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Club News Archive 2009

December 27th, 2009


Christmas on the Beach

We made it!!!!

Just thought I’d rub it in a bit – the bookies wouldn’t have to worry about bets on a white Christmas over here.

Managed to get only slightly sunburned – gotta work a bit harder on the tan!!

Don’t you wish you were here!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Regards, Don Irvine

December 25th, 2009


Happy Christmas to One and All

Happy Christmas to one and all. Here is hoping you all have a peaceful and relaxing break during this holiday time, and wishing the best to one and all.

December 11th, 2009


Party on 27th of February 2010 with Two Bands!

On the 27th of February in the coming year, 2010, there will be a big party at the Boundary Public House, in Norwich.

The party is a multi-event party for the Les Harris Drag Racing Team, celebrating the past years achievements, the release of The Polharris, and also celebrating Les’ birthday all in one night.

Both Tilly 3 and the Polharris will take some stage time away from the Two Bands we will be having that evening: Hotwired leading into Storm

This will be the first time the Polharris will have been shown in public, so come drool, stroke it or do whatever gets you happy when you see her. 🙂

It’s going to be a big party, so please one and all, come along and have a fun night.

November 24th, 2009


Andrew Irvine’s New Toy

Just thought I’d send over an email with a few pics of my new toy.

As you might be able to tell it used to be Kev Baileys TLS, after spending all year faffing around with these quiet bikes I couldnt pass up the opportunity to get myself a TL for such a small amount of money.

Hopefully I’ll make a round or two next year with finds permitting, going to try and make an effort to get some real sponsorships to try and help bring some youth into the supertwins ranks on a bike capable of beating a few people. :p

Of course if you know anyone that may want to give some backing to a younger generation then please pass my name along.

Regards, Andy Irvine

NSA Twins Cup 2010

Phil Steele has been in touch about a new Twins class that is going to be run by the NSA in 2010. Phil has run with us in Street ET in the 2009 Season on a Buell.

The current plans are for six meetings held over three venues, with two planned for SCR, two for WESTONZOYLAND and two for KEEVIL.

When we know more about the dates we will happily let you know.

In the mean while, this is the document we have been sent from the NSA, so any that are interested take a look here.

Regards, Leso

November 20th, 2009


Don Leaving

A parting shot of Don on a recent holiday on Mount Etna.

Good luck to you both down-under! Take care, and have a safe journey.
The Super Twins Club Members

Call for Volunteers

With the Winter fast approaching, and the website revamp going to be high on he priorities, we may need some help from anyone that has Graphical Designer tendancies, or skills with Photoshop or similar software.

Regards, Leso

Post NAST AGM Write-Up

SuperTwins AGM & Dons fair well bash
14th November 2009 sponsored by CompuPay (thank you again Netty)
Venue: Shifnal war memorial club
Start Time: 3pm (OK more like 3.30pm)

We soon worked our way down the agenda that day. A walk in the park, it seems everyone is happy with how the club is running.

Along the way we had loads of laughs (as always) so I think that’s a new NAST ET agenda record!!

After a short break it was on to the presentations.

Winners and runners up, presented by Netty.

Floating awards presented by Sue (one of our vip’s).

Don’s leaving presents and speech by Roger (the other of our vip’s).

Mint award presented by myself, Les.

Silly awards were presented by Neil, who ended up receiving one himself (and not for the first time).

The silly awards have really taken off over the last 3 or 4 years, and have been taken to new highs with the rather nice Meercat Gold trophies that you can see below!

I did the last presentation to our co-op girls (they are good with food) Lyn, Viv and Anna. The fine spread of food went down very well indeed and even had some wandering cheese I hear.

Our band this year was The Almaboobies, three lovely sisters who not only looked good, but man can they play and they sure rocked hard, ending in a huge applause from all in attendance.

Before, in between and after the band Tonto worked his disco magic, top man.

We also had a Raffle with some top items.

The party went very well, as did the after party at Netty’s.

I think going by all the well done’s/top night/best AGM ever/how are you going to top this (which we are not sure about yet), we all had a top meeting & party.

I was pleased to see so many NAST members, new and old, VIPs and Shifnal locals including members of The Oddballs MCC. Thank you all for coming and making it an enjoyable evening.

Sunday, what could possibly go wrong did, best laid plans and all that, the moble breakfast bar was a no show! That didn’t stop NAST having breakfast, Netty’s kitchen was fired up (and caught fire at one point).

Thanks to TC and Tim for the fine breakfast (and black smoky fire, there’s one for next years silly awards)!!

As always loads of photos were taken, and here are some for you to look at. Enjoy.

Don’t miss next years, Saturday the 13th November 2010 (not the 14th if you go by my calendar), what do you mean you haven’t got one yet!

Have a good Christmas and New Year etc, and see you all next year for 7 rounds of top NAST Drag Racing action.

Regards, Leso
Pictures from the AGM

Pictures from the Party

November 19th, 2009


S’ For Charity Mate!

I don’t know it many of you are like me and remember Harry Enfield’s TV show including Smashie and Nicey, the two Pop DJ’s that were always trying to out do one another with their mentions about their work for Charity.

Well it’s that time of year again, with Children in Need getting ever closer, I decided to go Spotty for Children in Need this year.

I know this past year or two has been harsh for everyone really, some more so then others, but I thought it would be nice even if people only have a few quid to spare, to perhaps see how we might all rally to the good cause.

All I ask is If it gives you a grin, consider giving somethin’ to Children in Need Donations :).

If anyone else is doing something for Children in Need, please feel free to let me know via Les’ website contact page. Even if you just donate directly and want to keep me informed, I’m more then happy to put up a club total contribution post informing everyone how much we as a club have donated to this charity.

Regards, Scott

November 18th, 2009


Don’s Drivel – The Final One!

For those that didn’t come to the AGM – you missed a good do!

And for those who did, I’m just writing this to let all the others know how grateful I am to have received the praise and gifts.

I first joined Supertwins back in 1993, not long after Roger and Sue and others had got things started. I was a member of “Beer Town Bikers MCC” at that time, and a bunch of us sitting around a pub table decided to get together and have a go at this drag racing thing – there was myself, Kevin Field, Mark “Dolly” Dolman, Les and his girlfriend – and between us we had 3 or 4 Yamaha XS650’s in various states of disrepair, so we cobbled together a race bike and had a go. Later on we acquired a 750cc kit and built up a second bike, then an 885cc version. This was all racing in “Street” class.

Eventually, I was the only one left and I continued with “Custard” – moving into “Gas” class but not really going any faster. Later still, I bought “the PYP” as a rolling chassis with motor and built it up to run in Gas, at the time it was one of the first of the big Jap V-twins out there, but (unfortunately for me) was soon out gunned by the TL boys!

During my time with the ‘Twins, I’ve seen the membership go up and down a bit, saw some characters, both on and off the strip, Dave Bartz comes to mind here – complete with ladies underwear – and seen some unusual sights – dodgem cars on the startline at Shakey, “decorated” pit areas, and Supertwins have now become an integral part of the UK Drag Racing Scene and, I think, are well thought of and respected.

As Roger said when he introduced me, he had been the original Supertwins Chairman, so I followed in illustrious footprints when I became Chairman, taking over from “Rush” Carruthers, and now Les Harris is very capably and successfully holding the reins. It is he who introduced the ET class, which has really bought the club back to it’s feet, and under his guidance I’m sure the Club will continue to grow.

I suppose I expected some sort of presentation – I had been with the club for over 15 years, and I reckon I had done my bit during those years, but the two main items really did take my breath away – trouble is, they are so good, I’m not sure that I want to use them as I’d like to keep them in good condition!

I hope to continue racing in New Zealand – the original NZ drag strip (Meremere, now FRAM Autolite Dragway) is near where we hope to settle – and the NZ record for the class the bike falls in (B/DB) is 9.88 / 134, so I may even have a chance!

If any Supertwins member gets out to NZ, we’ll be glad to provide hospitality – place to stay, food, beer etc. and New Zealand is a wonderful place to tour on a bike!

Thank you all very, very much, and I hope that your ET’s get smaller, your TS’s get bigger, and consistency smiles on you all.

Supertwins have generated some of my fondest memories and I wish the Club the very best for the future.

Regards, Don

October 24th, 2009


2009 AGM Agenda

2009 NAST AMG Agenda for the 14th November 2009 starting at 15:00, is as follows:

  • Apologies
  • Chairmans Report
  • Vice Chairmans Report
  • Secretary and Treasurers Report
  • Technical Report – Steve Johson
  • Web Site Report – Scott Price
  • Election of Officers
  • Merchandise and Stock Report – Steve Partridge
  • NABd and MS
  • Race dates for 2010
  • Any other business
  • Smoke break
  • Presentations
  • Buffet and Party

Any NAST members who wish to have an item added to the agenda please call Les, Eve, Barrie or email them by the 3rd of November 2009 at the latest!

October 20th, 2009


Congratulations to the 2009 Season Winners and Runners-up!

  • TOP FUEL: Champion Martin BRUM Blackwell and Runner up Shaun Shamus Rodman.
  • TOP GAS: Champion Les Harris and Runner up Dave Jones.
  • STREET ET: Champion Dave THE HAT Smart and Runner up Joe THE MEERCAT Elliott.

2009 Season End – Round 7 Points Now Up!

The end of the 2009 season is upon us, and I hope you all had a great years racing!

You should find the points are now up for your review!

Regards, Scott


For anybody arriving Friday evening our very own Netty has kindly offered refreshments and the use of her facilities (shower, toilet, ect).

Netty lives right next door to the war memorial club. You will have to walk, drive round or jump the fence.

Anyone wanting any more information regarding friday nights kind offer please contact me.

