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Club News Archive 2012

Below are the most recent news and announcements of importance to the club.

November 20th, 2012
Summary 2012 NAST AGM Minutes for the 3rd November 2012


It was great to see many members – past, present and new.

The Election of Officers was as follows:

  • Chair – Bev Batsford
  • Vice Chair – Barrie Gregory was voted in
  • Treasurer – Yvonne Mott
  • Secretary – Yvonne Mott
  • Merchandise – Martin Holgate
  • Technical Officer – Nigel Batsford voted in
  • Press Officer – Tim Boutle – proposed and accepted

Votes taken on the following:

  • The removal of the 2 year rule for juniors moving into Supertwins
  • Open Supertwins to single and triple cylinder bikes – rejected – Supertwins remains a race club for twin cylinder motorcycles
  • Open E.T. to all – rejected E.T stays as is – Street & Modified rules apply
  • Suspend Top Gas and Top Fuel classes for a year and run a single heads up class – agreed by the majority. To be called Supertwins Comp and merge the Top Gas and Top Fuel classes together and follow Competition Bike rules. STC numbers.
  • Raise the limit to 650 for the bikes the Juniors moving to Supertwins can race – passed

All Supertwins racers will need to get their license code from the secretary before applying for their 2013 license either online or by post – the license code replaces the club stamp on the paper renewal forms.

Anyone wishing to attend the Dinner dance next year and sit on the Supertwins table should contact Bev before the new year.

Provisional Race dates for 2013


Meeting voted and agreed for 6 rounds out of 8 to count

  • May 4th, 5th & 6th – Springspeed Nationals – Shakespeare County Raceway
  • May 25th, 26th & 27th – Yanks Weekend – Shakespeare County Raceway
  • June 8th/9th – RWYB – Shakespeare County Raceway – Super Pull
  • June 22nd/23rd – Summer Nationals – Santa Pod
  • July 20th/21st – RWYB – Shakespeare County Raceway
  • August 24th/25th/26th – Open Sport National Drag Races – Shakespeare County Raceway
  • September 21st/22nd – National Finals – Santa Pod
  • October 6th /7th – Extreme Performance Bike Weekend – Santa Pod

Presentations made by Don Irvine who perfectly timed his arrival at the AGM.

  • Top Gas Winner – Joe Elliott
  • Top Gas Runner-up – Chris Mott
  • E.T. Winner – Peter Harrison
  • E.T. Runner-up – Tim Boutle
  • Rookie – Carey Wadey
  • Best Improver – Giselle Moor
  • Services to N.A.S.T. – Nigel Batsford
  • Mint Award as voted by members of N.A.S.T. – Nigel Batsford
  • Best Supporting Crew Award as voted by members of N.A.S.T. – Yvonne Mott
  • Bottles of wine to Viv and her team for cooking and preparing the buffet

Thanks to KIX for an excellent live performance at the party afterwards

Kind regards, Yvonne


October 31st, 2012
Current Vice Chair Candidates

Candidates for Vice Chair for those members who are unable to attend please let either myself or Yvonne know!!!

The current candidates for Vice Chair are:

  • Barrie Gregory
  • Dawn Watson
  • Turbo Tim
  • Jo Brookes

Kind regards, Bev Batsford xxx


October 26th, 2012
Raffle Prizes for AGM

Raffle prizes! If you have any unwanted gifts/booze etc and would be willing to donate to raffle please bring with you on the 3rd!!!

See you all on 3rd

Kind regards, Bev Batsford xxx


October 24th, 2012
Proposed Agenda NAST AGM 2013


  • Apologies
  • Chair report
  • Secretary / Treasurer report
  • Merchandise update
  • Election of Officers
  • Technical Update
  • Race Dates 2013
  • Discussion points
    • No back to back race weekends
    • Reduce the number of rounds that count – ie 5 out of 8
    • Revamp the website
    • Change the renewal form to have an opt out box if you do not want your phone no and email address supplied to all the members
    • Attend more shows as NAST
    • Weekend member ship to go with the weekend ACU licence and bike hire
    • Change the points for eliminations to a sliding scale rather than 100 per round win
    • Remove the 2 year rule for Junior drag racers
    • For ETOpen up SUPERTWINS ET to single and triple cylinder engines , NOT just twins which are now going out of fashion with bike manufactures again. Think of all those Triumph triples and old singles!. The NSA and VMCC have many people on these bikes keen to race on a decent track.
    • For ETE T Class – Keep as is, but allow any Supertwin to take part i.e. doesn’t have to be street based, can have slicks, bars. (As in 8.50 class)
    • For ETSET DAIL IN CLASS Street Et. As it is now, no changes. But, really promote the class, with write ups sent to major mags, i.e ACU, MCN ect.
    • SELL IT!!
    • For GAS & FUEL1. That TopGas be suspended and that the club run a Competition class in it’s place.construction and GSR the same but any fuels and power adders allowed -as per normal Comp bike- 2hr turn around to remain,when possible… Reason, lack of numbers:-Only 9 bikes entered across the season.A relaxation of the petrol only class may allow an increase in interest. Immediately opens a larger/wider pool of eligible machinery.Average entry per round 5.7, for the second half of the season only 4.22. only relevant if Top gas remains… That all power adders be available:- superchargers,turbochargers and Nitrous Oxide. (addendum,:- if passed….would the class prefer restriction to 1 power adder only?)
    • For GAS & FUEL1. STG HEADS UP CLASSTop Gas. As it is now, but, for gas bikes, “slick & bars” with a gentlemans agreement NO STREET BIKES, with out slick & bars. There is enough gas bikes in the club to do this.Fuel, pump gas only, from a gas station. NO NOS.SAVE IT!!2. STX (or another name)Super Twins? Comp, pro fuel. Heads up class.Anything goes, nitro to pump gas. Any twin bike. NOS, whatever. Drag bike or Street bike. Any Nast racer, can then go into this class and see how they get on, if they don’t like it, they can still go back into street or Gas. 1 Year trial.TRY IT!!
    • For GAS & FUEL1. Gas Class – Keep as is, but bikes have to be normally aspirated, No turbo’s, superchargers etc. Race Gas allowed as at present.2. Fuel Class – Re name, possibly Supertwin Pro? Allow Turbos, Nitrous, superchargers as well as Nitro.Aim is to keep times in classes closer for better racing, feel if only one class, apart from ET, there would be too big a gap, i.e. 8.5 secs to 11 sec
  • Vote
  • Trophy presentations
  • Any Other Business

Kind regards, Bev Batsford

Chair N.A.S.T


October 17th, 2012
Tim Turboracer stands up for the Vice Chair Post

Hi to all NAST members:

I would like to put myself forward for the position of “Vice Chairman NAST”

Brief history: I have always been into motor bikes since being old enough to hold a spanner and take a bike apart, and put it back together again. Passed my bike test at 16 and have not looked back since. Always been into non-standard bikes and was converting normal road bikes into café racers from the 1960’s to date.

I started Drag racing with the Supertwins in 1998 first in Street class, then Modified Street and now into ET Class. I have seen many changes in the Supertwins rules over the years, most of which were brought in to increase the numbers of racers we can get out onto the track. The most recent change was to bring in ET Class which replaced both Street and Modified Street classes. This was very successful and the number of racers increased very quickly. Top Gas kept mostly to their original rules with a few tweaks’, and gained numbers from members who had started in the ET Class, and wanted to get into “Head to head racing”. The “Financial Crisis 2008” affected all of us, and has reduced the money we all have to spend on our sports and pastime’s. Drag Racing is not cheap and when you have family commitments something has to go, the family must come first.

