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Club News Archive 2011

December 24th, 2011


Happy Christmas to One and All

Here is hoping you all a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful Christmas.

We wish you all much joy this holiday season, and that you all take the time to relax and be happy with the friends, family and ones you love spending your time with.

Regards, Scott


November 25th, 2011


2011 NAST AGM Minutes for the 12th November 2011

Please find listed below, the 2011 NAST AGM Minutes:


  • David Shorthose
  • Steve Johnson
  • Scott Price
  • Shawn Rodman
  • Andy, Dawn & Christine Watson

Chairman’s Report

  • Barrie thanked all the racers for competing this year as the numbers were down but despite the slow start we had a good year with some close racing and a tight finish to the championships. Congratulations to the winners and welcome to the new racers who joined us for this year. He looked forward to some new racers joining us for 2012. Supertwins put on a good show at the Bulldog Bash and had a great time at Dragstalgia in spite of the weather. As he steps down from the role of Chairman he reminded us that we would be voting on some changes for next year.

Vice Chairman’s Report

  • Bev thanked Barrie for all his work this year as Chairman. She said that this year was a good one – better than last year and she looked forward to the next few years with more racers potentially coming through from the Junior Drag Bike racers as Giselle had done this year.

Secretary and Treasurers Report

  • Yvonne noted that membership was down this year but funds were stable and there wrre no plans to change the membership prices.

Merchandise –

  • Martin said the new lines – jackets and hoodies had been successful and the personalised garments had added some colour to the club. We still have plenty of the old sweatshirts and if anyone wanted some personalisation done they should see Martin.

Website –

  • Yvonne and Les stood in for Scott and mentioned that the original plans for the website had gone on hold due to the effort required and Scott’s paying workload. We explained why Scott did not want to put the members email addresses anywhere on the website but agreed that we should have a mechanism whereby members could find the contact information of other members and everyone present had no objection to phone numbers being passed around within the club. The meeting agreed that a forum space where members only could communicate with one another was a good idea.

Election of Officers

  • Chair – Bev Batsford was voted in
  • Vice Chair – Les Harris was voted in
  • Treasurer – Yvonne Mott
  • Secretary – Yvonne Mott

Technical Update –

  • All bikes will have to have to have a lock wired sump plug for 2012
  • All bikes will have to have proper baffled breathers – no more tin cans in 2012!
  • We agreed all NAST bikes to have lanyards
  • Simpson helmets – motorcycle helmets can be stickered but the ACU does not approve car helmets.

Discussion Topics –

  • Website– forum – Facebook – Richard Gregory to liaise with Lorna and Dawn
  • Tim withdrew his proposal to change the weekend of the AGM
  • E.T agreed the following
  • 100 points for perfect E.T,
  • 100 points for 0.000 reaction time
  • Voted on suggestion of extra points for attendance at all rounds – 5 for > 5 against so we continue with the drop a round formula – 7 races 6 to count
  • Discussed – what fuel do you use and racers are now aware that there is a mixture in both Top Gas and E.T. No rule change proposed but it is possible that leaded fuel will not be permitted at some point in the future
  • A 2nd Marquee was agreed upon– Jo and Dave will donate their pop-up one and additional one will be needed to join up to theirs. We will get quotes for having our NAST logo printed on a marquee. We will get quotes for the repairs required to the existing one.
  • No changes to the ACU licensing system for Drag racers – the online solution is being tested by the Off Road Disciplines
  • Discussed the proposal of a minimum wheelbase in Top Gas class – 70 inches – no decision or vote taken

Proposal –

  • Permit Nitrous Oxide in Top Gas class – voted taken 3 for 5 against – no change to rules

Race dates for 2012

  1. May 5th, 6th & 7th – Springspeed Nationals – Shakespeare County Raceway
  2. June 9th/10th – RWYB – Shakespeare County Raceway
  3. June 23rd/24th – Summer Nationals – Santa Pod
  4. July 21st/22nd – RWYB – Shakespeare County Raceway
  5. August 25th/26th/27th – Open Sport National Drag Races – Shakespeare County Raceway
  6. September 22nd/23rd – National Finals – Santa Pod
  7. September 29th / 30th – RWYB – Shakespeare County Raceway
  8. October 6th /7th – Extreme Performance Bike Weekend – Santa Pod
  • Bull Dog – Supertwins agreed that they would like to be present at this event – Bev to co-ordinate
  • Supertwins enjoyed Dragstalgia and hoped that this event would occur in 2012


  • Top Fuel – Shawn Rodman
  • Top Gas Winner – Dave Smart
  • Top Gas Runner-up – Joe Elliott
  • E.T. Winner – Martin Brookes
  • E.T. Runner-up – Peter Harrison
  • Rookie – Tara Harris
  • Best Improver – Robbie Dobbie
  • Services to N.A.S.T. – Peter Harrison
  • Mint Award as voted by members of N.A.S.T. – Martin Brookes
  • Best Supporting Crew Award as voted by members of N.A.S.T. – Sylvia Nelthorpe
  • Bottles of wine to Viv and her team for cooking and preparing the buffet
  • Thanks to Richard at Quickstep for supplying and engraving the trophies
  • Thanks to V8 for another excellent live performance at the party afterwards

Thank you, Yvonne Mott


November 7th, 2011


Some Thoughts on NOS in Top-Gas Proposal for 2011 AGM

These are my reasons why I’m against NOS being allowed into Top Gas.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this, I think it’s a bad move, and over time, change the class as we know it now, even to the point of killing off gas bikes.

I think gas bikes should be built, as comp bike rules, i.e.. Like Motty’s, Robbie Dobbie’s and My bike, running slick and bars. Also they should run on pump fuel, from a petrol station.

I think if Nos were allowed, it would encourage racers to fit Nos to their street bike and race in Top Gas. I don’t want to see eight street bikes and maybe four gassers racing, Think of the crowd on the bank, when Funny car is called they expect to see Funny cars, Super Street they expect to see busas, what would they think if Top Gas was such a mixture.

Its been said allowing Nos would get more people into Top Gas, maybe, but would they be coming out of Street ET? Where they can run flat out and use Nos.

I have gone to Drachten and raced, and I know a few of the Dutch guys have come over and raced with us, as are rules are the same, I know this doesn’t happen often, but its good when it does, allowing Nos would stop all of this.

Cost, there is no money about, and Nos isn’t free, which means it will cost more to go racing.

Food for thought I hope.

Regards, Les Harris

November 5th, 2011


2011 AGM Agenda

N.A.S.T. AGM Agenda 2011-11-04

  • Apologies
  • Chairman Report
  • Vice Chair Report
  • Secretary / Treasurer Report
  • Merchandise Update
  • Website Update
  • Election of Officers
  • Standing for Chairperson – Bev Batsford
  • Standing for Vice Chair – Barrie Gregory
  • Standing for Vice Chair – Les Harris
  • Discussion Points
  • Website – members area for easy communication
  • Facebook
  • Change the weekend
  • Trophy / points for Perfect ET
  • Change the Drop a round system to Extra points for attendance at every round – 8.50 example
  • What fuel do you use?
  • 2nd Marquee
  • ACU License
  • Proposal to permit Nitrous Oxide in Top Gas class
  • Propose a minimum wheelbase in Top Gas in order to maintain the future integrity of the class – consultation phase only – suggestion of 70” minimum
  • TROHPY and AWARD presentations

As ever, thanks to Yvonne for this information. Please all do give her thanks at the AGM for all the hard work she does for the club.

Regards, Scott

October 25th, 2011


For Sale – Shamus’ Top Fuel Support Truck


We have put our truck up for sale as it doesn’t meet our needs for the new project.

  • S REG 1999
  • MOT APRIL 2012
  • TAX END MARCH 2012
  • 16FOOT BOX
  • £3250 ONO

Below you can see various pictures of the vehicle in it’s current state, showing some of the points mentioned above.

Regards, Nick Saunders

Email info@afbdragracing.co.uk
Phone 07979541559


October 25th, 2011


2011 AGM Reminder
Remember the AGM! November 12th at 3 pm

Anyone volunteering for Chairperson or Vice Chair should contact me by October 31st.

Any topics for the agenda should also be submitted by this date.

Voting for the MINT award is open until October 31st – all entries to me by the same date.

Voting for the new CREW AWARD is also open until the end of October – this is your opportunity to highlight all the work your crew member does for you!

Agenda and those standing for election will be posted here after November 1st.

See you at the AGM.

Thank you, Yvonne Mott
Yvonne’s e mail

For Sale – Shamus’ Top Fuel Supertwin

Shamus has put our current fuel bike up for sale as we are starting a new project (details coming soon) so we need to fund it. I have attached a document with relevant details and a picture if you are able to post it that would be great. I will send a bit of a season review along with some details on the new bike soon.

  • 160ci Fast Cat
  • Brand New Nungesser Cyliners
  • STD Heads
  • Rebuilt fresh crank (Psycleworkz Sept 2011)
  • Dyno 4000 ignition system
  • 10 inch Rear Slick (Only 4 runs old)
  • New Chromemooly Wheelie Bars (4 runs old)
  • Paddock Stands
  • Starter Box
  • Bike has run steady 7.7’s under current ownership and has run into the low 7.2’s previously.
  • New project forces sale
  • £11,500

Extra pictures of the bike and more can be found at the teams website for those that are interested.

Anyone interested please feel free to contact me on:

Email info@afbdragracing.co.uk
Phone 07979541559

Regards, Nick Saunders


October 16th, 2011


2011 Round 6 Summary: Street ET

Supertwins Round 7, October 8th/9th at Santa Pod – The Last One

This was going to be interesting – the points situation meant that any one of maybe five ET regulars could take the championship, although in practice Martin Brookes was probably going to be unstoppable. The fight for second place was going to be very close, however.

Would you credit it? Last trip out of Norfolk for the year and we sailed through all the usual hold-up spots without a single problem (except for the sound of our van slowly digesting its own gearbox). The gates weren’t going to be open until 5 o’clock, but we were so early that we had to divert into the garden centre just before you get to the Pod turn-off. Then on to join the queue of those getting their entry tickets at the Pod gate. Once again there were seven ET entries, with Mike Nelthorpe, Tara Harris, Ian Felstead, Peter Harrison, Tim Boutle, Dave Shorthose and Martin Brookes on the list.

Friday evening was none too warm, with a keen wind blowing across the site, and it didn’t feel much better on Saturday morning. Chris Mott unveils his breakfast of champions, a kind of porridge pot noodle thingy. The ET class were to be first out, at 9.30, and with it being an all-bike meeting we were keen to demonstrate how it should be done. It was a pity then that the first round qualifier produced two break-outs (against a headwind, for heavens sake), one stall on the line, one rider unable to get cleanly out of third, one broken chain, one bike not warm enough and misfiring and one with the rear wheel spinning up for the first 20 feet. Never mind, things could now only get better. Please.

On to the second qualifier, with the following results:

Having spun the wheel off the line in round one, Mike went to the other extreme and bogged down
Ian struggled with a clutch that had all the feel of a light switch, giving nothing then all at once
Martin ran well, pleased that his replacement launch rev limiter was no longer generating a misfire
Tim had a better run but snagged in second gear this time, he decided that it had to be the positioning of the gear lever, a problem carried over from his last engine swap
Pete ran a safe qualifying run, using Les Harris’ spare chain. Amazingly there had been no serious damage when his own chain had given up the ghost in round 1.
Tara was a reasonable run but with a great reaction time of 0.0057 sec.
Dave’s run was slow, down to getting too much grip off the line, but at least the improved reaction times coming at the end of the season were still there

Then it was early afternoon and the drizzle had started – temperature was now down below 12 deg. out of the wind.

Around 4.30 in the afternoon we got the third qualifier, which went as follows:

Mike still suffered start woes, leading to a slow time
Martin had a spot on run, going into the qualifying lead
Pete ran much closer to his dial-in time
Ian was still having nightmares with the clutch
Dave, a dismal run with the rear wheel breaking loose off the line and going sideways
Tim was still struggling to get a clean gear change and was busy modifying the lever position
Tara had a great run, although the increasingly good reaction times had now slipped into red light territory

All the above meant that the qualifying table stood as follows

  • Martin Brookes
  • Tara Harris
  • Dave Shorthose
  • Peter Harrison
  • Ian Felstead
  • Mike Nelthorpe
  • Tim Boutle

My back of an envelope calculations said that this gave Martin a bye run that would guarantee him the championship, BUT, the organisers announced that there would now be a fourth qualifyer on Sunday Morning, at 9am.

Ian set off home to try to sort out his clutch, in his words by giving it a good thrashing in the garage.

Overnight on Saturday/Sunday the temperature went up, but the rain came down. Sunday dawned to the sound of the track dryers, and it wasn’t until after 14.30 that we got out for our first eliminator.

Martin had a bye run, and had now amassed enough points to make the championship his. As Ian had not come returned to the track so Tara benefited from a no-show. Dave had been paired with Mike, the other half of Team MaD, and Sylvia did a stirling job in holding the dial-in times for the pair.. Mike had another problematic start, and Dave went through. Tim’s troubles persisted, gifting the win to Peter.

