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Chairman’s Report, SuperTwins Challenge Round 1


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33     DAVE SMART               SUZUKI SV1000s                                                                          STREET
125   ROBBIE DOBBIE          HONDA VTR1000SP1                            SUPER PENGUIN           SLICK AND BAR
12     CHRIS MOTT                HONDA VTR1000 FIRESTORM           DOBBIE + MOTT             STREET
17     FIONA MOOR               KAWASAKI ZX9R                                  TEAM ELYSION              STREET
117   DUNCAN BARRON       YAMAHA TRX850                                 TEAM ELYSION              STREET
811   CARREY WADEY         SUZUKI SV1000s                                                                           SLICK AND BAR
15     JAMES JENKINS          SUZUKI TLR1000      AKA MANDY                                                STREET
11     PHIL CORDELLE          SUZUKI TLR1000                                   HYSTERIA RACING       STREET
59     LEO LESTER                YAMAHA YZF1000R1                             SECTION 59 RACING    STREET
208   TERRY BOSSWELL      HARLEY 1200 SPORTSTER                  B+H RACING                  STREET
232   ANDREW BOSSWELL  HARLEY 1200 SPORTSTER                                                          SLICK AND BAR
B1    ANDY BALL                    YAMAHA TZR250                                                                           ROAD LEGAL

We woke up Saturday morning to sun and a 30MPH tailwind. Brilliant!!! Maybe a PB to be had. Motty turned up with about 10 minutes to spare, and as he was getting into his leathers Dave ‘the hat’ took the multi-million pound Repsol Honda VTR1000 Firestorm to scrutineering (Robbie’s old smouldering breeze) for Team Dobbie and Mott. Meanwhile Leo Lester was having some clutch problems and James Jenkins AKA ‘Mandy’ was just loving taking his new TLR1000 to bits to find a misfire.
Qualifying was held on the hour 11am, noon and 1pm. Leo fixed his clutch for the last qualifier as did Mandy who finally discovered a dodgy wire to one coil.  So eventually everyone qualified.

1    117    D.BARRON                                                      11.80      11.806
2    17      F.MOOR                                                          10.30       10.314
3    125    R.DOBBIE                                                       10.15       10.204
4    11      P.CORDELLE                                                  10.90       10.955
5    B1     A.BALL                                                             13.41      13.48
6    811   C.WADEY                                                         10.34     10485
7    208   T.BOSSWELL                                                   11.40     11.490
8    232   A.BOSSWELL                                                   10.15     10.317
9    59      L.LESTER                                                         9.30     9.485
10  33      D.SMART                                                          9.46     9.80
11  12      C.MOTT                                                            13.00    14.615
12  15      J.JENKINS                                                        10.34    15.970



20170611_163844 (1COM) Mandy was awarded the SuperTwins panties

for being pants at qualifying which he proudly wore all day Sunday at the RWYB.
So after the break for lunch it was into the first round of elims. It was to be Team Elysion to take on B+H Racing. First up Duncan on the Team Elysion TRX850 against Terry on the B+H Harley 1200 Sportster. Given away with a red light from Duncan. Terry actually ran an 11.401 on an 11.40 dial-in so would have been hard to beat.
Next Fiona on the four cylinder ZX9r Elysion Kawasaki against the might of the slick and bar Harley Davidson. Again the win went to B+H Racing with Andrew going 10.27 on a 10.20 dial-in.
Phil Cordelle on the Hysteria Racing TLR1000 against Dave ‘the hat’. Break-out for ‘the hat’ so Phil is through.
Andy Ball on the road legal Yamaha TZR250 (a man to keep an eye on in the future, very good rider) versus Motty on the Dobbie+Mott ‘Smouldering Breeze’, a misbehaving breeze gave Andy an easy victory. (believe the misfire was caused by a faulty relay on the air-shifter delay unit – Robbie)
Robbie on the Super Penguin Honda SP1 slick and bar against Leo on the Section 59 Racing R1 (with gas or without???). Close race, Leo takes it with a 9.53 on a 9.50 dial-in against Robbie’s 10.19 on a 10.15.
Cary slick and bar SV1000S versus Mandy on the street TLR1000. Cary takes the win with a 10.41 on a 1034 dial-in.
Second Round
Terry on the street B+H Harley 1200 Sportster  goes on a  0.032 red to give Phil’s Hysteria TLR1000 the win.
Andrew slick and bar Harley Sportster was close against that man Andy Ball on the road-going TZR250, but no cigar with Andy running 13.40 on a 13.38 dial-in with a 0.09 light. Mr. Ball is through!
Leo’s Section59 Racing Yamaha R1 up against Cary on the slick and barSV1000S. Cary missed a shift to see Leo go through.
Into the Semi’s
Phil on the Hysteria TLR1000 gets a bye into the final. Leo and the R1 against that man Andy Ball on the TZR250 and the race is lost by an appalling light from Leo with Andy running a 13.45 on a 13.38 dial-in.
Into the final and Phil on the TLR1000 is looking for his first real race of the day. Surely the man for the task was Andy. He had ridden faultlessly all day – pressure, luck or just racing, Andy pulls a red and gives it to Phil. Well done Phil, you have to be in it to win it.
So at the conclusion of the first round of the National Association of SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series’ the first race trophy goes to King Phil Cordelle of Hysteria Racing aboard the Suzuki TLR1000. Runner-up was that man on the YamahaTZR250 – Mr. Andy Ball.
On behalf of the club congratulations to both winner and runner-up.
A big thank you to Robbie Dobbie, Jo Clarke and everybody who made the weekend happen and Jerry Cookson for allowing us to run the series.
Special thanks to the track and staff at Shakespeare County Raceway for a fantastic fun-filled weekend.
Roll on 8th July for the second round of the ‘National Association of SuperTwins Challenge Cup Series’ .
Congratulations to Leo Lester, Section 59 Racing R1, winner, and Robbie Dobbie Super Penguin Honda SP1, runner-up in the Shakespeare County Raceway ‘bike Gamblers held on the Sunday. Great day had by all.
See you all next time at the track.
CHAIRMAN –  ‘the hat’ .

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