In 2012 the NAST finds itself in, I have to say a bit of a sorry state, with just 7 Racers who ran 7 rounds or more in the year. This was made up of 2 from ET Class and 5 from Top Gas. I want to stand as vice chairman because I think I can help increase the numbers of racers we get out on the track for 2013 and beyond. It won’t happen overnight, and it will have to be a “NAST Team Effort” but I believe we can do it if we tackle this in an open minded, structured and focused way.

To achieve this I think we should look at the following actions which I have proposed for the AGM:

  1. Reduce the number of rounds that members have to run to make the championship. In 2012 it was 7 Rounds out of 8 that counted. I would vote for changing this to 5 out of 8 rounds for points, and no back to back race weekends.
  2. Open ET Class up to a wider range of bikes. Why not allow singles and triples? The NSA and VMCC have many people on these bikes keen to race on a decent track.
  3. Set up a new interactive NAST website with a public area, to attract new members, and a private area for paid up members of NAST. This would make it easier for NAST members to chat and exchange ideas with each other. We should set up links to it from all the main European drag Racing sites. to catch the people who would like to give Drag racing a try.
  4. Visit more bike shows and ask the organisers if the NAST can do some sort of demo, even if it’s just a burn out it should attract the crowds. NAST should be seen where the Bikers are.
  5. Members basic contact details to be given to all NAST members, just a phone number and email address. On the club membership renewal form you just a have a box to tick if you “do not want” to be included in the list. This will boost networking and make us work like more of a team.

I would like to use the experience I have gained at work being a key account team leader, and with the UK Honda Turbo Association being the chairman.

I know the Supertwins can survive and grow back to what it was in the past, but it will NOT happen unless we take some quite radical decisions in the short term, and follow them through in a focused way, working together as a team. Many plans have been made at past NAST AGM’s but I have to say few have actually happened. This is the time to make things happen, and attract new blood to the club.

Let’s make the N.A.S.T. into a First Division Race Series again as it was in the past.

We can do it together as a team willing to put our ideas into actions.

Tim Turboracer

October 15th, 2012
Barrie Stands up for the Vice Chair Post

Hi Guys,

Following the resignation of Les as vice chairman I am putting myself forward for the post. The reasons I have decided to do this are because I can now devote more time to the job (the reason I resigned the chair position).

We need experience to back Bev up on the committee (I have worked with both Les and Bev over the last 7/8years including being chairman myself). We have to make some important decisions this year in particular and I feel the club needs to move forward and get with the times, if we want to attract new members, the class structure needs to be looked at without turning anyone away in particular top fuel and if we get the members we need to be able to adjust classes if necessary without too much hassle, we also need to do some shows to get ourselves noticed. This is a great club and I will work long and hard to make sure this continues and everyone can enjoy our unique brand of racing, we have THE only sensible entry level into this sport and we need to let more people into the secret, I hope you will give me the chance to serve you again.

Cheers, Barrie Gregory


October 12th, 2012
Les Harris Stands Down as Vice Chair

Both myself and Yvonne Mott have been contacted by Les Harris expressing his decision to stand down as Vice Chair and leave N.A.S.T.

Les would like to wish us all Good Luck with the AGM and have fun Racing next year and looks forward to seeing us at the Tracks next season.

I am sure all N.A.S.T past and present would like to thank Les for his 14yrs of dedicated service and wish him and Tara well with their new family and new adventures to come.

Kind regards, Bev Batsford

Chair N.A.S.T

2012 Round 8 – Points Available

The points for Round 8 are now available.

Thanks to Andy Marrs at TSI Timers for his help with the timing data, also thanks to Tog and Eurodragster for their great coverage as usual.

Congratulations to our Championship winners and runners up:

  • Top Gas – Winner – Joe Elliott. Runner up – Chris Mott.
  • E T – Winner – Pete Harrison. Runner up – Tim Boutle.

Kind regards, Chris and Yvonne

Another tough weekend for Motty!

For the second weekend running I go home with engine damage. I think this time that motors dead!

The first pic is exactly what I found when I took the cylinder head off! Unbelievable, it wasn’t even that big a bang!

Kind regards, Chris Mott (Motty)

2012 Round 7 – Points Available

The points for Round 7 are now available.

I’d also like to remind all members to vote for the Mint award – the best enginering in a SuperTwins bike raced in competition with us this year – I have entry slips available or just let me know – one member -one vote

We also have the Crew award for 2012 so vote for who you think deserves recognition for all their work behind the racer (or in front or to the side!). Just note down the name on a slip of paper or let me know – again one member – one vote

All votes to be counted should be with me by October 19th.

All agenda items to be with me by October 19th so we can publish and anyone who will not be at the meeting has a chance to notify me of their views/vote.

Kind regards, Chris and Yvonne


September 26th, 2012
2012 Round 6 – Points Available

The points for Round 6 are now available, unfortunately another race cut short by the rain!

Thanks to Andy Marrs at TSI Timers for his help with the timing data, also thanks to Tog and Eurodragster for their great coverage as usual.

Great to see Les back out racing, even if I didn’t make it to the top end to have a chat!

Kind regards, Chris and Yvonne


As I was a spectator at this event I managed to get a few snaps of the procedings we had ten riders competing at the event and three riders acheived PB’s the Hat was performing tricks on his new KTM and is due back on his Suzuki next outing, Nigel got a couple of 9′s on his Buel. Motty had a disaster with broken engine parts.

Good to see Les back out and running well. Rain stopped play Sun dinner but Saturday was quality so no one seemed too dissapointed.

Martin the merch


September 7th, 2012
2012 Round 5 – OPEN SPORT SHOWERS 2012

With a great week of sun and a bank holiday ahead of us of rain only, we were at Shakey for round 5 OPEN SPORT NATIONALS.

Managed to get 6 days work done in 4.5, how customers know I am going racing at the weekend iIwill never know, but managed to get away friday afternoon to find most of the super twins already there even Motty was pitted up and we were a stones throw away from the track ,that’s a 1st .After helping set the marquee -the lower sections only- it was buell out and park it next to all the other buells for a health check.


Woke up to a damp start, ground only no sign of the rain which was forecast for the whole day and with us half way down the running order, another 1st! Things were looking better than I’d thought .The track eventually opened and groups were called with a slight change to the running order and after 8.5 bike ran there were no complaints about the track prep. But then there were a few spots of rain as the black clouds rolled in .All of a sudden it was all hands on deck as it just hammered it down and the pits became a river in a matter of seconds ,most of it ended up in turbo Tim’s gazebo .This put the end to the qualifying but not a dampener to us as we were all going out for a super twins meal to celebrate Bev and Nig’s wedding anniversary Jo and Viv’s birthdays and myself getting my wallet out.


This was was going to be the best day according to the weather forecast and with vehicles being called up before the 10.00 am start it was all looking rosy. The four of us were soon called and were down the fire up road ,Motty had fitted a new slick but was finding it hard to keep it in the burn out box long enough to get the tyre warm which gave him his signature run up the strip about half a mile. Nig had fitted a new motor with a bit more compression in it, but took an easy pass to check every thing out ,my pass was a good one even with a fresh street tyre fitted ,Robbie started off with a street tyre and on one pass managed to get the whole bike floating above the track.

With a few mishaps going on during the day like Rennie launching his new fuel bike in mid air after the traps and ending up in the field we managed to get three qualifying passes in and the results ended up with me being number 1, Motty 2 with a great run at last ,Nig 3 and all still running and Robbie 4th.