In the second eliminator, Tara spun the wheel at the start and Pete went through to the final. Dave made the best of a 0.0077 sec. reaction to beat Martin, who launched “up” instead of “forward”, and so the final was set up to decide second place in the championship – it would go to the winner.

Dave lost it on the line with a 0.3+ sec reaction. It was close at the line but Peter got there first, taking the bigger of the two trophies and second place for 2011.

And so the 2011 season rolls to a close. Congratulations to:

Martin Brookes, a well-won championship
Tara Harris for a brilliant first season, and some excellent reaction times
All the crews who turn out event after event and rarely get a mention
Dave the Hat, for the Gas championship
All the officers of the National Association of Supertwins for the effort they put in
Everyone who races

Next stop, the AGM.

Cheers, Dave SET66 Shorthose

2011 Round 6 Summary: Top-Gas

The bike extreme bike weekend at Santa pod although this was the last round and the point decider it was not a hi profile round like all the other hi profile rounds that the Buell had won ,just have to make this clear.

With the name saying bike extreme event it was just a two wheel affair but not just the ACU lot the straight-liners were there to so plenty of bikes .with most turning up on Friday for the scruitineering and signing on procedure to get it out the way and not get up early on Saturday morning.

With designated time slots for the ACU bikes and straight-liners in between there was less sitting around waiting to be called and more watching other classes which was a nice change and with a head wind most classes were struggling with there numbers it was the same for us as after the 1st qualifying slot the hat was number 1 with a 9.41 et all the mph were down due to the wind .there were a few oil downs and people jumping off top fuel bikes which put the four qualifying passes down to just three but the 3rd pass was the best for most of us as the wind dropped and the air got good, Motty had pulled one out the hand bag finally with A 9.23 the hat was next with a 9.30 my good self 9.32 Les with a 9.9 still on the shinko tyre, Terry with a 10.4 with his bike still not liking race meetings Colgate was still having issues with a 10.5 and Nigel who ran a string of 10.00000 testing last weekend had traction problems with a 10.7.

It had been a cold long day and with the nights drawing in a cold night but with us all being hardy super twiners we still had the usual meeting under the power of the hats 60000w halogen site light knowing that we would all have arc eye in the morning.

The 4th qualifying run was put to a stop as it had been raining all night but the track crew were out and on the job and as were running a small amount of bikes in our class they run the bigger classes first so we were not out till after pot noddle time .as we paired up I had Colgate, The Hat had Nigel on his Buell, Les had Terry and Motty had a bye and after the runs it left me, Les, Hat and Motty. With all the classes halving we were soon out again Motty was out with Les and I was up with Hat on the big point decider who ever won the next round was the winner of super twins Top Gas and The Hat had lane choice but with the luck the hat has had racing me was not good there was nothing left to break on his bike it was down to clothing to fall off as we were going down the track and also the rule you cannot beat two Buell’s in one day. We were called up Motty and Les were 1st and Motty took the win even with Les changing to a slick, then me and The Hat the race was on the light went green the hat took the lead from the start and kept it till the end but on looking at the ticket it was a good race we were both down on our usual times because of the head wind but both pulled 0.0 lights.

The rest of the write up is not really that important as I was out but The Hat took the win over Motty in the finals.

  1. The Hat number 1 in Top Gas
  2. Ne number 2 in Top Gas
  3. Kev Charman for being alive




Kind Regards, Jo Elliot

October 12th, 2011


2011 Round 6 Points Available

The points after Round 6 are now available.

Thanks to Andy Marrs and TSI Timers (Europe) for their help with the timing data.

Congratulations to the Winners and Runners up in each class.

Top Fuel – Winner – Shawn Rodman.
Top Gas – Winner – Dave Smart. Runner up – Joe Elliott.
ET – Winner – Martin Brookes. Runner up – Pete Harrison.

Very close finish this year, especially in ET, with only 25 points between 2nd and 3rd, and only 5 points between 4th and 5th!

Thanks for all your help with the web site this year, and hope we might see you at the AGM.

Kind Regards, Chris & Yvonne Mott.


October 2nd, 2011


2011 Round 5 Summary: Top-Gas


This is another of the big profile rounds in the top gas calendar that all top gas riders dream of winning because of it being high profile and an important round to win, I just wanted to emphasise this because of it being high profile.

On turning up at the pod I managed to park up straight away as the hat had saved me a spot and also showed me a little picture of my Buell in the high profile event program so things were looking good .after standing in the signing on cue for a while got signed on and rode up to see Les and Slimbo before the mad rush and with Les showing off his head tattoos a very brave man because that must of hurt.

Not a early start for us as we were out at 12.30 for the 1st qualifier but with the weather looking good for all weekend and getting to watch 9.5, 8.5 and super street bike before each run was not a bad thing any way. Time soon went pass and we went out early than expected before the pro session unless we were part of it lol, things got off to a good start for me and the hat number 1 for the hat and number 2 for my self and new to top gas Nigel Batsford but not to twins riding his modded 1125r Buell in full street trim ran in to the mid 10s. Les had to get to grips with his street tyre or not as surf drifting seemed to be the menu of the day and has a new name (the golden surfer). Colgate had his slick back on and was pushing his mph up but fuel problems causing a misfire plagued him in the later sessions, motty had a slow start but had a clean pass on the second to give him more data for fuelling and at the end of the day it was the hat 1, me 2, motty 3, Les 4 Colgate 5 and nig 6.

During the day many cars and banners had get well soon Paula Marshall written on them as she has taken a turn for the worst and she was watching it on the web cam from her hospital bed proper hard core racer.

After all the racing pot noodle o’clock was called and the usual meeting was held in the marquee things were addressed and so nice glass pots were handed out from the dragstalgia meet earlier in the year i want mention who won them as I was not one of them.

Another lay in for the twiners as we had a small class that the eliminations would not start until the bigger classes had run a few rounds and with a few oil downs as well so in the down time I got every one to sign and put a message on a piece of paper to put in a get well soon card for Paula Marshall Yvonne was going to send the card to Santa Pod on behalf of us all.

The 1st eliminations took place and hat took the win against nige taking one of the Buell out, motty took Les out and I took out Colgate as the fuelling problems prevented him from a good run. The semi finals the hat had a bye run and I took motty a close et but motty reaction time well put it this way any longer they would had to of moved him for the trophy presentation. This put me and the hat in the final again, now if I was a betting man I would of put a £10 on the hat as he has the quicker bike and reaction time so it was in the bag for the hat but this is drag racing and any thing could happen and it certainly did he was out the traps 1st and was ahead till the 1/2 mark then he just pulled over I was not going to stop as well so I carried on till I saw the win light and riding back I was thinking why the hat stopped was it because junior dragster were always before us and because I am vertically challenged he thought he was in that class, but on getting back to the pits and a few cover coming off his bike the pulley off the crank driving the super charger had broke off so another win on reliability for me.

P.S. Hat I put your hacksaw back in your tool box with the file
Meerkat Gold Awards

  1. Paula Marshall
  2. dawn for making the trophies
  3. Nigel for racing a real bike after all these years
  4. motty for going slow for one more round


The hat has got the bike fixed put with the new 1200 motor in it just under 200 hp turned down so as the points are so close will it be reliability that wins it or just a mad hatter on a mad bike wait and find out at the bike extreme event.

Kind Regards, Jo Elliot


2011 Round 5 Summary: Street ET


Supertwins Round 6, September 24th, 25th at Santa Pod – The Penultimate Round

Friday lunchtime and we had just cleared the usual holdup on the A11 and the traffic was running smoothly, what could go wrong now? Traffic news on the radio reported that the A14 is closed west-bound due to an accident/fuel spill. There followed a very slow trip via St Neots. Eventually, we arrived at Santa Pod, signed on and got the bikes scrutineered. Only seven entered in ET for this round, and by early Friday evening Mike Nelthorpe, Tara Harris, Simon Clamp, Peter Harrison Tim Boutle and me were in attendance.

Saturday morning arrived with bright skies, which fairly rapidly clouded over in defiance of the weekend’s forecast , although it stayed dry all weekend. Martin Brookes arrived, having been held up at the gate by a spirited but unsuccessful search for his entry acceptance and passes. Eventually he was given spectator tickets to get him in for the weekend. He had to make do with being double-parked, as “our” end of the pits was on this occasion also home to the junior dragbike entrants plus assorted comp bikes. Qualifying starts on time, at 09.00.

Supertwins were at the bottom of the running order, and it was around midday before we were called for the 1st round of qualifying:

Mike spun the rear enough off the line to produce a 4 second 60 foot, so not a pleasing run
Simon announced he was happy with his run
Tim had fitted a spare engine in the CX, but had forgotten that it was fitted with a bent gear lever,
which meant a bit of searching to find it for changes – this, coupled with a a stability problem due to a worn rear tyre, meant a slow run
Pete put a slow run down the it being early in the day (?)
Martin struggled with mis-firing, on a bike that has been running fine all year
Tara was happy with her run
I ran OK (that is, I didn’t break out) and had an uncharacteristically good reaction time.

Time passed, eased by watching Mike change the settings on his clutch, and we were called for the second qualifier.

Mike’s clutch rebuild was rewarded with a much better run
Simon didn’t improve on his first run
Tim had changed the rear tyre and improved markedly as a result
I don’t have a recorded comment from Pete for this run, but I think it wasn’t much of an improvement on his first
Martin had changed the plugs on his Suzuki but it was still mis-firing so it wasn’t plugs that were the problem
Tara’s run was good enough to move her to second qualifier
My second run was better to the extent of getting top qualifying spot. Better still, I had another really low reaction time.

The third qualifying session was just before 7 o’clock, with my run being the last before the track closed:

Mike ran his best-ever 60 foot, so all the playing with clutch settings and tyre pressures had paid off
Simon changed his dial-in to try to get closer to it, and broke out
Tim ran a 13.04 on a 13.0 dial-in, taking third qualifier
Pete changed his dial-in and got close enough to take 1st qualifier (away from me, unfortunately)
Martin was still chasing down the mis-fire
Tara had a good run with a great reaction time
I red lit, then sort of gave up

Sunday – warmer and brighter than Saturday, and so to the eliminators. Again, we were at the bottom of the running order, and a series of hold-ups meant that we didn’t run until around 14.00.

Following the old adage “if it ain’t broke, mess around with it”, Mike busied himself by changing the power valve jets. Unfortunately, in the pairing lanes his battery voltage dropped below critical level, and Sylvia was dispatched to the pits for a replacement. During the battery swop an electrical connection under the seat was broken and Mike failed to make the start line letting Tara through to the next round. Pete went through on a bye run and Martin, whose bike was now running fine after he had removed his launch rev limiter, beat Tim. I caught Simon fairly early on and beat him to the line, breaking out in the process. Simon also broke out, but not by as much as me, so got through.

In the second round, Simon beat Tara, who broke out big-time, and Martin beat Pete.

And so to the Final, with Simon taking the win.

Still, as consolation I got the 25 points for best reaction time which is nice. Looking at the points table, the next, and last, round is shaping up to be a cracker, with at least five, maybe six, possible championship winners in the frame. See you there.

Kind Regards, Dave SET66 Shorthose

September 27th, 2011


2011 Round 5 – Points Available

The points after Round 5 are now available.

Thanks to TSI Timers (Europe) and Andy Marrs for his help with the timing data.

You can now view the points from Round 5.

Regards, Chris & Yvonne Mott

Paula Marshall (Santa Pod Racers Club) is Unwell

As some of you may or may not be aware, Paula Marshall of Santa Pod Racers Club is currently away from the track due to illness.

We were all rather saddened by the news that she was unwell, and want to wish her well and hope to see her again at the track when she is able, even if it is just for social relaxation.

She was rather overwhelmed by the messages she has received during the past weekend.

Regards, Les Harris

2011 MotoMag Video from Santa Pod of Super Twin Members

As some of you may be aware, a while back some of our members got videoed at Santa Pod by a team from Moto Mag, and this video is available on youtube for people to watch at.

Regards, Les Harris

September 22nd, 2011


A Reminder About the 2011 AGM

Date – Saturday November 12th
Time – 3.00pm
Place – Bulkington War Memorial Club
Stafford Close
CV12 9QX

As many of you know Barrie is stepping down this year from the Chairmanship of the club due to pressure of work and we therefore will be voting in a new Chairperson.

Anyone wishing to stand for the role should notify me by November 1st stating who will be proposing them.

As Bev Batsford our current Vice-Chairperson has informed me that she is prepared to stand for the Chairperson role we will also be voting for a Vice – Chairperson.

Anyone wishing to stand for this role should also notify me by November 1st stating who is their proposer.

All members are eligible to vote for these roles and I would like to publish the nominee’s in advance of the AGM so that those members unable to attend can place their votes with me in proxy.

Any agenda items should also be communicated to me or the other committee members so that we can publish the agenda before the meeting and members can have their say if they are unable to attend on the 12th.

Remember Class items can only be voted on by the members of the class itself.

In the evening there will the traditional party with the added bonus of a birthday celebration – Barrie’s 50th!!

