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Round 3

Public Track Weekend & Kawasaki Triples Euro Meeting: 18 – 19/07/2015

Adding further content to its ever expanding biking community line up for the July 18th/19th Public Track Weekend is a welcome return of the Kawasaki Triples Euro Meeting and Super Eliminator to complement NAST Supertwins and 8.50/9.50 Bike.

Time to enter the 3rd round of the NAST championship. Will Motty consolidate his lead in the Gas class fresh from his victory at Santa Pod and will Kieran return to deny Cary another shot at the top spot or will the Moors’ take over and conquer the ET class?

Entries here http://www.shakespearecountyraceway.co.uk/docs/2015_18th_19th_NAST_Entry_Form.pdf

SPRC Summernationals

Good weekend for NAST members at Santa Pod.

Although this was not a NAST championship round Chris Mott took his Harley through a 4 bike field to win in the ACU STTG round setting fastest speed and ET on the way. Scott Collier was runner up with a 9.8 at 129mph.

In the ET class Phil Cordelle won the final when Steve Moor failed to show.

In other classes Joe Elliott has his BMW running consistently in the high 8s in 8.50 ‘bike and Dave ‘the hat’ Smart ran his first 7 (7.92) on the Suzuki. Pete Le Gros on the ear-splitting nitro funny ‘bike was having fuelling problems and unfortunately was not in the eliminations after qualifying 9th in the 14 ‘bike field with an 8.4 at 140mph.




Yanks Weekend – Round 2


Bright start to the day but only 3 ET ‘bikes and 3 Gas ‘bikes. Pete Harrison had lost none of his skills and with a string of stunning passes with reaction times of 0.02, 0.03 and 0.1 and having posted a time of 11seconds rode an 11.01 to become number one qualifier for today at least. Cary was producing clouds of smoke in the burnouts and running consistent low tens with Ian getting to grips with his Aprilia RSV Mille as his Firestorm is still out of action.
Unfortunately only Robbie took to the strip in Gas to record a best of 10.01 while Dave sat out while Nigel worked on the ‘bike to find a mysterious electrical fault. Motty, after removing large chunks of the wiring in an effort to cure a bad misfire discovered, too late to qualify, a broken wire and faulty switch. More to follow.

Weather forecast for Sunday has improved from wet all day to showers at 11 and 3 so looking to everyone qualifying one way or another.


Patchy cloud after a warm night but the rain arrived at 10 o’clock and upset the day until 1 o’clock when the efforts of SCR staff resulted in the track ready for action and our first qualifying runs of the day. Pete had an off day and red lit on all 3 of his runs but his efforts on Saturday guaranteed his number 1 qualifier status. Cary took 2nd place despite a huge wheelie on his 3rd run which put a dent in the newly fitted exhausts, courtesy of Dave the hat, where it hit the tarmac and a hole in the radiator where the wheel hit it! Ian was not discouraged, however, as he was improving his times on the Aprilia with a 12.2 at 116 mph.

Motty qualified in first spot with low 9 second runs and after the first outing Dave was 3rd. Unfortunately on the 2nd qualifying run the Buell locked up and pushing back to the pits alloy filings were discovered in the air box and an inlet valve could be seen in a strange place in the port – weekend over.

Thanks especially to Tony Smith for making sure we got our 3 qualifiers despite the late start and the inevitable oil downs.


After a clear and cold night we awoke to a cold, cloudy and breezy morning. Semi-finals were set at 12.00 and the track was ready for action and the first cars were on their way at 10.00. ET ran first with Pete on the bye and making no mistakes. Ian and Cary both broke out but Ian was the loser but happy with a dramatically new PB of 11.6 at 117mph.

Motty and Robbie were both on byes – Motty making no mistakes with another low 9 but Robbie messing up the launch with a pathetic 60ft time.

Finals an hour later and Pete took the win in ET and Motty Gas.

More details to follow.


Yanks Weekend

Still time to enter (entries close Wednesday-ish).

Pete Harrison ‘the ancient mariner’ returns to reclaim the ET title from diesel slick Kieran or will they both be lost on the moors after the trident attack from Team Elysion?

After the non-appearance of the Gas class May Bank holiday we will be treated to several 9 second slick and bar ‘bikes making up for lost time.

This weekend NAST will be pitted behind the wall on the hard standing together with 8:50/9:50 Bike. With the normal 3 Qualifying rounds Sat/Sun & Eliminations on Monday. Once Qualifying is over use of the track is allowed as on Monday if eliminated.

Entry forms for 23/25th May Round 2 – 2 Gas ‘bikes already entered, lets see some more.



SpringSpeed Nationals


A cloudy and very cold start to the race season proper at Shakespeare County Raceway and apologies from Robbie who dropped his entry in Gas due to a misunderstanding in the rules where it was thought that a minimum of 3 riders in a class were required for a championship round.  Not so for NAST but to make it more interesting we expect to have more than 3 racers for Round 2, Yanks Weekend, 23 -25th May.

We had plenty of ET competitors with the late entries of reigning champion Kieran, and his brother Cary to add to the numbers but regular competitor, Pete Harrison, was an unusual absentee.  With the unexpected and very late entry from a Dutch Harley rider it could have been 3 in Gas (providing he could fill in the membership form) but in the event Motty was relegated to 8.50 ‘bike .

