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Club News Archive 2010

December 24th, 2010


Happy Christmas 2010!

Here is wishing everyone a Happy Christmas, a good relaxing time with those with whom you choose to spend it, and a great start to the coming year.

Regards, Scott

Supercharged TL for sale

I’m looking at selling the engine package from my own supercharged TL1000S that I’ve raced this season and also featured in this Novembers Streetfighter Magazine.

It’s 196bhp and 110ft/lb at the rear wheel.

Included in the sale will be :-

Rotrex C15-60 Supercharger supplied by TTS Performance running 1Bar (15Psi) Boost at 10K Rpm

  • Alloy Intake Plenum Chamber
  • Custom map on CD for use with PCIII
  • 750cc Bosch Injectors
  • Bosch External Fuel Pump
  • SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Pressure Gauge set to 43PSI
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Turbosmart Kompact 25mm adjustable blow off valve
  • Intake and Boost Pipework

Engine Spec

  • 98mm Wiseco Forged Pistons
  • Flowed Heads
  • 996cc, 9.5:1 Comp Ratio
  • Kent Cams and altered cam timing
  • TLR Crank Cases
  • 6 Spring TLR Clutch with Welded Back Torque Ramps, Barnett Springs and alloy spacers
  • Taperlock Crank Pulley and Gates HTD Toothed Belt
  • Custom Supercharger Drive Shaft and modified crank/engine cover
  • Graves Billet Clutch Cover


I’ve used it for Hill Climbing this season and it won first time out, with the exception of a snapped drive belt it’s been 100% reliable and finished 1st or 2nd in all 10 championship rounds. I’m keeping the chassis/exhaust/fuel tank for another project.

Looking for £6,000 ono. Please also see the photo’s attached.

Many Thanks

Regards, Sam Matthewman

Czech Rocket

Regards, Les

November 29th, 2010


2010 AGM Kill Straps

After the AGM I have been thinking there must be a better way of attaching the lanyard, rather than to zips, or bits of plastic rings on your gloves. So I had a crawl round the web and found the following. The first one is a Proarmor killswitch wrist strap at bikebandit.com “http://www.bikebandit.com/pro-armor-kill-switch-wrist-strap” in America priced $8.06 but after adding postage and packing it works out at nearly £30, so I tried a bit nearer home.
Kill Strap from the Bosuns Locker Chandlery

At a place called the Bosun’s Locker I found just the thing:
Jet Ski Kill Strap

It’s used for attaching a lanyard from an outboard engine or jetski, it is velcro same as the other but comes with a metal D ring, I have tried it on the Ducati killswitch, using cord, and it works fine. You can have it tight or loose on your wrist and it is still ok and it will go on the outside of my leathers or glove, the best bit is this one is only £6 including postage.

Regards, Peter

Henry The Honda CB500 – Slims NAST Street ET Drag Bike – Part 2

If you saw part 1, on the NAST site, you will know that the day after the sprint at Woodbrigde Henry was stripped down, all the parts we don’t need where removed, and sold on eBay, to help offset the cost of the rebuild.

I was lucky to get Henry for £800 with a full MOT, on the road. We used it in the summer, as our run about, and did a lot of miles.

The idea was always for slim to race it in SET, now we could have just taped the lights etc and raced it, and still used it on the road, but I feel it’s much more fun to change it. As we work on it, I will keep you updated with pics, in the hope it will help others sort there bikes and come into Street ET.
So The Plan Is:

Make Henry lower/lighter/longer, and much better to look at. Looks are in my book a big part of drag racing, and it doesn’t take that much effort to make look the part.

Parts we have removed:

  • Headlamp
  • Horn
  • Seat
  • Grabrail
  • Seat unit
  • Rear light
  • Mirrors
  • Indicators

have been sold on ebay, and brought in £122.22 to help fund the changes, not bad at all.
New Parts We Are Going To Fit:

  • Single seat unit, in glass fibre
  • Carbon nose fairing (same as black racer)
  • both items are going to be made by HQ Fibre products

Swing arm to be extended by 6 inches, my mate Chris Sadd is doing this work, with step by step pics.

Rear shocks are also going on ebay, we are fitting struts, this will help slim get used to a hardtail, for when she moves on to my gas bike Tilly 3. A kill switch and pro light will also be fitted. A new chain guard and some s/s brake lines. The 2 into 1 motad exhaust system will stay as it is. As you all know, we will be noise tested next season.

Henry will also get new paint, guess what colour? First correct answer on the back of a £20 note, will win a prize!

That’s it for now, part 3 will follow soon.

Regards, Leso

November 22nd, 2010


2010 AGM Summary and Minutes

Thanks to all the members who made it to the AGM last weekend – a good time was had by all.

Thank you to the Prince of Wales for Hosting the event and thank you to Richard at Quickstep in Bourne End for getting the class throphies and donating his engraving fee to the club funds – nice one!

We now have a new Chairman – Barrie Gregory and a new Vice Chair – Bev Batsford – welcome to both of you!

  • Mint Award to Mike Nelthorpe
  • Rookie – Dave Smart
  • Best Improver – Damian Waterhouse
  • Services to NAST – Barrie Gregory
  • Shakespeare County Gentleman’s award to Peter Harrison

Race dates for 2011 are as follows –

  • 1. May 14/15th – Springspeed Nationals – Shakespeare County Raceway
  • 2. June 11/12th – RWYB – Ladies that Launch – Shakespeare County Raceway
  • 3. June 25/26th – Summer Nationals – Santa Pod
  • 4. July 16/17th – Dragstalgia – Santa Pod
  • 5. August 27/29th – Open Sport National Drag Races – Shakespeare County Raceway
  • 6. September 24/25th – National Finals – Santa Pod
  • 7. October 8/9th – Extreme Performance Bike Weekend – Santa Pod

Lanyards, noise, Nitro storage, cylinder head restraints and race leather zips all were discussed during the AGM – any questions on these please contact Steve Johnson, Barrie Gregory or Les Harris – it’s all far to technical for me! Read the rule book is all I would recomend!

Thank you for the flowers – they are still going strong.

Have a good winter one and all and keep the news coming into the website!

Scott has told me that the link to the minutes is listed below the points breakdown list on the points page, if you would like to get there in the future.

Regards, Yvonne

November 16th, 2010


Post 2010 AGM Change of Contact Details

Hi folks!

As I’m sure some of you are aware, there are some new contact details doing the rounds already for both Barrie and Steve, as both of their mobile numbers have changed.

Also I would like to welcome Bev Batsford as our new Vice Chairwoman, and I look forward to hearing from her with a little bit about herself, her history and how she prefers to be contacted, so anyone needing to speak with her will also be able to do so.

I hear there are new parties in charge of Merchandizing as well, and look forward to hearing more about that, and updating the Contact page a little more in the coming weeks.

Kind regards, Scott Price

November 12th, 2010


Supertwin on Show in New Zealand

Hi Guys

Just a quick one to show that I’m still flying the flag – this time at a local “Show & Shine” for the Lions Charity.

See if anyone else can show a Eurodragster logo further from home!

Hope to be out on a strip – Taupo Motorsport Complex – next weekend for a Test and Tune session.


Don Irvine
formerly STG6 – now B/DB 62
(B/Drag Bike – up to 999cc unsupercharged)

Sprint at Woodbrige – Slim’s first meeting

Saturday 23rd October


We got up at 5 am. Henry the Honda was already loaded in the transit whilst we got ready to set off at 7.30 in the heavy rain.

Got to the track at 9am, and fortunately the rain had nearly stopped, but we were left with a still very overcast and damp day. It was good to be back at a Sprint, a cheap day out and good fun.

Slim, bless her, was a little nervous (and who wouldn’t be) but very keen to get going. So after saying hello to everyone we unloaded Henry, which is our Honda CB 500 1998 road bike, and now is Slim’s Street ET drag bike. I had removed both mirrors, taped up the lights etc. Our good friend and fellow scruteeneer Doc Murray checked and passed Henry. Doc Murray runs the Sprint, and does a fine job of it. NAST members Mike and Siliva Nelthorpe where also there with there lovely carbon 250, which now has nos on it as well. What could possibly go wrong (I will tell you later). Racing did not get under way until 2pm; the problem was moss on the track which was holding water.

The sun came out and the track was good to go, with a head/side wind.

I did a couple of runs first and Henry ran very well indeed. It was now Slim’s turn, who looked the part in her new leathers/boots/gloves and helmet, and her orange novice vest.

Slim did very well, and after 4 runs, startline Pete asked for the Orange vest back, good girl. She completed 9 runs in total with a Personal Best of 15.40 at 87.65 mph. Not bad with stock gearing, and flat out in 3rd over the line.