Hotels near the venue –

  • Travelodge Coventry – 02476 383 541
  • Weston Hall hotel – 0246 678 671
  • Premier 0246 343 584
  • De Vere (ricoh arena) 0844 412 7271 email hotel.reception@ricoharena.com

Any questions – please contact Barrie, Bev or myself via our contact details on the Contact Us page.

Kind Regards, Yvonne Mott

September 14th, 2011

2011 Euro Finals, Santa Pod

Well as there were quite a few SuperTwin members floating about at this one I thought I would give my report on how good it was.

I’m classing it as the treat of the season seeing Peter Svensson running a couple of fives on early shutoffs that could be the fastest piston engine bike on earth.

The weather came out better than expected, the atmosphere was superb and the crowds just stayed in place to watch the night qualifying up to the curfew…. well worth it. Pete Legros presented Aussie nitro twin racer with one of our T-Shirts and we had a good chat during the Saturday shower, he gave us one of his tour shirts and is hoping to be back next year, great team. Cannon did a bit better on his nitro bike running 7.1 at 191 mph.

Never seen as many nitro bikes at one meeting, Les had a good spot on the start line, but is probably deaf by now. It all ended too quickly but it was great to be there, I put a few clips on you tube as well…..

Kind Regards, Martin the Merch

September 12th, 2011


2011 Round 4 – Street ET

August 27th – 29th: Shakespeare County Raceway – The Round that was (wet, that is)

Friday 26th August and it’s off to Stratford upon Avon. Warm, sunny weather, traffic-free roads and a swift trip – we didn’t get any of that. If anyone wants an idea of what the trip was like go talk to Les, he was quite eloquent on the subject (unfortunately, too eloquent for the website).

We settled in at Shakey, and there was good news and bad news – it stopped raining, but there was a puddle in the back of my van with my sleeping bag paddling in it. I decide never again to write about Les’ caravan problems of the leaky sort. We get scrutineering and sign-on out of the way and retire for an early night. It starts to thunder.

Saturday am, and there are 8 ETers on site, me, Mike Nelthorpe, Martin Brookes, Simon Clamp, Peter Harrison, Tara Harris, Bev Batsford and Giselle Moor. Frequent showers prevented qualifying from starting, so I fixed the van leak thanks to half a tube of silicon donated by Peter Harrison. Then I helped Les fit a raincoat to his caravan (tarpaulin, actually, held down with tie-downs and aerolastics – yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to mention his caravan again, I lied). The day eventually dried sufficiently for qualifying to start at four in the afternoon. Results were as follows:

  1. Bev – “a steady run”
  2. Giselle – breakout
  3. Mike – red light
  4. Simon – ran very close to dial-in, provisionally 1st qualifier
  5. Pete – a good run, 11.72 on an 11.7 dial-in
  6. Martin – slow off the line
  7. Tara – a good run, considering it was the first for 2 months
  8. Me – breakout

Sunday – a cloudy start although the wind had dropped from Saturday. Ian Felstead arrived to complete the ET 9 bike field and it got a bit sunnier (probably no connection between those two facts), and we are called to the pairing lanes. Almost at the front of the queue and an 8.50 bike drops fluid for the length of the track. The ensuing boredom was relieved by somebody mistaking Simon’s Firestorm’s belly pan for a wishing well and chucking a £2 coin into it. I think that Simon hoped it was just a novel form of sponsorship, but the coin was reclaimed by its owner once it was persuaded out of hiding. Finally, the track was declared fit for use, and our second qualifier of the weekend was underway:

  1. Bev reported a good reaction time but was slowed by having to search for the shift button
  2. Giselle better run, but slowed too much to avoid another breakout
  3. Mike red light, but did get very close to his dial-in
  4. Simon obviously pleased with this run, as I can’t repeat his comment
  5. Pete breakout
  6. Martin a better run than Saturday
  7. Tara breakout, but a pb at 14.1
  8. Me breakout (yes – again)
  9. Ian had a good run, in fact he described it as “tickety-boo”, mainly to see if I could spell it. Well, yes I can because I write this on a computer and always use the spill checker.

Les had suggested to Tara that it was time to try a burnout – the first attempt was brilliant, not for the burnout but for the speed that Les got out of the way. The second attempt worked much better, as on that occasion Tara used the front brake, and the ensuing launch off a hot rear tyre resulted in the above-mentioned pb.

About lunchtime there was a little rain, enough to require work to dry the track. We went to the pairing lanes at about 3pm, and came back at about 3.15 as the rain came down. The track crew did their best, but at 5.30 we were summoned to a drivers’ meeting and told that the Sunday curfew had to stand and we would be straight into eliminators in the morning. Which I was a little disappointed with, as I had two breakouts to show for two day’s qualifying, and was now 9th out of 9. The line up for the following day would be as follows:

  • 1st Simon with a bye run
  • 5th Mike
  • 6th Bev
  • 2nd Peter
  • 9th Me
  • 3rd Martin
  • 8th Ian
  • 4th Tara
  • 7th Giselle

Monday morning, and ET were scheduled to be the first round of eliminators. A minute’s silence was held in the pairing lanes for Kasey Dixon-Grainger, who had sadly lost his life at York Raceway the day before, a sombre moment.
Round 1

Bev broke out, as did Tara. Ian beat Martin by 0.01 of a second and I had my best reaction and 60 ft time for a long while to beat Peter to the line.
Round 2

I had a bye run, and produced the most embarrassing run of my life, with a terrible launch topped by jumping out of gear. Mike had his best run of the weekend but was just edged out by Simon and Giselle red lit to allow Ian through.

Round 3

Ian got the bye run this time, and I made the most of an uncharacteristically slow reaction time from Simon to go through to the final.

It has to be said that by this point in the event it all starts to get a bit lonely, as people pack up and start the long haul home. Roby, for example, was keen to get home to watch what was left of the F1, until we gently pointed out that it had been run the day before.


Hey, I won. Off to the trophy presentation with team for a long overdue (IMHO) pot for the shelf. It’s surprising the ego boost that one of these provides.

See you at Santa Pod at the end of September.

Kind Regards, Dave SET66 Shorthose

PS. thanks to Sylvia, without whose help I probably wouldn’t even be able to find the pairing lanes

PPS “Speed costs. How fast do you want to spend?” from above the parts counter at Donsco, the VW speed shop in 1980s California.

September 9th, 2011


Richard Gregory Update

Richard was finally discharged for Hospital yesterday (Friday) told he has to take it very easy for at least 2 weeks to allow his spleen to heal fully. Glad that he is home and hope he behaves himself!!!!

Kind Regards, Bev Batsford
Vice Chair NAST

Reminder: Final Round Entry Forms Due

Reminder to all racers of our last race meeting this year (where has the year GONE!)

Your entry needs to be with Santa Pod by this Friday 16th September or it will be doubled!!!!! See you all in two weeks!!!

Kind Regards, Bev Batsford
Vice Chair NAST

September 9th, 2011


2011 Round 4 – Points Available

The points after Round 4 are now available.

Thanks to Wayne from SCR and Eurodragster for timing data.

You can now view the points from Round 4.

Regards, Chris & Yvonne Mott

2011 Round 4 – Street ET Notice

We are just awaiting a re-email from Dave Shorthose with his report, as the attachment on the last email was not what I expected. This will be up as soon as I get the new document by email.

Kind Regards, Scott

September 8th, 2011


Just to let you know

Sorry for the delays in the recent updates, but I’ve been away since the 2nd, and of course come back and find plenty of emails needing my attention. 🙂

I have, so far, put up some updates from Bev and the Round 4 summary for Top-Gas. Sadly, I will not be able to complete the Points and ET updates until tomorrow.

Kind Regards, Scott


2011 Round 4 – Top-Gas



Back to Shacky for the last time this year for the open sports nationals two days of qualifying, 3 runs a day and great weather was on my mind as I drove up the A14/ M6 on a raining Friday afternoon, but on arrival I was shown to the twins pit and after driving around for 1 hr parked next to Les. I was soon up unloaded and ready for the big man wearing a hat to kick my tyres and check out my leather outfit, and with a tick in all the right boxes I signed on and ready to do battle with 4 other gas bikes Hat, Colgate, Robbie and the silver surfer.

After a night of rain I was surprised to see a drying pit area but with a day of showers on the cards it was not looking good but that’s what it was a day of showers and it took a whole day to run 1 round of qualifying and that included running till 7pm, this was good for Motty as he had fitted 2 extra injectors on the rod to get the extra fuel in it and a nice little bit of kit that tells you the air fuel ratio which took most of the day to do and at the end of the day had got a handle on the fuelling and took about 20% out to make the bike rev up on boost but did not get to run. For the ones that had a go hat ran 9.17, Colgate 9.96, Dobbie 11.35 and myself 9.25. and this was done about 6.30 pm, they run up to about 7.00pm which was a 1st at Shacky so they did try but the weather was not on there side.

Beer o’clock was called but no meeting they were saving that for Sunday night but I had a look around the super twins tent and Colgate had splashed out on a nice new set of carbon fibre wheels for his rod saving a lot of rolling mass and putting the weight of the rod below 2 ton, he also had some new jackets on display which you can have embroidered with what ever you want on them, Jo hat was wearing her team hat one she had ordered in a L size.

Another day of shower put us down to 1 go up the black stuff and with Motty all ready to rock he had another problem to add to his long list and broke his gear box in the burn out, this was terminal and stopped him from qualifying which put us down to a 4 bike field. The order of qualifying did not change with the 2nd pass and there last attempt of drying the track with the track dryer was put to a stop from a phone call.

Beer O’clock was called and we had our meeting Barry started off and had some very important news to announce and just came out with it, it was that Colgate had added an extra range to the merchandise and also he was stepping down from chairman which was a big shock to every one as the range was expanding very quickly, only joking Barry you have done a great job and it must of been hard to do that. Bev is standing in for Barry till the AGM and on a lighter note the hat had made two cakes for us to all share which were all gone in 5 Min’s 10 /10 for the cakes and I did some extreme owling on top of hats mate from the Netherlands Arry, top bloke.

This was the better of the two days with a good start to the day the eliminations began and as we only had semis to run then the finals we did not go out till later in the day and in the semis I had Colgate I took the win but he was happy with another 9 second run and I think a PB. The Hat beat Dobbie but he was off his normal 10 second passes even with his air shifter fitted the Hat had tried a different gear combo which did not work so went to the set up that worked as he was in the finals with me again. So another non slick sissy stick final again and the Hat took the win as nothing fell off his bike this time but we were both pleased with the out come and well done to the Hat for his 1st top gas win

  1. Arry for driving over from the Netherlands to see the twins run
  2. Barry for doing a great job in super twins
  3. Jo Brooks for whipping martins brooks PB at the bulldog bash
  4. The Hat for the cakes

Kind Regards, Jo Elliot

2011 Round 4 – Street ET

Regards, Hatless Dave

Bulldog Bash + Update

Hi Guys

Many apologies for the delay in sending in my write up from Bulldog Bash 25th. Day Job been getting in the way!!!!!

Anyway where do I start????

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon, found Dawn & Andy to collect the marque (thanks for dinner guys) All set up and waiting for other Supertwins to arrive. Bikes on display in Marquee, 2 Triumphs, Nigel’s Bonneville and My Speedmaster, Martin “The Merch” Holgate & Jon Lingard with the V Rod, Martin & Jo Brookes with TL1000 & Ducati and last but not least Dave “The Hat” Smart with his HJS SV 1000. The 2 Martin’s and the Hat did demo runs along with Les and Andy. It must be noted The Hat’s first run straight out the van was a 9:1. and “The Merch” ran 10.0 on his street set up Plus Jo Brookes won fastest ladies with a 10:00 run (QUICKER THAN MARTIN) Congratulations to Jo, who will be racing with us next season!!!

We had loads of interest from new and old twin racers, the individual info I requested went down really well!!! (need the info off everyone else now) All the bikes on show got plenty of interest and many photo’s were taken by the passing crowds!! Fingers crossed we see some join us next season!!! & We sold some merchandise!!! I won’t mention my attempt at being a model!!! Martin got the photo!!!! Apologies now if I scared anyone!!!! lol!!! Everyone I have spoken to has said what a fantastic time they had and as for the fire work display WOW, AWESOME, BEST EVER!!!! I would like to thank Martin, Jon, Martin, Jo, Dave & Jo for all their support and help in manning the Supertwin Marquee (and help in taking it down on the Sunday). A huge thanks must go to Dicko, Sarah & Chris for supporting and inviting Supertwins and we all look forward to next years Bulldog no 26!!!

Kind Regards, Bev Batsford
Vice Chair NAST

Richard Gregory

Hi guys

Just to update everyone.

Richard had a bad accident/fall off his BMX over weekend, currently in Walsgrave Hospital Coventry. All OK yet not well enough to come home yet!! Once have more news I will let everyone know!!! I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing Rich a speedy recovery and our send our love etc to Barrie Viv and family xxx

Regards, Bev

August 16th, 2011


Bulldog Bash

We left torrential rain oop north for this one arriving Wednesday evening, there was plenty going on so we got an early start Thursday morning setting up our headquarters with information sheets on all our bikes. Demos were on an “if time allows” basis, but we were welcome to join in the run what you brung, we enjoyed the track time and it was good to perform in front of packed grandstands.