As we had to eat on site and not go out for a meal we managed to get the site meeting in where new members were introduced and shiney pots were handed out.


With another good start, on possibly the worse -predicted- weather day the elims got started and because of the small numbers in each class the number soon shrunk and we were up for the 1st round, I was up 1st against Robbie and took the win but the shocking news was Nig took the win against Notty this was Nig’s best run of the weekend and the worse for Motty.

We have had an all street bike final, that’s old news, but the new news was an all Buell final ! So there we were me and Nig in the final right up the front with all the other finalists ready to roll may the best Buell win and all that ,then the rain started very faint at 1st but only got worse and after 15mims of it the event was called.



  1. My self for eatting the worst apple crumble in stratford
  2. Bev for eatting 4 of Bex’s cakes

See you at pod!

Kind regards, Jo Elliot


September 5th, 2012
2012 Round 5 – Points Available


The points for Round 5 are now available!

Thanks to the timing crew at SCR for their help with the timing data.

The racing got as far as the final round and then had to stop due to the rain. As you can see usual August Bank Holiday, lots and lots of rain!

Kind regards, Chris and Yvonne


August 30th, 2012


It’s nearly the end of the season!!!! Where does the time go???

So why not come and end the year in style!!!!

NAST (National Association of Supertwins) is having it’s annual AGM and End of Year PARTY on Saturday 3rd November 2012 at:

Bulkington War Memorial Club

Stafford Close



CV12 9QX

All Girl band THE KIXX will be providing the music this year!!!!

Tickets are £5:00 each and are now on sale from NAST Pit @ Nationals & Extreme Bike!!!! Or you can message me on facebook to book your ticket and pay/collect at either event..

So why not come and join us!!!

Hotels near to venue:

  • Travel Lodge Coventry 02476383541
  • Weston Hall Hotel 02476678671
  • Premier Inn 02476343584
  • De Vere (ricoh arena) 0844127271

Kind Regards

Bev (chair NAST)


August 27th, 2012
2012 – Bulldog Bash – PM Tuning Write-up


Another great weekend was had at this years Bulldog bash held at Avon park Shakespeare County Raceway. Please see the list of events @ http://www.bulldogbash.eu/

PM Tuning and rider Joe Elliot were kindly invited to demonstrate how fast scooters could sprint the quarter mile against Motorcycles, Drag cars, Hot rods and Jet Cars etc with 2 runs on each of the 3 demonstration days.

Conditions were hot and sticky with a slight head to side wind over the course of the 3 days we attended.

Fridays events saw the PM Tuning X2 Sprinter (‘Twin’) devour 3 drive belts in 3 passes on the RWYB sessions, with the 3rd belt temporarily locking up the back wheel at around 100mph. Some modifications were required to prevent the drive belt overriding the pulleys at over 100 mph. Once we settled the transmission down some good consistent time were achieved with a highly respectable… 11.99′s. Our goal was to achieve a 11.8 and that came on the last session Sunday morning running – our best ever time of 11.87 @ 113 mph!! Well done Joe a superb result and the fastest scooter record to date. Next time Joe don’t leave it to the last run again… 😉

A special thankyou to Dave, Dicko, and his crew for the kind invitation and hospitality, a great weekend hopefully next year will see more scooters attend this great venue.



Renovated Top-Gas Two Stroke


Dave Stamper AKA Mr Bonehead sent this news item regarding his self renovated top gas two stroke.

Ex Harry Barlow 430cc RD Yamaha built late 80s, 38mm Lectron flatslide carbs running on c16 ,Christmas present last year from Ellen my wife.

Coeur De Lion means heart of a lion after Richard the Lionheart who spent most of his ten year reign as king of England in the part of France where I currently live so very apt.

Will be out next season when French farm house renovation is finished.

Worked at British Bakeries in Bradford before emigrating to France in 2004 and was crew chief for Martin Holgate with Alcoholic Kat and Team Paranoia and was around for other Holgate bike and car projects.

Martin the merch


August 21st, 2012
2012 – Bulldog Bash 26


Bulldog bash 26, a very enjoyable occasion for all that attended we had our Gazebo in a prime spot and even managed to sell a little merchandise. Great weather, a relaxed atmosphere and quality demo time without many on track problems. Top gas points leader Joe had swapped to scooters for the weekend and got some decent times that the spectators in the stands took notice of by the cheers they gave.

Bands were quality tribute bands with some newbies thrown in as well Bad Manners got the place rocking and the weekend just flew by.

Quietist Bulldog for some time but hope it continues and regains its status as the no 1 biker party.

Martin the merch


August 7th, 2012
2012 Round 4 – Ladies that Launch Summary

With round 4 being a RWYB tied in with the Ladies that Launch event myself and Martin decided it would be an ideal opportunity to get the track time so I could practice how not to throw my bike at any given opportunity. Having met Andy Freyer at the Summer Nationals he very kindly offered to come to the Ladies that Launch weekend and spend time with me and the bike so we could crack the set-up issues and also iron out my somewhat dented confidence.

Martin softened the lock-up clutch prior to the weekend to try and make a less violent launch with the idea that this would give us a base setting to build upon and on the Saturday after the first couple of runs Andy and Martin made the decision to lighten clutch a bit more as it was still a bit on the aggressive side. I stuck to the left lane all day (the right one being ‘the one to avoid’) and managed to get my times from a 10.7 down to a 10.1 in a straight line with no bucking bronco launches, so as you can imagine I was grinning from ear to ear by the end of the day.

Sunday was the Ladies that Launch event and my male pit crew (bar my mentor Andy) decided to abandon me in preference for some track time. They were soon replaced with my all female crew Bev and Dawn who did a sterling job, especially in shading me under umbrellas. The qualifying session saw a 4 bike field including myself; with the two ladies from Team Jester, and Lizz McCarthy on her comp bike. I lined up against Lizz who unfortunately also had a strong preference for the left lane. I had avoided the right lane all weekend having never raced in it since my off, but I agreed to run in the right, my method of thinking to crack my demons sooner rather than later in case I didn’t get lane choice in the eliminations. I dialled in a 10.2 and run a 10.8 after a very cautious launch which was a bit skew whiff, mainly due to a cold tyre – not realising quite how long it took a comp bike to prepare to line up! Lizz meanwhile flew straight into first place qualifier.

Due to an unfortunate off from one of the girls from Team Jester we were down to 3 bikes and we agreed between us to go straight into eliminations as it was already mid afternoon. So Lizz had the bye and I got the safety of my left lane back and run a 10.3 on my 10.2 dial in, which got me through to the finals! Back at the pits Andy made a few minor adjustments and Shane ‘The Hulk’ had reappeared to lend a hand, apparently having lost interest in racing his 3 cylinder bandit and now on the look out for a certain pair of wellies…

Meanwhile Martin appeared back too, ecstatic that he had got his previous Supertwin ET championship bike from last year into the 9s for the first time. He did manage to smash the hump of his bike with his backside in the process but it was the first time I have ever seen him break his bike without jumping up an down like a rabid badger – maybe it was a good omen.

Of course Lizz had lane choice as number one qualifier and of course she chose the left lane so I was back in the right. I did toy at this point of changing my dial-in to a 10.3 and got a rather stern talking to from Dawn telling me she would not let me ‘play around with my dial in times now’ – she was right. We dialled in a 10.2, Bev making double and triple sure with very very clear hand-signals to the tower.