The first 3 runs where:

  • ET 22.87
  • ET 20.36
  • ET 21.71

The next 4 where perfect set runs:

  • ET 16.13
  • ET 16.07
  • ET 16.02
  • ET 16.10

The last 2 where:

  • ET 15.69
  • ET 15.40

I think slims grin was as wide as the track.

Mike had done a few runs, it was now time to test the nos, which doc had helped fit.

As mike was going up to the start line, the nipple came off the clutch cable, so it was game over.

It was now 5pm and time to pack and go home. We said our goodbyes and set off in the rain.

What a top day, thanks to everyone.

Since the sprint, Henry has been stripped down, and work has started to get it ready for a full season in SuperTwins Street ET. Look out for SET 284.

Regards, Leso

November 8th, 2010


Steve Johnson’s Contact Changed

The mobile telephone number for Steve Johnson has changed to 07921 827381.

Kind regards, Scott 🙂

November 5th, 2010


Barrie’s Mobile Number Change

Phone number for Barrie has changed to 07586 869730, and we thought you best know about this before the up and coming AGM.

See you there, Barrie

October 24th, 2010


2010 Round 7 – Top Gas Delays Update

Please excuse the delay in the posting of the Round 7 Top-Gas summary. We seemed to have some email issues that hindered the process, but we have gotten around to bring you now.

Kind regards, Scott 🙂

2010 Round 7 – Top Gas Summary

Another round at the pod and another weekender but with a twist a tail wind and dry cool weather and also just bikes ACU & STRAGHTLINERS.

I got there about 5.00 pm quickly got the bike out and a fast sprint to the signing on office to find no open so got in line and waited for carol & co to open up then a quick change in to race wear and off to see Les & slim for some hands on probing and with that all done and dusted back to my main job talk crap and wind every one up with a bike Saturday and that cool air and tail wind was there PB time I wanted a 9.4 any 4 will do just to finish the year off, now I go racing nearly every week and to get a tail wind at pod is as rare as a top gas bike doing more than 3 eliminations before getting in the finals so things were looking good and no sooner said it was done me and hat 1st run a pair of 9.46 with the quicker one going to me a great time for me not so good for hat as his running out of puff before the end was still there. With Motty and his bag that he pulls one out was pulling early again with a 9.26 Soapy in 2nd place with a 9.34 and Les 9.50 Ric 10.2.

Will me as happy as Motty with a Pro Stock Buell The Hat was hat scratching about his bike and with a few changes we all tried again and again and again and at the end of the day Motty was number 1 soapy 2 hat 3 Les 4 Joe 5 Ric 5. The Hat had sorted out his problem a dud front plug always the $1 part that lets you down. With the new plug from Les the hat pulled off the top gas speed record on his street bike149.11 mph well done. There may be only 6 of us there but at one point 3 of us had run 9.46 how close Saturday night fell and the team meeting was held buy Barry again who was going to race but due to a problem with his boiler could not race, I saw Viv and she looked OK to me. A fresh face attended the meeting Ian marshal with news of a extra qualifier in the morning so beer o’clock for those who drink and a pot noodle for me Sunday morning and for me a quick sprocket change to take full advantage of the tail wind 1 tooth down for me the hat went the other way a bigger one now he had the mph he wanted the ET to match. 9.00am call the pairing lanes for the last qualifier it was nice to have another go but nothing changed so we had a long wait to eliminations as we had such a small field the 1st elimination was called and the hat beat Les with a 9.29, Motty nailed Ric with a 9.0 and Soapy some how beat me with a close race same reaction time .0 light each but not all wasted for me as I got a 9.44 so I was a happy lad and some of the Buell members had come down to see me run and when you normally invite mates down it goes tits up. The semis The Hat beat a smoky Soapy as his head gasket problem had come back to haunt him, Motty had a bye run and then to the finals Motty took the win but a well earned pot for the hat and over all win the Motty well done.

  • 1) Les for making the last round good to see you back
  • 2) The Hat for mph record and 9.29 ET (street bike remember)
  • 3) Joe 9.44et (street bike remember)
  • 4) Motty 9.0 ET and number 1 again (full on top gas bike not a street bike and professional rider and full HD support)
  • 5) John Hackney for accepting to be god farther to baby Jude (street pram no slicks or bars)
  • 6) Soapy number 2 on his second year (full on top gas bike)

Hope to see you at the AGM if Jude lets me .me and hat might come down on bikes.

Jo Elliot

October 22nd, 2010


Slow Motion Captures

I had recently purchased some Slow Motion Captures made by Blackett Photography and thought I would share them with you all to look at.

In this particular case, these videos are around two minutes long for the duration of a single run up the strip.

I don’t know about you, but I found them both useful and informative. Take a look and see, and let me know what you think folks.

Les’ Slow Motion Run 1
Les’ Slow Motion Run 2

Les Harris

October 19th, 2010


2010 Round 7 – ET Summary

Supertwins Round 7, October 9th-10th, Santa Pod, or A Comedy of Errors

The weekend started rather well, as we heard the radio warning that the A11 was closed before we had got far enough to be committed to it, so it was off down the Ipswich road to Diss, then Bury St Edmunds and so onto the A14. I’m sure that one day the A11 will be finished so that we can get out of and back into Norfolk without having the take the long way round, but probably not in my lifetime.

Arrived at the Pod at about half past four, the gates were open but that was about all – the only set of toilets open were the ones at the finish line, for example. Signed on, got scrutineered and then checked out who else was there. Only three ET racers had entered all seven rounds this year, me, Mike and Pete Harrison, and Tim Boutle had signed on for his sixth outing. That was it, four ET riders, with Damian Waterhouse still expected on the Saturday. It does seem to have become a very depleted field as the year has gone by and it’s a bit worrying having such a small field but, hey, MotoGP has got away with it for years.

The weather forecasts had been signalling a good weekend all week, so Saturday dawning cold and grey, with solid cloud cover and a cracking tail wind, came as no surprise. The running order showed four qualifiers spread across the day. Run one, I red-lit, Mike put in a good run considering he was trying home-made reed valves for the first time, Pete had a good run and Tim was a bit off the pace. Did I mention that Damian had still not appeared?

Second run, Pete and I both broke out, Tim had a better run, Mike didn’t. We thought that Damian was cutting it a bit fine, still no sign of him. Next run, both I and Mike got a lot closer to dial-in times, the weather shows no sign of improvement and Damian just shows no sign. My fourth run was a break out, but really good times so I was happy – the Pod’s table shows me leading qualifying, but they’re having a laugh (comedy of errors, remember) as both Pete and I know that he has put in a closer run than I have. The day is completed by Dave the Hat taking the Supertwins terminal speed record at 149+ mph, congratulations and a beer or two are in order, although not necessarily in that order. Oh, and the Pod have given us another qualifying run for Sunday morning. Still no Damian, so the assumption has to be that only four of us will be signed on – this in turn means that whoever is top qualifier won’t get a bye in the first round.

Sunday am, and the forecast is finally correct, sunny and warm(er). The final qualifier doesn’t change anything, I’m still first on the listing, although both I and Pete know that I am not. Pete goes to put the timers right, and now I am up against Tim in the first round – appropriate, as he could take third in the championship from me. We are told to be ready for 11 o’clock, although the pit runner knows there is a new running order but hasn’t been shown it yet. Then, just before 11 we are told to be ready for 12. Then, 2 o’clock. Then, there’s an oil-down. Then, while waiting in the firing lane a junior dragster is overturned in the shut don area. All of which is my excuse for throwing the first eliminator away when I decided that I had done enough waiting for one day and went early – very early. Mike also went out in round one. It took a while to confirm who had achieved what, as the timing slips had the wrong names on, it was that comedy of errors thing again. So, my third place in the championship ladder relied upon Pete beating Tim in the last final of the year – thanks Pete, the cheque’s in the post. I look forward to seeing the usual suspects at next year’s meetings, hopefully with some new faces.

Hatless Dave, SET 66

October 12th, 2010


2010 Round 7 – Points Now Available

As always a big thank you to Andy Marrs at TSI Timers(Europe), for his help with the data.

May we be some of the first to say well done to all, and to congratulate our new Champions at the end of this 2010 Season:

Top Fuel – Shawn Rodman
Top Gas – Chris Mott
ET – Peter Harrison

What great weather to finish the year with! Hope to see you all at the AGM!

Kind regards, Chris & Yve

October 6th, 2010


2010 Round 6 – Top-Gas Summary

National Finals and back at the pod the home of dragracing and with me finishing work early and with a already loaded camper and trailer I was off. On arrival I parked next to Mr hat but soon had to move as I didn’t have a 100m extension lead to reach the power box so had to upset Pete Harrison and park next to him. I soon signed on and off to see les and slim for a cheque up and with no hole or leaks back to base to talk c**p to every one.