Saturday Night Special 17th October 09

Myself and Robot John had arranged to run this weekend hat was gonna go but hat to work we had plenty of runs during the day and night I myself had had a different fuel map and exhaust done during the week and was keen to try it out and ended up running 5 more 9.9’s so that works then. Robot John gave me back my cone cutter that I’d lent him he mentioned he needed it to make his NOS jets a bit bigger and must be spraying more NOS than all the dentists in England in that motor now but with great results a 9.589et and a top speed of 150.64mph well done The Bot.

See you all at the AGM!

Regards, Jo Elliot

Round 7 – StreetET: The Finals

Friday 5pm gates open to a damp Santa Pod pit area but not all doom and gloom as we had our bikes scrutineered in the pit area rather than the end of the track.

Saturday morning a full day of qualifying ahead of us at set times so no queuing up with the straight liners and we weren’t even last to have ago (that’s a first). The wind was a strong solid one so a bit tricky to dial your bike in I dialled in a 10.10et and run a 10.05et hat was on the money with number one, lots of breakouts with the other et guys but on the second qualifier stuck a 10.05et and run a 10.052et which moved me up to number one qualifier woohoo! This meant the last corner to the triangulated dream more on that later. The hat got the full works meerkat dance, McQueen was of the pace to his normal high standards and so was Shorthose but the black bitch was on form with his new sexy carbon fibre levers.
Race Day

With an extra qualifier at 9am would I still be number one and rather than being woken up by the alarm at 8am it was to the noise of rain so a lay in and no extra go never mind. After a long wait from the rain we finally started racing at 1pm and I had a bye run, hat beat martin to a burn down on the lights, Shorthose beat McQueen, Bev triumph beat The Black Bitch, partridge beat Turbo Tim and Pete beat Bev hog.
Round 2

Shorthose beat me as I broke out and got me on reaction time I thought I was a bit slow as robot john tapped me on the shoulder and said you can go now if you want I put it down to just watching hat pull a cherry on Pete.

Pete had a bye run and missed a gear as he always does, Shorthose and Bev were left to have a cup of tea in pre stage as a problem with the lights and as the system was reset Shorthose’s tyre was cold and he spun up big time, Bev was 3 miles in front didn’t look back and broke out so it was Pete and Dave in the finals battle of the breakouts! Shorthose won broke out less and for some old git who had run 6 miles for charity the same week didn’t think he would even be able to get on his bike bloody oap’s.

This did not upset any points for 1st 2nd and 3rd hat was still number 1. For my year it was more about the triangulated dream for this you need three goals/dreams to complete example for fire you need oxygen fuel and ignition. well I set out for a 9, a bye run, and number 1 qualifier and over the coarse of the year the triangle was completed so does this make me number 1 for doing this or number 2 because I was second or number 3 because of the three sides of a triangle, well 2nd as hat has earned his place at number 1.

  • Shorthose for winning this weekend
  • Netty for putting up 1k
  • Myself for asking Brum for a donation for Netty’s flowers
  • Scott for doing the website


  • Neil dick for being crap at drag racing but still funny

Regards, Jo Elliot

October 16th, 2009


Round 7 – Top-Gas: Extreme Bike – The Finals

The final meeting of the season and what a great weekend it was, first qualifying session on Saturday and we ran a 9.56, great news after the nightmare weekend we’d had at the last round, Les was in second position and Ric in third, although still having problems with his new ignition system. Second qualifier and no change at the top although Andy ‘Soapy’ Watson moved up to third position. Then third qualifier and some big changes, Jonesy jumps from number five to number two with a 9.65 (a new PB, well done Jonesy), and we run a 9.48 to stay as no 1 qualifier! It sure felt great to be back!

Wake up in the van Sunday morning to the sound of rain on the roof, we knew the planned fourth qualifier was now off. Rain on and off most of the morning and we get to start racing about 1 pm. First round and it’s Motty, Soapy, Jonesy and Les through. Sorry Don! (It’s been great racing against you and all the best in NZ).

This set up the semis as the championship decider with Les racing Jonesy, winner takes all! I managed to get past Soapy in the first semi and then waited at the top end to see who’d come round the top end first, Les takes the win! And is the new Supertwin Top Gas Champion, Well done Les!

The finals and its me against Les, a real close race with me getting the win by .077! A great drag race to finish the year with. It was really good to finish the season with the win, even sweeter after the problems of the last meeting.

It’s been a great year for Top Gas with up to 9 of us racing in the class and it looks like next year there will be even more. Congratulations again to our new Champion Les, and I can’t wait for the new season to start, I want that number 1 back!

Regards, Chris Mott

October 9th, 2009


NAST 2009 Season Finals Weekend

Good luck to all taking part this weekend, and here’s hoping the weather treats you all well, and that you have a great and exciting weekends racing!

Regards, Scott

October 5th, 2009


2009 NAST AGM Has Been Fully Sponsored!

The 2009 NAST AGM has been fully sponsored to the sum of £1000 by Annette Douglas who runs CompuPay.

This generous gift will allow NAST to use membership fee money for other things.

A big thank you goes to Netty for this, as it is much appreciated, as I’m sure all who attend will say as well!

Regards, Leso

NAST Once Again in New Issue of Street Fighters

Steve Moxley has phoned me to inform me that the latest edition of Street Fighters is out now, and that NAST racers displayed in the photos include Dave Jones, Brian Udall and NAST’s one and only hippy Damian.

This issue also includes a full report from the truck show.

Regards, Leso

October 2nd, 2009


2009 Season Round 6 Points Now Up!

The end of the 2009 season is fast approaching us, and I know all of you are waiting eagerly for this last set of points before the final round!

A big Thank You goes to Andy Marrs at TSI Timers (Europe), for his help in confirming results for this round.

You should find the points are now up for your review!

Regards, Scott

Round 6 – The National Finals: Eastern Daily Press Write-up

Thursday October 1st’s edition of the Eastern Daily Press (EDP) contains a picture of Andy ‘Soapy’ Watson from Round 6.

It’s great to see more NAST members appearing in the papers, although there were some minor editorial inaccuracies.

Don’t worry folks, the season isn’t over just yet, we do still have one more round to go.

Round 6 – Street ET: The Summer National Finals

The 6th round soon arrived with most of us there on the Friday. The scrutineering seemed to flow a lot better and no problems for the ET guys. we were down to a 14 bike field not 15 as Barry took the safer option and didn’t enter even though he had a soft rear end now.

With only 1 day of qualifying and only 3 runs to do it in, the weather was on our side with no wind and a very sticky track.

The qualifying seemed to be split in to either very good with hundreds off the dial in times to seconds off and with me running a 10.12 et on a 10.00 dial in and then changing to a 10.05et and then running a 10.02et why i changed it i don’t no trying to be clever. Hat was on the ball with every run and Steve McQueen slowly tuning his in with each run. I thought I’d try for a good reaction to gain some extra points and managed a .09 light. Then Bev showed me her .0015 ticket screwed that chance then. The last run was in the dark which was interesting for us with no lights, remembered to dim my shift light this time as I ended up with ark eye last time.
Race day

I had Damien in the first round and as our allocated time got moved later and later in the day due to fuel oilers this gave time for Damien to have both eyes open but didn’t work as I was on the money and Damien broke out. Shorthose needs to get himself some wing mirrors as he broke out to partridge who had problems all weekend with launching it must have been human error because mechanically it’s a Buell. Hat beat Pete, Turbo Tim beat Bev hog after a white out burnout on his mint Honda turbo, McQueen beat Wonder Boy to a brake out Bev triumph beat The Black Bitch.
Round 2

Hat had a bye which he completed on one wheel Mr. and Mrs. Triumph fought out for the weekly washing up, turbo broke out to Munday, Old Skool v New Skool on the Buell front but of course New Skool wins.
Round 3

McQueen beats Munday, Hat beats me after a burn down on the lights. So the finals McQueen and Hat, Hat takes the win to McQueen’s brake out. Now I forgot to mention J0ohn the Robot who had been working on the two seater but had the Hog Sporster in the first round and the Sporster won which I could not believe till I looked at the sportster and I’ll tell you what I could see why he lost as this is a sheep in wolves clothing featuring twin plug heads, 34 horses at the rubber, twin strut suspension, light weight pig iron frame, Mickey T’s gangster white walls and a red line in the high 5’s. Sorry John had to be done.

  • Bev hog for a cracking light
  • Neil dick for just making us all laugh
  • Motty for not shooting himself in the head but kept smiling
  • Robot for running after the 2 seater in his sexy leathers
  • Hat for perfection all weekend ( the fluky sod ) but just to prove he is human watch the clip below we all mess up
September 30th, 2009


Round 6 – Top Gas: The National Finals

The weather was great this weekend, but that was about the only thing that was for Cupit+Mott Racing, what a weekend! Gav and I had worked really hard to get the bike ready in time, following major engine damage at a RWYB at the Pod on the 6th of September, it looked like someone had put a hand grenade in the rear cylinder! We’d had to replace the heads (back to the good old stock heads), pistons and even the liners!

First qualifier and there is a misfire in the burnout, so push back to the pits and try and find it, miss the second qualifier, and eventually find it’s the ECM, with very little time to go before the third and final qualifier. Jonesy very kindly sits out the final qualifier and lends me his ECM (Thanks Jonesy), we get down to the start, its getting dark and the bikes only just running (different fuel maps etc, etc), bike stalls on the line!! Ian Marshall kindly lets us try again at the end of the group, manage to get the bike off the line and limp down the track to a stunning 25.73 sec pass at 62 mph! The longest quarter mile of my life, but were in the show for Sunday!

Back to Oxford on Saturday night to pick up another ECM, and get back to the Pod just before midnight, hope I didn’t go through too many cameras! Sunday morning, up early and on with the new ECM, spin the engine over, a couple of pops then nothing! After a lot more searching we find the rotor has sheared the keyway on the end of the crank! Luckily I’ve got a spare key, so with the help of Pete Harrison we get the rotor back on and the bikes a runner! Just about time to grab some breakfast and then we’re called for the first round, I’m racing Jonesy, good launch then the bike sounds like it’s on the limiter for most of the run, I run a 12.90 to Jonesy’s 9.83, so we’re out! (Later realise I’m unable to change the rev limit on the new ECM with the tuner I’ve got at the track- hence being on the limiter!). What a weekend, that must be the hardest earnt 10 points of my life!!!