This time we were prepared. Bev backed me into the water and held me there, waiting for the Comp Bike to start. She then turned to me and dictated the monster of all burnouts; I rolled out then hung back, waiting for Lizz to line-up. I wasn’t going to get caught out on staging a second time. We both pre-staged and she took her time so I stacked my revs up, when Lizz hit full stage I was ready. I launched and run a perfect ET of 10.200 and won the winning bike trophy!

It was certainly an eventful weekend and also a great privilege to race against ladies from other classes who I otherwise would never get to race against. Thanks to my many start line crew – male and female, but most of all thanks to Andy for all his help and showing me I can do it!

Kind regards, Bev


August 6th, 2012
2012 Round 4 – Top-Gas Summary
Round 4 Lady’s that flip

Another weekend round at Shakey run along side Lady’s that Launch. Finishing work early Friday and driving up to the track the weather was not too good, driving through flooded roads ,was this the way the weekend was going ,but on arrival the ground was dry and so were the pits.Just as I pulled up so was the Hat with an empty van! This was due to him being loaned a real bike by Nige, a Buell 1125r, an Ebay bargain.I won’t go on too much about this as he was riding it in ET not topgas so you will have to read the ET write up ,but I will say something, I’ve never seen him so nervous.I think this was just down to the power of the Buell .There was no hardcore Terry as his hog had damaged a piston and a head but still 5 of us which was 2 more than ET.


With a 10.00 am start for the track,us going out not long after that for our 1st qualifier and the sun shining away what could be better? Well the track could of, as there was no grip at all and a lot of us spun up even Robbie nearly ended up doing a Motty and headed towards the centre line,He soon replaced his street tyre for his slick ,Motty still had his misfire and seem to take the Ewan Mcgregor route (the long way round ).Nige put a banker in with his stock clutch then pulled it to bits to fit his new lock up which he had spent the whole week modifying to fit and work .At the end of the day Motty made a full pass with no miss fire but still the long way around and Nige had a pass on his new toy and all seemed good .also on a good note Robbie managed a new PB for this bike a 10.92 .Colgate was running the full slick and bar combo on his full street and now show and shine winning V ROD at the end of the day the qualifying looked like see sheet.


Another 10.00 start but with the smell of glue in the air and also the again ,so looking a better day for all the eliminations and with me having a bye run I got to set the tyre pressure up as I was all over the place on Saturday .Motty had Colgate in the 1st elim and took the win. Nige ran a pb and now in the 9.8 bracket against Robbie .Then it was all back to the pits for a quick cool down and a fuel up and back out for the semi’s and it was the two Buells but I took the win after a great start for Nige,the extra lightness of mine powering past him ,Motty had a bye .Then the all important finals with myself having lane choice which seemed to help as he took the long way around again and I took the win

  • Bev for my icecream
  • Nige for all his clutch work and PB
  • Robbie new PB

Kind regards, Jo Elliot



2012 Round 4 – ET Summary


The fourth round of the National Association of Supertwins championship took place recently at a sundrenched Shakespeare County Raceway. With four qualifiers in the offering on Saturday Supertwin ET was led by Pete Harrison’s distinctive Ducati for two of the four rounds. However, by mid afternoon it had all changed when Dave ’The Hat’ Smart who, had dropped down a class due to problems with his usual Gas category bike prior to the round, ran out a 10.579 on a 10.50 dial in demoting Pete to number two and Turbo Tim at three.

In the Supertwin Gas category there was no stopping Joe Elliott’s ‘Little But Quick’ 1125R Buel as the gutsy little rider pulled out an unbeatable (or so he thought) 9.449/142.14 mph in the opening session. Joe has run faster with this bike at Shakey with a maxed out speed of 152 mph last season. Second quickest was Chris Mott with the Cupid & Mott Harley at 9.590; a much improved time from his opening 10.01. This was followed by a revitalised Nigel Batsford onboard his 1125R Buel. After nearly destroying a brand new American clutch set up earlier in the month it was all finally coming together as his fourth session time of 10.052 clearly showed? Robbie Dobbie was fourth at 11.297 followed by a miss firing Double Trouble Harley of Martin Holgate at 11.29.

With qualifying over round 1 of eliminations commenced with an out of sight 9.296/146.34 (told you so) pass for pole sitter Joe Elliott. Nigel Batsford’s good fortunes continued with a new PB winner of 9.886/136.23 mph against Robbie Dobbie’s Honda Firestorm while in the all Harley match up Chris Mott yet again pulled out a not so straight 9.420 against a much improved Martin Holgate at 10.682.

With the semi finals set for a battle of the Buel’s, Joe Elliott had backed it down slightly but still took the round win with a 9.373/146.21 mph over Nigel Batsford’s quicker reacting bike (.179 to .185 rt). At the tale of the tape yet another personal best flashed up on the boards for our Nige; 9.818 at 136.99 mph. Taking the ‘lucky dog’ bye into the final was Chris Mott at 9.70.

With two very quick bikes and in the hands of two equally quick riders Chris knew that a holeshot start over Joe would be good. A .145 to Joe’s .184 gave the Harley rider some hope but by mid track, the Buel started to ‘haul the mail’ to cross the winner’s stripe in 9.396 at 143.41 mph to the Harley’s game 9.623 at 139.78 mph.

With another massive points haul to his name Joe is now starting to make the 2012 championship his (1735pts) over Chris Mott (1095) and Terry Green at 780.

With just three riders contesting the Supertwin ET honours Turbo Tim Boutle took the honours on his Honda CX650 Turbo in a battle of the breakouts against Dave ‘The Hat’ Smart. With Dave dialing in what looked like a 16.60 and Tim a 13.00, both riders pulled into stage to except what had been placed on the boards. Thirteen hundred and twenty feet later Dave had rattled of an 11.353. A monster breakout judged on his part against Tim’s 12.796 on a 13.00 dial. With everyone looking at each other and no result declared it was finally announced after a quick consultation with the stewards that Tim had been awarded the win for breaking at the least. Later it was revealed that this had been his first Supertwin win after a long draught since 1999 in the old SuperTwin Modified class. Well done Tim. At least everyone left the raceway feeling happy.

Although a semi final loser, Peter Harrison keeps his lead in the championship with 950 pts over Tim Boutle who moved two places up from fourth with 770 pts. Giselle Moor stays third at 470. The next round of the series is at the end of the month when the NAST riders do it all over again at the Shakespeare County Raceway’s Open Sport Nationals.

Jeremy Cookson

Marketing, Promotions & Club Liaison

Shakespeare County Raceway

Long Marston Airfield

Mobile: 07595 411079

Tel: 01789 720180 (Raceway Office)

July 26th, 2012
2012 Round 4 – Points Available


The points for Round 4 are now available!

Thanks to the timing crew at SCR for their help with the timing data.

Our congratulations to Jo Brookes on winning the ‘Ladies that Launch’ Bike Final, well done!

Kind regards, Chris and Yvonne


July 7th, 2012
2012 Round 3 – Top-Gas Summary


With a good 7 bike field but poor weather ahead of us for the Summer Nat’s at pod were we going to qualify let alone get to the eliminations. Well on arriving on the Friday afternoon Motty was already there for the test and tune but did not run as the track was only open for about two hours and the wind was blowing a gale so he did not manage to test the bike out to see if he had got rid of his miss fire, which was good news for me there was no sign of the Hat as he had had big problems with the rush of building and fitting the new 1200 motor and also no sign of Colgate as he was helping his mate out at shacky. Well I was here the Buell was good so I signed on and drove off to see Les before rain got any harder which was a good idea as it did rain. The Hat turned up in the end after a week of no sleep but the bike was all ready to go. The Brookes’ turned up with their proper top gas bike but with Martin as the pilot this time, as Mrs Throw Brookes is having a rest from departing from the bike, for this weekend any way.