With a 9.00am start the qualifying began with a very fresh strong side wind and a different prepared track as the man from VP was there and they were testing new stuff. Well the track was good and with the 1st qualifying session was on and was all well for me and Motty as we went together I laid down a 9.53 my 2nd best et which would of put me number 1 in 9.5 bike and Motty’s run was the one he pulls out the bag at the end of the day but early a 9.25. The Hat on the other hand f**ted his knee up with is pro mod style burnout and Ric had too much clutch in his smaller motor and stalled on the line. Soapy had no probs with a 9.43 and Martin took the new super charged rod up with a steady run pressing all his handle bar switches trying to find the air shifter button but ended up with all lights and flashers going.

The call for 2nd qualifier came up the hat notched him self up the ladder to number 2, Ric made a full pass with a 9.7, Motty lost gears in the burn out and aborted the run and with the 3rd qualifier in the dark all shift lights dimmed but still going through the top end with no lights in the dark is just plain mad and after a long full day and night of qualifying it was Motty 1, Hat 2, Soapy 3, Me 4, Ric 5, and martin 6.

Barry called us all to the meeting and with all riders present we went through important stuff like the AGM. I hope there more people there than riders in super twin other wise we could of hold it in a caravan. But the good news Les is with us for the last round and so is Barry who would of been with us earlier but he’s been having his leathers made he could of asked Chris cannon and borrowed his.

Elimination day started off well with a few classes getting through then the rain came, well drizzle which stayed with us all day till the event was called. Good news for Motty as he had gear box probs and good news for soapy as he had me.

  • 1) Martin for his C.H.I.P.S style ride up the strip – here is a clip of his run
  • 2) Yvonne for all the baby stuff many thanks from baby Jude

Jo Elliot

2010 Round 6 – ET Summary

September 25th, 26th – Santa Pod

As we left Norwich for Santa Pod we found ourselves in the sort of downpour that suggests we should have spent the summer building a large boat and collecting animals in pairs. Within twenty miles this had settled into a light drizzle, which sort of set the tone for the rest of the trip. Two pre-planned detours kept us moving around the queues at Elveden and Cambridge, and we rolled into the pits at about 4:00. Decided it was too windy to put up the party pit tent so we just laid out the base poles to reserve the space – more on this later. We were down to only six ET entries this time, and Mike Nelthorpe, Turbo Tim, Pete Harrison and myself settled in to a cold night. Couldn’t help noticing that Turbo was sporting a much more sturdy pit tent this time. Mike, the other half of team MaD, had refitted last season’s barrels & pistons, following the previous round’s engine burp, and had completed a sprint the previous weekend to run it all in.

Saturday morning and Simon Clamp arrived, together with Damian Waterhouse, and the ET field was all present and correct. The day had dawned sunny and bright, but with a fair old crosswind blowing. I moved the van to give a bit more room to put the pit tent up, and ran over the base pole on one side. Still, it’s an ill wind etc, and we now have two nice flats in the frame to run the bikes in and out over. First qualifier and, even if I say so myself, I ran a cracker – 11.08 on an 11.0 dial in, to go first place. Mike and Simon both broke out, Tim ran a bit slow after an over-excited start (aka a red light) and neither Damian nor Pete were particularly happy with their times. As the afternoon arrived it got cloudier, and colder. For some reason the hold-ups became more and more frequent, and we didn’t get out for our second run until gone 4:00. Nobody seemed to go any better.

The third round was after dark – oh joy. It must have weighed on my mind as I achieved the comedy run of the year, with a rubbish start compounded by being unable to find the shift button – then I looked down and found that I couldn’t even find the handlebars in the dark! The conditions suited both Pete and Simon, however, as they both ran better times than my first round effort, so the qualifying result was Pete, Simon, me, Damian, Tim and Mike. This resulted in me being drawn against Mike for the first eliminator, so the ride home in the van was shaping up to be quiet.

Sunday morning it rained about 07:30, but was dry at getting up time and the track was ready to go at nine am, as per the running order. The first 45 minutes ran well, then a super streetbike engine went pop, and left a trail of oil from the 1000 foot. Almost an hour later and the track was ready to go – and it rained. To cut a long story short, it went on raining on and off until the meeting was called off at 15:00.

So, I didn’t have to race against my teammate (or anyone, for that matter), Damian didn’t close on Pete in the championship (and I think that Pete is far enough ahead on points to be sure of the trophy now) and Tim missed out on a first round no-show because Simon had already left for the start of his holiday preparations before it was all called off. In fact, that gave the one light moment of the day, as Damian popped out of Simon’s caravan to find that his bike had already been loaded and, if he wanted a lift back, his day was already over.

So, one round left and the season will be over. Now just need to find a way to get the numbers back up again for next year.

Technical tip of the weekend – if you are running at the Pod, fit lights.

Hatless Dave, SET 66

October 3rd, 2010


2010 Round 6 – Points Now Available

I’m sorry for the delayed posting of the Round 6 points. I’ve been in bed ill with the local lergie for nearly the past week.

Hopefully this will help, though I’m sure it’s not much of a surprise for any of you given the weather last weekend.

Chris asked me to also mention a big thank you again to Andy Marrs at TSI Timers(Europe), for his help with the data.

Here is wishing you all better luck in the final round!

Kind regards, Scott

September 13th, 2010


2010 Round 5 – Shamus’ Website Update

Just to let you know that Shamus’s website AFB Drag Racing has been updated with pictures, video and report from the Open Sport Nationals.

Nick Saunders

September 7th, 2010


2010 Round 5 – Top-Gas Summary

After along wait from the truck show round 5 and back at Shacky and after the long drive there on Friday after work to a dry sunny pit area. I soon found my place next to my partner in crime the hat and after setting up and getting scrutineered I soon noticed the atmosphere was not the same as usual it just seemed a large part of super twins was missing and after speaking with dawn it was clear. No Supertwins marquee as Soapy could not make it because of work, or no work if he turned up.

With a low turn out of top gas bikes people started to question the bikes with slicks and bars what were they doing in our class. Saturday came with the sun and the 1st qualifier and with john hackney as my track spotter for the weekend things were looking good .after the 1st session the hat tried a 8th mile time on the back wheel and damaged his exhaust on a heavy landing, Motty was off boost, Ric had his new crank and pistons in which tried to get out. Robbie made his super penguin fly up the track and after 3 qualifying passes the day was done with hat at number 1 me at 2 Motty 3 Robbie 4 and Ric 5th. Saturday night fell and we were all called for the riders meeting and with Barry as spokesman where’s Neil when you need him and it was good to see Brian and Jonsey again.

Sunday came and with the later start and early finishing time there were only 2 runs to do well that’s what we were hoping for. On our 1st call light rain put stop to that but on the 2nd call we were all in the fire up road and you could see the rain at the top end of the track slowly making its way down the track and with a mad dash for cover it looked as if our bikes had all been on a tractor pull. The rain soon stopped and the sun came out and with a dry track we were out again but nothing changed in the running order. Ric had put his old crank in with his new pistons and after his last run it locked up at the top end which put him out of action. Motty sat the last one out as his bike was still off boost but finally he found the cause a cracked header which he got welded up on site. The hat ran a massive speed 147 mph which was a Supertwins record if backed up.

Monday was eliminations day. I myself had a hard day ahead I had a no show in the 1st and a bye in the second so I was hoping for a non slick wheelie bar final but after hats bye run in the 1st and Motty beating Robbie with a PB the silver surfer was on form and put stop to it and took hat out in the 2nd round. Then Motty and I in the final that bike was on one and he took an easy win well done Motty just make sure you play around with it before the next round. The Hat was unable to back the speed up but we know the bike can do it so let’s hope he will do it in the last two rounds.

  • 1) Motty for my T Shirt sizes from the salt flats
  • 2) The Hat for his 147 mph run shame he never backed it up
  • 3) Bex for making Christine’s cake

Jo Elliot

September 6th, 2010


2010 Round 5 – ET Summary

Supertwins Round 5, August Bank Holiday at Shakespeare County

Amazingly, for a bank holiday Friday, we had an easy run to Stratford, once we had detoured our way out of Norfolk/Suffolk. Arrived at Shakey at about 4 o’clock and found our designated pit space. No Supertwins tent this weekend, as Andy had been unable to secure time off work, and no Les either as people digested the news of his resignation from the position of Supertwins chair. If it hadn’t been for Les’ encouragement I wouldn’t be racing at all, so on a personal note I’m sorry to see him go. There were 9 entries on the Eurodragster website for ET this weekend, so looking forward to a better field than at round 4. By the end of Friday evening, myself, Mike Nelthorpe, Turbo Tim, John Munday, Peter Harrison and Simon Clamp had arrived and settled in.

Saturday morning and Damian Waterhouse and Nigel Batsford arrived, but Nick Holland turned up to announce that the Firestorm was not race-ready, having developed problems with the valves sticking. On to the first qualifier and my newly fitted air shifter worked fine – just that I wasn’t any quicker with it, starting a qualifying habit of running just over the 11 second mark. Mike started gently, running in new pistons and re-plated barrels to replace those wrecked in round two, this time with bigger main jets. Although a gentle run, his air shifter started playing up.