Now for the rest of the Gas racers, Andy ‘Soapy’ Watson had a great weekend, No 1 qualifier, managing to out react and beat Jonesy at last, ( .07 to a .09), and then winning his first final with a very close 9.77 to Les’s 9.79.

Les also missed the first qualifier, with clutch master cylinder problems, but was able to borrow another master cylinder, make the second qualifier and then get through to the Finals.

There were some other big upsets in the first round, Brian knocking out Ric, who was struggling all weekend with a new ignition system, and Don knocking out Martin, who was having problems with the clutch on his Sportster.

Soapy’s win has rearranged the championship positions again, putting him in third, with Les now back in the lead by 90 points over Jonesy in second, and me in fourth. So the title decider looks like it’s going to go to the final race of the last meeting, it couldn’t be much closer!

Regards, Chris Mott

September 29th, 2009


Floating Trophy Returns

As we are fast approaching the NAST AGM, could those who were awarded floating trophies last year please make arrangements for their return, as we will need them BEFORE the AGM.

You know who you are, but ideally the sooner we get them back the better!

Regards, Leso

The 2009 NAST Annual General Meeting, End of Season & Don’s Leaving Party:

The Actual AGM for NAST starts at 1500 (3pm) in the afternoon, and the Party and Beer O’clock is at 1930 (7:30pm).

On the Sunday morning there will be a mobile breakfast bar available where breakie will be provided free of charge for all NAST members.

There is space for Van’s, Camper’s and other snail type homes.

This years band providing the evening entertainment is the Alma Boobies. To accompany the Alma Boobies we have Disco provided by Tonto, and also there will be a Raffle.

The Almaboobies Drums The Almaboobies Sisters

AGM Location: Shifnal War Memorial Club

In preparation for the Supertwins Annual General meeting in November, I have compiled a list of local accommodation. The meeting is being held in the Shifnal War Memorial Club.

Shifnal War Memorial Club, 1 Priorslee Road, Shifnal. TF11 8HD

Shifnal is an old small market town in Shropshire, lying just off the M54 between junctions 3 & 4.

Shropshire is a beautiful county and Shifnal is only five minutes drive from Cosford Air Museum, which is free to enter, and has the new Cold War display which is well worth a visit.

Fifteen minutes drive in the other direction is the famous Ironbridge over the River Severn with the Blists Hill Victorian working museum, Coalport China Museum, and Enginuity a hands on experience which is great for children all nearby.

So come and make it a weekend.
More Details – Accommodation

I have included a range of hotels to cover all needs and pockets.

Haughton Hall Hotel, Haughton Lane, Shifnal. TF11 8HG. 01952 468300.
Is a listed manor House dating from 1718, It has beautiful grounds, indoor pool, 9 hole golf course, sauna, beauty salon, gym etc. Some of the rooms have four-poster beds. The prices start at £90 per night bed and breakfast. It is walking distance from the War Memorial Club.

Naughty Nell’s. 1 Park Street, Shifnal. TF11 9BA. 01952 411412.
Is a Grade II listed 16th Century Coaching Inn. Reputedly the home of Nell Gwynn and described by Charles Dickens in The Old Curiosity Shop. Some of the rooms are unusually decorated. Prices range from £55 – £75 per night bed and breakfast. It is walking distance from the War Memorial Club.

The Wheatsheaf Inn, 61 Broadway, Shifnal. TF11 8BB. 01952 463118
Is a Grade II listed 17th Century Coaching Inn, and now a popular traditional public house, with beams and inglenook fireplace, serving local ales. It has three rooms £50 per night bed and breakfast and is walking distance from the War Memorial Club.

Days Inn Motel, Welcome Break Services, Junction4, M54. Priorslee Road, Shifnal. TF11 8TG. 01952 238400.
Is a 3year old modern motel. It has very good disabled facilities. There are three rooms that are adapted for disabled guests, but they all have baths rather than roll-in showers. There are also some rooms for single people which come at a reduced rate. The prices range from £40 to £70 per night room only. It is only a mile from the War Memorial Club, but I would not recommend the walk, as it is unlit road with no pavement.

Odfellows – The Od Inn, Market Place, Shifnal. TF11 9AU. 01952 461517.
Is another former coaching Inn near Naughty Nells, now a wine bar and restaurant, with rooms above. The rooms vary in size and so do the prices, from £42.50 for a single, £52.50 for a double and £62.50 for a family room which can sleep up to four for bed and breakfast. Breakfast is not an early event but apparently is worth the wait. Easy walking distance from the War Memorial Club.

The Park House Hotel, Park Street, Shifnal. TF11 9BA. 01952 460128.
Is a 17th Century Country House, which offers palatial accommodation, indoor swimming pool, sauna etc. The room rates are on application, or if you need to ask you cannot afford it! But I believe they do have special offers on some weekends for as little as £55.00 so it may be worth asking, just a bit further to walk than Naughty Nell’s. www.parkhousehotel.net

I do hope you find somewhere suitable, if you are having difficulty do not hesitate to ask me, there are more hostelries, even a local campsite, I am happy to help. Annette: 01952 462354

Jo Elliot Run’s His First 9!

Well done to Little Jo for running his first ever 9 at Santa Pod, which he’s been working towards all season. It was a 9.92 ET as you can see by the timing ticket photo below.

This was recognized at the NAST Site Meeting last Saturday night, where a little trophy was presented to Jo thanks to Dave ‘The Hat’ for that one!

Regards, Leso

September 1st, 2009


Qualifying and Red Light

If you are on a qualifying run and you get a red light and you record an ET (elapsed time) then it will count as a qualifying run.

If you get a red light and you don’t record an ET (elapsed time) then it will not count as a qualifying run.

Regards, Steve Johnson

August 28th, 2009


Round 7 Entry Forms

Entry forms for Round 7 at Santa Pod Extreme Bike weekend are available from this website by clicking here. This document is in Microsoft Word format, so please let us know if you have any difficulty opening or using the file.

Entries need to be in by 18th September 2009.

Charge for Electricity is included in the price.

Regards, Chris Mott

Round 5 Shakespeare County Raceway: An ET Perspective

As this round was on a Friday which is normally a work day we still had a big bike field in et 13 in total and as the robot was working in hungary ment that it was time for someone else to be number one qualifier.

Friday was a strong back wind day as many of us found out and run pb’s, I myself got my mph PB of 140.71, but the hat smashed his PB of 9.95 with a 9.6 which is up with a good top gas time we had a couple of rain offs which soon dryed out and at the end of the day I was number one qualifier which ment I would get a bye in the first round this would be my first bye run ever and I just knew this was to good to be true and Dave Shorthose had put a drink up at the bar for the person who knocked me off that spot.

Saturday was a bright sunny day so obviously my rain dance didn’t work only managed to get out twice due to oil downs and on the last qualifying go we were down to one lane and dave shorthose was getting his wallet out as Steve Mc Queen on his triumph had stolen my dream. Dave the hat had got so involved with breaking his PB’s he was 13th qualifier he even run a 37 sec run due to start line marshall breaking his beam.

Sunday the top 5 line up was Steve Mc queen No.1, Meercat no.2, Shorthose no. 3, Turbo Tim no.4, Bev Riley no.5 in qualiying, I had Barrie the nut cracker and after we had staged and got ready to go barrie pulled a red without moving, my lights went green and green means go so I went only to find they wanted to re-run it if I agreed as there was no fault with the computer and lots of people said that barrie didn’t move so I agreed to re-run it so after waiting for the fuel alterds to oil the track and drive around in the far end fields we re-run it so Barrie had a second chance to beat me so we were on the line barries lights went down first there was no red light just Barrie’s face glowing red as he decided to pull a kangaroo style launch with his wedding tackle as the bump spot so I took an easy win while Barrie was left aborting his run. So if this problem reoccurs to save time it will be easier for me and less painful for barrie if I just drive Les’ pit bike full throttle into Barrie’s groin.

Riley beat the crapazaki, Turbo Tim beat damian, Pete pulled a red on Shorthose, Hat beat Partridge, Mike beat Munday.

The next round was a nice easy round for myself because I had finally got my bye run, I had a cracking 1.3 reaction time but that didn’t matter as I was in a no lose situation. As the field got narrowed down to the finals it was Hat against Steve Mcqueen and Mcqueen won on reaction as they were both on the money.

Just checked the score board and as we have two rounds left it still anyones for gold and no one can predict what happens in et see you all at pod my home turf the robot is back.
Meercat Awards

  • Dave the hat for running top gas times on a street bike
  • McQueen for winning the event on a motorcross tyre
  • Barrie for his kangaroo launch
  • Robot for not turning upand letting us qualify high

Regards, J Elliot

August 27th, 2009


Round 6 National Finals Entry Forms

The National Finals entry forms must be in by the 4th of September to avoid any extra cost!

You can download these forms from the Santa Pod Racers Club website by following this link.

Regards, Leso

Series 11 of Scrapheap Challenge Starting

Scrapheap Challenge – Series 11 starts this coming Sunday, the 30th of August 2009.

Whilst the NAST Team’s episode is not the first one being aired, we will be appearing at some point in the future.

Those with the magic Sky+ or Freeview boxes with recorders may want to Series Link the show so they record all the coming episodes.

You know what’s going to happen, don’t you? It will likely be broadcast on a weekend when we are all away racing hahahahaha!

Regards, Leso

Round 5 – Top Gas: Open Sport Nationals

Good turn out of Gas Bikes again for this round, 9 bikes, that means a 16-bike field, and four rounds of eliminations which is great. Star of the show again has to be Ric with another couple of PB’s, leaving him in No 1 qualifier with a time of 9.29, although I thought I may be in with a chance and briefly held the No 1 position after the first day with a 9.44, after lots of testing and adjustments we seem to have got the bike going straight again and were able to get back in the 9’s at last!