There was plenty of interest in what we do so hopefully we may attract new members, I managed to get a good photo record of the event and there are some vid clips on my faceache page as well!!!

This event is about more than just the drag strip and thousands of people enjoyed the varied entertainment including top class bands the atmosphere was out of this world and no one wanted it to end. Roll on next year and a big thanks to every one that took part.

Regards, Martin “the Merchandise” Holgate

August 4th, 2011


Recent Photoshoot

Some photos from the recent photoshoot in Tamworth.

Regards, Martin Holgate

July 31st, 2011


Supertwins Round 4, July 16th/17th 2011, Santa Pod – The Round that wasn’t

This one was a by-invitation club visit to Santa Pod’s Dragstalgia weekend, with no racing and no club points due to there being no ACU permit. All running would, therefore, be under run-what-you-brung rules. We left Norfolk quite late in the day, as the information was that the gates wouldn’t open until 17:00, arriving at 16:15 to find a hive of activity. We had been allocated a pit area behind the restaurant, which is much nicer than last year’s Truck Show spot alongside the toilet block. Weather had been great all day, sunny and warm. We watched a kite flying slowly over the pits, presumably checking on possible meals for later, and a hare made a fleeting appearance in the access road. ET class riders present included me and Mike (allowed out to play without supervision, as Sylvia was on standby for an imminent grandchild appearance), Turbo Tim with support from Leo, who had battled through dreadful weather across Holland to be with him, and Nigel and Bev Batsford.

3:00 am, awakened by the sound of gentle rain on the tent. In fairness, the forecast for the weekend was not exactly encouraging. At 7:30 the rain had stopped but it was very wet underfoot – 10 minutes later the rain started. Santa Pod’s radar said the rain would stop at one o’clock (and it did, within ten minutes) so the morning was spent constructively, mostly in Chris Mott’s pit listening to him being rude about the inhabitants of Norfolk and watching Turbo collecting rainwater off the roof of his pit into a giant water container. Something to do with needing soft water to dilute his special shampoo, apparently. On return to our pit area it was immediately obvious that we had also been collecting water, as several gallons of it were occupying a large downward bulge in the roof. It was successfully removed, at the expense of providing a You’ve been Framed moment for the occupants of the Batsford caravan opposite. At about this time, Martin Brookes joined us (nice two-pager in Street fighters this month, Martin), and things started to dry out. Eventually (about 4 o’clock) we were called down for our first round. Leo had signed on for the RWYB, and as an honorary Supertwins member was lining up beside Tim – probably the first ever pairing of turbo Cs ever at the Pod, unless you know different. An early (ire. nostalgic) tree was being used, and ET class or not we got Pro lights. With that and the headwind to contend with, no records were broken – on the plus side everyone got to the next round. Round two was at about 7 in the evening, when Martin had a better run (always better when you start in first and not second), Nigel had what he described as a blinding run, getting within 4 thou of his dial-in (but unfortunately 4 thou the wrong side of it) and Mike finally finding a good weight setting for his clutch. I went to the line confident that I couldn’t do worse than my first run, and promptly did.

And so to Sunday – low cloud, fully overcast, gusty headwind. Would have been a nice day in November. A few light showers during the morning meant that we were not called until just before 1 in the afternoon. Mike and Martin completed burnout and then had to kill their engines while a shower cleared the shut down area. Then Mike’s Aprilia was too cold for the re-start, so he had to back out and take the next slot. Bev, happy to be back on her Speedmaster, was observed gently bopping at the mid-track point, and Nigel ran 13.93 on a 13.90 dial-in, with a cracking reaction time. The turbo twins both had good runs, and Leo’s 13.00 would have been bang on if he hadn’t taken Tim’s advice to drop his dial in from 13.00 to 12.85! Then, at three o’clock, the heavens opened. At which point, we packed up and headed home.

Thanks to Yvonne for keeping an entirely unofficial spreadsheet according to which Nigel ended up with best reaction and closest to dial-in. It’s just a shame that it was only a run what you brung.

Regards, Dave SET66 Shorthose

PS. Mike’s Aprilia was scheduled for a top half inspection after this weekend – it’s eaten the plating off the big bore barrels for the third time, so it looks as if it will be back out as a 250 again next time.

8.50 Bike

As the next Super Twins round is not until the end of August, The Hat and I entered 8.50 bike at Shakey, our goal was not be last in qualifying. Any thing else was a bonus and with 5 goes at it on the Saturday, yes I said 5 goes in one day at Shakey we ended up in 8th and 10th place at the end of the day.

On the Sunday I had a turbo NOS bike with the slick and sticks this bit did not put me off as I find them easy to beat it was the power and as we were in the fire up road I was doing the usual winding up I forgot to turn my shift switch on and had no gears after 1st. The hat had better luck as he had run a 9.09 ET on the Saturday and had Ven in the 1st round but lost, but it was a close race.

Regards, Jo Elliot

July 27th, 2011


Bulldog Bash Display

All those who are having bikes in marque for display at Bulldog Please write up details of their bikes (with photo and if possible have it laminated)

Actually, thinking more about it lets have all ST racers do write ups etc for the display! This way we show the verity of bikes that race under the SuperTwin Banner!!

Lets makes it look as professional as possible.

Any questions please contact me on mobile.

Kind Regards, Bev Batsford
Vice Chair National Association of SuperTwins. N.A.S.T.

Dragstalgia Weekend

I would like to share the NAST experience of the Dragstalgia meeting at Santa Pod last weekend 16th/17th July.

Firstly I would like to thank all the organisers for inviting National Association of SuperTwins. They put on an Excellent event that will only get better.

The fly past was remarkable and also emotional for some!

We had a fantastic turn out. 7 bikes in ET – 7 Bikes in Gas and 2 ST Fuel Bikes.

Everyone commented on what a brilliant time they had, being able to have a look round at all the other vehicles in the pits and on show. It was very similar to having little children enter a sweetshop, the amount of smiles on their faces whilst walking around pits.Those that ventured out to take in the evening entertainment, where not disappointed either with lots of stories being told on the Sunday morning.

True the weather was not on our side but that is a British summer for you!

Many Thanks again to the Organisers for inviting us and Track staff who always do an Excellent job.

Kind Regards, Bev Batsford
Vice Chair National Association of SuperTwins. N.A.S.T.

Dragstalgia vs Drachten

We had booked into be at Dragstalgia, at about the same time Rene invited us to the Auto Moto Show at Drachten.

Slim couldn’t run at Dragstalgia as it was non-permit, I’m running out of rear slick, and I’m not going to pay the over the top black market prices, so Drachten it was.

We flew out of Stansted on Wednesday morning. Rene picked us up from Schiphol airport in his big yellow school bus, it was absolutely chucking it down with very strong winds, which made the trip to Drachten very interesting, the 15 or so miles across the dam was very bleak. I know it was very wet when we got to the track but I was still shocked to find 2 frogs doing a track inspection. Slim and I had the luxury of sleeping in a nearly new caravan with no water features or other problems, for the first night. Our alarm call was a bit bumpy as Rene was towing us across the other end of the field behind the bus. We all helped to set up Rene’s pit, and watched the empty private airfield transform into a top class drag strip, MINT……and its still raining.

We were very lucky over the next 3 days to have dry weather during racing hours, evening and night time were very wet and very windy, what I heard it was the same as Pod.

There was a big screen in the MPM VIP tent showing live web cam footage from Dragstalgia, however we were to busy during the day to follow it(and to drunk in the evenings to notice it). It was nice to spend time with Rene and the rest of his tech crew and checking bikes that are coming to Santa Pod shortly for the first time. Also nice to catch up with racers some of which I hadn’t seen for years.

Kev Charman was riding Rene’s top fuel bike, Rene also did some runs as well. They did the fastest runs of the weekend which MPM weren’t to pleased about, as they sponsored the whole event and the fuel bike is sponsored by Eurol lubricants and made the Dutch news for being the fastest of the weekend.

On display was Ivana’s new junior funny car which was kindly brought over by the Shock Wave funny car team, and what a top crew they all are, funny as(no pun).

Race day ended with a huge thunderstorm, we stayed until Monday morning when pops drove us back to Harleem in the bus, and again it was raining big time.

It was good to go to Drachten again and meet up with everybody, watch some top class racing and help with the scrutineering, with luck we will be going again next year and taking Tilly 3.

We didn’t fly home until Wednesday morning, we spent a lot of time in Amsterdam, i won’t bore you with the details,(would help if i could remember some of it) as always I took some photos.

Big big thank you to Rene, what a top man.

Regards, Les Harris

NAST AGM Address

Here is the AGM venue can you please put it up on the site asap please buddy.

Bulkington War Memorial Club
Stafford Close
CV12 9QX

Regards, Les Harris

July 24th, 2011


Attention all NAST racers

Next Sunday 31st of July 2011 there is a photo shoot in Tamworth, we need some drag bikes to attend, if you haven’t been before it is a good day out, in a top studio with top photographers and lovely models. Photos will come in handy for sponsers etc. If you would like to come with your bike please call Neil Stedman on 07974441845.

Hope to see you there.

Regards, Les Harris

July 24th, 2011


NAST Photo Competition

Here is the answer to the NAST photo competition that I posted a few weeks ago.

Its our very own Robbie Dobbie on his peugeot car engine drag bike, running at Avon Park.

There will be another photo competition in a couple of weeks time.

Regards, Les Harris

SET 21 TurboTim Honda CX 650 Turbo

Tim Boutle, from Bournemouth, Chairman of the UK Honda Turbo Association.

Running two CX 650 Turbo’s in 2011, mainly due to continuing engine problems with the Dustbin GP Style Retro Fairing bike. This has now had three engine failures this year, not clear what has caused the high rev’s misfiring on the right cylinder which has taken out the oil scraper rings. last failure now points to the right hand cylinder fuel injector, going lean due to a malfunction at high rev’s ?

The Cafe Racer style Honda CX 650 Turbo, is the back up bike and my main race bike for 2008 and 2009. This bike was built from new parts sourced from the USA in the winter of 2007. This engine despite being built by Honda in 1983, was unused when I got in in 2007.

Both bikes are taxed insured and have current MOT,and are ridden on the roads. The cafe Racer I have ridden to Germany and Back, the GP bike was ridden to Dutch Turbo meets and German Turbo Club meets in the past before its conversion to a Retro Style bike.

Let see what the season brings, I did a perfect ET on the Dustbin GP bike in Round 2, I dialled in 12.20 and did 12.200 !!

The UKHTA club motto is “Ride Them Turbo’s Don’t Hide Them ”

See you trackside or on Face Book as Tim Turboracer

Regards, TurboTim


July 12th, 2011


2011 Americana: Some Pictures

Here are some Americana pics for the website. Got some interest in the club from some of the harley riders here.

Hope you all enjoy.

Regards, Martin Holgate

July 9th, 2011


2011 AGM: Some Places to Stay

Just a quick note to let you know of hotels for members to use at the AGM.

  • Travetlodge Coventry: 02476 382 541
  • Weston hall hotel: 02476 678 671 /
  • Premier: 02476 343 584
  • De Vere (ricoh arena): 0844 412 7271
  • email: hotel.reception@ricoharena.com

Regards, Barrie Gregory

July 6th, 2011


Retro Show

Entered my Harley Sportster 48 in the e class at the retro show at Santa Pod, the class was meant to be bikes under 200cc but miss printed it to under 2000cc so my 1200cc Sportster fitted right in no one picked up on this so I won with a 12.85 ET @ 105.48 mph which I was pleased with as it stock motor with a pipe and filter on it.

Regards, Jo Elliot

Merchandise Wise – Dragstalgia

We have some new lines available at Dragstalgia Hoodies in various sizes, any special colours or sizes contact me and I will see to it, also we now have NAST jackets in black with orange lining, these are identical to my “Paranoia” jacket any one wanting to pre order with their own logo or name embroidered on the front contact me and it will be done we have small, medium, large and extra large available.

Regards, Martin Holgate

July 1st, 2011


2011 Round 3 Points: Cursed Perhaps?

Well, so where do we start? Well, I would say with a thanks to Les for the phone call to let me know something wasn’t right with the points that were up. It’s much appreciated feedback Les, thanks mate. 🙂

Well first of all the points Excel file escaped the shackles of it’s email attachment first time around, and required a resend to get to me. Then the changes are made, but the page isn’t uploaded for people to see the glory of the current standing.

I wonder if anything else could have been thrown into the mix that time around? Does anybody believe in Curses or Voodoo? Perhaps it’s strikes in divisors of three?

Anyway, finally, should be the points from Round 3! Do enjoy this time around. 🙂

Regards, Scott

Slightly Late Updates

Sorry for the slightly slower update this time around, we had a minor issue with a missing attachment for the points, and this past weekend coincided with my sister in law and kids coming to visit from Florida, as well as her sisters wedding!