Second qualifier, Mike’s air shifter misbehaved again, Nigel’s Triumph decided it wouldn’t start resulting in a flurry of activity around Nigel’s pit followed by a visit to the Triumph dealer in Stratford who exchanged a new coil for the contents of Nigel’s wallet. Nigel would like to thank all those who pitched in to help get the Triumph running again, especially Peter for helping discover the problem and Barry for driving him into Stratford.

Third qualifier and Mike has sorted the problem with the air shifter and has completed his running-in. So the bike seizes solid, just into the shut-down area. I have been running in the 11s all day and have a best time within 12 hundredths of my dial-in – that’s only good enough for 6th qualifier. Seems the (other) ET guys are getting better at this.

On Sunday we are only scheduled for two runs. We only get one, at 5.30 pm, due to the following (in no particular order) – a morning of clearing up behind breakages, a chain going awol at the eighth-mile, a downpour (which included a gust of wind that thought it was a tornado that took out Turbo and Simon’s pit tents and turned Shawn Rodman’s really large pit tent upside down) and, finally, a VW that turned sharp left at the 1000 foot mark and took a bite at the armco. During the day we got the heads off Mike’s Aprilia to find that the pistons had picked up on the exhaust port bridge in each barrel.

Race day, and the wind which had been a feature of qualifying had dropped somewhat, and there was plenty of sunshine about. As I had done all 4 qualifiers at just over the 11 second mark, it seemed not unreasonable to dial in 11 seconds. Round 1, against John Munday, I run 10.81 so back on the trailer. Also out in the first round were Peter, due to a snafu run, and Nigel with a red light. So round two would be Damian v Simon and John v Turbo Tim who had benefited from Mike’s no-show in the first round. Damian broke out but seemed quite philosophical about it as it had at least proved that his bike was quicker than Simon’s, and Tim pulled a red light. The final saw John Munday red light, leaving Simon Clamp to take the points, honour etc with a break-out.

I thought I was going to have to do without a technical tip this round, but fortunately Dave Jones turned up on Saturday to spend a couple of days with us and he was wearing a very fetching woolly hat that summed it all up – embroidered on the front was “Sh*t Happens”.

Hatless Dave, SET 66

September 3rd, 2010


2010 Round 5 – Points Now Available

Hi Guys

Here are the points after Round 5 , thanks to Eurodragster for help with timing data.

Entry for National Finals are due in to the Pod by Friday 3rd Sept. Yes, that’s today folks so hurry up if you haven’t registered already!

Entry for Extreme Bike are due into the Pod by Friday 17th Sept.

Next copy of Streetfighters (due out this Friday) has a write up on the Truck Show + pics of Joe, Ric and Motty.

Cheers, Yve & Chris..

August 26th, 2010


The Tragic Loss of a Fine Racer

I am saddened by the news of the loss of a fine racer, ‘Canadian’ John van Geytenbeek on the 22nd of August 2010 whilst he was participating in the Dutch Finals at Drachten Airfield.

I appreciate not all of you will know Canadian John, but he was a good racer and a friend, and his loss will be significant to those whose lives he impacted.

I would like to extend our deepest sympathies John’s family and friends from all of us in NAST. I personally will miss him greatly.

His funeral was yesterday, the 25th August 2010.

EuroDragster posted an article, and also a means for people to leave tributes. You can read this at this link, and if you would like to leave a tribute I would recommend you use the email they provide in their news post here.

Kind regards

Les Harris

Les’ Withdrawal from the 2010 Race Season and Resignation as Chairman

I am further reminded by the recent tragic death of fellow Super Twinner ‘Canadian’ John van Geytenbeek that we all participate in a dangerous motorsport, something which requires all of our attention when we are spending those crucial few seconds racing down the track at great speeds.

With this in mind, I can no longer participate in this season given the recent focus my personal life has received whilst we are at the track. My personal life is just that, and is not related to the club or its racing. I feel it should not be the focus that is causing such distraction from the racing we are there to enjoy, as it is unrelated.

This kind of distraction can cause people to loose their focus and attention, all of which is required when the racer is on a run down the track. I cannot stress enough how this kind of loss of focus will ultimately lead to an accident which could result in someone’s injury, or perhaps worse.

I care greatly for the racers I have come to know and respect, whom I dearly love competing against. However, I feel the seriousness of this safety concern is not receiving the attention it deserves, and have so chosen to withdraw from the rest of this race season, and furthermore I have resigned as Chairman of the National Association of Super Twins with immediate effect.

You will still see me at the events I have agreed to work as a scruitineer. I do wish everybody in Super Twins the very best of luck in the remainder of this race season, and will be keeping an eye on how well you all do at the coming meetings.

Kind regards

Les Harris

August 6th, 2010


To all our Racers – Round 5

Round 5 is at Shakespeare County Raceway over the August bank Holiday weekend and entry forms are due now. Entry forms can be found at their downloads page.

See you there, Yvonne and Chris

July 20th, 2010


2010 Bulldog Bash – NAST Update 2

Any NAST member wishing to attend the bulldog bash to help out on the stand and do demo runs etc please get intouch ASAP with your full names, you will have to pay but you will get pit passes which will be on the service gate (the entrance we always use).

Regards, Leso

July 11th, 2010


2010 Bulldog Bash – NAST Update 1

NAST will have the tent HQ in the same place as last year, so we will need bikes on show, and NAST members to man it. Also, we are needed to do demo runs on Friday and Saturday.

Please let me know if you would like to attend. You will get passes, but you will have to pay.

We must support the bash, plus we all know its a top weekend.

More updates as soon as I get them.

Regards, Leso

July 8th, 2010


2010 Round 4 – Points Now Available

Hi folks!

Firstly, a very big thanks again to Andy Marrs and TSI Timers (Europe) for his help with the timing data.

The points for Round 4 are now available, and can be viewed here.

Regards, Chris + Yve

July 5th, 2010


2010 AGM Details

This year the AGM will be held on the 13TH November 2010 at The Prince of Wales Pub in Bedworth, Warwichshire. It’s details are as follows:

CV12 9DT
Telephone: 02476 316986

The pub will be closed for the length of the agm meeting then open up for everyone once meeting is over.

Parking is available overnight Saturday. Sunday breakfast is going to be available.

For more details either call Barrie Gregory or call The Prince of Wales and ask for Ian or Bex.

2010 Round 4 – Top-Gas Summary

Now if you want to do well in any of the 7 rounds ,this is the one to do it in with men that drive trucks very shinny trucks watching you with another Friday night set up but with no rushing around as signing on and scrutineering all done on the Saturday and with not a lot of racers there it was done at the pits .The pits were also used as a biker build off by soapy.

So Saturday morning arose and all stickered up and 7 of us in top gas ready for battle the qualifiers began and to my surprise I pumped out a 9.58 straight out the trailer and with all the others suffering with the heat and there slicks pulling there motors down I was 3rd and stayed there all day as the air got hotter the time got slower. Ric on the other hand who had, had problems all year testing new parts put his old motor in that run 9.3 last year at the truck show and ran a 9.3. The hat made it to the end but not with the numbers he wanted with not running 1st gear his 60ft times were lower than me nans tits. Motty had boost problems but not the boost problems that I thought he meant as I offered him my booster seat out my van.

With a early knock off at 3.00 we could enjoy the truck show pizza and Bex biscuits for me and a quiet sit down listening to Clampys relaxing tunes and the thought of me qualifying in 3rd place but that didn’t last too long as another run was set for 9.00 am Sunday.

Early start with the 4th qualifier I ran well but Motty and les pulled one out the bag and now I was 5th with les in my 1st elimination would it be 3rd time lucky for me. I had the Buell blessed by the religious truckers which seemed to work as I had les with out doing any thing stupid. Ric nailed Robbie and soapy knocked the hat out so after the 1st elimination it was straight over to the hats caravan with all the luck he had had over the last two weeks I removed any thing sharp but didn’t seem to work as he used one of his open caravan windows to cut his nose off.

With only 45mins cooling down it was the turn of the silver surfer and with him trying to spool his turbo up before fully staging which seemed to take for ever, well put it this way any longer I would of run out of mot .with the turbo off boost it was in the bag for the N.G.G.R. Ric nailed soapy so all the big boys were out now. With more time for a cool down it was slick n bars vs. street bike in the finals this was one of my goals and unlike the football mine was counted and with a no pressure final Ric took the win and we both got the big cheque and a shinny pot. So with a street bike getting into the finals has it changed any think not really but if a window cleaner turns up to your house to clean the windows with no ladders would he be able to do up and down, well any things possible.