It was a mixed weekend, we had some rain showers Friday, a couple of oil downs on Saturday, but Sunday was great, hot and sunny and we got the eliminations finished on time.

Brian had another quiet weekend! First his new front tyre was a bit too big, so lightly touched the fork brace, the best front wheel burn out we’ve ever seen, he finished the run with his bike/leathers/visor covered in rubber! He was briefly stranded on the return road when the tow bike ran out of petrol and finished the weekend when his chain snapped in the first round race against Jonesy! Never a dull moment.

This meeting was Dons last race at Shakey before he moves back to New Zealand, and it was great that the trackside photographer got some really good shots of him.

The upset of eliminations had to be Ric loosing to Les in round 2, when his bike jumped out of gear on the line! That really shook up the results, especially as I would have met him in the next round. Jonesy beat Andy in round 2 with a real hole shot, he ran a 9.98 to Andy’s 9.77, but beat him with a 0.096 reaction time. In the semis I got past Les in a close race and Jonesy had a bye, so the final was me against Jonesy.

Battle of the V-Rods, first time in a Gas final I think. As the finalists were being called we were coming back up the return road, it was going to be a race against time what was going to melt first? Me or the bike! A great race and we got the Win! It’s Great to be back!

With just 2 races left the championship is as close as it’s ever been, five of us in with a chance and only 90 points between the first three! Roll on the National Finals!

Regards, Chris Mott

August 18th, 2009


Round 4 Points Finalized

Thanks very much to Andy Marrs of TSI Timers (Europe) for his hard work in helping to recover the data to complete the points for the 2009 Season Round 4!

The revised points can be found here, and the round specific points here.

Regards, Chris Mott

August 14th, 2009


NAST Crew Man Down!

My crew man Tim Preston, TC to most of you, was taken to A&E on Saturday after hurting his back at work.

TC has slipped 3 discs, and trapped some nerves in his upper back. He is in a lot of pain and can’t move about very well.

The doctor told him to rest for 6 weeks, and he has got to have an MRI scan.

So Tim will not be with us this coming weekend at the Open Sport Nationals. He will be missed!

When he was told about resting, TC said “but we are racing next weekend”, bless him.

Get well soon mate, we will keep you updated over the weekend.

Regards, Leso

NAST at the 23rd Bulldog Bash

NAST were present at this years 23rd Bulldog Bash, with our club stand overflowing with bikes, including the junior drag bikes.

We had two full colour pages in the official souvenir programme. Thank you Motty for putting together the details, and sending it to them in time to make the programme.

We ran six bikes in the demos, Bartz v Martin, Don v Andy in Top Gas, and Steve v Nigel in Street.

It rained a lot on the Thursday making lots of mud, however Friday to Sunday was lovely, dry, hot, albeit a bit dusty, but otherwise bring on more of the same!

As always it was a happy bash, and we all had a great time dispite the efforts of the Police, who wasted a lot of people’s time (and tax payers money) by stopping as many as they could on the way in. How pointless and needless, still the score is Bulldog 23 Police 0.

I am not doing a big write up this time (good I hear you cry). If you would like to know more, please come next year and join in the fun!

I feel we need to support the Bulldog and keep it going, although I am sure the Police have other ideas.

A big thank you to Dicko, Sarah, Brum and Chris for having NAST there, and all of the HA for making it happen.

I did as always take a few photos, and hope you enjoy.

See you at the 24th bulldog bash!

Regards, Leso

Money Raised in Aide of Help for Heroes

Pictured here is the presentation, which took place on Saturday 8th August, to the representatives of Help For Heroes, of money raised by the Scrutineers at The Bulldog Bash. £125.00 was raised over the weekend by parting riders from their loose change in return for taping up their lights and mirrors. From left to right the scrutineers Bill Ives, Steve Johnson, Tim Preston, Annette Douglas, Dave May and handing over the money Les Harris. Receiving the cash for Help for Heroes Liz Murray, Neice Heaton, Peter Murray and Jules Tutt.

Regards, Leso

August 13th, 2009


Open Sports Nationals Tickets Needed!

Ingrid and Martin Chesworth have been in touch, and they would like to come the Open Sports Nationals.

So have any NAST Members got any spare tickets? In return they both have offered to take shed loads of photos of all NAST Racers & Crew etc.

Plus it’s Ingrids birthday on the Sunday!

Please, let me know if you can help.

Regards, Leso

August 2nd, 2009


Bulldog Bash NAST Helpers Notice

Les has sorted out entry and passes for the NAST members that volunteered for the Bulldog.

Your pit passes will be waiting for you at the gate, where you will likely need to mention who you are and NAST. However, if there are any problems on the day you will need to contact Les directly on his mobile.

August 1st, 2009


Drachten – 11, 12 &13 July 2009

After an overnight stop in a rest area some 40 km from the track we arrived at 10:30 (ish) on Thursday morning. The venue is a private flying club airfield and what astounded me was how the crew from Explosion transformed this airfield into a top notch drag strip. They brought in grandstands, armco, fencing, track dryer, tractor for sledging the track, tanoy system in fact everything we needed was there and set up in a very professional manner. We were even given our own private toilet with a key and a very nice gentleman came round on a daily basis with toilet rolls for us.

Sadly, however, practice day, which would have been the Friday was rained out (nothing new there then). It was nice going around the pits and meeting up with everybody that I know, I must admit I was surprised by how many people I did know, and how pleased they were to see me.

Saturday after the track was dried qualifying began. Again this was conducted in a very professional manner and throughout the course of the day 660 passes were made in total., bearing in mind there is no return road and after a couple of classes have run they have to stop the racing so that those classes can return using the track.

Andy Watson and myself were running our Top Gas bikes in their Gas class, most of their bikes were 2.5 to 3 litres, so we were up against it. However, we were not last in qualifying out of 13 runners I was 11th and Andy was 12th. I really enjoyed running on the track it was absolute quality and I was happy with my first 2 runs, the least said about the last run the better. My best time was 9.7 at 218 k.

So a good qualifying day was had by all, sadly race day, the Sunday, was totally washed out. We packed up and headed back to Rene’s house in Haarlem, at this pint I would like to thank Rene, Corina, Pops and Chef for their hospitality, they looked after us so well. Nothing was any trouble, we were fed and watered and treated like VIPs the whole weekend.

It is not cheap going to Drachten to race but it is something I am so pleased that I have done. Would I do it again? Funds permitting definately, only I would change – Anna and Lyn would definately be coming with us on our next visit. 7 days without Lyn is unacceptable and Tim feels the same about Anna.

Regards, Leso

Drachten – Dawn’s Super Twins on Tour

Five members of NAST made the journey to Holland for the Drachton Internationals hosted by Explosion Drag Racing Holland.

Arriving at what is normally an airstrip soon turned into an amazing drag racing venue. Showing the true dedication or obsession to this sport. Bringing in all the equipment, grandstand, fences and barriers for the 3 day event.

Unfortunately due to weather conditions it turned into a Saturday only event. With the sun shining and the crowd growing, the buzz in the air started. Final preparations took place in the pits, engines roaring, adrenaline pumping and the smell of petrol.

Joe Elliot and Simon Clamp running in the Super Street Twins category.

Les Harris and Andy Watson both in the Super Twins Top Gas category.

Stefan Iwanowitsch running in the Top Fuel category.

Despite the weather a good weekend racing was had by all. With a comment from the UK racers “the experience of racing in another country, on a different track and against other racers was totally unbelievable.”

The Europeans were pleased to see us there and made us most welcome, a big thank you for the help from Rene v/d Berg and his family and team, loaning us a gazebo for the bikes, looking after and feeding us.

Regards, Dawn Swindells

Silverstone Classic Race meeting 24, 25 & 26th July 2009

This was Chris Mott’s baby, he was approached by Harley Davidson UK and asked if Supertwins could attend with their Harleys and Buells to do some demo runs and put a show on with Craig Jones the stunt rider. Motty did a fantastic job of liaising with Harley and getting this organised.

8 NAST riders arrived at the track on Thursday where we were shown our pit area by the lovely Claire who looked after us all weekend, we had our own security who did an outstanding job of looking after, us and our bikes etc. We had a piece of straight to use that was probably the same distance as the shut off area at Santa Pod with a tyre wall at each end.

We decided late on Thursday afternoon to have a few test runs so that we could determine where our finish line would be and what the shut down area would be like. Unfortunately, when you have a barrier, or tyre wall ahead of you, it comes towards to extremely quickly and this caused Steve Partridge to have a bit of an off. Steve and the bike were slightly bruised, repairs were carried out on both and he made the show on Friday and Saturday.

Friday morning, before our first demo we all had a practice session which went very well and there were no more incidents for the rest of the weekend. We had a site meeting with Craig Jones and planned out the first demo, Tim was our chief starter, using a set of traffic lights in conjunction with the NAST Christmas tree – I don’t know if Ian Marshall should be worried or not.

The first demo went very well and it was nice for me to ride Black Racer again, the first time for about 9 years. However, Craig, who was doing the commentary on us struggled with all the drag racing terms etc. So we had yet another site meeting and it was decided that I would do the commentary for NAST, which a lot of people felt was better, including Craig. As you know I never have had a problem talking!

Iit’s like everything you do in life the more you do it the better you get and we learned a lot from Friday, so, Saturday we had a very large crowd in the bright sunshine. I think that our mid day demo was the best one of the weekend, Craig kicked it off with his wheelies, stoppies, rolling burn outs and his on board commentary, which I think makes all the difference to a stunt show – and I’ve seen a few. I at this point in time was issued with a head set and believe me it is much easier than holding a microphone.

We put three bikes on the track, Black Racer, Motty’s Gas Bike and Seamus’s new Fueler and I did a run down of the 3 classes that run in Supertwins and explained what we do and how we normally do it telling everybody what they were going to see. We ran all bikes singularly, they then returned from the top end and Craig continued with his amazing stunt show. Anyone that can stick a Glide on it’s back wheel for the length of the track is a star in my book.