Woke up to damp start and a mad head wind and the last of the top gas clan Robbie ice cool Dobbie turning up to complete the magnificent seven, we were right down bottom of the list for the 1st run just before the pro classes, ET were after that but with most classes being smaller than normal the pod soon got through them and we all had the 1st qualifier, as I was doing my burn out the wind was just funneling down the track I could see the Hat launch his bike but there was a lot of white smoke coming out his rear end and it was not coming from the tyre, my run went well apart from the wind it just seemed to put the run in slow mo it took ages for the shift light to come on in each gear but I managed a 9.45 which I was pleased about and as were talking about slow motion runs here is one of Motty’s. Robbie managed a PB on this run and his best ever 330 ft thanks to Motty, hard core Terry managed a 9.67, Nig managed a 10.23 with his new fuel pump set up, Brookes ran a 10.38. After cooling off at the pits the Hat had put the sv in the naughty corner were it stayed for the rest of the weekend. The rest of the day stayed dry and we had 3 qualifying runs but held up on the 3rd due to a t**t in the fire up road starting the 4th runs for pro et and not running to the proper running order which made Bev blow off more steam than the Hat’s bike, and after a good days qualifying it ended up [see picture].

The twins meeting was held under a brolly as it was too windy for the usual marquee myself and hard core terry were both handed our pots for the shakey wins.


It rained most of the night and the head wind had turned into a strong side wind, Les & Steve were calling the eliminations to be run to the 8th only which was good for the slick and bars boy’s not so good for the Me and Nig. Well the 1st one was not going to be to bad as I had a bye, Nig and Brookes were paired up and Brookes took the win as Nig had raised his gearing and it bogged on the line, Motty took the win to a no show from the Hat and Terry took the win against Robbie. The wind had died down by now but as they had called it to the 8th that had to stay. Motty had Terry on the next elim but a too eager Terry pulled a cherry, I had Brookes and took an easy win due to an ill running motor on Brookes’ behalf.

With all the semi-finals done we were all called to run the finals, I had lane choice and took the win as Motty still managed to run the quarter even when we were running to the 8th.

  • Robbie with a new PB
  • Bex for the cakes and cookies
  • The Hat for keeping his cool
  • Motty for still not finding the missfire

Kind regards, Jo Elliot

Currently awaiting the pictures to attach.

2012 Round 3 – Points Available

The points for Round 3 are now available!

Thanks to Andy Marrs and TSI Timers (Europe), for their help with the timing data.

Can you also mention that Steve Moxley has let us know, that in the latest copy of Streetfighters magazine (on sale this Fri 6th), there is a write up on RD 1 with pics of Terry, Robbie, Ian and Jo Brookes.

Kind regards, Chris and Yvonne

2012 Round 3 – Bev’s Write-up – ET Summary

Seeing as there was no Ian or Dave to fight over completing the write up for ET Round 3!!!! How dare they go away on holiday!!!! I thought I’d put something together so here goes!!!

We had 4 entries: Giselle, Turbo “Porn Star” Tim, Pete and Mike. The weather was not looking good, with gale force winds and torrential rain! That was just in Les’ caravan, which he informs me he fixed with a screwdriver!!!!

Sat Qualifying round 1 ET was forgotten about so had to wait till after the Pro Classes to run!!!

  1. Mike took no1 spot with 14:00 – 13:90
  2. Pete no 2 11:62 – 11:50
  3. Giselle no 3 15:66 – 15:20
  4. Tim no 4 13:69 – 13:80
Qualifying Round 2
  1. No change in position or time for Mike and Pete.
  2. No change in position or time for Mike and Pete.
  3. Tim took no 3 with 13:32 – 13:10
  4. Giselle no 4 with 15:63 – 15:20
Qualifying Round 3 (even though EuroDragster has it down as no 4)

To say there was a slight delay in us running is AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!! It’s ok I’m calm now!!!

  1. Mike kept the number 1 spot with 14:00 – 13:90 (well done Mike)
  2. Pete no 2 11:72 – 11:60
  3. Tim no 3 13:32 – 13:10
  4. Giselle no 4 15:62 – 15:20

We were not lucky enough to have a 4th Qualifying round on Saturday so weather permitting on Sunday Qualifying round 4 would be completed!!! The Weather had other ideas!!!!

Sunday morning came with gale force winds and torrential rain showers, the wind was helping to shift the rain but more kept coming down!!!! Would the meeting be completed????

Once racing did start obviously the larger classes had priority, as we were on our semi’s we knew it would be a VERY LONG WAIT!!!

Pairings for ET semi finals:
  • Mike v Tim
  • Pete v Giselle

The Race Director informed all the bike classes that we would only run over the 8th mile due to strong side wind.

When Gas was called for their quarter finals, ET tagged on the back (haha)

Pete 7:46 on a 7.40 dial in against Giselle’s perfect 9:50 but the race was won on the tree, Pete’s .2 light against a sleepy .4 for Giselle. And we thought it would be difficult to dial in over the 8th!

Mike 9:2 def Tim 9:3 a heads up grudge match between them! Congratulations to them both for running their first ever 9′s

So it was Mike and Pete in the finals!!!!

Unfortunately time was getting on and Team Mad made the decision to make tracks home! (It was gone 5pm!!!) So this gave Pete the win.


Date: Saturday 3rd November 2012

Bulkington War Memorial Club

Stafford Close



CV12 9QX
Hotel’s near venue:

  • Travel Lodge Coventry 02476383541
  • Weston Hall Hotel 02476678671
  • Premier Inn 02476343584
  • De Vere (ricoh arena) 08444127271

Band TBC

Tickets £5 each (hope to have ASAP).

Further updates from our Social Organizer Barrie Gregory.

Kind regards, Bev


June 21st, 2012
2012 Round 2 – SHAKY SUPER PULL – ET Summary


Supertwins 2012 round 2, June 9th/10th, Shakespeare County

Well, this is unexpected – having retired at the end of last year (thanks to all who signed the card at the AGM), then changed my mind (a girl’s privilege, I think), and then being ill and not making the first meeting, here I was at Shakespeare County crewing for the other half of Team MaD.

Woke up on Friday morning to a dismal day, with drizzle and high winds. Arrived at Mike’s as the rain let up long enough to load all his stuff in the van and off we set. Rained nearly all the way to Shakespeare County but it did stop just before we arrived and we managed to get the tent up and settled in in dry conditions, at the back of the start line – at least we were told where the Supertwins area was, some were not as fortunate. The wind continued through the night, and it started raining about 1.30 am. It stopped by 8 am Saturday and with the wind still blowing well the track was dried out in short order. The sun put in an appearance and the wind started to abate, looked a lot more promising than the forecast had suggested. The ET class had 5 entered, Mike Nelthorpe, Giselle Moor, Ian Felstead , Tim Boutle and Peter Harrison.

Once all the Supertwinners had found one another, due to not everyone being directed to the designated pit from the entrance, qualifying got underway.

Round 1 – Giselle had trouble with the shifter, resulting in a slow run, Mike suffered from a mix of a freshly charged battery being flat plus a clutch that wanted to drag and also produced a slow run, although he tried to make up for it by red-lighting. Ian’s Firestorm was misfiring, and the clutch dragged but in an unpredictable manner making riding the thing a bit of a trial Peter’s first run was less than impressive (to Peter, at least) leaving Turbo Tim in the no. 1 qualifying spot at the end of round 1.