  • 1) Ric for not bogging
  • 2) Motty for a full on surf
  • 3) Les for his fetching red boots

Jo Elliot

2010 Round 4 – ET Summary

Supertwins Round 4, June 26th-27th, Santa Pod. Guests of the UK Truck Show

Hooray, four and a half days after getting home from round three and we’re on the road to the Pod again, this time for the Truck Show. Which means that when we arrived we had to wait for a lad on a quad bike to lead us to our spot in the pits. Being now retired I’m a much more placid person, so was able to resist the temptation to nerf him into the Ladies toilet block round the back of the start area, and instead obediently followed to our assigned spot behind the main pit toilet block – more on this later in the report.

Only six entrants in ET this time, and by 8.30 in the evening five were present – Peter Harrison, Mike Nelthorpe, Turbo Tim Boutle, myself and, for the first time this year, Simon Clamp. By 9pm the number was down to four as Turbo headed off back to Brighton for a set of ignition keys for his bike. As it was Simon’s first meeting this year, and bearing in mind how much rebuilding had gone in during the week to get some of the Top Gas boys back to the start line, I asked Simon to describe his winter maintenance and tuning schedule which turned out to be as follows:

  • a) bike out of shed on Thursday, checked it would start
  • b) replaced missing exhaust clamp bolt

That’s ET, racing on a shoestring.

Saturday arrived hot and sunny and with a flurry of polishing amongst the truck boys. Turbo had arrived back with keys at about 2 am and was just settling down to breakfast when we found out why we had been pitted in that area, as the first of a series of honey carts arrived to pump out the tanks under the toilet block. Taking the piss is one thing but this was a bit more solid than that.

There was no mention of Supertwins racing in the official program but grapevine said that we would get a slot between 10.00 and 11.30, with probably two qualifiers in that time. The Top Gas boys began to wonder whether the clutches would manage it. With two rounds of qualifying completed Damian finally wanders into the pits giving us a full six ET entrants. It was a fairly laid back day, very hot. I tried to get into the Truck Show spirit, even managed to polish my helmet between a couple of the qualifier runs. Overall, the qualifying ended with Pete showing excellent (or annoying, depending on your viewpoint) consistency to take top spot, then me, Damian (on the strength of the one run he was in time for), Simon, Turbo Tim with a PB for the bike but breaking out in the process, and Mike. Yeah, that’s fine, second qualifier will do me – then we heard we were getting a fourth qualifyer on Sunday morning, damn. The post-qualifying meeting was enlivened when Joe Elliot and myself were given an award apiece to honour our journalistic excellence in respect of these reports, each receiving a Les Harris Drag Racing Team hi-tech polishing cloth, and very useful it will be.

Sunday qualifying changed nothing as far as the order in ET was concerned. For the first round of eliminators, Turbo’s crew, Lydia, turned out in white mechanics overalls, very Goodwood. This obviously had a beneficial effect on Tim as he ran his best reaction time of the weekend, tragically against me. My only consolation being that in breaking out I got a PB for 60 foot and ET. Mike went through when Damian pulled a red light with at least one amber still to go, and Simon red-lit allowing Peter into the final via a second round bye. In the second round both Tim and Mike broke out, with Tim going through to meet Peter in the final.

So, Peter was in the final for the fourth round of four, and took the win when Tim broke out.

Congratulations to Pete on what is now a massive haul of points in this year’s ET championship.

And very finally (as this should have been in the Summer Nationals report but got lost in transmission), Bev’s technical term of the event – with no Bev present for round three we turned to my teammate Mike Nelthorpe for inspiration – having watched him empty the contents of his carburettors over Sylvia’s hands I indicated the large petrol stain on the tarmac and asked how it had got there. His reply, “it’s Sylvia’s fault”, must be considered a classic.

Hatless Dave, SET 66

June 30th, 2010


2010 Round 4 – Chairmans Summary

On one of are coffee stops on route to Santa Pod we packed next to a lovely hover craft fitted with a V Twin engine, ideal for rainy weekends at the track, I can hear it now Super Twins Hover crafts please make your way to the pairing lanes.

Well what a difference 5 days can make from over cast and very cold to blue skies and boiling hot, too hot maybe!!

Its good to have 2 race meetings back to back, unless, you have a broken bike as Andy (Soapy) Watson found out, how hard can it be to get a set of head gaskets for a TL (football really has got a lot to answer for!), to cut a long story short in the end Andy fitted them in the pits on Friday night. It was nice to see Simon Clamp back racing with us, and thank you for bringing your mobile disco which worked rather well on both nights.

Signing on was at 8am shortly followed with scrutineering in our pits as it was only NAST racing, so an easy morning for Steve Johnson.

We had 3 qualifiers which worked well but there was no cool air but lots of grip for most of us, Motty had a wild run after finding a slick bit of track. Our last Saturday night site meeting, until August went very well, no tail lift so it was back to the tool box, it was nice to see Motty make the effort, and come dressed as the silver surfer (amazing what you can get from a charity shop) i was so impressed with the last 2 write ups, by Hatless Dave and Joe the Meercat, i had to give them an award, thanks to Anna to presenting the awards and for Dawn Watson taking the photos. All in all a very good meeting, come back Neil all is forgiven, beer o’clock followed.

Sunday was another beautiful hot day and we were in the pairing lane at 9am for an extra qualifier, which was handy and the only decent run I did all weekend. The Meercat was on form taking me out in round 1 and the Silver Surfer in round 2, but the man of the match award must go to Ric Naylor for winning the final and halting the street bikes progress. SLICK AND BARS RULE!!!!! In the street ET final it was good to see Turbo Tim on his dust bin faired CX and well done to Pete Harrison for winning it. Good to see shamus running his fuel bike and well done for winning the £100 bet by doing a full pass.

As we were out of racing we spent some time wondering round taking some pictures of the beautiful trucks etc 1 even had a NAST number plate (see photo below ). A massive thank you to Carole Ismail and Emma Humphreys for the food and drinks in the VIP sweet, and Geoff Capps for the humour, all in all a top weekend thanks to the truck show promoters for having us, look forward to seeing you all again in August.

Regards, Leso

Shamus’s site for the Fuel bike

Shamus’s team now has a website for the Fuel bike! This new website is www.afbdragracing.co.uk

On the site are pictures, reports and videos, as well as links to track websites etc.

Nick, Shamus’s Crew

June 26th, 2010


2010 Round 3 – Points Now Available

Hi folks!

Sorry to say I was out Thursday evening when the points arrived, and was tied up with work all day Friday, and a commitment to help some friends move house this morning.

I’ve just put the points up now, so hopefully they will be available for your viewing pleasure.

Good luck at Round 4 this weekend!

Regards, Scott 🙂

2010 Round 3 – Points Late

Here’s the results from round 3, sorry it’s a bit late with round 4 being this weekend. We’ll take a printed copy to the track , so people can see where they are at!Thanks to Andy Marrs at TSI Timers for his help with the data.

Chris & Yvonne

Coming Sprint

There’s a new sprint been organised for pre 1985 bikes, by Straightliners and the Vintage bike club at East Kirkby in Lincolnshire.  Perhaps some of the twinners have some old skool sprinters they’d like to bring along.

Chris & Yvonne

June 24th, 2010


2010 Round 3 – Santa Pod Summer Nationals – Top-Gas Summary

At last we were at the Pod no offence to Shaky, the start to summer as well so a hot fun filled weekend ahead of us and with most of us all with a little white sticker off Les or Steve we were good to go. The Hat turned up late with his bike, tyre still warm from the last dyno-run. No sign of Jonesy! How long does it take to put a set of bars on?

Saturday morning and as normal we were right down the running order and the weather not quite summer yet and a strong side wind to look forward to. I lined up with Robbie Dobbie and at looking across at his penguin logo which made me feel even colder, but all that cold air and sticky back stuff I ran my PB a 9.56. Diferent story for The Hat the bike died after the burn out leaving just one N.G.G.R left to do the work. Les ran a PB as well but Soapy was off his normal pace, The Silver Surfer had swopped his surfboard for a jet ski and was on one all weekend. Ric was testing more new bits and after a full three runs and the qualifying list printed up it was beer o’clock. Time for some top-gas maintenance; so I did a check of my road tax and also the tyre depth.

The ladder was put up on the board and to my surprise I had Soapy so I slept well all night. Sunday morning came with no change to the weather conditions and with me and Soapy ready to do battle and to my surprise I took the win and another PB a 9.51 ET to a losing 9.56 ET but problems for Soapy he had so much oil in his air box we called BP to cap it. Motty beat the penguin, Les had a bye with a no show from Ric. Then in the semi-finals Leso and I; what could go wrong? Well I’ll tell you; my bike does not launch well in 2nd after doing a 2nd gear burn out but so tit head didn’t put it back in to 1st. Motty had a bye so it was a wheelie bar final between Les and Motty, and with Motty being on fire all weekend, he ran his PB. Les was running the numbers for his bike but the faster bike won.