After Craig had finished we ran in pairs. I am so proud of the boys and girls of NAST and how professional they were, you would think we’d done this before.

The last demo of the day was finished off with a drag race between Little Joe Elliott on his Pitt Buell against Craig Jones on his stunt V Rod. I did build this up and there were people in the crowd placing bets. I am pleased to say that Jo hole shotted Craig ‘big time’, which I do think Craig was quite shocked about, but was OK with and enjoyed the experience.

On the Sunday morning in the Harley Village, that was right next to the track, there was a Harley Custom Bike Show, which NAST members were invited to take part in. Brian Udall entered his Gas Harley and his beautifully built Sportster Cafe racer, Jo and Steve put thier Buells in and I put in Black Racer. I am pleased to announce that we all came away with rosettes and some beautiful trophies. This was the absolute ‘icing on the cake’ for the weekend.

A top weekend, that was so different, and was enjoyed immensely by one and all and I, for one, would do it again, if given the chance.

Thanks to Harley UK, the Security staff, Claire and Kirsty, and Craig Jones and anybody else we may have forgotten to mention

In total we took 217 photographs here are a selection for you to look at.

Regards, Leso

Supertwins at Silverstone

Last weekend some of the Harley-Davidson/Buell riding members of the Supertwins were invited to put on some demo runs at the Silverstone Classic Racing meeting by Harley-Davidson UK, and what a great weekend we had.

It didn’t start out so good when we arrived on Thursday afternoon, just in time to see Steve Partridge roaring down the track, tyre spinning, shortly followed by everyone running after him! I’m not sure if he was checking out the track or trying to compete with the Craig Jones stunt show! But the bike and Steve landed on its side, Steve dusted him self off and started fixing his bike, and the rest of us looked at each other and started to wonder about braking distances?

Later that evening as everyone else was arriving we got a call from Brian, who was trying to find us, I went out on the pit bike and met him being escorted off the main circuit by security, yep Brian had been lapping the race circuit in the van complete with caravan in tow, look out Lewis!

Friday morning we had a practice run, so we could all try and judge that critcical braking point, and then we did 2 sessions on the Friday and another 2 on the Saturday in between Craig Jones’s stunt show. There was a good mix of bikes, Bev and Les on their Sportsters, great to see Les on Black Racer again, the first time in years. Joe and Steve on the old and new Buells, Jonesy and me on the V-Rods, you just new the red mist was going to come down when we raced each other! And I got the front end hopping a couple of times having left the braking a bit late! Brian on both his gas bike and a beautifull Café race Sportster that he’d built and Shamus with both his old and new fuel bikes.

We finished the last Saturday session with Craig Jones offering to race one of us! Joe took up the challenge on his 1125R against Craig on his V-Rod, there was a huge cheer from the Supertwins when Joe won, Yes! and I think Craig was genuinely surprised with how quick the Buell had run.

A great weekend and thanks to everyone for their hard work and putting on a great show including Tim, working the xmas tree and Yve and Gav on the startline. But a Gold Star must go to Steve for helping set up the track Thursday morning, and after damaging the Buell that afternoon, taking the bike to Towcester early Friday morning and getting the footpeg mount welded back on and being back at the track by 9.45 (before Jonesy had even woken up) , then riding it all weekend with a bandaged arm, as if nothing had happened! The other Star goes to Shamus, who realising his new fuel bike wasn’t going to be ready in time, drove from Bristol to Manchester to pick up his old bike, used that at the weekend, broke it and has now got to fix it, before delivering it back to the new owner.

We all enjoyed it, a ‘Classic’ weekend!

Regards, Chris Mott

The last two images copyright © Rob Paston the DJ Chap
Mobile: 079 80 80 10 11
Telephone: 01489 799307
Website: www.greatpictures.co.uk

July 23rd, 2009


A Blast From The Past

Last week I was sent a Golden Oldie photo, I am indebted to Greasy Tony for sending it, via Brain Udall at hogbitz.

The photo was taken in/or around 1999 at the Bulldog Bash.

Greasy Tony on his big inch FXR, in the near lane, and my good self is riding Black Racer in the far lane.

strange how things happen, only last weekend at Silverstone, I rode Black Racer for the first time in 9 years! And furthermore, Greasy was there aswell! Normally I only ever see him at the Bulldog Bash.

It was good to see you Tony, and thanks for the photo.

Regards, Leso


Bulldog Bash – NAST Helpers Please Call

Despite some of the current rumours, the Bulldog bash is going ahead!

Any NAST members who have said they would like work the NAST stand or show there bikes, and possibly do demos at the bulldog, please call me on my moble 07796 360177. There are pit passes available, but in limited numbers!

Regards, Leso

Explosion Super Street Twin (The Meercat Saga)

Myself and Bex left Wednesday night heading for Dover ferry port and had a few hours of sleep on the sea front till 3am and got ready to catch the 4am ferry to Dunkirk, where we had a further 2hr sleep then we were meant to meet wonder boy as he and Emma were catching the 6am ferry. Whilst we were on the ferry w got a text from Emma saying they had missed the ferry so we decided we would head on to Drachten. After 6 hrs of driving with many stops along the way we finally arrived at the event with no problems.

Les and Andy were already on site and wonder boy arrived later on. It was now Thursday and dry so i unloaded my bike and put it in the marquee that was set up for us, we even had our own shithouse i named it Dave for some reason.

I soon went to bed as I was a zombie by this point and the red bull and coffee was having no more effect on me.

Friday soon came around to and we woke to the sound of rain hitting the camper roof, this sound did not go away till 3pm but the day had been called by then. Me wonder boy, Bex and Emma went to a bike breakers in the local village. The shop was awesome with over 40 Harley’s and hundreds of rice burners, but the prices were very pricey.

Saturday came and more rain and wind i forgot to tell you about the wind head wind. By this point I still wasn’t bored or pissed off yet, there was a whole site of drag machines I had never seen before and walked around with a semi most of the event.

I decided to check out the competition and found that i only had half an engine over here you need big cc one guy had a 2.6l sportster 280hp at the rubber.

By 2pm the sun was out the wind was still there and the strip came alive. they were going through the running order like a well oiled machine and we were soon sent down, we managed 4 runs as they run till 10pm, one of my runs had to be aborted as I had problems with my kill switch and had to disconnect it (don’t tell Les) it was a £10 switch so I have invested in a good one now so that was a low point for me and had to wait for my 3rd run but it was well worth the wait as I run a PB of 10.006 ET this was the high point for me could I get any closer to a 9, if I had dialled in a 10 I would have got money for that. Getting my PB made the travelling and expense all worth it. there was no running on Sunday as the rain came back with a vengeance and the event was called I had qualified 3rd and wonder boy 7th with his 11.2 run we both felt that we would have done well in eliminations as the big ci bikes struggled to get there power down.

The event as a whole was it worth it well the organisers couldn’t have done anymore for us and there dedication for drag racing and friendliness was second to none they worked there little clogs off and I will definitely be going back and you lot are coming with me.

The Meercat

Meercat gold award goes to my camper van, as it didn’t miss a beat!

Need for Weed – Koffie Shop Birdy 20th Anniversary Jack Janssen’s Bike Engine Up Close Rene’s Pit A Look Up Drachten’s Track Our Pit and Bikes at Drachten

July 3rd, 2009


Round 5 – Open Sports Nationals – Shakespear County Raceway

Just an advisory for you all that the meeting runs from the 21st – 23rd August 2009!

That makes this a three day event. However, this is the weekend BEFORE the Bank Holiday so those of you wanting to attend may need to get a day off work for the start.

We will be getting there Thursday because we start qualifying Friday.

This is the first time we’ve had it done this way on a non-bank holiday weekend, so hopefully this will give you all sufficient time to plan/apply for days off work.

Round 4 Points are Provisionals at the Moment

Round 4 doesn’t have the extra 25 points for low ET/Top speed in gas and best reaction/nearest to dial in, for ET. Andy Marrs is still trying to recover the timing data for Round 4 (The Truck Show), but it may be a couple of weeks before we can get that info, so we thought we’d send them now and update when we get the final details.

NAST Round 1 & 2 in Streetfighters

Page 91 of Issue 186 of Streetfighters, dated August 2009, has brief write-up’s of both Round 1 and 2 from this season!

I thought some of you might be interested, as there are also some pictures of Shaun Rodman, Chris Mott, Steve Partridge and Martin Holgate!

Nice one hey folks?

2009 Round 4 – Summary

The NAST pit was at the top end, for this meeting, which was handy, watching the trucks go over the finish line, and seeing there times and mph.

A few where hitting 100 mph, not bad for 6plus tons of tractor unit.

Behind us was, truck city, where the truckers spent the entire weekend cleaning them, and sounding there air horns.

NAST top gas and street ET, where the only bike classes racing, with a few super street doing demos.

Again the form book went out of the widow, you will have to read our class reps write ups to see who did who etc. on the track.

NAST had a good time at the truck show, and it would be nice to do again next year. We had 17 enter set, 2 had to pull out but still a very good entry.

3 of the 17, where new members, welcome to NAST:

  • Nigel Batsford on his street scrambler style Triumph
  • John Monday on his Harley Davidson Sportster sport
  • Martin Brooks on his played with TLR 1000

Well done to John and Martin for completing your observed runs.

It was very nice to sit around on Saturday night with a beer, on a warm summers evening chatting with NAST mint!

See you all soon. Regards, Leso


2009 Round 4 – Top Gas: Jonesy – Top Gas virgin no more!

Another great weekend for the Top Gas class, good weather, new PB’s and a first time winner. My weekend didn’t improve much from the previous meeting, kept going left and spinning like crazy, must remember to send Pod the bill for the detailed inspection of the left hand wall! The only thing I did get was a great view of Ric Naylor’s new PB’s, unfortunately from behind!

