challenge and Leo and Robbie for Shakey Gamblers) I thought, with typical drag-racers logic to try and make some more power. Not that I really needed it as I was first round fodder with a break-out, actually running a PB with the new setup , and with the problem o20170616_135423f constant wheelies. Any way ‘bike is on the bench.


The ‘bike currently runs 6lb. of boost and makes 152 bhp. First thing to do is remove Rotrex supercharger and replace the 95mm pulley with the new 85mm pulley. 20170616_163304Job done. 20170618_091559

Remove standard clutch 20170616_163323, inserting new clutch pack and installing the lock-up clutch made a few years back by Whizz, a good friend of mine and owner of a 7sec. Suzuki GSXR1100 slabside. When I thought I had a clutch problem it turned out to be a gearbox problem so I went back to the standard unit. 20170618_091615

Reason for fitting because I was fed up of seeing it on the shelf. Next, while I have it apart, take the rocker covers off and check the clearances, perfect as expected.

20170618_13052420170618_130535A new oil filter and some fresh oil and away we go. Now a few phone calls, one to ralph at Mylton Keynes Dyno 07810428344 clever bloke and very helpful. Then to Nudger the Mega Squirt maestro (aka Nigel Batspeed Racing) and fingers crossed the motor stays together. Will let you know what happens. 20170619_111029cr


I hope to see you all at the next meeting of the ‘SuperTwins Challenge’ and the SCR Gamblers on the 8/9th July. PS if any SuperTwin member would like to profile their ‘bike or team or anything else relevant to racing please forward to Robbie robbie_superpenguin@hotmail.com cheers – Dave the Hat.


SuperTwins Challenge Cup – Rogues Gallery 1

Round 1 was a resounding success on a well-prepped track enjoyed by several new riders with a surprise result?

IMG_5418compWhat you looking at?

(Fiona Moor and Duncan Barron posing in the pits).



IMG_5450 Does my bum look big on this?

(New twinner Terry Boswell, my other ‘bike is a Harley)







Reaction Man (New twinner Andy Ball) IMG_5411Com


They seek him here (new twinner Andrew Boswell, his ‘bike anyway).IMG_5416



IMG_5409I am sure it had 4 cylinders (old twinner Chris Mott on a Honda V-twin!)




IMG_5419One small step, one giant leap (New/old twinner, Phil Cordelle)



IMG_5412I am sure Cary was here? (Mr. Noisy – Leo Lester and the invisible man, Cary Wadey)



IMG_5413ComMy dad’s bigger than your dad!

(Dave ‘the hat’ Smart and ‘Mandy’ James Jenkins)



Winner – Phil Cordelle and runner-up, Andy Ball.

You can read all about Saturday’s Round1 in the previous Post from the Chairman.

Now to Sunday where the SCR Gamblers gave an opportunity for some more ET competition. After rain on Saturday evening we awoke to the sound of the track being prepared for Sunday’s action. Eight of us entered the SCR bike Gamblers with qualifying a bit of a lottery with yet again a very strong tail wind. CaryLink1After three runs Robbie Dobbie had top spot with a 9.992 on a 9.99 dial-in. That man Andy Ball was in there but again cut too fine a light to go out with a red but this time before the final. Cary Wadey, despite some time away from the strip showed his form with PBs in terminal speed and 60ft times. However he was saved from some serious damage and possibly worse by an eagle-eyed car racer who spotted a failing chain link prior to his run. Eventually the last race was between Leo Lester and Robbie who thought he may run his 4th 9 of the day but a poor start with a 10.1 allowed Leo to ease off at the line to collect the cash. Finals1

Chairman’s Report, SuperTwins Challenge Round 1


20170609_173752 20170609_195930 20170610_083553 20170610_084310 20170610_092007 20170610_092026 20170610_093307 20170610_093316 20170610_093937 20170610_101536 20170610_184456 20170613_141423