  • Dave the Hat for keeping his cool all weekend and not slitting his wrists
  • Robbie Dobbie for just turning up and enjoying himself
  • Motty for being on one all weekend

Regards, Jo Elliot

2010 Round 3 – Santa Pod Summer Nationals – ET Summary

The weather forecast had been unchanged almost all week; it was definitely going to be warm and probably sunny into the bargain. 2 miles from the Santa Pod entrance, the first rain hit the windscreen. It stopped just long enough to get the tent up, then started again as we queued for scrutineering. Then it got cold! So much for the inexact science of weather forecasting! During this period there was an embarrassing senior moment episode involving a forgotten license, a replacement one-event license and the discovery that the license was actually in the van all the time! Modesty prevents me from naming names.

On the subjects of modesty and scrutineering, may I request a few less comments about how tight my leathers are getting? Thanks, Tim.

Missing for this weekend was Bev Riley and the rest of the Stratstone Harley team. This was particularly noticeable at the traditional post-qualifying club meeting on Saturday evening, where Neil’s absence may have been a major factor in the whole thing being done and dusted in 10 minutes flat – come back soon guys!

Sign-on saw eight entrants in the ET class – myself, Mike Nelthorpe, the Johns (Munday and Hackney) Damian Waterhouse, Tim Boutle, Peter Harrison and Nick Holland. After a cold night, Saturday started windy and cloudy. First qualifier saw Mike Nelthorpe running too rich, Nick Holland ditto, Peter breaking out by 1/100th second and Turbo Tim having problems with a binding rear brake. The 2nd round saw Mike with smaller jets in and running better, Turbo also getting up the strip quicker without the brakes on. Damian had a bad start, so no improvement on his round one position, Peter stayed inside his dial in to qualify and John M. improved on his first round. Nick Holland’s beautiful, and evolving, Firestorm was playing up with missing sparks. John Hackney was wondering why his TL was a couple of 10ths off his last RWYB, but had qualified.

After the third round of qualifying the order was as follows:

  • John Munday, Mike Nelthorpe, Hatless Dave, Damian Waterhouse, Peter Harrison
  • John Hackney, Turbo Tim and Nick Holland

Sunday dawned a bit warmer, and eventually picked up and became a lovely day. Nick Holland had been unable to get his bike to play ball, in spite of a very long evening’s spannering the night before, and would not make it to the start, hope the problem eventually turns out to be a simple fix. The first round saw Peter break out, but by less than John Munday, Mike Nelthorpe lost to John Hackney, but was pleased with a weekend of consistent times. Damian went through on a no-show, and I completed the foursome for the semi-final.

In the semis, I broke out in a vain attempt to catch Peter after he beat both my reaction and 60 foot times and Damian went out to John Hackney. So, Peter through to the final for the third time in three outings. But – – – – – he red lit and John Hackney ambled to a 10.73 to take the points on his first outing with us in 2010, congratulations.

Hatless Dave, SET 66

2010 Round 3 – Santa Pod Summer Nationals – Summary

First time this season NAST has been to pod, it was the summer nationals but on the Friday and Saturday night it was more like flame and thunder, it really wasn’t very warm. Saturday the track was very good and well prepared 10mph side/tail winds and good cool air.

With these conditions allot of people ran PB’s, I was very pleased with the way Tilly ran getting into the 9.4’s was good, it was also very good to see Motty back on form with his 9.1 in the final to my 9.45, also nice to see the Robot back in action and winning his final.

Well done to Joe (the meercat) Elliott on his PB of 9.51, pity about lunching in 2nd gear but thanks anyway buddy. Mike Nelthorpe was also running well with last years 250cc top end back on. Pity about Ric Naylor and Dave the Hat with their engine problems, and Andy “soapy” Watson did a head gasket in.

The Saturday night site meeting went very well and only took around 10 minutes Neil and the Harley crew are sadly missed. Thanks to Nick Holland for lending me his tail lift to stand on, so much better then a tool box.

By midday Sunday the sun was shining, the meeting was running well ahead of time, with on real problems it was nice to run the finals in such nice weather conditions. All in all a top weekend well done to everybody who attended, see you all on Friday for the truck show.

Regards, Leso

June 17th, 2010


SuperTwins Top-Gas Scrapheap Challenge

The NAST Scrapheap Challenge episode will be shown on Sunday 11th July on Channel 4 at 5.30pm (1730). This should be good for a laugh.

The NAST Scrapheap team will be competing in the Medieval Thrower (2) episode.

See you all this weekend!

Regards, Leso

May 22nd, 2010


2010 Round 2 – ET Summary

Another Friday, another trek from the land that time forgot to Long Marston. Having checked the day before we knew that the entries would be available on the gate, but a good run through saw us at Shakespeare County long before the gate office opened. The pits looked like an empty supermarket car park, so the usual discussion ensued about where to park. Gradually over the next few hours the usual suspects arrived, and Friday night saw 5 ET racers on site. Turbo Tim Boutle has got two Turbo CX Hondas with him, one with a very 1960s dustbin fairing on it.

After a cold night, Saturday dawned sunny and with very little wind – bit of an improvement over two weeks earlier. Damian Waterhouse and Pete Harrison added to the ET field, and riders started to take advantage of the offer of free RWYB runs. Damian came back from his first with a misfire, but only when the bike was hot. First qualifying runs saw the start of the disastrous Saturday summed up so well in Les’ summary – Fellow Team MaD racer Mike Nelthorpe got as far as the shut down area before the 2 stroke racers’ nemesis (a short squeak followed by a long silence) heralded a piston seizure – well, two of them to be exact. Investigations are on-going. Damian got round the misfire by starting his run from cold, but picked up an oil weep from the clutch cover, I was looking somewhere else when the lights went to green and Bev Riley had a good run but broke out. Tim’s Honda ran slow with mixture set-up woes. While all the drama was going on, Pete went to number one qualifier and John Munday crept closer to disaster with his reaction time – not below zero yet, but watch this space.

Qualifier round 2, only six now Mike has dropped out. Damian has replaced the clutch cover gasket, but breaks out. John goes to second qualifier, but was still concerned at how low his reaction times were. I got the closest to my dial-in for a long time, and took top qualifying spot – the crowd go wild! (in my dreams).

Qualifier round 3, John breaks out, but the time’s a PB, Pete runs an 11.59, also a PB and a break-out. Tim runs a PB on the Turbo Honda, but unfortunately it’s in one of the RWYB sessions, so doesn’t count for qualifying. Nice to see Steve Moxley during the day, but he says that he only turns up for qualifying if the weather is due to be bad for race day, so waking up to rain at about 7 o’clock on race day was not entirely a surprise. What was surprising was that the day cleared up and then defied the forecasters by staying good all the way through to the scheduled close.

Round 1, I had a bye, Pete beat Bev who had gear change problems, John beat Tim who had improved the fueling on his bike sufficiently to break out and Damian took advantage of Mike Nelthorpe’s no-show.

Round 2, Damian struggled to burn out, as the misfire got worse. However, John’s fears about his reaction times proved well founded as he red-lit. Dawdling on the line meant that I only saw the back of Pete’s Ducati up until the 1000 foot mark, where I passed him to record a stunning break out! Stunning in as much as it was a PB. Still a break out though, so for the second round running it was Pete Harrison and Damian Waterhouse in the final.

The final – and for the second time in a row, Pete beat Damian to take the points. No times, I’m afraid, ‘cos they aren’t on the Shakespeare County web site.

And finally, Bev’s technical term of the event – “it’s proper f*****, mate” is the technical description of a motorcycle that is going to result in a mortgage-sized repair bill.

Hatless Dave, SET 66

2010 Round 2 – Top Gas Summary

It was just a weekender but what a weekend the sun was out all weekend. Scruitineering was done on the Saturday morning no problems for me but Les had been picked up on a non wired oil plug I told him to look at the super twins web site under contacts for Steve he would put him on the right track.

With only one day at qualifying and just 3 cracks of the whip and after a long day of RWYB and qualifying runs it was close 4 bikes in the 9.8 I seemed to get better time on the RWYB runs as on the qualifying ones there were bike crashes happening right in front of my very eyes 1st rick decorating the 60ft with aluminium and Jonesy barrel rolled his V-Rod at the top end which put me on edge a bit.

Hat lost 1st gear so we ended gearing it up so he could launch in 2nd and he still qualified one up on me soapy ran a 9.3 so number 1. After 5 o’clock the track was closed and a lot of people had gathered around Damian’s bike and were saying things like, well with a lot of work he will be racing again, so I went over and pointed them in the direction of Jonesy’s bike. Jonesy was a very lucky man and with lots of SuperTwiner’s offering parts to rebuild his bike just shows the good spirit of the SuperTwins crowd. I offered to lend him my step ladders so he could put his handle bars back on.