Round 2 – Mike’s dragging clutch meant a stall on the start line and no run, Ian red lit (good job they don’t count in qualifying, get them over and done with I say), Peter rediscovered whatever he’d lost earlier in the morning and ran an 11.6 on an 11.5 dial-in. Tim went quicker and broke out, Giselle’s shifter was no better.

Round 3 – Ian had already left for home, to give his clutch a severe talking to in the garage. Mike returned all smiles, with a clutch that worked (although we weren’t sure why), engine temperature OK at the start (always a bit of an uncertainty) and a good run, with a 13.35 on a 13.00 dial-in. |Tim missed the change from 1st to 2nd, so did nothing to improve his times, Peter ran an 11.58 on an 11.5 dial-in, to take first qualifier spot and a bye in the first round and Giselle managed a good run by ignoring the shifter and using the gear lever as the manufacturer intended. All it needed now was good weather for Sunday.

And Sunday dawned sunny, very little wind and nice and warm. So to the Eliminators –

Round 1 – Peter ran a bye. Mike and Tim ran more or less neck and neck until just short of the finish line when Mike forgot he had six gears and Tim beat him to it. Giselle made a storming start, but then stormed to a half second breakout, leaving Ian to take the 2nd round bye to the final. A bit of luck there, considering that he had stalled on the line.

Round 2 – Ian’s clutch would clearly be needing a more emphatic talking-to, although, strangely, it behaved itself during his bye run. Peter followed Tim up the strip and pipped him at the top end by 0.059 second, a good run from both.

The final – Close run between Ian and Peter, with Peter taking the big cup, congratulations.

Cheers, David Shorthose (SET 66)


June 18th, 2012
2012 Round 2 – SHAKY SUPER PULL – Top-Gas Summary


With just a weekend’s racing ahead bad weather all week is it going to be possible to race let along finish an event this year, well just read on.

With this round only be run at a RWUB meeting this did not mean it was not around not to be at, it was going to be a hard round to compete in, with it being hard on machine and body and only the toughest would come through to win this one ,but 1st thing was to find were we were pitted.

We were pitted around the back near the hole in the wall thanks to Bev, because of all the tractors in the pitting area there was no room. A lot of us did not know this and drove around trying to find each other and most thinking the round had been cancelled due to weather. When we all managed to find each other we had a total of 8 in gas.



Woke up to the tiny drops of rain, but no lay in as we were having a MOT at 8.30 am from the big man in the cowboy hat, the weather started to improve and as the wind was at gale force the track soon dried and we went out for the 1st qualifier which only turned out good for hard core Terry as he pulled out a 9.52 straight out the van, for the rest of us not so good I span up, the hat felt clutch slip even with his new multi stage lock up fitted, Motty had his fixed misfire, misfire again, clutch slip for Colgate, Nig had a 60ft roll off due too throw brooks crossing his lane on the last event and the lady her self managed to stay on the bike up the track but through her self off on the way back being towed to the pits. Before the next qualifier the hat had is clutch out and added so more weight to it Motty had his to bits, brooks put her bits back on, Dobbie had gear problems but soon enough we were out again but with no Motty, my run went much better witch put me in the number 1 spot but not so good for the hat as we both run together and I was a head which is not a good sign and with some track crew waving there hands at him to slow down I turned around at the end of the shut down area to find his bike with white smoke and oil coming out of it so I called for help and Motty went to pick him up and on his return a hole was showing the rear section of the gear box, Nig ran his PB .the 3rd run Motty went out again and ran his quickest of the day 9.7 and at the end of play the order was as follows:

  1. STG71 3 J. Elliott Little But Quick 9.23817 146.08
  2. STG77 1 T. Green 9.52718 137.85
  3. STG33 1 D. Smart JHS Racing 9.66556 140.95
  4. STG3 3 C.Mott Cupit & Mott Racing 9.78587 122.13
  5. STG9 2 N. Batsford 9.94067 134.82
  6. STG15 3 M. Holgate Double Trouble 10.59384 132.23
  7. STG6 3 R. Dobby Super Penguin 11.86731 117.43


Woke up to the sound of sun rays and the wind had gone, we had 3 eliminations ahead of us my 1st was an easy one, it was a bye run that I actually used it was amazing the 1st time this year we raced in eliminations. Motty had nig as Motty’s bike nearly made a full pass but nig ran another 9.9, Hard Core Terry beat the Penguin and Colgate had a no show hat due to a small weep coming from his hole. We had about 1 to 2 hrs between elim’s and with no sign of rain the game played on I had Motty and took the win due to a rough ride on his side of the track and misfiring all the way up, Hard Core Terry to the win to Colgate so it was me and Terry in the finals I had lane choice and Motty as a spotter Terry had the had as starter and spotter, but the win went to myself as Terry new to all this I tree’d him a bit but he was pleased to be in the finals well done Terry!

Meerkat gold awards
  1. Hard Core Terry getting to his 1st final
  2. Motty for still having a broke bike
  3. Nig pb on et & speed
  4. Yvonne for sorting out extra large trophies for me & terry to be handed out at the next round

Kind regards, Jo Elliot

June 12th, 2012
2012 Points for Round 2 Now Available


The points from Round 2 of the 2012 season are now available.

Nice to complete a race meeting, and in the Sun!

Thanks to the timing crew at Shakey for their help with the data.

Kind regards, Chris and Yvonne


May 24th, 2012
Reminder: Entry Cut Off Dates


Hello all.

Just a quick reminder that entries for Pod are to be in by 1st June, and for Avon Park by 7th June.

Kind regards, Bev 🙂


May 23rd, 2012
21st – 22nd July 2012 – Ladies that Launch!


Shakespeare County Raceway – Join us for our 3rd year of putting women 1st in motorsport!

There are thousands of women who participate in motorsport every year.

For Ladies that Launch had it’s maiden meeting in 2010 and was set up with a vision of being a platform for women from any corner of the motorsport world to come together and celebrate their contribution whether it is participating as a competitor, as a marshal, as an official or just as the lady behind the racer who makes sure he has his helmet and keys – lets face it how many of you boys could make it to the track without her!

Last year it was dogged by bad weather so ended up being run over 3 weekends! We were determined to reach a conclusion and in the end Holly Baldwin racing her Whirlygig Beetle retained her Ladies that Launch crown and will be looking to make it a hat trick this year! Megan Douglas on her Kawasaki ER won the bike trophy and we hope she and the rest of the ladies from Team Jester will contest the title again.

We will be staging the Ladies that Launch Shootout drag racing knockout eliminator with trophies available for the best performers. This will be open to ladies in their cars & on their bikes. There will be a special photo shoot as a memento of the event, live music in the evening and the bar will be open for all who want to stay over and enjoy the party atmosphere for the whole weekend.

Also during the weekend there will be two days of open ‘Run What You Brung’, racing from the guys and girls in the Supertwins motorcycle championship as well as a day of fun with the racers from Practical Performance Car magazine and we hope that their racers will stay for the weekend.

Last year we raised over £450 for our chosen charity Refuge and we will be aiming to raise even more for this vital charity. Traders are also being encouraged to attend this event so the raceway have waived the usual pitch fees in favour of a donation to Refuge. We all know girls like to shop so if you are interested in this captive market please contact 01789 720180.

It should be a fun packed eventful weekend and we hope to see as many like minded souls there soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the fun. Ticket information can be found out www.shakespearecountyraceway.com or by calling 01789 720180.

Find us on Facebook For Ladies that Launch community page for all the latest info and gossip.