It’s all been go for a while, not the least because I also seem to be the flavour of the month with my niece, who always wants to Uncle Scott to go play with her, which kind of distracts badly from the normal work, letalone the extras. 🙂

Anyway, here are the remaining updates from Round 3, as well as the new points! Do enjoy. 🙂

Regards, Scott

2011 Round 3 – Street ET: June 25th/26th 2011, Santa Pod – The Heatwave

An amazingly clear run through from Norfolk saw us at the Pod by around 3:30, just ahead of the chaos caused when the A14 was closed down over a large distance. We spotted a B17 in the circuit for Duxford on the way, not a frequent sighting. Managed to set up camp, sign-on and get through scrutineering all by about 5:30. Most of the ET class arrived during the afternoon/early evening on Friday with myself and Mike Nelthorpe, Tim (Turbo) Boutle, Tara (Slim) Harris, Pete Harrison, Bev Batsford in attendance, Martin Brookes and Damian Waterhouse also expected. At 6:30 it started raining, fairly light, and kept it up through to Saturday morning, when we awoke to 10 tenths cloud, no rain and the Pod crew busy drying and prepping the track.The sun started to break through the cloud by about 8:45 and Martin arrived, easy to spot with the yellowest bike in the class. There was still no sign of Damian, but no worries as that isn’t exactly unusual for a race weekend.

Late morning, Damian arrived by courtesy of Simon Clamp who, although not racing this weekend, had given Damian and bike a lift after Damian’s van cried enough early in the week. Now we had an eight bike field.

Qualifying, first round – Damian had had a very early start to get to the Pod on time so a not very good run was excusable, not sure what Pete’s excuse was though. Tim found the headwind took more out of his CX than he expected and Bev learnt the hard way that the shifter needs to be “on” before the start of the run. Slim broke out, Martin and Mike both had OK runs and my run was good enough for 2nd qualifying spot (i.e. I didn’t get any better after the first run!).

Qualifying, second round – The day was now getting hot, Tim reckoned his red light was due to Steve Moxley having distracted him with the camera on the start line, others spotted that he had rolled back out of stage. Mike Nelthorpe had a bad launch, still trying to come to terms with the slider clutch, Bev managed a much better run, Martin ran very close to his dial-in while Damian still struggled to get his reaction time down to where it should be. Pete was much happier, with 11.91 on an 11.8 dial in and I screwed my launch up. Slim had problems getting the “me time” needed to settle in the pairing lane.

Qualifying, third round – Bev and I ran worse runs, Damian, Tim and Mike managed better, others broke out. Slim had been getting faster all day, unfortunately breaking out while doing so. We were expecting a fourth qualifier on the Saturday but at 7 o’clock were told that it would be squeezed in before the eliminators on Sunday morning, so off to the club meeting. This ran through very quickly, have I mentioned that Barry wasn’t present for this round? While all this was happening there was increasing consternation in the Mott pit as it became obvious that the V-Rod had ingested a fixing screw from one of the throttle butterflies. Now obviously I don’t wish to tread on Joe’s toes, this being a Top Gas matter, suffice it to say that we all learned from this that if a small object goes into the engine then sticking a larger object in to look for it probably isn’t the best next step.

Qualifying, fourth round – aha, Sunday morning arrived and the wind had dropped. Also, the air was quite cool. I’ve been trying to drop into the 10.6’s for a long time now, and what didn’t feel like a spectacular run produced a 10.49, a PB by a respectable margin. Broke out, of course. Tim improved on his previous day’s performances but nearly everyone else didn’t.

At the end of qualifying the table looked like this –

  • Martin Brookes
  • Me
  • Tim Boutle
  • Peter Harrison
  • Mike Nelthorpe
  • Bev Batsford
  • Damian
  • Tara

Mike bogged down at the start, Tim broke out, Tara ran slower than she was expecting and Damian was just pipped to the post. This left Martin v’ Bev and Pete v me in the semis. By now it was really hot and the wind had dropped away to practically nothing. I had what I thought was a really good race against Pete – our reactions times were one-thousandth of a second apart (OK, I was slower), I caught him and remembered to slow up, but I still broke out. Bev red lit, letting Martin through to race Pete in the final.

We watched the final, with Pete leaving first and Martin chasing him down. It was fairly clear that Pete had had the best reaction time, and that Martin would have to really go some to catch him. Pete reached the line first, but broke out! Then Martin crossed the line, and broke out by a bigger margin! So they both lost, but Pete lost least, so points and the big trophy were his.

Next “round” is the Santa Pod Dragstalgia event, only doing demo runs as no racing allowed, oh no. See you there, or at the next points round at Shakespeare County at the end of August.

Regards, Dave SET66 Shorthose

Oh, I almost forgot – which Supertwins ET racer got a timing slip with the correct race number and times on it but recording him as a Junior Bike racer called Jasmine? Answers on a postcard please, to Mike Nelthorpe, c/o the Team MaD pit.

2011 Round 3 – Top-Gas

Welcome to the biggest top gas round the summer nationals at Santa Pod raceway if you were going to win a round it would be this one because its the biggest and best and would be the one to win because its the biggest. Well that’s enough about this biggest most important round on the top gas calendar and get on with the write up.

With another early finish at work on a Friday I was off to the pod and soon found myself pitted up with the twiners with no hanging around got signed on, bike out, leathers on and up to see Les and Slimbo for a free heath check then back to the van for a Pot Noddle and a decaff before the forecasted rain came .the rest of the night was spent in Bev & Nigel’s new caravan were it was truly christened.


We were one of the last to run as Les and slim were still at the scrutineering bay working, the weather was muggy and a Strong head wind was the order of the day but its the same for all of us. The track was spot on and a spotter was not really needed and with a no show from Ric the bike field was dropped from a 16 to a 8 bike field but after the 1st qualifying round found myself in 1st place with a 9.35ET every one else seemed to have problems and be a bit off there normal pace Motty had boost problems, Terry shifting problem had not gone away and persisted through the whole event, Soapy had problems in the burn out, Les was just blowing away the cobwebs with a 9.89 ET. We had 3 more attempts during that day but lost the 4th due to time over run on the track that last run would of been the best run to have as the air got good. After the days session I had still managed to cling on to the number 1 spot, the hat was 2nd with a 9.49ET, 3rd soapy 9.56ET, Les 4th 9.75ET, 5th Motty with a poorly running Rod 10.11ET, 6th Colgate with fully working wheelie bars 10.47ET, 7th Dobbie 11.08ET and 8th Terry with a misbehaving hog 12.32ET. This was a 1st for me to be in this position but we had one more qualifier in the morning.

The meeting was held outside bevs caravan as the marquee was not put up because of Soapy’s erection problem, but as it was a nice night things were sorted and issues addressed, then beer o’clock for most but not me and Motty, as Motty had a noisy motor to fix and I don’t drink any way. As people were lighting up bar bee’s and funny rolled cigarettes Motty had removed rocker cover’s to try and find a loose bolt that had come off a damaged butterfly shaft and a damaged plug, but on trying to fish the parts out with a magnet the magnet broke and had to remove the head see pics.

A very early start for the twiners as it was the 4th last qualifying run and as it was early the air was still good, Motty did not run as the damage to his motor was not looking good, but has got the parts to patch it up for the next round. So after we all blasted up the black stuff I had managed to keep the number 1 slot which mad my day as this was the biggest and best round on the top gas calendar. It was not to long before we were out again for eliminations I paired up with terry and took the win as his hog had shifting problems, Les took the win to Motty’s no show, The Hat took the win against Dobbie and Colgate had a solo run but should of been against soapy but the bike would not restart after the burn out.

The semis The Hat took the win against Colgate and me and Les battled it out and apart from Les’s good RT time I took him at the end. Now the finals this was an unusual as both the bike’s were street bike’s this is something that me and the hat had been waiting for so we were both happy and with a no pressure race I took the win as his bike started to play up at the end so a bit of luck on my part but hay that’s racing. After loading up it was off to get the shinny pots we were both pleased with our results and with me taking the win is something that I would never thought would happen but with Motty going out early and the hat with his misfire it must of been my weekend and might not happen again but I will always give it 100% here is a link to finish the write up off.
meerkat gold awards

  • Me and The Hat for getting in the finals
  • Motty for not running a 9.0
  • Terry for keeping his cool after two rounds of problems and not throwing his bike in the skip

Regards, Jo ‘Meerkat’ Elliot

2011 Round 3 – Points Now Available

After a minor hiccup with a missing file attachment, the points are now available for everyones review!

Regards, Chris & Yvonne Mott

July 1st, 2011


2011 Round 3 – Summer Nationals 25/26th June, Santa Pod

A first for Team Harris both Slim and I racing at the same event. Thanks to Derren, shags crew man, we got both bikes to the track without the race truck we cant get every thing in the transit. We had a good run up the 14, unlike Soapy who left Thetford at 2 and got to pod just before 8!! Which meant that the NAST HQ tent did not go up. Before Slim and I started work I covered up Tilly so pleased I did as it rained (all night) big thanks to Motty for letting Tilly sleep in the dry next to his ride. A thanks to Ven for looking after Henry.

It’s dry phew, was my first though when the day started. Slim and I worked until 9.45.then it was time to get race ready and see the hippy turn up.

I can’t explain how good it felt to be back at pod with my race bike. Another first no TC. He’s got a bad ears he’s hearing has gone (a bonus at a drag strip one might think) so a crash coarse for Slims brother Big John in crewing on a gas bike!

Slims Dad Dave and new wife Lyinda, brother Carl and girlfriend and little Josh came along for the day.

As you know Slim does, at times, get nervous. Today was more so as I was racing (didn’t think I was that bad) and the family being there. So much pressure.

Q1 we went down on mass with gas running a head of street I ran against Motty for my first pass of the year.

I ran a 9.8 with a 9 that will do Motty ran a 10.2 with a 4 strange not like him was there a problem (oh yes).

Slim put a 14.95 on the board but broke out with a 14.78. What a difference a day makes on the Friday Slim did 3 runs:

  • 15.2
  • 15.4
  • 15.3

Still that’s Racing

It was warm /sunny but we did have a nasty head/cross wind which i must admit did knock me about at the top end.

Q2 I ran a single as terry broke on the line (shifter problems) better this time 9.7 with a 5.

Slim ran a 15.13 with a 14.68 on the board. Happy (what do you think)?

My mate Ian was also up for the weekend and was having a great time as were ower fan club on the bank who where shouting and cheering us on this (as nice as it is) become a problem for Slim her bike is silent(well it is compared to mine)so she found this off putting but thanked them all later.(bless)

While I was getting Tilly ready for the last pass of the day Jean Larquier from the French moto mag, was taking photos of both bikes he asked me if they could fit a fish eye camcorder to Tilly. No problem I said (don’t know what the RSPCA would make of it!)

Q3 back to the 9.8s but so much fun I have missed the rush. I was wearing my new helmet a Simpson Diamond Back which is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn it’s still in black paint. Derren said I look like the Black Stig. So another new nick name, 1 of 2 over the weekend.

Slim wasn’t very pleased with her 15.13 pass as she dialled in a (I think it says) 14.68 (timing ticket got screwed up) so Slim is q last. I am sure I was Q4.

My pod caravan does not leak (even after a nights rain) so why is there water running out of the floor hot water at that. I did fix the water heater, by turning the gas on! A pipe had come off the bottom of the tap behind the sink mint and so easy to get too. I did fix it end of water feature no 2.

NAST Saturday night site meeting, and top meeting it was very well done by Bev and Eve, girl power! Followed closely by Beer o’clock!
Sunday Race Day and Q4

We where warned it was going to be hot real hot and it was. But at 8ish you had a job to see the gantry mist which by the time we ran q4 was gone and it was getting hot. I ran my best time of the weekend a 9.68. With the fish eye on board. What superb footage mounted low down on the frame rail. When I get the CD from Jean I will put it on the web site.

Motty was watching moto mag working with me and said “I don’t know how you do it” well Motty I think it’s the bikes colour that attracts them. Slim, with Steve Johson’s help, ran a 14.38(PB) with a dial in of 14.68. Still, a very good from a much more relaxed Slim.
Elim Round 1

Now with a rear mounted fish eye (that sounds rude) I was up against Motty but it was a no show, Motty did have a big problem! A screw had come out of the butterfly and dropped into the motor game over (the magnet Motty dropped in there didn’t help) so a single pass 9.7 with a 9 Tilly does not like the heat (I’m not over keen).

Slim was up against Pete who was on fire 11.70 dial in ran a 11.82 Slim dialled in a 14.28 and ran a 14.67. So first round defeat for Slim never mind girl it’s happened to all of us and will again I’m sure. That’s drag racing.

I had to help Slim out of her leathers it was so hot even my socks where wet! Too hot! I think this will be the meeting Slim drops.
Elim Round 2

I am against the Meercat and for me the best race of the weekend my 60 was rubbish 1.34. (track temp)

Joe got past me at the top end. Still a top race! However, it was nice to get out of my cow suit for the last time, and to change into something cooler. Hence new nickname no 2!

Sinbad I think it was the 3/4 shorts that did it. But it make a refreshing change, and funny as…..