Sunday came I sneaked a RWYB in the morning my fastest of the weekend my 1st elim was hat which I had to win as he had no gear box left but still did not stop him from running his quickest of the weekend but lost due to him being asleep on the lights .Les beat Robbie, Motty (the silver surfer) won the Jonsey no show, soapy had a bye.

In the semis I had Soapy, enough said. Motty took Les out as Les took the long way down. But the best race was Motty and Soapy a 9.53 to a 9.54 what a race and now I know why they call Soapy, because he always cleans up!!!

  • Jonsey for still being alive
  • Jo and Dave hat for my birthday cake
  • Soapy’s 9.3 ET

Regards, Jo Elliot

2010 Round 2 – Serious Wheelspin

This is what happens when you get some serious wheelspin from a hard launch.

We’ve tried to string some of the photos Steve from Eclipse Photo’s of the wheelspin occuring, into a short animation for you guys to look at.

Regards, Leso
The Animation of the Steps

The Separate Steps

May 20th, 2010


2010 Round 2 – Les Summary

It looked at first that the main problem would be the weather, with lots of rain coming our way! Fortunately we got lucky and experienced no rain!

However, there where problems; I think the f**k up fairy was on duty!

Mike Nelthorpe nipped up both pistons on his big bore 250. Dave ‘the hat’ broke 1st gear and later on did 6th gear as well. Ric Naylor had clutch problems and then the l/hand rear wheel adjuster failed resulting in the wheel turning right, the chain came off, and locked up the wheel.

Ric was lucky not to come off, unlike Dave Jones who had a big off in the shut down area. Dave walked away, top man, a true pro. The v rod can, and I am sure, will be rebuilt but in the mean while Dave will be back out on his 2.1 litre Harley. Looking forward to seeing it run Dave!

On a much lighter note, well done to the winners, Soapy Watson, on fire and running low 9 et’s, and winning the gas final, and no doubt looking for a hat trick at the Summer Nats, much the same for Pete Harrison in ET.

It was good to see Shamus, running his top fuel Harley, and at pod he is going to try 2nd gear!

It was strange for NAST to be the only bikes racing, but i think it worked so well, lots of runs at a nice pace.

Plus we could, and did, change the time we were going to run, what a bonus! Having a two way radio helped!

A big thank to all the staff, crew etc, at Shakey for a top weekend, as it worked really well! Special thanks go to Julie, top lady, and Tony, top man.

Another bonus was getting home at a sensible time and in day light!

See you all at the Summer Nats.

Regards, Leso

May 19th, 2010


Entry Forms for Rounds 3 & 4

Now is the tmie to start getting in your Entry Forms for Rounds 3 & 4, both of which are at Santa Pod.

You can download the forms from this page on the Santa Pod Racers Club website.

2010 Season – Round 2 Points Up

A much better weekend weather wise, although the damage rate, to both bikes and riders, was bloody high!

Thanks again to Wayne Schreier of APIRA for the timing data.

Chris & Yve ..

May 13th, 2010


Tickets for the Coming Round

The Tickets for this weekend are going to be on the gate.

May 10th, 2010


2010 Round 1 – ET Summary

Spring Nationals, Shakespeare County Raceway, May Bank Holiday

The first Supertwins meeting of 2010 and as we rolled into the pits on Friday afternoon there were our race numbers marking our individually assigned areas – fame at last. Mid evening saw six of the seven ET entries present and scrutineered – Bev Riley, Nick Holland, Pete Harrison, John Munday, Nick Holland, Mike Nelthorpe ans myself. Saturday morning saw sun gradually replace the overnight showers, and the arrival of the remaining ET racer as Damian Waterhouse turned up with a rapidly deflating rear tyre on his Transit and no wheel jack.

The track was dry by midday, and everyone got in 3 qualifying runs during the day. My first run resulted in a 10.999 on an 11 second dial in, and my day went downhill after that. Noticeable during the day was that the usual winding up by Joe Elliot has now transferred to the Gas class, and it’s much more enjoyable as a result. By the end of the day Pete was leading qualifying from new(ish) guy Nick on a beautifully turned-out Firestorm. I was lying in last place.

At 7.00 pm Les started to speak at the Supertwins meeting and the first peal of thunder was heard (coincidence, I think). By 7.30 it was raining, and it stayed that way until around 7.00 am on Sunday. The day stayed mostly dry thereafter, but cold and with a cracking head wind blowing down the strip. In addition to the wind the track temperature was well down on the previous day with grip levels also down. By the end of Sunday, qualifying closed with the top two places unchanged from Saturday.

Monday dawned dry and blustery, still with a head wind and very cold. Racing started at about 10.45, or three quarters of an hour late, and the day proceeded as an uphill struggle against rain showers, hail showers, oil-downs (that’ll be 8.50 Bike) and problems with the timing lights. Amazingly, due to sterling work by the Shakespeare County staff, they got through the whole event by about 6.30 pm. The first round saw Mike, Damian, Pete (on a bye as no. 1 qualifier) and myself through. In the semi finals, Damian put me out and Pete saw off Mike, the final playing out as Pete running 12.026 to an 11.90 dial-in, Damian running 11.991 against 11.40

Pete takes the top points for first ET win of 2010.

Thanks are due to those who crewed for us, Sylvia, Neil and Ian, with Jo and Barry standing in where needed.

And finally, Bev’s technical term of the event – “all squiggly at the back” is the technical description for the feeling you get when the rear tyre spins up on changing into 2nd.

Dave Shorthose, SET66

May 8th, 2010


2010 Season – Round 1 Points Up

The points after the end of Round 1 are now available for review by all.

What’s been going on?

Hi folks!

Well just a little update for you all, as things have been rather quiet on the SuperTwins website, and I really failed to communicate what’s been going on.

In the past few months work load for me has gone through the roof!  For those of you that work for yourself, you know full well how busy things can get, and how at other times you can have no work at all. For those that work for someone else, sadly working in a small company or for yourself can involve far longer hours then just a 9-5 job, often from 7 in the morning until 10 at night, with a lot more to think about as well, but also comes with convenience and flexability at times as well, so things generally balance out well in the end.

However, that having been said, my business partner has also not been well in the past month or so, and I have tried to pick up on his workload as much as the work I have had already. Sadly a few days ago he suffered a stroke, and is currently in the hospital receiving care. With this having happened, the last thing I want his wife to be thinking about is doing the books for the company, so my workload will be going up a bit more in the weeks ahead.

These unfortunate things happen, and do have a habbit of getting in the way of other things we have planned, but hey ho we’ll just deal with it and progress as best we can.

With all this going on, Les and I are still trying to return to having regular website nights again, but this has just gone to show what can happen when life gets in the way, which is exactly why we had all discussed the other aspects for the website’s features and functionaliy and trying not to have it as one person alone’s responsibility.

As a brief update to that, it has currently taken a few man weeks of time on the work already done, and whilst at some point in the not too distant I might be in a position to start rolling out new parts, they will be very limited in functionality at first.  We will gradually expand the websites capabilities as and when we have time to do so. This really does mean don’t expect everything all at once, it will start with things like being able to submit your own news, and then grow over time to adding more content to the website.

All said and done, we are still on the case, it’s just a lot more time consuming then perhaps some of the technology adverts on the TV seem to suggest. As a quick example, on one of my recently finished projects, the website aspect took roughly 140-150 person hours to build, which is approximately a full months working hours. As you can gather, this has to occur after the paid work that I have to do to earn my income, so hopefully you can see why it’s taking a while. 🙂

Anyway, when things started to happen recently I should really have put a post up to just let people know what’s going on, so please have my apologies that things instead got stalled.

Regards, Scott 🙂

2010 Round 1 – Les Summary

Well done to all that made it to round 1 in Fuel, Gas and ET for braving and surviving the weather conditions!

However, I feel that having three qualifying runs on Saturday and Sunday was a huge result for everybody that took part, and of course we got the meeting finished.

Well done to the winners and runners up, which was Andy ‘Soapy’ Watson in Top-Gas, Pete Harrison in ET with Damien as runner up.

Nice to see Shamus with his Fuel Bike who had problems with the fuel shut-off pin coming out when the bike was running, and shutting it down. Nice to see that it works though! This actually saved the bike from serious damage as the valves were kissing each other! Not good :S

Hard luck to Ric Naylor who blew a head gasket.

Well done boys and girls, and see you next weekend for Round 2! Let’s hope the weather will be better.

Regards, Leso

2010 Round 1 – Top-Gas Summary

Round one its time again, after a long hard cold winter lots of swearing and money spent on making your machine to go from A to B that little bit quicker well it was time to find out for some us.

Motty, Les, hat, soapy and my good self had been modd’ing the most. Motty had only done a paint job and very nice too he is starting to look professional now he had also moved all his electrics about so should go straight on 1st run as no major changes, yeah right.