Kind regards, Bev 🙂

Balldog Bash


As you all know I also drag race scooters one of which is a twin, well I was asked by pm tuning if I would like to set some speed records at a ACU speed record event at Ellington, I spent the whole day setting new records on three scooters in three different classes and at the end of the day set six records which will be made official when the engines have been stripped and measured, I will keep you posted.

Also Paul owner of PM tuning had a email from someone asking him if he would do some demo runs at a motorcycle event, he asked me if I would do it and asked him what the event was called he said the BALL DOG BASH so checked with her indoors and got the go ahead. It’s all been sorted and I will be running two scooters at the bash as demos.

Kind regards, Jo Elliot


May 17th, 2012
2012 Points for Round 1


The points from Round 1 of the 2012 season are now available here.

Unfortunately race day was rained off, so points are from the qualifying positions.

Thanks to the timing crew at Shakey for their help with the data.

Kind regards, Chris and Yvonne


May 15th, 2012
Supertwins E.T Race Report: Springspeed Nationals 2012 – Shakespeare County Raceway. By Ian Felstead.


Supertwins E.T had five entries but Dave Shorthose remembered he retired last year so didn’t get up, and Simon Clamp was cut off by floodwater and couldn’t get a Visa out of his new island. That left Giselle Moore, Turbo Tim and myself. I could not attend on the Saturday due to being away servicing for my son on his Rally Car.

Giselle took number one with Tim second only getting two qualifiers. On Sunday, Tim had problems with his bottom end (stop sniggering at the back) and didn’t appear. Giselle stayed at number one after the first runs, I was miles off… nuff said!

After the second runs, I took the number one spot while Giselle must have gone shopping or something as she was way off her usual pace. Race day on the Monday dawned and that’s about all it did as the rain started at nine o’clock and didn’t stop. Funnily it started as soon as we drove into Lakey, sorry I meant Shakey… hope there is no connection!

See you all the Super Pull.

Kind regards, Ian Felstead SET 38

Spring speed Nationals Top Gas


It was the twins 1st outing and with 7 bikes in top gas a good turn out, it was the normal faces apart from a new rider Throw Brooks on her new proper top gas bike, but no the Merch bike was all good to go but the Merch was not [ hope to see you soon ]

With a Friday afternoon arrival and three days of racing in front of us subject to the crap weather forecast ever one was talking about, well it was going to be good for myself and the hat as we had new living quarters to test, I was by my self no kids or Bex so for me it was like having a small flat on wheels with no food to eat.

With a 10 am start on Saturday the weather was cold damp and a strong head wind qualifying began, my 1st pass was a good one 9.39 et and ended to put me in the number one spot, every one else had problems hat a slipping clutch, motty a miss fire, Terry’s bike found out that it was racing and not at a run what you brung so did not want to play ball, nig had air shifting problems even ice cool penguin dobbie’s new bike was playing him up, Throw brooks was still getting to grips with the proper top gas bike, not enough rev’s according to her other half. Things did not improve for us all or the track and all other bike classes were having track problems as well, but one of us did get some traction http://youtu.be/hC-4zEi3Wsc

Sunday was such a different day the sun was out from the moment I woke up, the track got good and my times came down, Terry managed to trick his bike into thinking it was a run what you brung and ran a 9.7 et witch put him in the 2nd spot, motty had one go as he had 3 weddings and a funeral to go to the hat still had clutch slipping problems, robbie had gone from a slick to a real tire and went faster, nig was driven mad by gearing and speed data and Throw brooks was back in the seat after a health and bike check to run her quickest time of the weekend. Every one had had 2 qualifying runs so they decided to go straight in to eliminations but only started on the larger classes, so one lucky motty.




  1. Throw brooks for getting back on her bike
  2. myself for getting the fastest mph and not the hat
  3. the hat for my FIST trophy
  4. nig for great looking body work, which was all of his own work

Kind regards, Jo Elliot




April 21st, 2012
News Update


Hi All!

Just a quick reminder to everyone to make sure that your entries are in for out first round at Shakespeare County Raceway on Sat – Mon 5th – 7th May 2012.

I have also been asked if any members have any spare tickets, to enable others to also attend ? A donation to who ever is being offered?

Anyone who can help or has any problem/issue please contact me on mobile (07973322017)

See you all in a few weeks time

Kind regards, Bev 🙂


April 10th, 2012
Jo Elliot’s Buell in Online Magazine


Jo Elliot let me know that his Buell is appearing in an online magazine, which you all can read going here: Drag Racing Confidential

Kind regards, Scott 🙂


March 14th, 2012
Chassis For Sale


Shamus thinks somebody could make a nice bike from this, details as follows and pictures are attached:

  • Versatile Rolling Chassis
  • 90 inch wheel base
  • Performance Machine Brakes
  • Tanks and Battery Box
  • Dyna Coil + Dyna 2000 Ingnition & Loom
  • Carbon Bodywork
  • Wheelie Bars
  • 10 inch Rear Wheel

This chassis has just been used as a fuel supertwin and could easily do the same again, or just as easily make a top gas bike!

Please call Shamus on 07979541559 for further info. Priced at £2950

Kind regards, Nick Saunders

March 12th, 2012
Some News from Martin Holgate


Gave the bike a spring revamp, fitted a lightweight 17 inch carbon wheel with a shinko reactor slick, kosman floating disk and gma billet caliper, this saved 25 pounds over the solid rear wheel I previously ran a slick on.

Quick change quiet exhaust silencer for road use mainly, extra tacho I can actualy see without binoculars plenty of polishing gone on. See you all soon.

Kind Regards, Martin the Merch



February 28th, 2012
Some Club News from Jo Elliot


As my buell is in about 1000 bits at the moment and the track at the pod open most weekends, I thought i would take my sportster 48 out for a blast to try and beet the 12.27 et PB that I did last year on it, its a stock motor with a stage 1 tune on it from the guys who tune my buell twinmotorcycles.nl. I spent the who day at pod the weather was great and the track was holding up the the 83 pony’s of the harley lump and with many runs ended up with a 12.15 et witch I was well pleased with here is a clip of one run on YouTube.

Here is some info on topgas as you all know there has been many comments about street bikes in topgas and because of the economy at this present time a money tight, myself and the hat have had many long conversations on the phone and lengthy emails about this and have both come to the same conclusion, we are not running either of our bikes in topgas this year with road tax, see you all soon.

Regards Jo Elliot

Riders & Drivers Meeting Sunday 26th February 2012

Main out come from Riders & Drivers meeting.

Entry Fees, Prize Fund and Late Entry Fees to remain as last year for both Tracks.

Electric at Pod increased by £2:50 per day = 4 day meet £10:00

Tony Smith ACU CofC Shakespeare County Informed:

All ACU Permit Racers running along side RWYB will be allocated a time to assemble at (Beth/Julie) Hut in main pairing lanes. Once all Class’ are together we follow behind RWYB que. There is no going down the centre lane, thus making it fair for everybody. ACU Racers are unable to take advantage of the RWYB until you have either completed Qualifying or been eliminated from competition. No change really from a normal race meeting. So lets show the RWYB how to race as a professional !!!! However should a problem/issue arise please bring it to my attention and it will be discussed with the Cof C on the day.

A request was made by both Tracks for old race tyres to help with Track prep

Not long now till start of season!!!!

Regards to all, Bev


February 26th, 2012
Mike Nelthorpe in the Press


Spoke to Mike Nelthorpe this week and he mentioned that he was featured in a magazine article in Practical Sportsbikes – March issue. I bought it today and it’s a great article, Five Pages! and some great pictures. Lots of mentions of Super twins and our web site listed. In one picture he’s even wearing his Super Twins T-shirt ! Well done Mike.