The final of gas if you don’t already know was street bikes only affair so no slicks or bars a first (and please let it be the last) for gas. The Hat v The Meercat good race the hat was on for a whole shot over Joe until Dave’s kill switch played up. Joe got the win even after wheel spinning off the line.

For more about the final check out Joe’s gas write up he might mention it!!!

As the day ran so well it was an early finish. On the road by 5, and off to get a chicken supper.

I really enjoyed this weekend. Super mint. Thanks for every one that came to support us thanks to Slim and bro big john for crewing Andy Haley and the doc for spotting and Bev’s Nigel for the coffee, Motty and Ven for the night shelter. moto mag, and last of all a Sinbad gold tooth award for winning the top gas final goes to The Meercat.

Take care, Les Harris

Barrie Changed his Contact Number

Please note that Barrie has changed his contact mobile phone number. This new number has now been updated, so the one listed on the Contact page is correct.

Kind regards, Les Harris

NAST Quiz Photo competition

Can you tell from this picture who the racer is? He is racing with us this season, first correct answer wins a bag of nuts.

You all have until Dragstalgia to let me know. If anybody else has got any old drag racing photo’s send them in.

Happy guessing!

Kind regards, Les Harris

Update for Dragstalgia

All racers must bring there DVLA licences to run. Must be full motorcycle licence.

Cost for getting into the track is £25 plus £2 booking fee if you book online in advance, or £30 on the gate. Please note this is each person.

Kind regards, Les Harris

Reminder to all NAST Riders

Reminder to all Nast Racers to update their profile with info on bikes, changes made/tried, how long have been a member, what got you intersted in racing etc.

No need to share any personal info (unless you really want) Don’t forget to pre order your tickets for Dragstalgia, available till 8th July ! (ours came today!!) we are mentioned on the flyer Fame at last !!!!

See you all soon, Bev

June 27th, 2011


Could Pete Harrison Please Call Jo Elliot

Could Pete Harrison please contact Jo Elliot regarding this past weekends racing by calling his Mobile: 07970 361826

Kind regards, Becky Elliot


June 23rd, 2011


Sprint RAF Honington, Sunday 20th June 2011

Slim, Henry and I left home at 8ish, windy, overcast and light rain showers. We got to Honington at 9, but could not get in, the doc hadn’t put my name on the gate, so we where told to park up and wait. No problem mate (well, he was the one holding the machine gun!). The doc got us in, and we got pitted. Nice tail wind, and some blue sky. After saying hello to Mike and Sylvia (no show from Hatless Dave) got Henry checked, slim signed on, had the riders meeting etc, one thing that came out of the meeting was that the track had not been cleaned, so it could be on the loose side!

Slim was one of the first out, it was single passes, as the other lane was for the mile flyers one being our very own Grumpy Watson.

Slims first three runs where good, and close together, perfect ET runs but slim wasn’t happy with them, as I told her its a runway not a drag strip. Having said that, I did find it strange, even without a burnout she didn’t wheel spin, but did at Avon! How strange! Talking of burnouts, Slim did do a few and we both feel she needs to practice them a lot more.

After a cup of tea and a burger, it was back to racing. Slim was soon back into the 14teens, with a 14.8 good girl.

I did enjoy watching and taking photos, and chatting to everyone. We had a chat with John Hobbs who was running his single engine, blown Triumph, he will be at dragstalgia with his twin engine drag bike, The Hobbit.

At lunch time slim and I did some work, checking helmets and putting ACU stickers on them, so we had a big q at our pit.

After 6 runs slim called it a day, she had a headache and started to make a few mistakes, before and after the runs, fair play to her. Like I have said to so many racers if you are not happy with it, park it! Not long after, we had a big rain shower so the doc called it. There was no rush to leave as we couldn’t get out, so more tea and lots of talking, mint.

Mikes runs looked good and fast, he did have a water pump problem but got it sorted. Mike was running his 267 big bore motor, which stayed together, nice one. The Mad Team will be at the Summer Nationals.

We got out at about 4 o’clock, it was a very pleasant day and worthwhile.

Thanks to the doc, and everyone who made it happen.

Regards, Les Harris

Newark Showground Americana, 7-11th July 2011

I will be promoting NAST at the forthcoming Americana 7-11th July event at Newark Showground. It’s a celebration of all things American, cars, bikes, trucks, RV’s and music. It’s a long weekend from Thursday to Monday and attracts around 60,000 visitors. I will have my bike on display in a prominant place and will borrow the NAST banner.

Also any one wanting a NAST Jacket I’m organising an order and names and sizes would be apreciated.

Cheers, Martin Holgate

June 20th, 2011


Dragstalgia 16th – 17th July 2011, Santa Pod Raceway

I have just been talking to Santa Pod, as you know we are invited as a club to do demo runs.

All we have got to do is pay at the gate to get into the track, signing on and track time is free.

So come on boys and girls lets put a show on, get on the NAST site and enter so they know how many are attending.

On the Saturday we will have 3 qualifying runs, on Sunday we will have the correct amount of eliminations, but remember this is just for fun, and i think it will be as there is alot of good stuff going.

Regards, Les Harris

June 19th, 2011


2011 Round 2 – Supertwins, June 11th/12th, Shakespeare County Raceway – The Drought Endeth

Shortly before the second round of 2011, the first round for Team MaD, the government declared a drought for most of Norfolk – I thought at the time that this was a bad omen and so it was to prove. Anyway, the usual call the Thursday before the event confirmed that our passes would be on the gate, and off we set from Norfolk on a dry and sunny Friday. The usual detour through Brandon got us round the single carriageway stretch south of Thetford, which the government states will soon be dualled – thanks guys, you’re only about 40 years late! We arrive at Shakey in light rain, which gets worse for a while. We take advantage of Slim’s hospitality with a cuppa in Les’ caravan, admiring the avant-garde thinking that has resulted in a water-feature being incorporated into the roof vent. The rain soon stops and we get set up in fine weather.

Most of the ET class arrived during the afternoon/early evening and the entry list consists of myself and Mike Nelthorpe, Tim (Turbo) Boutle, Tara (Slim) Harris, Pete Harrison, Simon Clamp, Bev Batson, Ian Felstead (with the ex-Nick Holland Firestorm) and Giselle Moor. Also Damian Waterhouse, expected to arrive Saturday am.

So to bed, and Friday night was surprisingly cold. My sleeping bag was marketed as a three-season one, obviously summer is the season it cannot cope with. Saturday morning dawned warm and sunny, with scrutineering due to start at 08.00. Didn’t quite start that early, but after Les’ offer to assist was accepted 09.00 saw us scrutineered and signed-on. Damian arrived, to announce that major work has been undertaken on the TL1000 – it’s been treated to a new clutch cable.
Qualifying: First Round

I was expecting a slow run as Morrisons no longer sells their ethanol-based E85 so I am back to using petrol. The run felt like rubbish, but was within three hundredths of my previous best, so it looks as if the bio-fuel experiment was an expensive trip up a blind alley. Also, I broke out. Mike Nelthorpe started the process of getting used to his new slider clutch, and announces that it needs a bit more weight in. Damian reported an OK run, but his clutch was slipping slightly. Bev had a bad start (her words were more colourful, but I’ve been edited before so I’m not using them), Tim ran a pb, breaking out in the process and Pete found that his Ducati clutch provided no drive at all, aborting the run. Ian wheelied off the start and then found the Firestorm wouldn’t rev out, suggesting that his re-installation of the standard airbox might need re-thinking, and Simon declared himself well pleased with his run (actually, he said the run was “b****y excellent”). Slim managed to spin up off the line and was late changing to 2nd, but it was still a reasonable run.

Between rounds, Les said that my run had looked as if I was really on it, but he thought I ought to get the rear tyre a bit hotter by extending the burn out. And thereby hangs a tale.
Qualifying: Second Round

Turbo Tim’s board said 12.20, his timing slip said 12.200! Congratulations on a stunning run, and no one was in the least bit jealous. Simon Clamp went to 2nd qualifier with a great run, Slim had a better run that the first as did both Bev and Ian. Mike red-lit, which doesn’t matter in qualifying, and his battery ran out of excited electrons (which does matter). Having organized a battery charge, he set about his clutch again. Damian’s TL decided to misfire on the strip, and then refused to do it under investigation in the pits, and Pete’s clutch rebuild worked well enough for him to break out!

I took Les’ advice, and extended the burn out until I was sitting inside my own personal cloud of tyre smoke. Leaving the line I was pleased with the way the bike launched, it really felt like it meant it. Pleasure was replaced by surprise at how fast the front then when light, followed by that “rabbit in the headlights” feeling as the front wheel’s climb became faster. That’s when I shut the throttle – doesn’t the front end come down quickly when you do that! Amazingly, I still managed a reasonable time, but I was going to have to check with Les for a bit more advice.

It was announced that if time permitted then the first eliminator would run on Saturday after qualifying, as Sunday was looking bad weather-wise. By now, Steve Partridge had turned up, bringing the Buell for some RWYB exercise – good to see him back at a Supertwins meeting, and hopefully it won’t be too long before he is competing with us again.
Qualifying: Third Round

This was delayed by a shower, which dried quite quickly. Tim didn’t run, as his CX had been smoking slightly in the second round, and of course he didn’t need to anyway. At the end of qualifying the table looked like this:

  • Tim, with extra points for the perfect et
  • Bev Batson, who had got it all together on the third run
  • Slim
  • Simon Clamp
  • Me
  • Giselle Moor, having completed observed runs and qualifying 6th at the same time
  • Damian
  • Ian
  • Mike, who also managed to get his slider clutch adjustment down to a reliable 15 minutes
  • Peter Harrison

Personally, I was in two minds about running the first eliminator on Saturday – at least it would mean we had run the first round if Sunday were to be a wash-out, but it also meant that five racers would know that they were out of contention by Saturday evening. So with mixed feelings I joined the other nine runners in the pairing lane. We got most of the way to the start, and then it rained, long enough to ensure that we wouldn’t be getting another run that day.

The tractor pulling event subsequently continued on site until nine o’clock that evening, which gave us all the chance to enjoy the spectacle that comes with chasing huge horsepower with vast sums of money.

Sunday morning dawned, raining. It started at seven o’clock, at midday the meeting was called off and the rain followed us all the way home to drought-stricken Norfolk.

Heroes/heroines of the event, Tim for his amazing et and Giselle for nailing the observed runs and qualifying 6th at the same time. And, looking at the qualifying table, how long will it be before we get our first all-ladies ET Final?

See you at Santa Pod,

Dave SET66 Shorthose

2011 Round 2 – The Shacky Big Pull and Lady’s that Launch

Another round at Shacky tagged along with the Lady’s that Launch and the Tractor Big Pull or was it tractors that launch and lady’s that like to pull and with the largest field we have had in a long time 7 of use. One new member Terry but on Old Iron, Brian’s old Top Gas Hog and the keen usual clan and Les but with no bike as still crewing for Slimbo but is entered for the next round along with Rik.

Saturday morning up at the crack of dawn to get scrutineered at 8.00 am and with no sign of the big man in the cowboy hat Les took control and got the job done and with a late arriving Motty due to his new job to give him more flexible hours, yeah right, we all headed up the pairing lanes grabbing track spotters as we went. The track was good for me as a 9.18 ET was a good start and also for Motty with a 9.07 ET The Hat had traction problems with a 9.45 but with a cracking mph 149.47 and a 0.000 light not bad for someone who had 30 cans the night before and can’t see! Soapy ran a 9.42 Colgate a 10.57 loosing a wheel off his loft ladder, ice cold Dobbie 11.42 testing out his new quick shifter and new guy Terry who run in the mid 9s all day long at pod had decompression valve blow out ran a 10.56.

Time soon moved on for qualifier 2 and The Hat ran a PB 9.12 and so did ice cold Dobbie with a 10.52 just using normal foot and clutch shifting, Colgate took the loft ladder off the back and ran 4 tenth quicker would run a 9 if he took slick off as well and become a man. Motty had clutch problems and a dead battery on Soapys bike gave a no show. Terry had shifting problems.

Last qualifier me and The Hat had a good race, no show from Motty as still fixing it, Soapy had another problem but that was just keeping up with the big boys and at the end of the day the qualifying order was:

  1. Motty 9.07et
  2. Hat 9.12et
  3. Meerkat 9.18et
  4. Soapy 9.34et
  5. Colgate 10.15et
  6. Dobbie 10.52et
  7. Terry 10.56et

As the weather was going to turn on the Sunday the 1st elim was going to run at 4.30 pm so the ladder was drawn up and we were ready to rock and with a few moments to go the weather changed and we were sent back to the pits then the heavens opened so a good call.

The twins meeting was called things were sorted and a new code of conduct was given out then it was off to see some tractor pulls. Now I have seen this on TV but in real live its even better especially the pro stock one 6500 rpm and 125 psi of boost I was just waiting for some rods to exit the motor. Later that night Mickey got down on one knee and popped the question to Emma and she says yes just like the man from Del Monty.