33     DAVE SMART               SUZUKI SV1000s                                                                          STREET
125   ROBBIE DOBBIE          HONDA VTR1000SP1                            SUPER PENGUIN           SLICK AND BAR
12     CHRIS MOTT                HONDA VTR1000 FIRESTORM           DOBBIE + MOTT             STREET
17     FIONA MOOR               KAWASAKI ZX9R                                  TEAM ELYSION              STREET
117   DUNCAN BARRON       YAMAHA TRX850                                 TEAM ELYSION              STREET
811   CARREY WADEY         SUZUKI SV1000s                                                                           SLICK AND BAR
15     JAMES JENKINS          SUZUKI TLR1000      AKA MANDY                                                STREET
11     PHIL CORDELLE          SUZUKI TLR1000                                   HYSTERIA RACING       STREET
59     LEO LESTER                YAMAHA YZF1000R1                             SECTION 59 RACING    STREET
208   TERRY BOSSWELL      HARLEY 1200 SPORTSTER                  B+H RACING                  STREET
232   ANDREW BOSSWELL  HARLEY 1200 SPORTSTER                                                          SLICK AND BAR
B1    ANDY BALL                    YAMAHA TZR250                                                                           ROAD LEGAL

We woke up Saturday morning to sun and a 30MPH tailwind. Brilliant!!! Maybe a PB to be had. Motty turned up with about 10 minutes to spare, and as he was getting into his leathers Dave ‘the hat’ took the multi-million pound Repsol Honda VTR1000 Firestorm to scrutineering (Robbie’s old smouldering breeze) for Team Dobbie and Mott. Meanwhile Leo Lester was having some clutch problems and James Jenkins AKA ‘Mandy’ was just loving taking his new TLR1000 to bits to find a misfire.
Qualifying was held on the hour 11am, noon and 1pm. Leo fixed his clutch for the last qualifier as did Mandy who finally discovered a dodgy wire to one coil.  So eventually everyone qualified.

1    117    D.BARRON                                                      11.80      11.806
2    17      F.MOOR                                                          10.30       10.314
3    125    R.DOBBIE                                                       10.15       10.204
4    11      P.CORDELLE                                                  10.90       10.955
5    B1     A.BALL                                                             13.41      13.48
6    811   C.WADEY                                                         10.34     10485
7    208   T.BOSSWELL                                                   11.40     11.490
8    232   A.BOSSWELL                                                   10.15     10.317
9    59      L.LESTER                                                         9.30     9.485
10  33      D.SMART                                                          9.46     9.80
11  12      C.MOTT                                                            13.00    14.615
12  15      J.JENKINS                                                        10.34    15.970



20170611_163844 (1COM) Mandy was awarded the SuperTwins panties

for being pants at qualifying which he proudly wore all day Sunday at the RWYB.
So after the break for lunch it was into the first round of elims. It was to be Team Elysion to take on B+H Racing. First up Duncan on the Team Elysion TRX850 against Terry on the B+H Harley 1200 Sportster. Given away with a red light from Duncan. Terry actually ran an 11.401 on an 11.40 dial-in so would have been hard to beat.
Next Fiona on the four cylinder ZX9r Elysion Kawasaki against the might of the slick and bar Harley Davidson. Again the win went to B+H Racing with Andrew going 10.27 on a 10.20 dial-in.
Phil Cordelle on the Hysteria Racing TLR1000 against Dave ‘the hat’. Break-out for ‘the hat’ so Phil is through.
Andy Ball on the road legal Yamaha TZR250 (a man to keep an eye on in the future, very good rider) versus Motty on the Dobbie+Mott ‘Smouldering Breeze’, a misbehaving breeze gave Andy an easy victory. (believe the misfire was caused by a faulty relay on the air-shifter delay unit – Robbie)
Robbie on the Super Penguin Honda SP1 slick and bar against Leo on the Section 59 Racing R1 (with gas or without???). Close race, Leo takes it with a 9.53 on a 9.50 dial-in against Robbie’s 10.19 on a 10.15.
Cary slick and bar SV1000S versus Mandy on the street TLR1000. Cary takes the win with a 10.41 on a 1034 dial-in.
Second Round
Terry on the street B+H Harley 1200 Sportster  goes on a  0.032 red to give Phil’s Hysteria TLR1000 the win.
Andrew slick and bar Harley Sportster was close against that man Andy Ball on the road-going TZR250, but no cigar with Andy running 13.40 on a 13.38 dial-in with a 0.09 light. Mr. Ball is through!
Leo’s Section59 Racing Yamaha R1 up against Cary on the slick and barSV1000S. Cary missed a shift to see Leo go through.
Into the Semi’s
Phil on the Hysteria TLR1000 gets a bye into the final. Leo and the R1 against that man Andy Ball on the TZR250 and the race is lost by an appalling light from Leo with Andy running a 13.45 on a 13.38 dial-in.
Into the final and Phil on the TLR1000 is looking for his first real race of the day. Surely the man for the task was Andy. He had ridden faultlessly all day – pressure, luck or just racing, Andy pulls a red and gives it to Phil. Well done Phil, you have to be in it to win it.
So at the conclusion of the first round of the National Association of SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series’ the first race trophy goes to King Phil Cordelle of Hysteria Racing aboard the Suzuki TLR1000. Runner-up was that man on the YamahaTZR250 – Mr. Andy Ball.
On behalf of the club congratulations to both winner and runner-up.
A big thank you to Robbie Dobbie, Jo Clarke and everybody who made the weekend happen and Jerry Cookson for allowing us to run the series.
Special thanks to the track and staff at Shakespeare County Raceway for a fantastic fun-filled weekend.
Roll on 8th July for the second round of the ‘National Association of SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series’ .
Congratulations to Leo Lester, Section 59 Racing R1, winner, and Robbie Dobbie Super Penguin Honda SP1, runner-up in the Shakespeare County Raceway ‘bike Gamblers held on the Sunday. Great day had by all.
See you all next time at the track.
CHAIRMAN –  ‘the hat’ .