Regards Chris Mott


February 20th, 2012
Feedback D&D 11th February 2012

Just a few lines to express how we thought the joint APIRA & Santa Pod Racers D&D went.

Firstly a huge thank you and well done must go to everyone who put so much effort into organising the event especially Yvonne and Spencer Tramm, Julie Wilcox and Angie Woods.

I would like to add my congratulations to my best mate’ Beth and Paul Satchel on being awarded the Anya Yates Memorial Trophy. I know this has very special meaning to Beth.

It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise for both myself and Nige to be nominated for the Endeavour Award.

We send our Congratulations to the Winners = Super Charged Outlaws.

SuperTwins Trophy’s were presented first

ST ET Runner up Ian Felstead = Collected by me

ST ET WINNER Simon Clamp = proudly collected himself

ST TOPGAS Runner up Chris Mott = Collected by Nigel Batsford

ST TOPGAS WINNER Dave “The Hat” Smart = proudly collected himself. Wearing a new hat especially for the occasion.

Congratulations Guys !!!! and didn’t we all look smart !!!!!

Ian and Chris will be presented with their Trophies at our first Race Meeting in May @ Shakey

All of us that attended would agree the whole evening was very enjoyable, being able to catch up with everyone prior to the start of the season which is not that far away now!

An enjoyable evening was had by all!!!!

What a lovely unexpected surprise it was to see Paula!!!! Well done to Paula and Ian on their awards.

Looking forward to 2012 season ! It will be a good one !!!

Regards Bev Batsford
NAST Chair


February 19th, 2012
2102 Season Race Dates Now Available


You will now find the 2012 Season race dates listed on the NAST Club Dates, so you can plan your year ahead.

Regards, Scott Price


January 28th, 2012
Tilly 4 Top Gas Bike Build


So it was after Martin’s ET Championship trophy that we decided to make the bold move into Top Gas. However, to buck the recent trend of ET racers making their way into Top Gas there is a bit of a difference. We decided to do it the traditional way. Rather than moulding the street TL1000R to meet the competitive rules of the Top Gas class, we made the bold decision to make a whole new bike from scratch from the frame upwards. Having only been on the drag racing scene the last 2/3 years we have had more than our fair share of sceptics questioning whether we were capable of achieving this, however those who did have faith in our capabilities have been a real help in providing the priceless guidance and advice we needed. Because of them we can now present our first Top Gas bike, STG46, taking impressive shape.

Story so far…

Les very kindly lent us his bike as an example of a tried and tested Top Gas frame and Shane Van-Outen, our race team member who is a qualified and coded welder, volunteered to offer his expertise. So with Shane, Les’ bike and a borrowed bike jig (courtesy of Paul Milbourne of Dirty Ernie Choppers), we began the head scratching task of working out where the hell to start.

Many frustrating hours were spent in the beginning examining, measuring, cutting and bending bits of pipe. I say frustrating as many hours were spent working on this with very little looking anything remotely like it might be even slightly motorbike related. However, we managed to pass the time by amusing ourselves by other means. Fed-up with bending pipe in a cold workshop late in the evenings Martin decided to install the workshop heating by cannibalising a gas bottle into a fully working wood burner. This sorted we then began getting the more motorbike related items machined up ready for the build. Steve-O at Wyn Engineering made the head stock and rear spindle both drilled and machined out of solid, he CNC’d the complex adjustable hangers that would hold the rear spindle in place, as well as machining numerous cylinder spacers of various lengths and diameters. These were all custom one-off pieces of kit which were impressive on their own let alone fitted to any bike. Soon the plan was set, the head stock and engine were mounted in the jig at ride height, and the fun task of tacking the pipes together could begin.

The photos speak for themselves on how the frame came together piece by piece. When all the tacking was done the bike was taken to Paul Milbourne’s workshop to finish the welds, who spent much time moaning profusely that the jig he built to make Weirdfish now having bits of drag bike tacked to it.

Whilst this was all going on we sent the fairing over to Ralph for paint. We had already painted a black pearl base, and with some ideas of designs we let Ralph put his artistic talent to good practice. We gave him a fairly free rein on the style of the design; consequently it has spontaneously burst into flames (those who know Ralph and his style personally will understand this).

On with the front and rear ends and she could stand on her own wheels. With the frame complete and engine in place Martin took the week off work to plumb her all in. By the end of the second day she was a runner. Now to start working on the bits and pieces, rev counter, air shifter, power commander, clip-ons, levers etc. etc. etc

Enjoy the pictures and follow the link below for a video of her running for the first time

Regards, Joanna Remnant




AFB Racing Update


It has been a busy few months for us since the end of last season, both practically and on the decision making front. 2011 started very well for us at Easter, with a new personal best and more importantly a good clutch set up. However at our next race, (and first entry into a UEM event), our motor let go terminally and with limited spares for the bike, a decision needed to be made going forward.

After lengthy discussions with Martin Newbury from Psycleworkz he tabled the idea about developing an all billet Nitro Harley engine. Knowing about Martin’s extensive experience with building top fuel bikes, we jumped at the chance to be a part of such a project. The decision was made to order the parts we needed for the damaged Fast Cat motor, and to rebuild the bike ready to be sold.

Six months on and the Fast Cat bike has just been sold and is making its way over to Sweden. Having just returned from a visit to see Martin and Cindy at Psycleworkz, we are delighted to report that the new bike is coming along nicely. Martin and Cindy were as welcoming as ever, kindly taking the time show us the design work that has been completed so far, along with the aluminium billets ready to be machined and the chrome moly tubing ready for the new chassis. We are hoping to get out and test the new bike before end of the 2012 season, with a view towards competing again in 2013.

With Martin looking after the new bike build, we are keeping ourselves occupied with fitting out a new race truck ready to transport a much bigger bike and of course trying to bring in additional sponsors. We are keeping our website www.afbdragracing.co.uk up to date and have more recently added a blog at afbdragracing.wordpress.com so please check these out.

Everybody at AFB Drag Racing would like to thank those that have supported us thus far, and whose products and knowledge are world class.

  • AFB Motorcycles: The South West’s leading custom bike builders.
  • Psycleworkz: Leaders in motorsports engineering.
  • Spectro Oils of America: Producers of the finest motorcycle oils in the world.
  • Zodiac International: Simply the best aftermarket performance parts for Harley Davidson.
  • Highpowermedia.com: Producers of the excellent Race Engine Technology magazine.
  • J W Hinchliffe (Tanks) Ltd: Fuel / Oil Tank cleaning and removal solutions nationwide.
  • SaundersCreative.co.uk: Vehicle vinyl design, printing and cutting services.

Regards, Nick Saunders

January 28th, 2012
Drag Race Technology – Volume 2 Recently Reviewed







Having read Drag Race Technology Volume 2 recently, I can thoroughly recommend it to everyone involved in Drag Racing. This annual special edition covers all aspects of drag racing in great depth making it a very interesting read. We enjoyed it so much we called High Power Media and can now offer you a 10% discount on any of their magazines including Race Engine Technology and Drag Race Technology. Just visit www.highpowermedia.com and use the discount code afb in the checkout to receive your discount.

We will be back in touch in the next week or so with an update on our plans for 2012 and beyond, including our brand new nitro harley that is currently being constructed by Psycleworkz.

In the meantime we have a new blog that is running updates on the progress of our race truck conversion and will soon have pictures of the new race engine being machined. Please see www.afbdragracing.co.uk for the blog and www.psycleworkz.com to see their array of products available.

Regards, Nick Saunders


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