Sunday was as every one expected a wash out but was called early so we all got home early.
Merkat gold awards

  • Dobbie another PB

The 1st ever golden cleric award

  • The hat for PB, 0.000 RT and new speed record well done (another one for the non slick and wheelie bar boys)

Regards, Jo ‘Meerkat’ Elliot


June 17th, 2011


2011 Round 2 – Ladies that Launch – Shakespeare County Raceway


We arrived at the track just before two on the Friday afternoon. The weather was cloudy and very windy, not very warm. Which made putting the NAST tent up an awful lot of fun in all that wind! Once up the problem was keeping it on the ground!

Ladies that launch is a two day Run What Ya Brung and Tractor Pull. Which means lots of different bits of kit to look at from 1960s blown triumph sprint bike, Austin Devon pick up, blown 750 Bandit, and a Tractor with two V10 WW2 Bomber engines, and another with four V8 Chevy lumps. Now people say we are nutter’s because we drag race! Well hell no really, it’s good to see they are just like us, only there toys are bigger/more powerful/and smokier, man they smoke more than I do!

I bumped into an ex NAST racer, Painful Pete, still running his SV1000. Another old friend I saw was “Rip Off”, a Harley I built some years ago, now owned and raced by Mr Clamp. So Harley’s and Tractor’s, with just so many jokes and all side splitters, what can we say about the weekend?
Saturday: Warm, Dry and Sunny

Thankfully its not raining, as my caravan roof is leaking in a big way again, I have as much luck with caravans, as I do dial in times! Plus with no rain we can race(had enough of this crew lark) slim had a phone call from her dad, wishing her good luck, which was nice, as he is on his honey moon in Cuba! Kaz Aston and Kevin turned up, Kaz was slims crew girl for the day, nice! I signed on as tech, as no one knew, who or when the NAST bikes where going to be checked. (Felt much better with something to do)

NAST had 3 slots during the day, to run as the only pro class. Steve Johnson and daughter Sav turned up, so that Sav could test ride a junior drag bike, which she did, well done Sav! (That’s going to cost you Steve).
Slims dial in times

Slim has the final say, and this time we got it right, on her third run, she dialled in a 14.75 and ran a 14.79! Mint! A top run which put slim third out of ten, and now leading the championship in set.

It was nice to see so many ladies, in pink, racing bikes/cars/pick ups etc, well done girls. Also, well done to Robby Dobby who is now running much faster. Late afternoon the rain came, which put paid to racing, but not the tractor pulling.

Which went on to 9 o’clock, well worth watching, they are as daff as us. So all in all a very good day!
Sunday: Race Day, Or Not!!!!

It started raining at 5 past 7am, and did not stop! The meeting was called at12. We where on the road home just after 1, so an early bath all round.

A top weekend just such a pity about the rain. See you all at the Summer Nationals, where we are both racing, and with luck Tim will be with us as well.

Regards, Les Harris

June 14th, 2011


2011 Round 2 – Points Available

Please see attached first round points, thanks to Wayne Schreier from SCR timing crew for his help with the points.

Regards, Chris & Yvonne Mott

June 4th, 2011


AFB Racing Main Event Review

Unfortunately the review from our debut into UEM Supertwins isn’t quite what we expected. Although we hadn’t managed to test as much as we’d have liked leading up to this event, we were still fairly confident that we could put some of the gremlins behind us and concentrate on trying to qualify in what was going to be a very difficult field.

With overcast skies and a strong headwind, we headed into the lanes for our first run of the weekend hoping to lay down a decent number. We were paired with Chris Hannam for the first round of qualifying but unfortunately shut off before the burnout as Shamus heard a pop. After a quick check over all seemed fine and we were allowed to try again at the end of the session for Supertwins. We fired the bike, Shamus moved into the box and began the burnout. The resulting bang and flame about 2 seconds into the burnout left us all wishing we hadn’t bothered.

Initial investigations indicate that the ignition system failed causing an interruption in the spark. When the spark re-ignited, the explosion lifted the heads and destroyed the motor from head to crank! Thankfully nobody was hurt and the engine strapping did its job. Thanks to the track crew who were quickly on scene to ensure everything was ok, a great job as always thank you.

As you can imagine we are working hard on getting back on track, and we hope to be out again later in the year. Please see www.afbdragracing.co.uk to look at photo’s, videos and to contact us if you wish to assisst us in any way.

Regards, Nick Saunders

June 3rd, 2011


Dragstalgia Entries

For those that were interesting in attending, Jo Elliot kindly informed me that if you go to this web page on the Santa Pod website, you can click on the Contact Form and fill in information about yourself and your race number, and the category in which you will be running.

I hope this helps some of you who weren’t sure how or what to do to get involved with that event.

Regards, Scott

May 23rd, 2011


Slims Street ET Drag Bike – Part 6

Thursday before round 1 at SCR, it’s 5 o’clock and I’m at Airfx paint shop to pick up Henry’s newly painted body parts.

The evil looking nose fairing is in the paint booth, drying off, it looks alive, just the look I was after.

After thanking Darren, for all his hard work, it was off, to refit all the parts, and get loaded up ready for an early start in the morning. Slim saw the now complete bike, and, was over the moon. Sorted.
Friday morning, bright and early

Transit is fully loaded, and ready. Slim has got the worse pre race nerves, I have ever seen, man, bitch from hell or what!

We went to Avelease and picked up, the away caravan, it wasn’t until, we were passed Bury St Edmunds, and, on the A14, that Slim talked(nicely) to me, “babe, I think I am a little nervous” (no shit) “really darling, I hadn’t noticed”!!!!!

We had a good run to Shakey, got to track just before 2. Got pitted in the SET, pit,after parking in the gas pit first, ah, old habits. It was very windy, overcast, and chilly, still, it was so good to be back, at the track, and, meet up with everyone again.

Steve Hill checked the Harris Honda, and Slim’s helmet/clothing etc, armed with a pass, it was off to sign on, that was very strange, Slim signing on as the racer, and, myself as crew. The rest of the evening was spent, chilling with friends, mint.
Saturday, Qualifying

Sunshine, and a tail wind. That will do.

Slim, was feeling much better, no where near as, nervous, and looking forward to running.

First qualifying round, now, what should we (yes we) dail in? All I wanted Slim to do is an a to b, pass, no pressure. Right 15 it is.

Very good first pass, 14.8. We can work from that. Slim was happy, and, having fun, enjoying the rush.

Qualifying Round 2: Dial time 14.60

I felt nervous about this one, and, as it turned out rightly so, Slim, stalled on the line, restarted Henry, and, then gave it far to much, throttle, lit up the tyre, and was wheel spinning sideways towards the tree, but, stayed with it, missed the tree, and carried on with the run, well ridden, but, temper/temper, now, I know I did, the same when I lost traction, the last time I raced at SCR, this must be a case off, please, do as I say, not, as i do. Still no breakout, 16.98 run.

When, I got back to the pits, on the Meercats bmx(thanx Joe) Slim was pumped, and still smiling, good girl.

Qualifying round 3: Dial in 14.70

Slim did a very good run, 14.97, nice one! This put Slim in p4 spot, fourth out of six, not bad at all.
Sunday – Race Day

Sunshine to start, overcast/windy rain shower, sunshine.

Slim was in a good race head mode, a little nervous, but ok and loving it.

Early afternoon, Round1 Slim 14.80 dial in vs Mr Clamp 11.40 dial in. All honda first round.

It was a really good race, Slim ran a15.39, Mr Clamp a 11.32, so, breakout, Slims first race win, was she chuffed, oh yes.
Round 2 of Eliminations

After a short rain shower Slims first bye run into her first final. Dial in 14.80.

A good run with no pressure, and a time of 15.17.
The Final

What a weekend so far for Slim, getting to the final. Took me years to do that!

Slims dial in. We went back to 15.00, as she hadn’t dropped into the fourteens, all day and it could be close at the top end. Slim was against Martin Brookes, on his lovely Suzuki TLR 1000, his dial in 10.70.

Slim left first, and was on it, big time, Martin had it all to do, chasing Slim. However Slim got there first and ran a 14.86, big breakout, so Martin took the win, with a 11.17.

Another first for Slim she lost. Still what a weekend for her, well done to Martin, top man, and welcome back to NAST.

We got packed up, just in time, for Slim to collect her cup.

We left our caravan in the compound, that saves us towing it 360 plus miles, and set off home.

Top weekend for team Harris racing.

As always, I took some pics, as did Peter Donaldson, of Slims close up look at the tree, nice shots, thanks Peter.


See you all at Ladies that Launch.

Regards, Leso

2011 Round 2 & 3 – Entry Forms Available

Entry forms for round 2 are now available on the download section of the Shakespeare Country Raceway website and are due in by Friday June 3rd.

Entry forms for round 3 are available from the Santa Pod Raceway site and these too are due in by June 3rd.

The meeting listed as round 4 – Dragstalgia at Santa Pod is not an ACU certified meeting so the official round 4 will be in August and we will be running the Championships as best of 5 out of 6. The meeting in July will be a friendly ‘in club’ completion yet to be decided on.

Hope to see you in June

Regards, Yvonne

2011 Round 1 – Points Available

Please see attached first round points, thanks to Wayne Schreier from SCR timing crew for his help with the points.

Regards, Chris & Yvonne Mott

May 21st, 2011


2011 Round 1 – Top-Gas Summary: Springspeed Nationals, 15-16 May

After 2 rounds of trying to go slow in 9.50 bike it was time to go balls out and after a early finish at work Friday it was off to Shakey. On arrival I was directed to my partner in crime Mr Hat and after being scrutineered 1st and hat 2nd we went off to look at the track. On the way I noticed a kind of fresh toilet blue theme going on with all the buildings we got to the track and was pleased with the prep. Just hoped the weather would hold out.

With a early start and 6 gas bikes ready to race and the hat bike ready to do more than a 60 ft with out letting go the 1st qualifying run was on and with us all making a full pass even the hat it was Motty 1 with a 9.26 Joe 9.33 soapy 9.43 the hat 9.62 Colgate 10.1 Robbie 11.27 and with things moving quickly and with no hiccups the 2nd was completed. The track was good for our needs but super street had traction problems and were over powering it and that was not the only vehicle with that problem the FA came out and chaos punched a hole in the barrier and crashed which took a lot of down time to sort out, this made the 3rd run go into overtime and put stop to a 4th run which was on the cards till this happened, well that’s racing.

Barry had turned up which gave us spokes man for the super twins meeting and along with Mrs Motty new members were greeted and things were sorted out even a few late pots were handed out the hat had even won one for making a full pass using both cylinders, but the best news I heard was Robbie making his 1st 10 second pass and ran a 10.76 so all his winter frame mods had paid off.

The qualifying ended up at Motty lucky 9.03 Hat 9.31 Joe 9.32 soapy 9.35 Colgate 10.13 and Robbie 10.76 look how close 2nd 3rd and 4th were.
Race Day

I a woke to what sounded like a angle delivering a message to me and sounded like fu**ing hell my head gaskets gone but it was soapy as he started his bike up it was the rear one this time so this put him out of play so I had a no show which was my best run of the weekend a 9.11 the hat took Colgate out who had a a fueling problem but is now all sorted so I am told Robbie’s luck ran out as Motty pipped to the post. Semi’s Motty had a bye run hat and I had a good race he lost drive at the end which was his front sprocket coming off the splines which popped the seal and sprayed the rear header with oil which could of been another fire. Then the finals me and Motty and Motty took the win but the street bikes are getting that little bit closer to him at the end but this year one of us will be in front I’ve put money on it and I never gamble. In all a great 1st round numbers were good hope to see more at round 2 lets all keep the twins alive through this club some of you could not run your bike in other classes so bare that in mind.
Meerkat gold awards

  1. Robbie 10.76 et
  2. The Hat for completing a whole round
  3. Motty for a new PB but not an 8 yet
  4. Slimbo well done on your 1st round ( listen to me or hat next time )
  5. Bev for sorting us all out

Regards, Jo ‘Meerkat’ Elliot

May 20th, 2011

2011 Round 1 – ET Summary: Springspeed Nationals, 15-16 May

I’m doing this write up, as Hatless Dave is off sick with broken bones, hopefully he will be back with the rest of the Mad team for round 2.

Slim and I got to the track, just before 2 o clock, there was a strong head wind blowing cloudy skys and it was a little on the chilly side, all that good weather for the last month, now the forecast is showers!!! We all got scrutineered and signed on, on the friday night, once the wind had dropped we finally got NAST HQ up for over night parking.

We had 7 runners in SET 1 of them being Giselle Moor, who is the first young lady to join NAST straight from junior drag bike, on her suzuki 500 top gas style bike, welcome to NAST Giselle, however, gremlins with her bike stopped her running, so it was a DNQ for her unfortunatly. The 6 remaining riders did qualify in the 3 sessions we had, we were on for a forth qualifyer but Chao’s fell over mid track which put paid to that. Good to see that Gary Page is ok.

Simon Clamp on board his VTR Honda took number 1 spot, simon will soon be racing one of my old Harleys be nice to see that out on the track again.