SuperTwins Challenge Cup Round 1

Just over a week before the first round of the “SuperTwins Challenge Cup” on the 10th of June so come and join the party. This event is for the many and not the few and will require strong and stable nerves to get in the final. A conservative estimate is that there will be at least eight competitors of varied experience from green to seasoned riders. Each independent rider will complete 3 qualifying runs and not to labour the point must be in the pairing lanes when called by the elected NAST member although we are quite liberal with the times. Eliminations will begin soon after so u have no time for a short kip (groan).

Whatever happens on the 8th you can be sure of a good weekend and leave the politics at the gate.

Mike Nelthorpe’s Polaris Project

New Twin on the track at Santa Pod ‘Race, Rock&Ride’ event for shakedown and observed runs will be the Polaris 2-stroke powered machine of Mike Nelthorpe. A very unusual project that has taken several years to complete after it’s conception by Pod scrutineer, Les Harris. It is based on a snowmobile using drive belts and not gears and beautifully clothed in carbon-fibre created by Sylvia Nelthorpe in their H.Q. Fibre Products workshop in Norwich.

From one of these to this (hopefully no snow at the event)Polarisoldpolaris

10th annual MSA/ACU APIRA Springspeed Nationals UK Drag Races

After the first and second rounds of ETB/NAST at Santa Pod, with its new status as a National Championship, it was all move to Shakespeare County Raceway for round 3. Unfortunately due to insufficient entries at these meetings the Gas class has not been run so far.

With the SP events being dominated by Phil Pratt and Gary Hester we were denied the spectacle of this pair fighting it out again as Phil was missing from the entries. Chance for Gary to add some much needed points in an effort to catch up. With 15 entries as round 1 there were a lot of points to be had.

Many racers had arrived on Friday to enjoy the pleasant but cool conditions and leisurely prepare for the first day of qualifying. For NAST the Moors were in force, as always, together with Mike and Sylvia Nelthorpe with the Aprilia before debuting the 2-stroke monster Polaris at ‘Race Rock and Ride’. Dave (the hat) Smart with the recently lowered Suzuki TL and Robbie Dobbie on his revamped Honda SP1 were joined on Saturday by NAST Gas champion Alfie Udall who again found himself in ETB due to lack of Gas entries. Leo Lester also arrived on Saturday with his R6 and a Suzuki TL in the back of his new race transporter together, surprisingly, with his wife despite the expectation of giving birth sometime in the next 8 days! Usual Twin members missing for various reasons were Peter Harrison (new job commitment and lack of transport), Chris Mott (impending house move so everything in boxes), Tim Boutle (in America) and Simon Clamp (in France).