Qualifying began with Junior Dragster and ET got an early call for a trip up the track. However, only the Moor family trio of Fiona, Giselle and Siobhan together with Phil Cordelle made it to the staging lanes. Kieran, Cary and Ian were busy in the pits with all their ‘bikes in various stages of disassembly. Chris Mott had a satisfactory ride in his first 8.50 qualifying round but unfortunately  was held in stage too long and dragged through without starting the timers and therefore no times.  Ex twin rider and 2014 Gas champion Joe Elliott using the 2nd engine this year in his BMW (blow up and wrecked gearbox on dyno) was trying to repeat his 8s form but got very close with a 9.004. Dave -the hat –Smart finally got turbo boost after fixing a broken wire and celebrated by pulling 2 enormous wheelies on his 2nd qualifier much to the disgust of chief mechanic Nigel Batsford who said it would have been a much quicker run if the wheels had stayed on the track (or words to that effect). Team Elysion were out in force, the girls making the track their own for the day (apart from Phil Cordelle who quietly got on with job).

Kieran on the freshly painted pink! Kawasaki and Cary were ready to go home and had taken down the tent and put the ‘bikes in the van.  However all was not lost as someone had noticed a strong smell of diesel and a quick investigation led to a can the brothers had both used to fill their ’petrol’ tanks that contained the offending fuel. After draining both tanks both machines were running again and Kieran had a surprise for us all on race day? Ian Felstead was not so fortunate as he suspected that he had fried the electronics on the Firestorm so was off home for some spares. After an oil down and a few spots of rain late in the day qualifying session 2 had not been completed so Sunday was to be an interesting one especially for those who had not run.


Due to some heavy overnight rain and track problems meant qualifying began after midday but ET had 2 more qualifying opportunities where Giselle shone with number 1 spot with a 10.003 and Kieran, after Saturday’s fuel fiasco, in second place in the order of eliminations. Motty was doing well in 8.50 ‘bike with a 5th position qualifier out of 7 competitors with a time of 9.25. Monday was going to be interesting and the weather was on the side of the racers for a change.


There was a warm and sunny welcome to the eliminations on a day where Giselle backed up a 9.79 at 136.6mph with a 9.84 at, again, 136.6mph but lost to Kieran in the final.

Further details, photos and points to follow.


Still time to enter NAST First Round

Got my passes today – have you got yours?






Version 2 of Springspeed Entry


(NOTE: Minimum entry in each class is 3 and I was reminded last week that this rule will be adhered to).

Spring Madness

Spring Madness RWYB 18/19 April

After the cancelled Season-opener in March Jerry Cookson and his magic seaweed got the weather forecast correct again. Dry, sunny at times, but unfortunately a bitterly cold head-wind on both days. Tim on the Honda 650 Turbo CX and Robbie on his Honda SP1 had elected to go sprinting with the NSA to get some practice before the 1st round of the NAST championship on May Bank Holiday. It was also an opportunity to see if pre-season modifications had produced some worthwhile benefits.

Tim had campaigned with the NSA recently but Robbie had not been out to play with this group for many years (memories of slippery tracks in Wales with very short braking areas came to mind). Applying for membership and then entering the meeting, done shortly before the event, was completed with very quickly returned documentation. This was also the way they ran on the weekend with a call as soon as the track was open and barely a breather before the next run up the strip – impressive organisation. We were promised 6 runs each day and we got 6 runs each day, despite an oil down on Saturday and a failure in communication of SCR walkie-talkies?

A problem with a spark-plug, which was easily sorted, side-lined Tim for one run and Robbie suffered air-shifter problems most of Saturday but with some quick spannering between rounds eventually it was sorted for the last trip up the strip on Saturday and performed faultlessly for a total of 8 runs on Sunday.

After the sun had gone down the already low temperature went with it so it was off to Tim’s camper for a drink and some Wallace and Gromit would you believe! (The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) to round off a very busy day.

Sunday began overcast and cold and was soon to get worse for our two racers. Tim had unfortunately caught his foot on the newly fitted dustbin fairing when parking the Honda CX after the last run on Saturday. This caused him to lose his balance and in the confusion forget to switch off the ignition so he sat out the first call while charging the battery. Meanwhile Robbie was donning his leathers and somehow aggravated an old back injury. He soldiered on in some pain for the first run of the day with the NSA and after some therapy and a cold patch from Sandy, a qualified sports therapist , made the best of an uncomfortable day on the strip. Unfortunately after removing part of the dustbin fairing and charging the battery Tim appeared in the pairing lanes with steam and water issuing from the ‘bike and decided to call it a day in case he seriously damaged the engine.

The remainder of the day was uneventful but will result in Tim taking a hacksaw to his fairing before the next outing and despite many cold hours in the garage and some expense Robbie succeeded in adding almost ½ a second on the quarter mile time (best run 10.3) since the 9.86 PB set last year at the Halloween meet!!

Ian Felstead had his Honda in the van on Sunday but was far too busy with his son Colin and his car and also appearing in force were Team Elysion with the Moor family making a lot of use of the track.

See you all at May Bank Holiday.