During qualifying on the new Guinness track black with a white top traction seemed to be good and no problems with the speed bump. Soapy had picked the wrong class and should have been in 9.50 bike and getting quicker with each run but might of been down to it getting lighter and lighter I have now introduce him to thread lock and things called spanners. Motty pulled one out the bag 9.3 which made him number 1 so it was a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 7th to the Zimmer Frame Gang.

The New Generation Gas Riders (NGGR) claimed 3rd and 5th but Jonesy, who was batting for both teams, was hooking his new micky T but running the loft ladder at the back had a few problems with finding his shift button that’s down to age.

Sunday came and so did winter and 100mph head wind which did not help with times even with another 3 runs the same conditions persisted for the Monday, but with a bit of rain, hail, and snow which did not let us out till 3pm. I was the 1st to go with spinning up on Les and I had him on reaction, hat beet Jonesy, Soapy ran solo as Ric had broke and Motty had a by run. In the 2nd round Soapy beat Hat and Les won against Motty, and then in the finals Soapy beat Les so well done to every one in ET and Gas.

Lets all keep the numbers up this year!!

  • None this time around

Regards, Jo Elliot

Are you ready Top Gas? We are!!!

Are you ready top gas we are. Well your thinking wheres the wheelie bars ang slicks well we thought we give you a chance see you at shakey!

Regards from The Hat and The Meerkat

Note from the Editor:
If you want to know more, go to Compare The Gas Bike.com isn’t it Mr Meerkat? 🙂

Top-Gas Bike for Sale

MW Motorsport 2008 NAST mint award winning fuel chassis, now fitted with a Ducati 998 Testastretta engine to run in top gas for 2010.

Bike has been completely rebuilt with many new parts.

  • Heads have been ported and flowed
  • 52mm throttle bodies with single shower injectors (F1 technology!)
  • 16M ECU with 748R chip for ignition map
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Power commander

Sintered lockup clutch and air shifter.

Digital dash with programmable shift lights.
Also included:

  • Start battery trolley
  • work shop and pit stands
  • some special tools and spares

For more details phone Martin on 01795 475855

Is This The Ultimate SuperTwin!!!??? Gunbus

Take a look at this bike, it doesn’t look that big, then scroll down and see it with a girl sitting on it. A big production motorcycle engine would be 140 cubic inches, this one is 410! That’s 3364cc per piston…

I just want to ride it once!!!!!

The Gunbus 410 cubic inch (6728cc’s) V-Twin motorcycle is complete. The monster engine placed in a motorcycle frame of comparable size looked impossible and many who saw the photos were skeptical of the bike ever being finished, but I guess Clemens F. Leonhardt is one of those persistent guys who ignores the naysayers and keeps at his work.

The fuel-injected, 45 degree 6728 cc/410 cubic inch V-Twin runs through a 3 speed transmission with reverse and actually looks pretty good in its finished state. In fact, everything looks good! It puts out 523 foot pounds of torque. Seat height is 31.5 inches and overall length is 136 inches. It is a little heavy at 1433 pounds so high speed corner carving might be an issue and there aren’t any photos of the big bike on the road, so I guess we’ll have to wait for the road test, that is if someone can actually road test this monster.

This is actually going to go into limited series production and a sidecar will be available as well, which might help with balance when waiting at a light.

I don’t even want to think about a driveway tip over.

Message from New Zealand

Hi Guys,

A few pictures I thought you might find interesting.

Have a look at the name of the pub in the background – I was part of a small display run by Ulysses MCC (motto – Grow Old Disgracefully) in the middle of Morrinsville prior to the toy run.

V Twins – new and old Indians still being ridden.

Will be moving to our “new” place 20/21 March so may be “off-line” for a few days.

Looked a bit chilly at the Pod – nice blue sky, though.

The “Robot’s” motor looks interesting – what bore is he using?

Regards, Don

March 22nd, 2010


2010 Season Starts – Round 1 & 2 Entry Forms Now Up!

Round 1 at Shakespeare County Raceway on the first Bank Holiday in May – entry forms should be at the racetrack by Friday April 9th

Round 2 also at Shakespeare County raceway is 2 weeks later and these forms should be at the racetrack by Friday April 23rd.

Both forms can be found at http://www.shakespearecountyraceway.co.uk/downloads.asp

You will need your ACU license – forms found at www.acu.org.uk and a Supertwins race number – you can renew your membership of NAST at the first race meeting but please check with me for your 2010 race number.

Regards, Yvonne Mott

February 15th, 2010


Euro Dragster Perpetual Award Winner Not Listed Last Time

When we previously posted about the Euro Dragster Perpetual Awards, we forgot to mention one other twinner that was up for an award, and ironically it was the only supertwinner to win an award. Isn’t that just typical, hey?


  • SPRC Award – The James Edgar Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Performance: RIC NAYLOR for Dave Beck (Pro Stock Bike)

Well done Ric! We’re sorry we missed you in the previous listings!

Spill the Beans

Steve Moxley needs info on all NAST Drag Bikes and Racers.

Steve is putting together a write up for the Santa Pod Thunder Ball programme, all about NAST.

So boys and girls, whats new for 2010???? New bike/turbo/class change/big bore etc?

And this is all needed ASAP! It’s been a cold hard winter, it wont be long before we are racing again, but in the meantime tell us what you’ve got going on.

Regards, Les Harris

New SET racer for 2010

Our very own slim has just got her first race bike, a very clean Kawsaki GPZ 250.

Slim will be racing in Street ET as SET284, and has already got plans for Kelly (her bike), ie air shifter, long arm, turbo, etc.

Addicted to drag racing, Slim has got the bug big time, and has already got her eye on Tilly 3.

Regards, Les Harris

SuperTwin’s Down-Under

Hi Les and gang,

Just a quick update – now that I’m fully internetted again.

Made contact with the NZ Tech Inspector to get my bike checked out – he invited me to a sponsored meet at the Fram Autolite Dragway to have a play.

Managed 4 runs (could have had 6, but bike and me too hot) best 11.11@118.44

Guy with the rotary engined bike did an 8.92@141 on his fifth run on the bike!!!!! Check out the spec. sheet!

He bought us all a beer afterwards.

But the REALLY good thing about the day was that it was FREE !!!!!

I love this Kiwi hospitality !!!

All the best to everybody

Regards, Don

P.S. I need a new chain-guard and a new pair of gloves to meet NZ regs.

Race Rock Night Invite

Race Rock Night Invite Poster

Regards, Les Harris

Getting Ready for Top Gas

Just getting ready for Top Gas, no slicks or sissy sticks. Just thought you might like a quick peek:
Jo Elliot Getting Ready for Top Gas Piston Picture

Regards, Jo Elliot

January 16th, 2010 (Updated January 21st, 2010)


EuroDragster SPRC/APIRA Perpetual Awards for the 2009 Season

Euro Dragster Perpetual Awards, in conjunction with SPRC and Apira to be awarded at the Dinner & Dance and trophy presentation on Saturday 6th February 2010.

This year we have quite a few NAST members who are up for awards:

  • SPRC Award for Most Promising New Comer: ANDY WATSON, STG
  • SPRC Award for Best Appearing Bike: MARTIN HOLGATE, STG
  • SCR Award for Outstanding Achievement: NIGEL BATSFORD, SET
  • SCR Award for Sportswomen of the Year: BEV BATSFORD, SET
  • SPRC Award – The James Edgar Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Performance: LYN HARRIS, STG
  • Lyn has been put forward for this award for all her hard work as not only as Crew Chief for Les Harris but Andy Watson as well.
  • SPRC Award – The Paul Giddings Memorial Trophy: CHRIS MOTT, STG

To vote for these racers please go on EuroDragster.com – SPRC / APIRA Perpetual Awards for the 2009 season. Good luck to all of the above and well done.

Regards, Les Harris

Polharris Top Gas Drag Bike Update

Polharris is back home after being at HQ Fibre products to have its bodywork made.

All bodywork is being made of carbon fibre.

Starting at the sharp end, streamliner front mudguard, to help send air into the air-box.

TLR nose fairing leading to a big custom air box, one piece body work, rear wheel tub and under tray.

It looks like a pro stocker, I am so pleased with how its coming together, but there is still a load to do (and pay for).

A big thank you to Mike and Sylvia, whose work is second to none, plus they are a lovely couple and a pleasure to know.
So What’s next?

Fit a rad, make and fit a fuel tank/pump, get it wired and fired up (cant wait to hear it running), lots of brackets etc.

You will be able to see this bike on the 27th of February 2010 at the boundary Public House at my big party. It’s well worth a look as it is the only one in the world we are aware of!

After the party, its going back to GLS in Yorkshire.

I have taken some photos along the way, and hope you enjoy.

Regards, Les Harris

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