IMG_5314 IMG_5315 IMG_5316 IMG_5317 IMG_5318 IMG_5319 IMG_5320 IMG_5321 IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5325 IMG_5335 IMG_5336 IMG_5337 IMG_5338 IMG_5342 IMG_5343 IMG_5347


First round of qualifying saw Gary Hester in number 1 spot but a surprise 2nd place to Robbie who, together with Alfie, had been moved to ETB/NAST. Alfie was struggling with a new setup and an expensive gearbox rebuild after an awful lot of damage after his last outing at the Pod. In session2 Gary was pushed into 4th place and the Moor’s were starting to make good with a 2nd place for Giselle. Before the 3rd qualifier could be run the track was on hold for a cleanup. Not fluid this time but lead shot! almost the length of the strip a junior dragster had deposited a tube of the small objects after a cap had come off. Damn and ballast, our 4th  session was looking doubtful but we did get to run a third despite another delay while the cause of a total lack of power was investigated and all the computers had then to be rebooted. A quiet evening followed as the band in Kenny’s bar did not appear. It was also time for Leo to disappear as his wife did not think an airfield a suitable place to bring her next child into the world (their son was born the following day and all are well – congratulations).


With quite a strong but warmer side wind we were out at 10.30 as the 4th qualifying session had not been completed on the previous day. Yvonne and Chris Mott joined us for most of the day as spectators. Again Robbie surprised everyone (especially himself) by claiming number 1 spot with Alfie sorting his problems in 4th and Dave (the hat) keeping the front wheel on the track for once in 5th. Only one more qualifying session for ETB/NAST due to delays caused by an oil-down, several blocks taken out by a car crossing the centre line, another car wiping the barriers at the top end and of course, being a Bank holiday, the inevitable rain which eventually finished the day’s activities about 4pm.


After heavy rain overnight it was not looking good for the eliminations. The track crew valiantly began drying the track only for a shower of rain to destroy all their efforts. Again they got on with the job but now an even heavier shower followed by hail left the track in an even worse state. However they were not going to give up, and despite a few racers leaving and many more packing up and thinking that it was only a matter of time before the event was called and time to leave, the strip drier was fired up. It was now a desperate effort to get ready for the first round of eliminations which were run at 3.45. An amazing effort by the track but it was not to end there. After running most of round 1 an oil-down the length of the left lane should have signalled the end but no, out came the crew again and before the 5pm curfew we were running again. The shutters finally came down when almost at the end of round one the out of shape ‘Jap Series Pro’ car of David Greenhalgh almost took out his opponent in the opposite lane and ended in the Armco barrier. Reluctantly we all packed away for the second time that day and made our way home in the sunshine.

Phil Pratt still leads ETB with Siobhan Moor number 1 in the NAST championship. (Despite having more points than Siobhan Alfie’s Gas ‘bike does not comply with ET construction rules (subject for AGM) but he is currently 7th in ETB).

Next round is ‘Race, Rock and Ride’ where again there is a very healthy 16 ‘bike field, unfortunately insufficient Gas entries again so Mike Nelthorpe on the Polaris is relegated to ETB/NAST.


Don’t forget SuperTwins Challenge Cup – first round soon.


SuperTwins Challenge Cup

SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series 10th June, 8th and 22nd JulySeriesBanner

 But what’s the ‘SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series’ all about?

This special one of a kind ET Bracket is open to all street legal or race ‘bikes. It is intended to run a minimum of 8 vehicles at Shakespeare County Raceway on Saturdays of RWYB weekends.

If you are riding a Twin-cylinder machine you will have, free  membership of the National Association of SuperTwins (NAST) at the first round in June and automatic entry to the series with trophies and prize money of £250 for the series winner and £100 for the runner-up.

How does it all work?

ET Bracket Racing is a handicap race which gives the slower vehicle a head start. The difference between ‘vehicle A’ starting first before ‘vehicle B’ is determined by the difference of dial-in times by which each rider writes his ET on the rear of the vehicle (you will get an idea of your dial-in time during the 3 qualifying sessions). For example rider A may dial-in a time of 12.50 seconds and rider B a time of 13.30 seconds. A quick calculation reveals that rider B gains .8 of a second advantage at the start from the activation of the green light in his lane only. Rider A after the amber count-down and the activation of the green light in his lane has to catch rider B to win the race thus making for close competitive racing at the finish line. This is why it is important to get a good start. However, neither rider may run quicker than the time with which they dialled in because to do so would mean instant disqualification during eliminations (known as a ‘Breakout’) giving the other rider the automatic win to the next round. If both riders run quicker than their dialled in times then the winner is determined by the rider who broke out in the least amount of their dialled in time. Another form of disqualification is a foul start (or Red-Light). This happens when the rider reacts to the ‘Christmas Tree’ too quickly and rides away from the starting line before the green light.