What a fantastic weekend Ric had 9.48, 9.44 and then 9.37! Number one qualifier and into the final, not bad going, the bike is really showing its potential now.

There were some real upsets in the first round, Andy and Les (last meetings finalists) both going out, and me also being beaten in the first round, a habit I’m not enjoying!

Brian also had a great meeting with two new PB’s , but was then brought down to earth with a broken wire and a long push in the third qualifier, he was able to fix it and got through to the Semi finals.

But the weekend belonged to Jonesy, although he wasn’t so sure after qualifying, number one qualifier last meeting and down to number 5 for this one. I think the presentation of his own Pheasant painted truck on the Saturday night must have done the trick (thanks to Anna), because Sunday he got through to the finals with a couple of 9.8’s and then won his first Top gas Final, well done Jonesy! Can’t wait to see what the next round in August will bring as there are now about five riders in with a chance of the Championship!

Regards all, Chris Mott

2009 Round 4 – Supertwins E/T at the UK Truck Show, Santa Pod Raceway>

We all arrived Friday night with no mad rush to be scrutineered so it was just setting up base camp and meeting with the other supertwin members, a couple of new members which would have to do their observed runs on the Saturday qualifying. As it was a truck show we had a good look around the trucks and most of them were cleaner than our bikes and I found no murdered prostitutes in any of the cabs, I don’t no what Mr Clarkson from Top Gear is going on about!

Saturday morning came with an 8am signing on and scrutineering done around pit area rather than the new scrutineering bay, I felt that I wanted to make a tribute to Micheal Jackson’s death by suggesting that we raced all weekend with one glove but the safety officials weren’t as excited about the idea as I was. We did our three qualifying runs throughout the coarse of the day and from thinking I was number one qualifier because they messed up “robots” timing ticket to ending up being 5th at the end of the day. There was no stopping Damian now his bike runs on 2 cylinders qualifying number 2 and the two Beverly sisters 3rd and 4th and of coarse robot stealing my dream of being number one qualifier and a by run as we had a 15 bike field during qualifying the hat dropped into single figures with a 9.95 and me having to pay up a squid as we had a bet on the first person to get into the 9’s I even polished it for him. The robot had posters made to advertise Supertwins and they worked as I had a couple of people asking me about drag racing, one person asked “I thought you had to go straight and not slaloming around the blocks” I had to explain to him that the person had modified his bike with a turbo and was still getting used to it.

Sunday came the elimination day, robot of coarse had his by run, I had Barrie and I were not gonna let him put a x2 on his newly printed “I beat the Meercat” t-shirt. Also Barrie must of been thinking about his own Micheal Jackson tribute as he clearly wanted to put a dint in his chin by wheely-ing and ramming his top yolks into his chin area which put me through to race the robot.

Harrison beat Bev, Dave the hat beat new member martin as martin was playing disco with the staging beams and his run was aborted, Damian beat s**thouse, Nigel beat partridge, Bev the triumph lost to turbo Tim, and wonder boy beat new member john the hog who had been dialling in his 1200 Sportster all weekend.

Round 2 I had the robot and beat him again one day he will stop checking his tyre pressure before we do our run I’m sure 1 psi is enough for his bike (in his front tyre). Dave the hat beat Harrison, Damian beat Nigel, wonder boy beat turbo Tim.

Round 3 I beat Dave the hat by the power of robin the hat will only understand that, Damian beat wonder boy which means Damian would be walking home finals I had Damian who was on top form all weekend now his bike runs on two and Damian was on planet earth but I took the win which has given me some good points to catch up with the hat, all the other points on the main points table will be given a good mix up as partridge and s**thouse went out so early 3 more rounds to go it could be any bodies still
The Meercat Gold Star Award

A gold star will be awarded by the Meercat for performing well at a meeting:

  • First gold star goes to Bev triumph s/et 999 for qualifying well
  • Second gold star goes to Damian s/et 13 for just generally being awake all weekend
  • Third gold star goes to Dave the hat s/et 33 for running a 9

The winner of Supertwins Street was Joe Elliott (me) and the winner of Top Gas was Dave Jones.

Lets give it up for the little s**ts!

I hope you all enjoyed this write-up. Do let me know! :p Regards, Joe Elliott

Turbo Tim’s SuperTwin PR Exercise!

Turbo Tim kindly sent in a few pictures on the recommendation of Les to let you all know he had been doing a little PR for us at an event at the NEC just recently!

Turbo Tim’s bike on display at the NEC Turbo Tim’s wheel off the ground start at Avon Park

You know, you carefully put up these signs to ask people to kindly not touch the bike, and what do they go and do hey? Drape emselve all over it!

June 23rd, 2009


Supertwins ET Round Three, Santa Pod June 13th/14th

I didn’t volunteer for this write-up until June 18th, so it’s all from memory. Probably not a good idea, given how old my memory is, so apologies if I miss any important bits.

After two rounds at Shakespeare County we moved to Santa Pod, and the sun shone – all weekend. Not only did the weather improve but so did Damien’s luck, with a Suzuki now firing on both cylinders at the same time, and Barrie Gregory’s Tilly 2 was in excellent health again – what is it with TL’s?

Friday evening, and off to the posh new scrutineering centre – scrutineering definitely got a higher profile this weekend, with additional checks on lanyards and ground clearance during the course of the weekend.

Saturday dawned bright (and early, thanks to bikes setting off for the 7.00 am start for scrutineering), with a noticeable head wind on the track. Qualifying for the ET’ers was a reasonably smooth affair, apart from Kevin Baily’s TL eating a piston. Bev set a new personal best for a three-gear Harley, Mike Nelthorpe dialed 12.8 for the first two runs but couldn’t get under 13, so then dialed 13 and ran a 12.8, yours truly lead qualifying until the last run and was dropped to second place by Simon Clamp. This meant that Joe Elliot again missed out on a bye in the first round.

Saturday evening was birthday parties time in the Supertwins pit area, with a tasteful fireworks display at midnight to round off. If you missed the fireworks then hard luck, because the suggestion from Pod security was that it will be a one-off, or else.

Race day, cracking weather again and with John Hackney lying second in the points table and not in attendance at this round there was plenty of incentive to go for the maximum points available. Following a swift haircut, thanks to Bex Mobile Hair Salon, I set off for breakfast and noticed that the wind was now blowing from start to finish – the first classes out (Street and Pro ET) were breaking out left, right and centre. Should have been a clue there. Proceedings ran through so smoothly that by mid-afternoon the racing was one and a half hours ahead of schedule and a half-hour break was added in, never seen that happen before.

Simon Clamp and Steve Partridge had a bye and a no-show respectively in the first round, I was dead lucky to go through as Peter Harrison red-lit which meant that my break-out didn’t matter (see comment above about the early runners breaking out). Mike Nelthorpe ran a PB/break out letting Barrie through to the next round along with Joe and Dave Smart. Bev Riley ran a personal best (I think it was in eliminations, sorry if I’ve got that wrong).

The next round saw Dave Smart beat Simon and Barrie beat Joe to meet each other in round three. Whoever won out of Steve and myself would get a bye into the final – having broken out in round one I knocked a tenth off my dial-in and threw it away with another break out ( a personal best for Santa Pod, though). Dave beat Barrie to meet Steve in the final, and took the winner’s trophy.

All in all a cracking weekend – congratulations to winners and runners of PBs, hope Kevin’s TL isn’t too badly hurt, and bring on the next event!

SET 66 – David Shorthose

June 19th, 2009


Given Recent Events

Dave Jones – Dead or Alive Poster Picture

Given recent events and the Ornithology related problems and given that Dave Jones woke up on the Saturday morning to find posters like this stuck to his truck! Apparently he also received some kind of note saying:


Next time you’re mine!

I’m going to walk a lot slower!!!

Mr Pheasant

In addition to this Steve Partridge had an incident that left some House Martin’s rather stuck on Super Twins with an accidental collision on the return road. Unfortunately the Martin’s didn’t survive the encounter with Steve. Whilst that was unfortunate, we would like to stress this isn’t the effect he has on everyone, honest guv!

As a precaution, we think it might be beneficial for both Dave and Steve’s health if we all made peace with this situation. I’m almost going to recommend people consider an RSPB membership to perhaps show the birds that whilst we all enjoy Ornithology we are still friends of theirs. Maybe this action on our part will help prevent such future incidents. 😀

It was even commented on in the EuroDragster ‘Pit Notes’ for the Saturday’s event, which you can all find here if you would like further reading.

Scruitineering Need to Know Information for Round 4 – The Truck Show

Scruitineering will start at 0800 (8am) Saturday morning in the Super Twin pit. We will be running Saturday morning so we will need to get this taken care of swiftly and promptly that morning.

Summer Nationals Santa Pod, June 13th/ 14th NAST Round 3

The weekend started for me at 4.30 am on Friday morning, we left Norwich at just after 6 am in convoy with Andy’s team.

We spent all day Friday testing, on a good track in the lovely sunshine.

At 5pm that afternoon I started work in the scrutineering bay, with Netty. Man, that was full on, non-stop or what?! In the end, we counted it was a total of 46 bikes in 3 hours!

Saturday morning started a lot more chilled out, still with the lovely warm sunshine. I did my first radio slot at just after 8am, on Nitro FM.

NAST had plenty of pit space in lower pit area D. We had 9 runners in Top-Gas, and 11 running in Street ET, a very good turn out. Well done to every one!

Our first qualifying run was early afternoon. The track was hot, very hot, and at times over the weekend too hot.

48° in the right hand lane and 45° in the left, this must have slowed us down, with the power and traction we have.

I did not run in this session, Lyn spotted a nail in my rear tyre (oh dear I said) so we went back to the pits to fit a new slick! After watching gas and ET run.

We did make the next two sessions. Well done to Dave Jones on his no 1 qualifying spot. There where no major hold ups/oil downs etc, so qualifying finished ahead of time around 6ish.

