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Springspeed Nationals 2/4th May 2015

Entry forms are now available for NAST first round at Shakespeare County Raceway.



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Shakespeare County Raceway 2015

APIRA SCR Presentation

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7th March  – APIRA/SCR Presentation Evening ~ Valley Suite @ Severn Valley Railway, Kidderminster

Not too late to book tickets for Shakespeare County Raceway 2015 Presentation.



APIRA Perpetual Awards – Riders/drivers meeting.

Team Elysion

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The Iris Page Memorial Trophy – if you think that ‘Team Elysion’ are worthy of this award you can vote for them here – http://www.eurodragster.com/news/news.asp?Story=january26#january26

The 2015 UK Riders’ and Drivers’ Meeting will be held on Saturday 21st February at the Hilton Hotel, Northampton, on the eastbound A45 just off Junction 15 of the M1 (postcode is NN4 0XW,

The meeting will commence at 12:00 midday. Refreshments will be available free of charge on arrival.

Items to be discussed include the 2015 UK National Championships (ratification of dates as well as Championship matters), event entry fees and pitside electrical supply, and prize funds, as well as Any Other Business.

Racers are invited to submit items for the agenda but please note that an item will only be discussed if its proposer actually attends the meeting.

If you have any items for the agenda of the 2015 Riders’ and Drivers’ Meeting then please send them either to Santa Pod Racers Club at ir.marshall@btconnect.com or to Shakespeare County Raceway at enquiries@shakespearecountyraceway.co.uk by close of office hours on Friday 14th February.

Nice pictures of our very own Chris Mott and Dave Smart at Extreme Performance Bike, Santa Pod 2014 in report by Steven Moxley http://www.eatmyink.com/

Cary Wadey (Vice Chairman) – from little acorns.

I’ve always had a passion for motorbikes from a young age, working on a number of bikes over the years but more importantly I have always wanted to build a land speed bike and race on the Bonneville Salt Flats in America, like Burt Munro and his Indian. I knew I needed more experience (both technical and practical) before attempting that though and so set about to get on to a local drag strip with a bike I could strip back and practice on.

I scoured the internet, looking in forums and websites for the right club – it wasn’t easy to find and there weren’t many but then I came across the SuperTwins website. I contacted Bev who told me all about where the twins run, when, what you and your bike needs to get on the track and then invited me and the family down to see what it was all about before I signed up to the club. I went up to Stratford-upon-Avon and Bev met me at the gate and took me to the pits to see the teams and their bikes. It was great to meet and get to know everyone, with their individual characters and bikes. They were united though in their love of the drag strip and their twin cylinder motorbikes! A racing family, and there are plenty of those about – dads and mums racing and then running back to the pairing lanes to crew for their kids and relatives! Brilliant. I saw first-hand what I later became part of and benefitted from – everyone offering advice and experience (and the odd spare part) to keep the bikes on the track, pass pit inspections and keep the competition alive! I spent the rest of the day watching the riders run and enjoying the commentary, learning the ropes for crewing in the pairing lanes and learning the ET class rules so that I could get ahead in the competition! To put it bluntly, I was sold hook line and sinker and having taken the wife along for the day too (lucky woman ) it was great to see her feeling part of it all too, as a complete novice to bikes and racing! Obviously then I needed to get myself a bike together – quickly and on a budget!

In the past I had built a few budget bikes and this was going to be another. I had my mind set on making a café racer and so when I found a tired old Gsx250 online for £150.00, I knew it had the potential to be a great runner and just needed a new lease of life. I used most of the original parts and modified them to work instead of buying any replacements. The tank however was from a gsx1100 and the fibreglass seat was also second-hand, both purchased on Ebay after many hours watching different auctions until the right one came up that would work for me and my budget. With limited experience, I used a lot of YouTube videos to get ideas and advice regarding electrics and welding – there is a lot of videos and information out there that can really help a novice bike builder. I also enrolled in an evening course in engineering to help me learn the basics for my build and gained experience with pillar lathes, milling machines etc. The course was also a great place to meet like-minded people that shared my passion for mechanics and offered really good advice. With the parts and skills at the ready, I cut everything I could from the frame to lighten the bike as much as possible and welded the original battery bracket back under the seat to streamline the shape. The rev counter and speedo were made from the originals and I was able to re-jet the carburetors with pod filters and put them back to use. With the electrics now relocated under the fuel tank (after much head scratching) I added the final touches to allow me to race – an oil catch can and kill tether. I serviced the engine and removed all the paint from the casings and was ready to hit the track!

Using this £500 build I ran my first season of drag racing with the National Association of SuperTwins http://supertwins.co.uk/at Shakespeare County Raceway, Stratford Upon Avon. The bike performed perfectly, with a personal best 15.9 second run at 83mph across the line on the ¼ mile. Its performance exceeded everyone’s initial preconceptions in the club and its retro look secured many double glances and plenty of interest from the spectators and other racers! My brother even used the bike for his first season the following year and done us both proud! I really enjoyed building and riding this bike and I would say if you have a passion for bikes and want to build your own, give it ago – you might surprise yourself.

AGM Review

NAST Race Dates at Shakespeare County Raceway 2015.

May 2nd/4th Springspeed Nationals – UK National/Club Championship

May 23rd/25th Public Track Weekend & Yanks Weekend – Club Championship

July 18th/19th Public Track Weekend – Club Championship

August 29th/31st Open Sport Nationals – UK National/Club Championship

September 26th/27th Public Track Weekend – Club Championship.

Entry Fees for the additional ACU Permits for 2015 will be set at £80.00 for 3 tickets (1 rider plus 2 crew). We anticipate the Entry Fee for the two UK National Championship rounds in May & August will remain at £135.00 but this is subject to official confirmation at the 2015 Riders & Drivers Meeting.

All five rounds at SCR will count for the NAST championship but the club is in talks with Santa Pod Raceway in an effort to get two further NAST events at that venue.

Summary of 2014 NAST AGM for 8th November 2014

It was great to see many members – past, present and new.

The Election of Officers was as follows:

  • Chair – Bev Batsford
  • Vice Chair – Cary Wadey was voted in
  • Treasurer – Yvonne Mott
  • Secretary – Yvonne Mott
  • Merchandise – Vacancy
  • Technical Officer – Nigel Batsford
  • Riders reps. ET – Peter Harrison, Gas – Robbie Dobbie

Presentations for this year’s prize-winners was made by Bev Batsford.

  • Top Gas Winner – Joe Elliott
  • Top Gas Runner-up – Robbie Dobbie
  • ET. Winner – Kieran Govender
  • ET. Runner-up – Peter Harrison
  • Rookie – Fiona Moor
  • Best Improver – Kieran Govender
  • Services to N.A.S.T. – Dave Smart
  • Mint Award as voted by members of N.A.S.T. – Terry Green
  • Best Supporting Crew Award as voted by members of N.A.S.T. – Peter Harrison.
  • FUBAR Award – Terry Green (a new award donated by Nigel Batsford for mechanical hardship).

Kieran was unable to attend as he had just become a father, congratulations (mother Emma and baby May are doing well) so Cary collected his haul of trophies on his behalf.

Championship Points 2014

Due to a problem with ‘Race Season Points’ section on the web-site here is the total points for all competitors this year.

Well done to Chris Mott coming second in the Santa Pod STTG UK championship – even more amazing as he only competed at one meeting (failed to get on the strip at the National Finals event due to ignition failure)!