Should dual infractions occur, say a red-light and then a break-out, the red light would be classified as the worst infraction. Crossing the centre line is also instant disqualification. It’s as simple as that. If you need more information see any of the NAST riders (SET or STG prefix on race number) who will be glad to help.

Event Format: There will be three rounds of qualifying (dependant on time) for those riders taking part in the Gamblers race followed by either 4 or 5 rounds of eliminations dependant on the field size. Those riders who don’t make the field, sorry but that’s part of the Gamble but you will be able to use the track during the day and also after you have been eliminated.

Time Table: By 10.00 am all riders will be required to have been scrutineered and signed on. 10.00 am to 1.00pm – three qualifying rounds. In the event of a 16 ‘bike ladder being run then the first round will begin at 1.00pm and so on. Please listen to PA announcements and NAST members who will ensure you are in the pairing lanes. All timings are subject to change due to track and weather conditions permitting.

How Much To Race: In addition to the General Admission to the Raceway and the RWYB Track Fee of £25 (or £40 for the weekend) £10 buys you a place and a race number in the Bracket (if you can, print the form on this link, fill in and hand over to a NAST committee member, we will make ourselves known – look for the club banner. There will be blank forms available on the day). Your £10 will go into the prize purse for the winner and runner-up. Prize purse will be calculated on the number of riders but will be at least £100 (guaranteed by NAST at each round). Good luck and enjoy your day.

NOTE – If you have entered the NSA sprint on Saturday/weekend 8/9 July you only have to pay the Gamblers £10 fee to compete (but you will have to make sure you do at least one qualifying run).

AGM Feedback


Congratulations on Dave (the hat) Smart voted in as the new NAST Chairman. Peter Harrison carries on his role as Technical Officer and is also now responsible for merchandise. Yvonne Mott and Robbie Dobbie retain their current posts.

NAST Championship

With 5 meetings at Santa Pod and 2 at Shakespeare County Raceway it was decided that the 5 best results from 7 rounds would count towards the championship, no extra points for doing all rounds (see Race Dates page).

SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series

With 3 dates agreed at SCR and after a discussion on prize fund and trophies it was agreed that riders of twin cylinder machines would get free membership in June only if entering the series. NAST would guarantee £100 at each round but no trophies. After 3 rounds the overall winner of the series (NAST member on a twin) would receive a trophy and £250 with the runner-up also getting a trophy and £100.


When the NAST banner is returned it will be reinstated as the trackside banner at SCR for the forseeable future.


Tim Boutle proposed the first round of the championship next year should be in Florida. Unfortunately this was seen to be too far to travel at the weekend for most members.

With the APIRA Prize-giving due to start it was a quick trip over the road to the Hilton Warwick. Congratulations to all NAST trophy recipients:-

ET winner & Mint ‘bike award DaveSmart

ET Runner-Up & Best Improver Fiona Moor

Gas ‘Bike Winner & Rookie award Alfie Udall

Gas ‘Bike Runner-up & Services to NAST Robbie Dobbie

Crew award Sylvia Nelthorpe

FUBAR award Peter Harrison

ably presented by Yvonne and Chris Mott.

A brief summary of the proceedings can be found by following this link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10154365825222966&type=1&hc_location=ufi



Race Entry Forms

If you are competing in all rounds of the National Championship ‘ET Bracket Bike’, Santa Pod entries for this season can be found here – http://www.eurodragster.com/sprc/entry.html  and the first round at Shakespeare County Raceway for ETB/NAST – https://www.shakespearecountyraceway.co.uk/docs/2017_Springspeed_Nationals_Entry_Form_Bikes.pdf

For NAST ET and Gas, the number of meetings to count out of the seven events are five. As in previous years the worst results above this number will be dropped. No extra points awarded for competitors who compete in all rounds.

The two rounds at SCR are also a stand-alone APIRA championship.

AGM report and final details of the ‘SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series’ at SCR soon.