NAST had a site meeting around 7pm ish, well done to one and all for being there on time. It was another good and very funny site meeting.

I was then off to Nitro FM again for my evening slot, with Lyn, to get her birthday present from naughty Nigel, and to get Lyn away from the pits so the team could make ready for Lyn’s party.

I do enjoy working on the radio, as it’s always a lot of fun.

With every thing ready in the pits and every one assembled, we returned. It kicked off with Lyn being covered in crazy foam. I think Lyn had a lovely time, thanks to every one who helped make it happen. You know who you are.

Sunday started race day with lost of sunshine and no rain! Sorted!!

This is where the form book went out of the widow. I not going into to much detail as I know our new top gas rep Chris Mott is doing a full write up.

And as from Round 4 – The Truck Show, we have a new Street ET rep Little Joe, well done guys. Dave Shorthose has offered to do a summary of this past weekend from the Street ET Perspective.

Santa pod track crew did an amazing job and at midday where hours ahead.

Gas had a lot of top runners go out early, and a lot of bikes break! There where also a few up sets in set.

The track was still very hot, so it was small burnouts, and try to find a less sticky spot on the start line. I think I changed my clutch set more this weekend than I did all of last season!

If it wasn’t for an oil down in the afternoon, we would have run the finals at around 3.30pm.

The finals Street ET, Dave ‘The Hat’ Smart vs Steve ‘Dave’ Partridge. ‘The Hat’ won that one. Top gas final was myself vs Andy ‘Soapy’ Watson (his first final on his first’s race day) I won that one.

At this point I would like to explain why after winning the final there where so many tears in and around my pit. I won my first Dougie, the glass trophy that Netty sponsors NAST with, in honour of the late Stuart Douglas, who was one of my best mates. Also, it was his or should have been his 50th birthday! So it got me in a big way.

Don Irvine said to me it has been one of the best meetings for years. I agree with him, but have to say it was also a strange one.

Sorry I can’t remember every thing that you all did (that’s why we are having class reps) I know Bev Riley was over the moon with her PB, in the 11s good girl.

I won’t go into what happened with my race truck and caravan but we did get home safe and sound at 10ish.

What a top weekend, well done everybody.

See you at The Truck Show, Round 4!

Regards, Leso

Top-Gas Summary: An Emotional win for Les!

What a great weekend the Summer Nationals were for the Super Twins Top Gas class, well for nearly everyone! It didn’t matter what we did to the bike we couldn’t get it to leave the line any where near straight and I soon became Andy ‘soapy’ Watson’s first victim.

What a weekend Andy had, when was the last time someone ran 4 PB’s in a row, the third run being his first 9, and the fourth being a 9.85! He then got to the finals despite loosing his exhaust on the track in the second round, getting it welded up just in time to make the next round, I bet he’s still smiling now!

Good to see both Ric, with his new motor just finished in time and Brian back in the 9’s and Jonesy No 1 qualifier with a 9.68. Martin Holegate completed his observed runs and qualified with a 10.34, it wont be long before he’s in the nines as well! Martin had problems in the first round when the battery on his starter cart blew up, while he was being towed down the fire up lane, that will get your attention! He was due to race Brian, who also had problems with a broken primary cover in the burnout, so neither of them made the line!

Robbie also had a great weekend getting through to the semi finals, despite what looked like tyre shake on one of his passes!

But the weekend finally belonged to Les, despite finding a nail in his rear slick just before the first round of qualifying and having to tow back to the pits and fit a new tyre, he went on to win the final in a close race against Andy. A great win for Les as I think it was his first ‘Dougie’, (our trophies named after Stuart Douglas), and it would have been Stuart’s birthday this weekend as well.

Regards all, Chris Mott

June 16th, 2009


A Call for an ET Class Follower’s Report of the Weekend

We already have someone that has volunteered to do a write-up of this past weekend’s activity from the perspective of the Top-Gas class, and we will try to publish that later this week.

However, we were wondering if someone out there would like to do a write-up for the Street ET class perspective of how the weekend went for them, what they saw as the highs and lows of the weekend.

If you would like to help the club with a report about this past weekend, it only has to be as long as you want to write, then please get in touch with Les or Barrie and have a quick discussion over the telephone.

June 10th, 2009


Some Summer Lovin’

Joe’s other half Becs asked us to post a note on the website that she will be cutting hair at the Summer Nationals if anyone wants a new look or even just a quick trim!

June 6th, 2009


Update for Summer Nationals Next Weekend

Scrutineering and Signing On

Please sign on first when you arrive.

Please Note: Scrutineering will not be done in the pits this time. You must go up to the new compound/bay at the top end of the pits.

Friday night starting at 17:00 hrs / 5pm, is open to any class, just turn up to be scrutineered. Finish time will be around 20:00 hrs / 8pm ish.

Saturday morning scrutineering all classes have time slots. NAST Gas and ET is from 11:00 hrs, do not come up before as you will be sent back to the pits.

The running order for Saturday: Gas and ET will be after the jet car, at around 12:00 hrs midday.

June 2nd, 2009


Club Business Cards

John “The Robot” Hackney has kindly printed 250 NAST Business cards, and is donating them to the club free of charge.

We will have them at the Summer Nationals, and will be handing them out to members at the Saturday night site meeting for any of you to be able to hand them out to anyone interested in joining Super Twins.

Club Points Co-ordinator Contact Details Up

We have now also included the contact details for Chris Mott on the Contact Page, so if anyone has questions or spotted issues with the points, they can contact him directly.

Performance Test Day

The Friday before the Summer Nationals has a Performance Test Day set aside before the racing weekend.

If anyone would like to run their bike on Friday, you will need to get in touch with Santa Pod and book time. There is a fee for it, but potentially gives you a days additional testing on the bike in advance for anyone arriving early on the Friday.

May 29th, 2009


Truck Show Submissions

Just an important reminder that the closing date for Round 4 is the 5th June!

We currently have a small number of entries already in, but you’ve just about a week remaining to get them sorted and in to take part at this event.

May 19th, 2009


Coming Entry Closing Dates

The closing date for Round 3 is the 22nd May.

The closing date for Round 4 is the 5th June. PLEASE NOTE: There will be no electricity available at this Round 4 event, so make other plans!

Martin Holgate’s Top-Gas Bike

Straying from his customary hot seat in the Paranoia Plymouth Coupe altered, Wild Bunch racer Martin Holgate debuted his recently imported NAST Top Gas bike at Shakespeare County Raceway last weekend.

Imported to the UK two seasons ago, Martin’s Bill Marchetti drag bike was originally built in 1989 and features a Boni Truett Chassis with a 96ci Harley Iron Head motor put together by the Hausler Brothers who, at the time held the record for the Fastest Iron Head Harley in America. Martin also tells us that the bike has run as low as nine seconds in the States at Rockingham Dragway.

Assisted by fellow Wild Bunch racer and Jaguar enthusiast Sid Slattery, Martin ran the bike in the weekends NAST Top Gas championship round completing two observed passes during the weekend. Martin also has a nifty team designed Street number too.

Keith Parnell Sprint

We were recently sent this information regarding another event which might be of interest to some of you.

In 1975 Keith parnell riding Rouge et Noir became the first European drag bike rider to break the 9 second barrier . Now well past the age when bus passes are handed out Keith continues to compete in sprints all over the country and delights and amazes all who see his aggressive riding style and low 9 second passes on the Parny Express ZX12R.

So with great delight the NSA would like to announce THE KEITH PARNELL TRIBUTE SPRINT..

The event will take place on the 20th and 21st of June at WESTON ZOYLAND AIRFIELD near Bridgwater, Somerset.

Come and be part of this great event.

Day entry for competitors will be available on both days just bring your bike Full or zip together 2 piece leathers .ACU approved helmet. gloves and riding boots .. And give it a go

Entry fee is £55 for one day or £75 for two to include NSA day membership and ACU licence. Spectators have FREE entry!

More info at www.sprinting.org.uk

2009 Round 2 – NAST at SCR

NAST Round 2 at SCR 16th/17th May 2009

This was a fairly small meeting, with only NAST Top Gas, Street ET, and Junior Drag Bike racing with a permit.

There where also some NSA members having a play, and a RWYB, so we had plenty of space in the pits.

I was very pleased to see 9 Top Gas, and 15 Street ET, well done to all of you a good turn out.

The weather wasn’t good, with high winds and rain showers, but we did get a qualifying round in, and what a round it was!

I went against Dave Jones, and while I was still trying to find 6th gear Dave was avoiding a pheasant that walked across the finish line!

Chris Mott had a real close look at the armco and most of the track. Robbie Dobbie had front brake failure, Andy ‘Soapy’ Watson went on the full stage lights. Little Joe had a massive tank slapper from mid track to the finish line, you couldn’t make it up, but no one got hurt which is the main thing, not even the pheasant (stupid birds).

We had 3 new NAST racers, Martin Holgate in Top Gas with his beautiful Harley Sportster (now there is a bike for the mint award). Martin got two of his observed runs completed through the weekend, and in Street ET Phil Steele riding Dave Massam’s Buell, and the lovely Bev riding her new Triumph.

Most of you will know Bev as the Marshal working at the end of the fire up road, but now she has done her observed runs, and is a NAST Street racer! Well done girl!

We held our Saturday night NAST site meeting in NAST HQ, what a good meeting it was, lots of input, news, one-liners (thanks Neil) after that the sun came out it was a lovely summer evening.

It was really nice at 6 o’clock sunny no wind clear sky, but it did go down hill for the rest of the day.

It was agreed we would run one more qualifying round, which we did at approximately 1250 ish. There where a few racers who did not manage to qualify on Saturday, Brian Udall being one of them, unfortunately due to a flat battery. Brian did a good run only to encounter a pheasant on the finish line, now I don’t know if its the same one that Dave Jones nearly hit, or a different one. Again, what can you say: Stupid birds!