Ian Felstead also VTR mounted on the X Barry Holland Honda, although he had a few teething problems, he still made the show. Turbo Tim was riding his spare CX, as he had blown his race bike up the week before.

Bev Batsford looked splended in her figure hugging one piece leathers, also her bike looked lovely with her new stainless steel drag pipes. It was nice to see Martin Brookes with his re-worked and re-built TLR 1000, it was nice to talk to him face to face after our many phone calls during the winter period. and last but not least Tara Slimbo Harris on board the Harris Honda, for her first NAST meeting, to say she was nervous was an under statement.

Heres the qualifying order after the close of play on Saturday:


  1. Simon Clamp +0.205 11.705/116.99
  2. Bev Batsford +0.188 13.688/95.09
  3. Tim Boutle +0.188 12.688/113.70
  4. Tara Harris +0.271 14.971/94.85
  5. Martin Brookes +0.519 10.919/124.59
  6. Ian Felstead +1.206 13.716/116.42

At 6.30pm we had our NAST site meeting, which i think went very well, shortly after this we had a shower of rain so i think we were very lucky through out the day. It was at the site meeting i agreed to do this write up, so i hadn’t taken any notes up to this point, like Hatless does, and guess what, i didn’t take any afterwards either.
Race day: Sunday

The weather did not look good,windy and overcast,in the afternoon,it got worse. ET was called around 1.30, after round one of eliminations 6 became 3, Ian Felstead would meet Martin Brookes in the semi’s, and Slimbo getting her first bye run into the final. We then had a shower of rain and all looked lost, as luck would have it the sun came out and we continued. Ian red lit big time in the semi giving the win to Martin who stalled. So the final for ET which was ran at about 5 o clock. Martin vs Slim, Slim dialed in 15.00 sec(whos bright idea was that) and Martin a 10.70 so he had all the chasing to do, Slim crossed the line first but broke out giving Martin the win, well done to him, top man.

I think we all had a very good meeting, hopefully we will have more racers for ET at Ladies that launch.

I would like to thank the Meercat for lending me his BMX to save my poor old legs from walking up and down the pits all day long.

Top weekend with top people.

As always i took a few photo’s, enjoy.

Regards, Leso

April 27th, 2011


Slims Honda – Part 5: Testing Testing

As you know from part 4, The Harris Honda called Henry is ready to go to the paint shop. However we decide to go testing first to make sure all of our hard work was worth while.

So off we went to Pod, to a RWYB. We were very lucky that the weather was on our side, the track was as always superb, also i was suprised that there wasn’t many people running so we had lots of track time. This was the first time on a preped track for Slim.

After the first 4 runs it was back to pits for a site meeting,a cuppa tea, a roll up and to do a few adjustments to Henry, the problem we had, was not only, was Slim nervous, and got caught out by so much grip, i had to calm slim down it was like she was trying to set a new world record and run the fastest time ever on her first couple of passes.

This worked and a very chilled slim went back out to put together some nice passes, 11 runs in all, with a new PB 14.34 at 87.36 mph. We are very happy with the gearing as we are now going over the finish line in top gear. It was a big learning curve for Slim and she did very very well, however there is still a very long way to go.

We left the track at 4 o clock, and Slim slept all the way home, just shows how much 11 runs can take out of you.
Rewind, Rewind

Before we went testing we had a stroke of luck, i called into see Darren at Air Fx custom paint shop, as you know the nose fairring is very alien looking, and is crying out for a set of eyes which would need air brushing after a long chat over a cup of coffee, Darren kindly offered to paint the whole bike for free, we would both like to thank him very much, so as we speak all the body parts are with Darren at Air Fx.

Entry has been sent in for round 1 at shakey which will be Slim’s first race meeting.

See you all There.

Regards, Leso

April 19th, 2011



Here’s a pre-season report from the wilds of Norfolk, by way of a response to the COUNTDOWN message on the web site —-

  • 5 – Have you got your ACU licence? YES
  • 4 – Is your race bike ready to rock? NEARLY
  • 3 – Are your Leathers, gloves and boots going to pass scrutineering? YES
  • 2 – weeks to get the entry forms in! NO PROBLEMS
  • 1 – Have you got your race weekend checklist so you don’t forget that crucial piece of equipment at the first meeting (kettle, fuel etc!!) YES

So what could possibly go wrong with Team MaD’s bid for world domination in 2011? Well, I’ve just celebrated my 63rd birthday with a morning in A&E, getting my broken ankle plastered, so I’m almost certain to miss round 1. On the bright side, they gave me a pair of crutches so technically I’m still on a “twin”.

Best of luck to everyone who does make round one, get your points while you can!

Dave SET66 Shorthose


April 11th, 2011


NAST in the Paper

Martin has been in touch, his new sponser who run a news paper has done a feature on Martin and NAST.

You can read the Article in The Chicester News here.

Regards, Leso


Terry green is new to super twins and is hoping to run in top gas he has brought Brians old Top Gas Harley and has been busy test and getting his licence and on saturday the 8th he ran a 9.4 he said he very pleased with the bike and said needs to take some weight out the clutch for a softer launch. This is the fastest this bike has been for a long time and will be catching up with the street gas bikes PS ran a 9.26 ET @ 146 mph new PB.

Keeping it real with the Meerkat.

Regards, Joe

April 7th, 2011



Only 5 weeks to Round 1 of the 2011 Supertwins Championship – May 14th to May 15th – Shakespeare County Raceway!

Entry forms due at the Racetrack by Friday April 23rd.

Forms can be found on the Shakespeare county website at Shakespear County Raceway Downloads.
The countdown

  • 5 – Have you got your ACU licence?
  • 4 – Is your race bike ready to rock?
  • 3 – Are your Leathers, gloves and boots going to pass scrutineering?
  • 2 – weeks to get the entry forms in!
  • 1 – Have you got your race weekend checklist so you don’t forget that crucial piece of equipment at the first meeting (kettle, fuel etc!!)

Any questions / problems please contact Barrie, Bev or myself

Good Luck for the season and good luck to those racing at the Easter Thunderball!



March 27th, 2011


Meerkat’s Run What Ya Brung

After a newly fitted prototype exhaust from Eric Buell Racing and lots of money spent over winter on lighting the bike and early testing which started in Jan my goal was achieved at the fast show at Santa Pod this weekend.

The current record for a 1125r buell is a 9.36 ET over in the states which was taken off me late last year beating my 9.44et but I broke this record with a 9.28 ET backed up with a 9.30 not only is the fastest 1125r buell its also beets Dave the hats 9.29 ET at this present time as his bike is not finished and will murder this time but at the moment my bike is quicker.

Hat and I have spoken about running in top gas and as the none slick and wheelie bar final was not achieved you will be seeing us both and hopefully Brains old top gas Harley as well as its been testing at pod.

Regards, Joe ‘Meerkat’ Elliot

March 27th, 2011


Slims Set Drag Bike Part 4

We are getting there now, all bodywork is fitted, next week we are getting the paint.

Wheels are painted, new disc fitted, brakes rebuilt, new pads, new brake lines.

Kill switch wired up, and working. New gearing fitted, just waiting for the chain which should be here on Monday.

I have got the metal for the chain guard, which I will make once the chain is on.

The rear struts, have been on the mill, they now look so much better, very pleased with them.

We are going to pod, in the next couple of weeks, so slim can do some runs, and make sure everything is ok.

After testing, the paint is going on. Then remove centre stand. Put on all the sponsor stickers, sorted.

This has been so much fun, and has come together very well, and proves one can build a cheap Street ET bike.

So far I would like to thank:

  • HQ Fibre Products.
  • CS Engineering.
  • Earls Performance.
  • ebay.

Regards, Leso

March 7th, 2011



This bike won the supertwins modified championship dominating the the season of 2005.I had a lot of success with this bike especially on NSA tracks where it would surprise a few unsuspecting Busas etc. It used to find grip where others didn’t especially at the straightliners event at Furzey Island portsmouth where I won two years running the open bike catagory.It consistently ran 9.3s at 154 mph.But then a change of my circumstances only competed a handful of times in 2006. Finally a con rod let go and that was the start of a Major overhall.

I bought a brand new crank and rods and had the motor rebuilt by Ray Debben.

The heads have been ported and flowed and are fitted with full race cams.

It was fitted with a old spec Marrelli programmable ecu but it didn’t work to well at low rpm and I had to launch gingerly because the revs would climb really rapidly and catch you out. So I ditched it and it now has a DTA fitted and also has had some rather lovely Bimota throttle bodies that not only are much bigger but also are fitted with gorgeous Carbon fibre bellmouths and larger injectors. The whole bike has been very neatly rewired by Steve Debben. The mapping of the DTA needs to be finished as it wasn’t completed although it was up and running it needed some fine tuning and I simply ran out of money to keep it going and a change of Steve Debbens circumstances meant it couldn’t progress any further. Which is a great shame as I would love to be the first supertwin to run a 8 on street tyres!I am sure with the changes made it is possible to reset my still standing modified record! But I am now living in Spain and no longer have a use for the Raptor and need to move it on!

I will try to list as much of the spec as I can remember.

  • Motor
  • New Crank and rods
  • Forged wiseco h/c pistons
  • Full race cams
  • Only run on dyno since rebuild
  • DTA programable ecu with built in Datalogger
  • Bimota SB8R throttle bodies 59mm and larger flowing injectors. Complete with carbon bellmouths
  • MRE Airshifter
  • Dyna shift counter and shift light
  • Wet NOS kit fitted also have spare bottle and bottle heater
  • Dymag wheels fitted plus I have a spare set.Rear is a shinko has only done one pass and some dyno time
  • It has carbon hugger and front mudguard light weight fairing and seat unit

I also have a lot of spares such as crankcases, transmission,clutch basket and new plates, cylinders,heads a lovely set of underseat pipes from its roadracing days.

I hope this is most things covered I will truly miss owning this unique machine but I would much rather know it is still being used in anger than collecting dust!

I am looking for either a swap for a roadbike or cash to the value of roughly 4.5k Road bike must be stock for me to be able to register on to Spanish number plates!

Please email me for me details on the.leggs@hotmail.co.uk for more details. If you want more technical info then please call Ray at Debben Perfomance.

I am not desperate so will not except silly offers but all offers would be considered!!

Thanks Les for letting me place this on website. Good Luck for 2011 season.

Regards, Tony Legg STM

February 21st, 2011


Contact Page Updated

Added my details to the Contact page, as some people mentioned they didn’t have a means to contact me without first phoning Les.

I hope that will help those that have information that they would like put onto the website to get in touch.

Regards, Scott

February 19th, 2011


UEM Rules and Regulations Update

Given recent discussions at the AGM in November last year, primarily regarding Top Gas and Nitrous Oxide, I wanted to just clarify the matter with regards after our recent technical meeting in Amsterdam. The recent UEM Technical Rules for Drag Bikes 2011 do have a specific point on the subject, which I thought I could get typed here for those that were interested:
RR 14.7.3 Fuel

Any kind of unleaded pump fuel of unleaded racing gasoline is permitted.

Use of Propylene oxide and/or Nitrous oxide prohibited.

For those that are interested, you can find the most recent copies of the UEM technical regulations on this page, most specifically RR14 for this years rules.

Regards, Les

February 18th, 2011


UEM Press Release

Steve and I we recently in attendance at a UEM license update meeting which had 28 participants from 7 countries attend for education regarding the latest rules, polices and procedures.

You can see the UEM Press Release itself here, which is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Regards, Les

January 21st, 2011


AFB Drag Racing SPRC Perpetual Awards

Happy New Year to you all!

Shamus and the team have been shortlisted in 2 of the SPRC perpetual awards. The ‘Most professional appearing team’ and ‘Best appearing bike’. As last year was the first year for the AFB Drag Racing team its quite an achievement to be noticed.

Regards, Nick

Slims Street ET Drag Bike – Part 3

Over the Chirstmas break, Chris found time to extend the swing arm by 6 inches. What a top job he has made of it.

No step by step pics where taken as Chris just fired in and got the job done, which helped me as the bike was sat on my bench lift and I needed it off for another bike. The arm was cleaned up and sprayed satin black as was the back wheel.

I used worth paint, its not cheap at £9 a can but it covers so well and lasts. One can did the arm and wheel.

I fitted the arm and made two struts out of ali which cost me £3, not bad as I sold the OEM shocks for £18. The struts are 11/2 ins shorter than the shocks, which worked out to be spot on as Henry sits just right.

Now slim can get both feet on the ground with ease, sorted.

Henry is now looking the part, and will be much better to ride.

Kill switch is on order, and the single seat unit/nose fairing are having there final cutting/fitting.

We are getting there and its good fun. As always, here are some photos.

Part 4 coming your way soon.

Regards, Leso

2010 Season News Moved to Archives

Happy New Year to you all folks, and I hope you had a great and relaxing break over the Christmas period!

Just to let you know all the news from the 2010 Season has been moved to it’s own Archive Page. If you would like to look at any of the older News, please feel free to click on Archives and then select the appropriate Season you would like to read.

This does include the minutes and reports from the AGM, so should you want to review those, please pay a visit to the 2010 Season News Archives.

Regards, Scott


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