With the elimination ladders all done, a time set for round 1, it rained, and rained and kept raining. At around 3pm that day the meeting was called off, game (no pun intended) over! Who knows, maybe the evil pheasant’s got it the way they wanted it!!

I would like to thank all of the staff at SCR for such hard work, and trying to get us down the track. Having a radio so that we could keep in touch with race control was a top idea, and that worked really well! We will be having one next time.

Well done to Ian Felstead who was the no 1 qualifier in Street ET on his GPZ 500, and I was very pleased with being no 1 in Top Gas.

I was thinking as I drove into Stratford in the sunshine, what a good time we all had, and how happy every one was, despite the weather. Still onwards and up wards, round 3 at Stanta Pod Summer Nationals in June. Don’t forget boys and girls that this Friday is the deadline for your entry forms to be in!

May 11th, 2009

2009 Race Season Points Available

Just as a quick note to all, there is now a new link on the left for Race Season Points, which will take you to the current seasons points total and that page will have links to the breakdown of points for each specific round.

2009 Round 1 – NAST at SCR

The meeting that nearly never happened, just a week before this meeting SCR were going to pull the plug due to poor entry levels!

Race entries where down in a big way, for lots of reasons. However SCR were very pleased with NAST. We had the biggest bike entry list, and that’s something to be proud of! Well done to all NAST racers who made it to round 1.

It was good to be back at the track, meeting up with old and new NAST members. I would like to welcome Dave “the hat” Smart with his very fast SV 1000, in the ET class, and his lovely lady Jo, who told me they where a little apprehensive coming to meet up with NAST, worried if they would fit in?

I think I speak for all of us, they did fit in no problem.

Ian Felstead, welcome to you and well done on doing your observed runs. Ian had a very good weekend.

Andy “Soapy” Watson joined Top Gas for the first time, and did very well! He ran a PB, Elapsed Time (ET) of 10.3, on his GLS TL 1000.

It was all so good to see Bob Cornforth back and racing, nice one Bob.

Another well done to Dave Shorthouse ET championship point’s leader!

Steve Partridge also had a good weekend! The crowd pleaser, with his very long mono-shock swing arm smoking the tyre off the line, and teasing the armco, but in the end Steve got the set up right, an ran a PB ET of 10.7! I’ve never seen a racer so happy after despite being knocked out!

The amount of praise I got about ET was unreal! It’s fair to say it is the talk of the pits.

A gentleman of very high standing in the drag racing world came to find me in the pits and gave me £30 to sponsor the ET Class! This was one of the bike classes not sponsored at the event. Whilst I cannot tell you who he is, for good reason, I can say we are very thankful to him.
Top Gas

I was very pleased with my first run with an ET of 9.6s, with a 1.3s sixty foot. Sadly it went down hill from there, but I did keep it in the nines.

I would like to thank HQ Fibre for my lovely new carbon body work, and Dave May for the paint work.

Chris Mott came out with his newly turbo charged v-rod, very nice indeed, and when Chris gets a handle on it he is going to be very hard to beat.

Chris has in the past run on Saturday, blown it up, rebuilt it on Sunday, raced and won on Monday, and it seemed to stay together this weekend! I think he is using a new brand of Super Glue!

Saturday was the best day, with good weather, good runs, all on a good track! Well done to Jon Cross and his team, for the track preparation!

Sunday came with a side wind that did not help, but still ended as a very good day.

Monday, the actual intended race day, did not. The weather was not on our side at all, which is such a shame.

I know ET and Gas did run, and well done to you boys and girls that managed to run.

However, by 5 o’clock I had had enough and my race head had gone, as had a few others, so for the first time ever I went home before the end of the meeting!

I did hear at a later date that the robot ran an ET of 9. 53s! Wow, Top man! That is very fast, especially when I heard the last runs where at around 7.15pm.

I had a good chat with Dave Jones, now running his Harley Davidson v-rod in Top Gas. As some of you may know Dave has run in the Street Class for about 50 years, and last year he moved up to Top Gas Class and found it very hard riding a gasser. So much so he nearly gave up at the end of last season, and I am pleased he did not give up. As Brian Johson said to me at Santa Pod, “never give up!”. Anyway it all came together for Dave, he was so pleased to beat me on one of our runs! Top man, I look forward to many more battles, this year.

I would now like to thank every one who worked at SCR, as they did a fine job, it worked well.

I was only going to do a short write up about round 1 but with the odd glass off red wine to help me, I got a little carried away.

Last thank goes to my Vice Chairman Barrie, who worked his ass off all weekend, well done that man! Barrie wasn’t racing, because of that I had given him lots of club duties to attend during the weekend, and he said afterwards that it was harder than racing!

So next weekend his back racing! See you all at round 2, and take care folks!

Regards, Leso.

April 27th, 2009


Kill Switch Advance Warning for all NAST Street ET and Top Gas racers

All bikes that must have kill switches fitted, that is Top-Gas, and any ET bike with an Air Shifter, Nos, Turbo, Supercharger etc, the switch MUST kill everything dead. Please check this as this season we will be checking your bike, in the pits/pairing lanes, and after a run.

If this does not work you will not be allowed to run until it does! We are doing this for your safety and every one around you. Other bike classes will also be checked, but NAST racers must be ahead of the game and lead by example.

News About Richard Gipp from Comp Bike

As most of you may already know, Richard had a high speed off at Santa Pod, on race day at the Easter Thunder Ball.

He was taken to Bedford Hospital, with a broken foot/hand, and badley broken wrist. His wrist was set, and hes foot put in a cast. Richard came home on the Friday, then the next week went to Kings Lynn Hospital for a check up. After the Doctor checked him out, he had to have another opperation to reset and wire his wrist, that was seemingly done incorrect at Bedford Hospital and also, he has a very nasty infection in his broken foot that they discovered when they removed the cast his leg was put in.

This is not good news for Richard, and he is not a happy bunny, but at least he is on the mend. If you would like to phone him, as I have been, please do so. His mobile no is 07810388823, or if you live near by go and see him. I am planning on going to see him on Tuesday night. Richard is back racing at the Summer Natonals at Pod, well thats the plan. Good luck Richard, and get well soon mate.

April 21st, 2009


2009 Season – Round 1 – Entry List

The first round’s entry list is in. Avon Park were very happy with the Super Twin’s entry list, as whilst they seem to be struggling for many of the other entrant classes, we still fielded a rather tidy number for the first race of the season!

The entrants for this first round are:

  • STF1 Martin Blackwell
  • STF3 Shawn Rodwell Harley Sporty
  • STF81 Stefan Ivanowitsch Harley Davidson

SUPER TWIN GAS (7 Entrants)

  • STG1 Chris Mott Harley Davidson
  • STG3 Les Harris Suzuki
  • STG4 David Jones Harley Davidson
  • STG5 Ric Naylor Yamaha
  • STG6 Don Irvine Honda
  • STG7 Neil Stedman Yamaha
  • STG14 Andrew Watson Suzuki

SUPER TWIN ET (10 Entrants)

  • SET2 John Hackney Suzuki TL
  • SET5 Mike Nelthorpe Aprilia RS
  • SET6 Simon Clamp Honda VTR
  • SET8 Peter Harrison Ducati
  • SET11 Bev Riley Harley Davidson
  • SET13 Damion Waterhouse Suzuki
  • SET20 J Elliott Buell 1125R
  • SET33 Dave Smart Suzuki SV1000
  • SET66 David Shorthouse Honda VTR
  • SE666 Stephen Partridge Buell SL
April 14th, 2009


Stop-Gap Website Replaces Old Site

As of today this stop-gap website has replaced the old NAST website until such time as the new website is able to take over.

It will contain only the basic information and news that everybody will need during this race season.

If you have any feedback or comments, then please feel free to contact Les and discuss them.

Whilst we are waiting for the features of the new website before we will be able to offer members the means to post articles and news of interest, if you do have some news in the mean while that you would like mentioned, please feel free to contact Les.

March 30th, 2009


Dracton Urgent Update

This is an urgent update that confirms that any SuperTwin racer going to Dracton in July MUST HAVE Start-Line permission from the ACU, which will cost £79 (Pounds Sterling).

Please contact Michelle at ACU House on 01788 566400 and she will help you obtain the required Start-Line Permission paperwork.

Please also be aware that you will need to remember to take the following items to Dracton: Your Passport, National Drag Racing Licence, Start-Line Permission and your SuperTwins Club Membership.

March 23rd, 2009


2009 Race Season – Round 2 Race Forms Now Available

Round 2 entry forms are now ready for you to download from the Shakespeare County Raceway website.

This is a direct link to the SuperTwins form, if you would prefer to download it directly: SuperTwins Round 2 Entry Form.

They MUST reach Shakespeare County Raceway by the 24th of April 2009, so get on the case boys n girls.

Don’t Forget: This year we HAVE to join, SPRC or APIRA. As you know in the past if you where a member of NAST, that was sufficient. We where warned about this a year ago, now SPRC have made it a rule. So it up to you which one you join but you must join one to race, this can be done at the track on the day, but until you have joined one you won’t be able to race.

March 2nd, 2009


The Legend Paul Rose

We were all saddened to hear that on 28th February 2009 the motorcycle drag racing legend Paul Rose died.

Paul has been involved with racing as long as I can remember, and always since I’ve been racing myself.

If you aren’t aware of this recently, you can read more both on EuroDragster and the associated link on the King Racing website.

Kind regards, Leso

February 23rd, 2009


Don Irvine Wants Company on the Dracton Weekend!!! Oohh Err Missus!

Don is wanting to go to Dracton this year, and has said he will have space in his vehicle for another rider and bike and has asked if anyone would like to go and help split the travel costs for the weekend to get in touch with him. i.e. If you want to go along, split the ferry and fuel costs for getting there.

You don’t have to be a racer, even if you were just wanting to go along and crew, be it for Don or another racer, and still enjoy the weekend at Dracton.

To contact Don in this occasion, just use the Contact Us page on the Les Harris Website and just mention that you are interested in accompanying Don to Dracton.


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